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  • David P
    David P 11 days ago

    Why is there European 20s-60s jazz guitar playing in a japanese supermarket?

  • Michael Steadman
    Michael Steadman 19 days ago


    CAMUI GACKT 19 days ago

    ミツワはダラスにもあるけど、すごくイイ。 ダラスに住んでいる人が羨ましい。

  • Strawberry Tea
    Strawberry Tea 20 days ago

    One thing im wondering when watching this is....


  • Kalentine
    Kalentine 25 days ago

    Oh I love Japanese market!

  • Strawberry Cupcake
    Strawberry Cupcake Month ago

    I'm still trying to find where to buy natto at my current Asian supermarket - it feels hidden!

  • Dayana K.
    Dayana K. Month ago

    This comment section is so dumb ;DD

  • Anson Hu
    Anson Hu Month ago

    You get a Japanese grandma

  • Dead Frog
    Dead Frog 2 months ago


  • Matthew Gribble
    Matthew Gribble 2 months ago

    But did she eat ashorle?....... lol

  • Catie 511
    Catie 511 2 months ago

    My Aunt Yaeko used to take me when I was a teenager. It was such a great trip to take the drive out there. We would stay for lunch or dinner, go to the stores on the side of the market and then drive home. I always got ton katsu lol. It’s soo good.

  • cjus1
    cjus1 3 months ago

    Like everything about her, her enthusiasm, her presentation, her knowledge, etc. ONLY thing that seems lacking is she doesn’t eat deliciously. Everything looks great, but it doesn’t look as appetizing when she eats.

  • Caramelia M
    Caramelia M 3 months ago

    I'm soooooooooooo envious ... I live in a city (300 k people) where we have 3 asian "supermarkets" and they don't even have the basic stuff :-( Oh how I wish I had one of those Mitsuwas even halfway close, the possibilities ....

  • Isaac M
    Isaac M 3 months ago

    Wowwwwwwwwww little kids are SALTY watching these videos. Please just stop with all these simple accusations. It's not stealing until you leave the store without paying. Stop reaching, kids.

  • annabelle erickson
    annabelle erickson 3 months ago

    In Japan, groceries shop you! Sukiyaki Honda Rice Wine!

  • pandomars
    pandomars 3 months ago

    why she is so disgusting to me...

  • Elsa&lisa
    Elsa&lisa 4 months ago

    Having a Japanese store like that nearby would be heaven for me. How lucky are you!

  • Demossle
    Demossle 4 months ago

    Why is everything nutty for this woman. Every time in every video OMG.

  • juiceinmyeye
    juiceinmyeye 4 months ago

    Ti eba pichkata lelina

  • Ayyy Boi
    Ayyy Boi 4 months ago


  • bloodwitch
    bloodwitch 5 months ago

    Great host

  • Hee Hah
    Hee Hah 6 months ago

    Wth its Mee Sue Wah

  • life is meaningless
    life is meaningless 6 months ago +1

    “And the bags of rice is human size” Japan in one sentence.

  • dear sir
    dear sir 7 months ago

    most of them are anime character names

  • maggie nissen
    maggie nissen 7 months ago

    I’m so frickin hungry now

  • toilet brush
    toilet brush 7 months ago

    Human sized bags of rice usually are a little bigger than 15lb at 20kg or 44lb if you eat a lot of rice or have a restaurant

  • qwertyalerty
    qwertyalerty 7 months ago

    its really disrespectful to stab your food with chopsticks and then eat it off the chopstick like that

  • Juan Velez
    Juan Velez 7 months ago

    I love going to this place when I can..I feel like a kid in a candy store.

  • Gustavo Leitão
    Gustavo Leitão 7 months ago

    I've been binge watching this series. This lady is so much fun. Wish I could shop with her.

  • China
    China 7 months ago +6

    Why do I feel like she’s the type of person who would go to your house and then see food in your pantry and try some without asking lmao

  • Daniel Sorrentino
    Daniel Sorrentino 7 months ago

    hum hi, can I have your job? Thanks

  • Leslie Bui
    Leslie Bui 7 months ago

    I hope that she washed and payed before eating... it'd be really weird just to snap open a random yam and not have payed for it before... ^^;

  • Kiz Torres
    Kiz Torres 7 months ago

    A Japanese supermarket is an ecologist's worst nightmare... Everything (all the vegetables) is packed in plastic. It reminds me of Waitrose supermarkets in UK, which I despised for the same reason. There is nothing like going to Spanish, French or Italian market to buy your groceries... Try Valencia's Metcado Central. Heaven on Earth..

