NME vs SLIZZER| WBC Loopstation Battle | Semi Final

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • NME vs SLIZZER| WBC Loopstation Battle | Semi Final
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    Thank you a lot to the world beatbox camp organized by Dharni and countless helping hands who made this incredible event possible and shoutout to Agnieszka Zacny and Speechless Records for helping make World Beatbox Camp happen.

    Audio mixed/mastered by Sinjo from Boxface Studios
    shoutout to Madox!

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Comments • 346

  • ZombieRocket
    ZombieRocket Day ago

    Well well well, I go looking for more NME sets and I find my favorite face from the Loopstation competition crowd.

  • Edgar Bobkov
    Edgar Bobkov 12 days ago

    My reaction of NME like the guy at 05:51 O.O

  • Darrell Mackinnon
    Darrell Mackinnon Month ago +2

    Didnt see any comments about Slizzers first performance being the same 1 he used against MB14, 2 years back.

  • Dio Bello
    Dio Bello 2 months ago +1


  • Fabrizio Ferrantino
    Fabrizio Ferrantino 3 months ago


  • Olga Sten
    Olga Sten 3 months ago

    Nme is an artist

  • Grimm J4ck
    Grimm J4ck 4 months ago

    Nme's second round was for me one of the best round of the loopstation battle history

  • Robin Bruce
    Robin Bruce 4 months ago

    I want bbk as a moderator again

  • Milz musician
    Milz musician 5 months ago

    Slizzer hittin’ ‘em with the g mm and c# o7 seventh chords in the first round 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Bossik #69#
    Bossik #69# 5 months ago

    Slizzer second round song??

  • Antonio Coladonato
    Antonio Coladonato 6 months ago

    Una base di salmo.. sei unico❤️

  • Milz musician
    Milz musician 6 months ago

    minor minor 7th and half diminished 7th in Slizzer’s 1st round

  • Evan Land
    Evan Land 7 months ago

    So sick, but couldn’t help but laugh @ 0:52-1:00 “Okay, it’s gonna be smooth... Uh, yeah. Uh, yeah. Check! This! ...shi- ...uhhh, okay once again” So smooth! 🌊😅😍

  • gio giorgin
    gio giorgin 9 months ago

    .... è un ottimo rifacimento di S.a.l.m.o
    Grande fra!! Hai spaccato

  • DoMeBhO
    DoMeBhO 9 months ago

    🇮🇹 NME king 🤙 sempre più forte🇮🇹in the buildingggg

  • Jordan Saavalainen
    Jordan Saavalainen 10 months ago

    5:52 I feel so much for this dude

  • Mr Reds
    Mr Reds 10 months ago

    S A L M O

  • J Albert
    J Albert 10 months ago

    LMAO, DUDE.... the reactions in the crowd on N.M.E.'s first round fucking destroyed me laughing. He blew those fucking peoples mind hahhaha It was SO Sick! NME YOU ROCK man. Big ups to Slizzer mad respect!

  • Anónimo
    Anónimo 11 months ago

    bbk is so facking funny bro

  • Artyom LaBeau
    Artyom LaBeau 11 months ago

    NME is a fucking musical god..

  • Mr. Catly HOH
    Mr. Catly HOH 11 months ago

    Im still believe in nme! There is still many loopstation peoples to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • op32
    op32 11 months ago

    Salmo alla fine...altro che meritata la vittoria gli hai aperti!

  • TheDslide
    TheDslide 11 months ago


  • SightlierDog5
    SightlierDog5 11 months ago

    Slizzer the same beat that he uses against MB14

  • pendulumxxxx
    pendulumxxxx Year ago

    5:44 is sick asf!!

  • alucinoid_bbx
    alucinoid_bbx Year ago

    to sad xd

  • Ingvar Aldermann
    Ingvar Aldermann Year ago

    N.M.E. beatbox is one of the best I’ve heard on WBC. So melodic and groovy.
    5:51 and 6:01 - This guy’s emotions are priceless.
    6:32 She is soooo nice! Pls marry me :)

  • Srijita Bhattacharya

    Lit, this should have been the final

  • Cuneyt Kaymak
    Cuneyt Kaymak Year ago

    NME is my best looper :)

  • Aaron Darth
    Aaron Darth Year ago

    I hear Desimal in first round by NME! Awesome!

  • BGA MOVIES Albornoz
    BGA MOVIES Albornoz Year ago +1

    13:00 los caballeros del zodiaco?

  • Ernesto Campagnaro

    nel primo round NME si sente un "eeeeeeee" nel loop lol

  • david b
    david b Year ago

    that violin orchestra was insane

  • -_-naab-_-
    -_-naab-_- Year ago

    The aler on nme loops sounds so fitting

  • Franco Tedesco
    Franco Tedesco Year ago

    che cazzo de paraculo nme con salmo

  • Nick Siemens
    Nick Siemens Year ago

    1:27 please, drop me track

  • Alessio Lanzi
    Alessio Lanzi Year ago


  • De Santa Dallas
    De Santa Dallas Year ago

    Slizzer beat pls @@

  • Pheels
    Pheels Year ago +4

    revisiting that battle... the first nme round is one of most insane things ive ever witnessed in beatboxhistory.
    Edit: and also in dark dnb releases :D

  • Manilla Ice
    Manilla Ice Year ago

    Casual post malone

  • Kaslatête
    Kaslatête Year ago

    ptin a chaque fois que je regarde cette video jveux mettre un pouce vert mais c'est déja fait! ;/

  • 최시혁
    최시혁 Year ago

    Slizzer is similar to my English teacher lolol

  • Unique Popcorn-Beatbox

    WE WANT MORE NME!!!!!!!!

  • Güney Yildiz
    Güney Yildiz Year ago +1

    The more you listen to NME's rounds the better it gets

  • Turans gamings
    Turans gamings Year ago +3

    Nme guys...

  • Captain Lock
    Captain Lock Year ago +15

    14:15 Notice how he says "..AND THAT'S TIME!!" by himself

  • Vena Cava
    Vena Cava Year ago

    Im pretty sure the reason slizzer has that sound problem because he pointed the mic to the loop machine

  • Eshfx beatboxer
    Eshfx beatboxer Year ago +2

    im do that Esh

  • Exstep Music Beats Maker

    That is music new make by NME so Cool Impassable

  • Exstep Music Beats Maker


  • GDKLockout
    GDKLockout Year ago

    Some pills on the go? Lol Mr yellow hat!!

  • cristi chiriac
    cristi chiriac Year ago

    Grande Br0!!!

  • Junglistic drum dude Confirms

    yes baby yes baby yes baby yes babyyy

  • Christian Beitler

    Geiles Battle

  • Marino Fistanić
    Marino Fistanić Year ago +2

    I just want to know if the Slizzer's first round is a song or a original?

  • wadu hek
    wadu hek Year ago +1


  • Helen Young
    Helen Young Year ago +1

    NME’s second routine... beautiful, harmonious, awe inspiring. Wow

  • Simone La Ferrera
    Simone La Ferrera Year ago +1

    NME do the beat of the song Salmo - S.A.L.M.O. 😍😍😍😍😍

    ETHAN VON Year ago

    80fitz will win that for sure

  • Francesco Cartia
    Francesco Cartia Year ago

    NME hai preso un pezzo da salmo...sei un cazzo di grande