Would You Date a "Bad Boy?" | Tell My Story Blind Date

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • It’s certainly easier to make assumptions about people than it is to spend time getting to know someone. We wanted to put assumptions to the test to see what we're missing out on because we're so busy assuming we already "know" a person. Join us as we discover why you should never judge a book by it’s cover in our series 'Tell My Story, Blind Date.'
    Now tell YOUR story. What do people assume about you?
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Comments • 673

  • Soccermom4sale
    Soccermom4sale 14 hours ago

    Who is she? I wanna see more of her 🥺

  • R J
    R J 22 hours ago

    Not gonna work

  • xzy 123
    xzy 123 Day ago

    Anyone know their @ ??

  • xzy 123
    xzy 123 Day ago

    13:43 his laugh :)

  • Elizabeth Folsom

    300,000 people for a small town?? My town has 18,000 people in it😂

  • Janet Rodriguez
    Janet Rodriguez 3 days ago

    These two! So cute, creative and interesting!!

  • Christine O
    Christine O 4 days ago

    lol love it!

  • Oleksandr Yaakov
    Oleksandr Yaakov 5 days ago

    It seems like she felt sorry for him. She's got a great heart, I'd love to meet someone like her in my life.

  • Oleksandr Yaakov
    Oleksandr Yaakov 5 days ago

    Mans crazy high.

  • Retro917
    Retro917 5 days ago

    A simple “Shhh” would’ve been fine .. 🤫🤫🙄.. smh ..

  • Taylor Murray
    Taylor Murray 6 days ago

    I love her!

  • random sister
    random sister 7 days ago

    Homeboy talks with a period after every word. Just. Like. This.

  • Florence Kayseas
    Florence Kayseas 8 days ago

    I really like her! I also think that they may have not had chemistry, but they both were taking it quite seriously, and opened up well. It would be interesting to see how they are in a more chill setting

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 9 days ago +1

    Black men Are taking all the Asian and white women from us leaving us with nothing

  • Christopher Thomas
    Christopher Thomas 10 days ago

    I love how the dude in the back yelled, “Stop talking!”

  • Fires And Flowers
    Fires And Flowers 10 days ago

    I love this man😁😁😁😍😍😍😍

  • Erica Raths
    Erica Raths 11 days ago

    Mannnn her being so articulate is so attractive, I want to have so many conversations with her.

  • fessells ahmed
    fessells ahmed 14 days ago

    Clever girl. She is unique and has star quality. She should have her own show

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    Can we get the aftermath of their date? I hope it works out.

  • Bory Man
    Bory Man 15 days ago

    She is an Isxj and he is an Esxp. They share Extroverted Feeling.

  • Madeline M
    Madeline M 15 days ago

    ayyy a taiwanese!!

  • Cng215
    Cng215 15 days ago

    Why are people mixing bad boys up with alpha male???

  • A A
    A A 18 days ago

    This girl could be a great author,

  • Dangstar
    Dangstar 18 days ago

    "Stop talking" this aint fun time

  • necro699
    necro699 18 days ago

    Please subscribe to SELL MY PANCAKE 😂🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jason Reeves
    Jason Reeves 18 days ago

    I love her 😍

  • Danny Hughes
    Danny Hughes 19 days ago

    Bad boys cause she's board

  • Jeffrey Cooper
    Jeffrey Cooper 19 days ago

    They’re definitely smashing tonight

  • b
    b 22 days ago

    they seem like they are on 2 different wave-lengths

  • yuhz1m1
    yuhz1m1 22 days ago +1

    I'm not even halfway through the video, but man she's smart!

  • Jeremy JJ Jimmy J
    Jeremy JJ Jimmy J 23 days ago

    Sell my pancake 😂

  • rossy castillo
    rossy castillo 23 days ago

    Chemistry isn't the only thing that connect people. I think they're curious to learn more about each other.

    JIG SAW 23 days ago

    Is it just me or it looks likes she’s is interviewing him

  • Kristin Freeman
    Kristin Freeman 25 days ago

    Did anyone notice that it said Little Rock, AK instead of AR?

  • Rose Lee
    Rose Lee 25 days ago

    I need to know who she is. I love her. So relatable!!

  • Windy Citiz
    Windy Citiz 26 days ago

    Asian heritage is so beautiful so calm and reserved don’t need to mention high integrity

  • Hannah Ranew
    Hannah Ranew 26 days ago

    Wow never see anyone from Arkansas! Was just in Little Rock this weekend visiting close relatives!

  • Zion Akinjide
    Zion Akinjide 29 days ago

    Brains are important and that made her even more attractive....living a selfless life, lets elope and marry hahaha.

  • Trinity Fairgate
    Trinity Fairgate Month ago

    This 👩🏻seems Mad Cool ...
    Thoughtful & Genuine.
    I think she is genuinely a person of substance and valued substance in others.
    Their is a soulful maturity about her that anyone would want to get to know.

  • Lexiiiiii Lou
    Lexiiiiii Lou Month ago

    The "STOP TALKING!" was a little rude...

  • nicolepapole
    nicolepapole Month ago +4

    Idea of a great date: boring everyday tasks
    Biggest relationship fear: monotony
    ... .... ..... ......

  • nomadine85
    nomadine85 Month ago

    Wow I have a legit crush on Melody, I think that’s a first in all of these episodes. She’s so intelligent and articulate and approaches concepts with such clarity and also building furniture at four AM being the perfect date my gawd could she be any more perfect? 😍

  • Yellow
    Yellow Month ago

    Her vocal fry 🙄😬

  • T. T
    T. T Month ago +1

    She expresses things that I didn’t have words for. I think I love her and I want to be friends?

  • Julie Burke
    Julie Burke Month ago

    i love that these are here in NOLA!

  • Nujac Ordep
    Nujac Ordep Month ago +1

    Background music reminds me of Timothydelaghettos faithful cologne skit.

  • Holly Golightly
    Holly Golightly Month ago +2

    This tell my story should be renamed to:
    How we all fell for Melody
    (And I'm a straight girl 😂)

  • Ayaan Nandi
    Ayaan Nandi Month ago

    I like the last dialogue "soul my PanCake"

  • Kamesa Newton
    Kamesa Newton Month ago +1

    Y’all saying he look tired I just thought he was high💀🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas Month ago

    Can anyone help me figure out what the song in the background is called, Im not sure if it plays during all of the video, but at 6:30 ish. I've heard it in other youtube videos but its very relaxing :)

  • Dnomyar Akunawik
    Dnomyar Akunawik Month ago

    He looks like a crack addict.

  • Joelle Ash
    Joelle Ash Month ago +1

    I was falling asleep to both of their voices lol

  • Jojo Jo
    Jojo Jo Month ago

    What's a "sweetheart" in the context they used???

  • Adrian
    Adrian Month ago

    You mix randomly the people or you just try to fit to their preferences?

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago +3

    She’s giving me Audrey Plaza vibes 🤔

  • Madeleine Penalba
    Madeleine Penalba Month ago

    Dude looks like he ain’t sleep in 3 years

  • Lüedeke Dramatic Joestar

    WHAT THE F**K?!?! 😂 😂 😂

  • Daisy Mendez
    Daisy Mendez Month ago

    CJ reform advocate!!! woohoo!!!!!

  • Joey Lebert
    Joey Lebert Month ago +1

    She has such a beautiful mind.

  • Dazzy Peters
    Dazzy Peters Month ago

    She looks like a swan