  • Ivan Goh
    Ivan Goh 7 months ago

    I don't care what others say, but I still feel uncomfortable watching her open the products without paying first.

  • Benjamin Liang
    Benjamin Liang 7 months ago


  • Jenni the Food Queen
    Jenni the Food Queen 7 months ago

    Why do you eat it off the shelves?

  • Danielle Solari
    Danielle Solari 7 months ago

    Does anyone know if there are places like this in Australia?

  • babetty
    babetty 7 months ago

    I want more !

  • Callie Masters
    Callie Masters 7 months ago

    Now I know who's opening everything at the grocery store!

  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia 7 months ago

    Why does she remind me of anfisa from 90 day fiancé in TLC

  • minipax
    minipax 8 months ago +22

    People are idiots to think she doesn't pay for the items she eats. Think, people.

  • minipax
    minipax 8 months ago

    I love the host! She has a professional yet casual and warm personality.

  • Angelus Nielson
    Angelus Nielson 8 months ago

    I'm just wondering if they ask before they start eating stuff in the middle of the store.

    • Carlos Zenteno
      Carlos Zenteno 8 months ago +1

      What do you think, if they work for Conde Nast Epicurious?

  • ok ?
    ok ? 8 months ago

    There's actually a lot of Japanese and Korean culture in edgewater, lots of interesting things there, and I recommend exploring the area if you're even in north NJ

  • kennetta Wright
    kennetta Wright 8 months ago

    im so glad that have japanses stores here in the usa where i am and im enjoying it

  • kennetta Wright
    kennetta Wright 8 months ago

    so awesome japanses rocks my fav

  • Mostafa Hussien
    Mostafa Hussien 8 months ago

    hi, i also wrote this

  • IrishRebel92
    IrishRebel92 8 months ago

    why did they have the prices marked in USD and not Yen?

    • IrishRebel92
      IrishRebel92 8 months ago

      ok well I didn't hear the part when she said she was in the US, I thought she was in a supermarket in japan.

    • JimusuSan Cx
      JimusuSan Cx 8 months ago

      Andrew B because the US doesn’t use ¥ you dumbwit

  • NedTheDread
    NedTheDread 9 months ago

    I love the way she chews, don't know why, it's just magical to watch.

  • julia c
    julia c 9 months ago +8

    oh my god can people shut up about her opening stuff in the store and eating film in there they obviously had to talk to the manager and agreed to buy everything

  • What
    What 9 months ago

    what I've learned from this video is that Japanese culture doesn't have an environmental consciousness. WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THIS PLASTIC JAPAN???

  • Muthana Hussain
    Muthana Hussain 9 months ago +2

    90% IS SHE ACTUALLY OPENING IT RIGHT OFF THE SHELF. 5% no, she got permission. 4.99% other. .01% my comment

  • Nathan Sukonik
    Nathan Sukonik 9 months ago

    Is there something like this in NYC?

  • Siri Chuenkiln
    Siri Chuenkiln 9 months ago +66

    Why are people so stupid? Of course she ask permission to eat the food at the store before doing it

  • TheKaukas
    TheKaukas 9 months ago +1

    1:11 Does she normally shop while holding chopsticks?

    • Casey Neu
      Casey Neu 7 months ago +2

      TheKaukas Haven't you ever been to an American Japanese Market? Carrying chopsticks around while browsing the store is customary. Its a cultural thing.

  • unlinedwork
    unlinedwork 10 months ago +2

    So turned off watching her rip things open and eat in the middle of the store, and then talking with her mouth full.

  • Nyan Quake
    Nyan Quake 10 months ago

    I LOVE how she is so adventurous with any food!!! Some people can be like eww and judgmental without even tasting it yet. She tries it and explain how it tastes, and she does it very well! She is so kawaii :3

  • Kawaii Kitten
    Kawaii Kitten 10 months ago

    Does she like buy these things 1 by 1 it’s so weird because it looks like she just grabs it opens it and then eats it without purchasing it

  • Danielle Spargo
    Danielle Spargo 10 months ago

    If you need anything translated let me know. :)
    ((try not to impale food with chopsticks, it's considered very rude.)) Surely you get a pass as a gaijin, but it's better to know anyway :)

  • mtksbctk
    mtksbctk 10 months ago

    wtf why did you break open a merchandise on sale@ 0:48?? Thats rude gaijin thoughlessness!!

    • Scandi Snowgirl
      Scandi Snowgirl 7 months ago

      Dude, she obviously has made an arrangement with the owners since it’s amazing PR for them. Why are people so freaking dumb?!

