ZOMBIE HAND!! - VR Sculpt to 3D Print - DID it WORK?

  • Published on Feb 4, 2019
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  • The Official Nugget
    The Official Nugget 22 hours ago


  • Dragon Overlord
    Dragon Overlord 7 days ago

    Get it?

  • Dragon Overlord
    Dragon Overlord 7 days ago

    I wish I had an Oculus Rift and a 3D printer..... I would probably 3D print a turd....

  • Sapphire Sweets
    Sapphire Sweets 7 days ago

    I was so focused on making a potato chip and onion dip sandwich that I missed half of the epic painting montage.

  • James Conley
    James Conley 8 days ago

    He said his friends at the store but he has no friends

  • Got7 Bts Exo-l
    Got7 Bts Exo-l 8 days ago

    Wow. It came out so amazing. I want to say it was beautiful but then it would sound weird so...

  • João Xavier
    João Xavier 11 days ago

    You PRO You...

  • please help
    please help 12 days ago +1

    I spy with my little eye


  • Iankevin Buenaventura
    Iankevin Buenaventura 14 days ago

    Woah! Watch those electric bill man

  • Justin Jensen
    Justin Jensen 15 days ago

    Hey zombie arm get a manicure 💅!

  • Kawaii Umbreon 225
    Kawaii Umbreon 225 18 days ago

    My goreomania is satisfied. BTW, I define goreomania as basically pyromania, but for gory stuff

    I RAWREARG 19 days ago +1

    Also, I love the gore and details put into this, it's beautiful, and how are you not a prop maker for movies?

    I RAWREARG 19 days ago +1

    Is it bad that I want this done to my hand when I die like, ofc as long as it's safe and won't decompose or anything

  • Odin Fine Art Creations
    Odin Fine Art Creations 19 days ago +1

    You need to sell these prints on your website my bro. Would love this for my station

  • Naitrek Night
    Naitrek Night 20 days ago +1

    Looking at this gives my hands phantom pains 0-0

  • Charlotte Reyes
    Charlotte Reyes 20 days ago


  • Knights of Ni
    Knights of Ni 20 days ago

    2:56 yes my g

  • john mora
    john mora 20 days ago

    I love this

  • Little D.A.R.K Child
    Little D.A.R.K Child 20 days ago +4

    Music- Beat Drops*


  • Emily Duh Jedi
    Emily Duh Jedi 20 days ago +2

    Imagine taking that to school to use as your pencil holder....

  • Samer Taleb
    Samer Taleb 20 days ago

    I want to like more than once what should I do

  • Bloxy
    Bloxy 22 days ago

    *When you realise the Zombie Hand nails look better than yours O.O*

  • MeepLord Studios
    MeepLord Studios 24 days ago

    7:04 GOREgeuos

  • jk
    jk Month ago +2

    "You doing that hand thing?"

  • Speedyonfire
    Speedyonfire Month ago

    You kinda look like iron man and his nanotechnology housing

  • panic on Elm street

    I love it so damn cool plus i love creepy stuff like this

  • Ramiro Ludueña
    Ramiro Ludueña Month ago

    It's the hand of Jesus xdd

  • V0rtex _
    V0rtex _ Month ago

    Uh just so you know I have tryphobia so help.

  • The TNT Muffin
    The TNT Muffin Month ago

    This is insanely realistic

  • Ice Games
    Ice Games Month ago +1

    Oh my god that’s gore-iffic

  • Ethan Stephans
    Ethan Stephans Month ago

    That is Awesome I want one!

  • Gloomy_Shadow :P
    Gloomy_Shadow :P Month ago

    Needs more goreeeeeee >:D (Just kidding it’s amazing)

  • Emil Twe
    Emil Twe Month ago

    10:40 it also for backscratcher

  • Larry Hegs
    Larry Hegs Month ago

    It looks horrifying. It's very life-like for being a 3D print.

