Evil Little Brother Part 4 | Twan Kuyper, Gavin Magnus

  • Published on Jan 12, 2020
  • Hey guy's welcome back, this weeks video is about Me having my sister over for the weekend but one thing doesn't seem to be right! Evil Little Brother
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  • Sophia Nuremberg
    Sophia Nuremberg 34 seconds ago


  • maenae mae
    maenae mae 11 minutes ago


  • Heden Diaz
    Heden Diaz 24 minutes ago +1

    Don’t be sad about it you still have piper gav 🙃

  • Heden Diaz
    Heden Diaz 27 minutes ago +1

    I wish piper was his brother so they kiss 💋

  • Cari Burton
    Cari Burton 29 minutes ago +1

    there wa- what

  • Heden Diaz
    Heden Diaz 29 minutes ago +1

    Yeah you are just friends yay! Go with pip😊

  • Heden Diaz
    Heden Diaz 32 minutes ago +1

    “Coco you are so pretty’’ 😒oops you are not piper is Duh GAVIN YOU SHOULD GO BACK WITH PIPER PLEASE 😭😭😭😭😭😢

  • Lamarah Hilltop
    Lamarah Hilltop 39 minutes ago

    Hi good video it so cool 😎 fun day to Hi good I love Piper piper and Gavin good couple now coco so sad 😭 I miss Piper😈

  • Izel Guevarra
    Izel Guevarra 48 minutes ago

    Dont ever add that girl in your video dont!

    • Chanel Seda
      Chanel Seda 32 minutes ago


    • Brodie Reid
      Brodie Reid 44 minutes ago

      I Issy is your day you erroneously we roll right now omg was

    • Brodie Reid
      Brodie Reid 45 minutes ago

      Yeah I’ll be home tomorrow and I wanna know what I was doing and what do I tell you about that one ☝️

    • Brodie Reid
      Brodie Reid 46 minutes ago

      Juju on that day I gotta know how much to you t to do it and I don’t know what if ya got no one ya ya know what you gonna r to come up to the bed to do it and then

    • Brodie Reid
      Brodie Reid 47 minutes ago

      Sc I typed it and then it then went on it to me and my sister was like yeah you gotta was it really good to me I wanna give r I don’t think you can do that one t

  • Lane lane
    Lane lane Hour ago

    Thus is so funny

  • Randhir Awotarsing

    He is your brother ohh he is just like you

  • Jumana Haseen
    Jumana Haseen Hour ago

    Evil little brother. Part 5 please

  • The crazy family Pack
    The crazy family Pack 2 hours ago +1

    i hate coco boo just gavin

  • Jade Jones
    Jade Jones 2 hours ago +1

    Hello guys

  • Emman_ YT
    Emman_ YT 2 hours ago +3

    I’m just mad about the fact that coco betrayed her friend piper for her ex boyfriend Gavin...😡😡

  • NinjaVlogsandgaming
    NinjaVlogsandgaming 2 hours ago +1

    The fact that she has a Green Bay packer jersey or sweater on

  • maharajah william
    maharajah william 2 hours ago +2

    I hate you i am a girl

  • Sky Lexi Blue
    Sky Lexi Blue 3 hours ago +3

    I mean I’m just saying not being rude 😬

  • Sophia Rojo
    Sophia Rojo 3 hours ago +3

    Back to piper

  • talitha hasna
    talitha hasna 3 hours ago +1

    4:30 I wish it was real

  • talitha hasna
    talitha hasna 3 hours ago +1

    I wish this was real....coco friendzoned Gavin! 🤪 And they didn't date

  • Azami Violet
    Azami Violet 3 hours ago +6

    Why does almost everyone hate one Cavin=Coco + Gavin? Like- why you guys gotta be so rude..and Coco is not spoiled-
    Also- people who are saying "Piper and Gavin looks better together" Gavin loves Coco- and it's his life~ let them be what they want to be! Also yes, I love Piper too- it's not Gavin's fault they broke up..its their mother who decided...*also this video is a skit so...yh*

    • Azami Violet
      Azami Violet 3 hours ago

      @talitha hasna I respect you- but if you hate them..you can hate them- but it's just complicated..

    • talitha hasna
      talitha hasna 3 hours ago +1

      Ok we have our personal reasons to hate them and you guys won't understand

  • spizzy cacho
    spizzy cacho 3 hours ago +5

    Ugh I hate coco

    • Låzy Bøba
      Låzy Bøba Hour ago

      Neyamaya Abrams well we just now support piper more because after what coco did to piper ,betrayed her,got her boyfriend,took her friends.

    • Neyamaya Abrams
      Neyamaya Abrams 3 hours ago +1

      Don’t worry she hates you too

  • Josephine Cutamora
    Josephine Cutamora 3 hours ago +5

    Coco is a Spoiled brat

    • Chanel Seda
      Chanel Seda 31 minute ago


    • Neyamaya Abrams
      Neyamaya Abrams 2 hours ago

      Y’all need to stop hating on coco just because she’s dating Gavin 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Neyamaya Abrams
      Neyamaya Abrams 2 hours ago

      Zoe Bolivar exactly

    • Zoe Bolivar
      Zoe Bolivar 2 hours ago +1

      Yeah she’s not you YOU ARE STOP BEING RUDE

    • Neyamaya Abrams
      Neyamaya Abrams 3 hours ago +1

      Yeah so are you

  • Bianca Medina
    Bianca Medina 3 hours ago +5

    I hate the way that coco made Gavin cry it’s sad why would she do that

    • Neyamaya Abrams
      Neyamaya Abrams 3 hours ago

      Amirah Idris he’s the real one

    • Amirah Idris
      Amirah Idris 3 hours ago

      @Gavin Magnus Wait r u the real Gavin Magnus or a fan that has the exact name and profile that's a fan if u r the real Gavin Keep up the good work