  • Journey and Explore
    Journey and Explore 10 months ago +1

    I really wish there was one of these stores in Toronto. I was just in Japan and have some serious withdraw.

    • Journey and Explore
      Journey and Explore 9 months ago

      Very true. I know T&T is pretty good and I've been to a few smaller stores in Scarborough, TO and Hamilton. Just would would be nice to have a HUGE Japanese one, where you can grab fresh slabs of sushi.

    • Bad Juju
      Bad Juju 9 months ago

      Journey and Explore there's a lot of Asian areas in Toronto. If you go to a dominantly Asian area like China Town or somewhere close to Scarborough. There's bound to be big east Asian stores. They usually have a mix of Chinese, Japanese and Korean stuff.

    • Journey and Explore
      Journey and Explore 10 months ago +1

      Very true. There are a few small ones - but what I would do to be able to walk into a Mitsuwa.

    • Danielle Spargo
      Danielle Spargo 10 months ago +1

      Surely there is one. I live in Nagasaki, but when I go home to Florida to visit the family, I'm always able to find at least one little Japanese grocer. While they're never of the size and scale of mitsuwa, you can at least get some umeboushi and nori to make your own onigiri. (I've eaten onigiri every day for 2 years, can't live without them anymore lol!)

  • J Malonzo
    J Malonzo 11 months ago

    That is one grocery store I want to go when visiting some relatives at Austin.

  • Kei Linn
    Kei Linn 11 months ago +2

    I don't think that was a mountain yam ball that she ate (yamaimo). Because when cooked it becomes soft and breaks apart like a potato. Maybe that was konnyaku ball which still is very chewy no matter how long you cook it. Mitsuwa is great if you're stuck in a food rut. Anyways fun to pick up a new ingredient or produce and make something new!

  • Peter Asai
    Peter Asai 11 months ago +11

    Watching this woman so lovingly describe the food of my people made me feel love for her in a enormous way that I have never felt before.

  • Gil Shoham
    Gil Shoham 11 months ago

    *walks around various markets... opens up packages and eats*

  • Leah Martin
    Leah Martin 11 months ago

    I love this channel so much.

  • Sergio R
    Sergio R 11 months ago

    I donno this was an amateur video from you guys. Weird camera angles, the girl didn't even do a good job of describing the flavors of the food, she only pointed out basic stuff like ooh cartoon characters or "explosion" of flavor. Anyone can say oh this snack is nutty or this vegetable is chewy and sour. It was missing any solid structure, more like how to wander around a Japanese store like a visitor. Hardly anything to write home about.

  • Connor Moon
    Connor Moon 11 months ago


  • Arjun Patel
    Arjun Patel Year ago

    She's a lefty!

  • Chance Whistler
    Chance Whistler Year ago

    Pay before you eat. Grazing is not cool.

    • Scandi Snowgirl
      Scandi Snowgirl 7 months ago +1

      Chance Whistler OBVIOUSLY she has an arrangement with the store moron

  • Maya Brown
    Maya Brown Year ago

    She just goes around destroying the beautiful food in my favorite grocery store! (It’s pronounced meet-sue-ah)

    • JimusuSan Cx
      JimusuSan Cx 8 months ago +1

      Maya Brown nom it’s pronounced shuuuut up nobody cares you くそったれ

  • Sunnyplays 1034
    Sunnyplays 1034 Year ago +1


  • Tengri biz menen
    Tengri biz menen Year ago

    Its so big.

  • Antichess
    Antichess Year ago

    0:46 please tell me you paid for that

  • Random Name
    Random Name Year ago


  • Gap Gap
    Gap Gap Year ago +3

    Can a asain bit talk about asain food. Not some white girl

    • Scandi Snowgirl
      Scandi Snowgirl 7 months ago +2

      Why? Is she not allowed to enjoy the food too?

    • minipax
      minipax 8 months ago +5

      Nathan resendez rip the English language.

    • JimusuSan Cx
      JimusuSan Cx 8 months ago +2

      Nathan resendez wtf haha

  • Funxion
    Funxion Year ago

    5:58 (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Wolfy Kaname
    Wolfy Kaname Year ago

    That onigiri is making me hungry. Guess ill make some smoked salmon (raw) onigiri for breakfast.

  • jacob graham
    jacob graham Year ago

    was she allowed to just open it?