  • male rainbow
    male rainbow Month ago

    I couldn't stop thinking about left 4 dead while watching this

  • BeenieBombYT
    BeenieBombYT Month ago

    *The future is now!*

  • ThatQuietKid
    ThatQuietKid Month ago

    Put this in a window on Halloween night. Watch the kids of the neighborhood think you killed a man/woman. Laugh. They'll think you killed the person with art supplies. Australia Australia came up as the thing I should say after supplies, perfection.

  • Nancy Charbonneau
    Nancy Charbonneau Month ago

    thats soooooooooooooooo x99999 cool.

  • Nancy Charbonneau
    Nancy Charbonneau Month ago


  • Ethan Duko
    Ethan Duko Month ago

    I thought that top was iron man just me?

  • Keaton Kirk
    Keaton Kirk Month ago

    Do a jazza logo statue

  • KrystalPotato 101
    KrystalPotato 101 Month ago

    Omg I've been in oculus medium before and I didn't know I could do half of this stuff

    ashhASPHYXIATION Month ago

    That is truly disgusting. What a masterpiece.

  • Crazy Gacha
    Crazy Gacha Month ago

    Yup that's a zombie hand if I've ever seen one

  • Pillow Ninja
    Pillow Ninja Month ago


  • Doug Shivers
    Doug Shivers Month ago

    That is AWESOME.

  • Cody Weiss
    Cody Weiss Month ago

    Found this channel the other day, the fact that i fan girl’d when i realised we both live in Melbourne shows how quality your vids are, keep up the good work jazza 👉🏼

  • Wesley Shaw
    Wesley Shaw Month ago

    That is an impressively creepy paintjob!!!

  • Aaron Hale
    Aaron Hale Month ago

    Is there anything “artsy” that you are NOT good at... Keep up the great work!

  • Emilia Morkis
    Emilia Morkis Month ago

    Who else thought the v artist t shirt logo looked like the Tony stark emblem from iron man 2?

  • Jack Bridge
    Jack Bridge Month ago

    Put it in your sons room

  • hudson Tinch
    hudson Tinch Month ago

    Does any one know what 3D printing software he uses

  • Heather Robles
    Heather Robles Month ago

    This looks like a lot of fun.

  • The Banana Slug
    The Banana Slug Month ago +1

    What did you use to sculpt the hand, i need to know

  • knots nchains
    knots nchains Month ago

    does it double as a back scratcher?

  • Alexander Ortenburger

    Don't know whether it's already been posted, but using acetone vapor you can smoothen your prints really easy -- just don't smoke :D

  • fpv unbox
    fpv unbox Month ago

    is the stl file anywhere for this i so want to make one

  • kmjm2022
    kmjm2022 2 months ago

    U should not be standing with vr on your head

  • Earon Harpy
    Earon Harpy 2 months ago

    I want one of these, anyone else?

  • Lee Crockford
    Lee Crockford 2 months ago


  • gingerninja 70
    gingerninja 70 2 months ago +1

    this is so coool

  • Victor Van Rossum
    Victor Van Rossum 2 months ago

    Hey hey you need to sell that

    Maybe make it less scary that children can get it

  • Rafi De Jong
    Rafi De Jong 2 months ago

    I wonder if jazza went up to his wife and kids with this and said ;look what i made!!

  • Samual laird
    Samual laird 2 months ago

    It is actually fat bottom girls make the world go around

  • annabelle scott
    annabelle scott 2 months ago

    You NEED to do this again!

  • George Bell
    George Bell 2 months ago

    This one... this one got the subscribe. Amazing!

  • Anja The Random
    Anja The Random 2 months ago

    awesome work as always Jazza

  • Софья Акишева

    I would not use that thing for a pencil holder o_o very cool!!

  • Ijaz Fazeel
    Ijaz Fazeel 2 months ago

    Thats some intense music
    Gahd damn

  • Oliver Downing
    Oliver Downing 2 months ago

    You said on your hulk video you didn’t see any tutorial but if you had you would know about prima.