    • Gavin Magnus
      Gavin Magnus 3 hours ago +3

      im ok i still love her

  • Yadira Almanza
    Yadira Almanza 4 hours ago +6

    I like pavin piper and gavin are so cute together

    • Kayla Gacharia
      Kayla Gacharia 4 hours ago +1

      He is happier with Coco and also It's his life ❤️ If you think think I am being cruel 😔 sorry but his life is the way it is!❤️❤️❤️

  • Yadira Almanza
    Yadira Almanza 4 hours ago +3

    I do not like cavin ok

  • Yadira Almanza
    Yadira Almanza 4 hours ago +2


  • Breeicorn
    Breeicorn 4 hours ago

    Twan twan

  • Mavie Jimenez
    Mavie Jimenez 4 hours ago +3

    Sorry to say this gavin i liked you more with piper😬

    • Emman_ YT
      Emman_ YT 2 hours ago

      Mavie Jimenez I do too I hate how coco betrayed piper

  • Alexandra Martinez
    Alexandra Martinez 4 hours ago


  • Maila Faosiliva
    Maila Faosiliva 4 hours ago +1

    Are you cheating on piper

    • Cindy  Reyes
      Cindy Reyes 4 hours ago +2

      You do not already know!!!!????

    • Keira’s World
      Keira’s World 4 hours ago +1

      Maila Faosiliva piper and Gavin are not together anymore

  • Queen_B Vlogs
    Queen_B Vlogs 4 hours ago +2

    My favorite part was when Gavin started to cry 😭

  • Mary Babia
    Mary Babia 5 hours ago +2

    You’re not a friend zone

  • Audrey Brekke
    Audrey Brekke 5 hours ago +3

    Do more videos like this with Gavin and coco

  • Salvador Torres
    Salvador Torres 5 hours ago +5

    Booooooooo gavin

  • MARIA Katherine Alvero
    MARIA Katherine Alvero 5 hours ago +3

    I like when Gavin took Coco‘s brother and his sister blanket

  • Maria Cervantes Cervantes

    Coco look so pretty with the glasses and her hair down in the green crop top

    • Maria Cervantes Cervantes
      Maria Cervantes Cervantes 5 hours ago +1

      I kind of don't like her because she's she's acting so pretty and she's not

    • Luisa Salazar
      Luisa Salazar 5 hours ago +1

      She always wears crop tops I don’t know what your talking about 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Diana Garcia
    Diana Garcia 5 hours ago +2


  • Jessica&Emely
    Jessica&Emely 5 hours ago +1

    i hate when some one ats like there 21

    • Neyamaya Abrams
      Neyamaya Abrams 3 hours ago

      I hate when someone doesn’t keep their hate comments to themselves

  • Jessica&Emely
    Jessica&Emely 5 hours ago +2


  • Jessica&Emely
    Jessica&Emely 5 hours ago +2

    hate on your shelf

  • Dana Faz
    Dana Faz 5 hours ago +3

    That was so funny and hilarious 🤣😂😅

  • cam b
    cam b 5 hours ago +3

    Gavin would you like coco or piper more

  • Luisa Salazar
    Luisa Salazar 6 hours ago +4

    Why didn’t you use Piper Rockelle instead of coco although coco is a good actress but piper is better with Gavin 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤔🤔🤔🤔don’t cry Gavin you could go with piper

  • Eduardo Ortiz
    Eduardo Ortiz 6 hours ago +3

    Plz don’t use coco in another video

  • Andrew Guerrero
    Andrew Guerrero 6 hours ago +1


  • bakublade dragon FURY AXE

    Gavin please don't cry and stay strong maybe in part5 coco will except

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 6 hours ago +1


  • Julian Ramos Jr
    Julian Ramos Jr 6 hours ago +3

    Cute couple

    • Hala Alassouli
      Hala Alassouli 6 hours ago

      Thank You. For. Likeng. Piper. And. Not. Coco

    • Hala Alassouli
      Hala Alassouli 6 hours ago +1

      Julian Ramos

    • Destiny v
      Destiny v 6 hours ago +2

      I do not like Coco and they are not a cute couple😠
      I like Piper way better 😉😋

  • Destiny v
    Destiny v 7 hours ago +13

    I hate cocoa 😠😠😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😤

  • thawng bawi
    thawng bawi 7 hours ago

    Ryuuyhgjuhgh yu

  • thawng bawi
    thawng bawi 7 hours ago +1

    This is not an easy

  • Tony B
    Tony B 7 hours ago +5

    My favorite part was when gavin got rejected

  • Lina Le
    Lina Le 7 hours ago +6

    My fravite part is when she dumps Gavin

  • Coach Yulia
    Coach Yulia 7 hours ago +4


    • Tony B
      Tony B 7 hours ago +1


  • Ethan Epifanio
    Ethan Epifanio 7 hours ago +5

    “Were just friends” ohmy that hit me

  • Annalie Roldan
    Annalie Roldan 8 hours ago +3

    Make a part five

  • Frizzla
    Frizzla 8 hours ago +7

    Wow gavin Magnus you just got dumpted

  • Toys and Me Melina and Fernanda

    No becase coco is a cute cuple

    • Destiny v
      Destiny v 6 hours ago +1

      Coco and Gavin are not the right couple🤬
      Piper and Gavin are the right and cutest 😍

    • Ashley Martinez
      Ashley Martinez 7 hours ago

      Toys and Me Melina and Fernanda no