    • Scandi Snowgirl
      Scandi Snowgirl 7 months ago

      sad yaoi fanboy who loves Yuri!!! On ICE obviously. She works for epicurius

  • TheLifeofkayceeYT
    TheLifeofkayceeYT Year ago +2

    Why is Japanese money so cheap ?

    • Jolly Merchantstein
      Jolly Merchantstein 6 months ago

      Nah, it's about right. The yen is Japans base unit of currency. Don't compare 1 yen to 1 dollar. it's more like 1 yen to one cent.

    • Almas Aziz
      Almas Aziz 9 months ago

      I think u meant yen is compared to USD. Its an economic strategy as far as i know. Vaguely remeber reading an article about it somewhere.

    • Danielle Spargo
      Danielle Spargo 10 months ago

      What do you mean?

  • I am dying INSIIDE
    I am dying INSIIDE Year ago +1

    Aaaaah, I loved this place! My dad used to take me to this supermarket and it's fucking amazing. The problem is that it's always crowded, I'm surprised you don't see a lot of people in the video. She did a great job describing the food, it's one of the best I've ever had, especially their ramen

  • per
    per Year ago +10

    grabbing food off the shelves and straight up eating it is so rude.

    • K. Furukawa
      K. Furukawa 10 months ago +10

      Usually, yes. But not if you got permission (from the shop) like in this video...

  • EncryptaCat
    EncryptaCat Year ago +6

    I don't know why, but her opening the packages in store really pisses me off.

  • lxn
    lxn Year ago

    „How to shop at an Arabic supermarket“ please!

  • esra dönmez
    esra dönmez Year ago

    OMG Im now reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy hungry !

  • Emma Risby
    Emma Risby Year ago +18

    I have such poor vision. xD On the first shot, I was all "D'aww, what a cute turtle!! ...Wait, WHAT IS SHE DOING?"

  • Emma
    Emma Year ago +9

    I mean she knows her stuff but I'm sorry she was just so annoying

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    BLVCKSPVDE Year ago +2

    they better buy that fucking yam.

  • peáchyy
    peáchyy Year ago


  • turtle79070
    turtle79070 Year ago +85

    I know she bought everything afterwards, but seeing her just open produce like that hurts to watch.

  • Neven
    Neven Year ago +4

    dis girl keeps on opening food is she paying for it??

  • klint lirio
    klint lirio Year ago

    Purple yum iN Tagalog it's ube

  • Jason Zhang
    Jason Zhang Year ago

    I just watched a woman go grocery shopping and try some food for like 10 minutes

  • Mr Fancy
    Mr Fancy Year ago

    I was just here the other day!

  • marc Louly
    marc Louly Year ago +31


    • Janos Pergely
      Janos Pergely 7 months ago +3

      i see so many ppl asking this and its like.. come on. this is literally an advertisement for their store. of course she has permission

    • Kira Reilly
      Kira Reilly 9 months ago +5

      Its funny to think she didnt ask and this is all just a ruse so she can go into supermarkets and just start eating stuff.

    • X Fade
      X Fade Year ago +25

      You think the owner or staff wouldn't notice the camera crew and the lady sampling stuff ? I'm sure they asked.

  • ADumDum
    ADumDum Year ago +2

    Btw that wasn't real wagu beef

    • Danielle Spargo
      Danielle Spargo 10 months ago +4

      It was. 「和牛」 comes from 「和」which means Japan/Japanese and「牛」which means cow. Wagyuu is just Japanese beef. Perhaps you're thinking of Kobe beef, which is a type of wagyuu from Kobe prefecture, that costs several thousands of dollars? Or perhaps you're implying that it's Californian wagyuu? Either way, even Californian grown wagyuu comes from Japanese born cows that are sent to California when young, and then raised in California, usually on a Japanese owned farm, using the Japanese methods of production.

  • Arby
    Arby Year ago

    Those little balls are fish balls, nots like that, just balls of fish.

  • SmollUglyDuckling
    SmollUglyDuckling Year ago +120

    I hope she bought the products before opening and eating them…

    • Ellie_wgnr
      Ellie_wgnr 10 months ago +43

      She probably makes an agreement with the shops beforehand that she's going to film and will pay for everything she opens/consumes

    • Pov Yi
      Pov Yi Year ago +13

      Of course who would be that dumb

    • Kay Cronin
      Kay Cronin Year ago +81

      No, she stole them and then uploaded her theft to TVclip. /s

    • imStat
      imStat Year ago +21

      Did you even watch the whole video?

  • Soul Eater
    Soul Eater Year ago

    I live in mitsuwa 99 ranch and h Mart in the area all great places