Khabib Nurmagomedov - The Eagle | Tribute

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov - The Eagle | Tribute
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    This is a Tribute to the Great MMA fighter, Khabib Nurmagomedov. Watch and enjoy!
    By Ender Güney
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Comments • 338

  • Tool Box
    Tool Box 8 days ago +1

    Respect to Khabib from the UK

  • Phoenix 7
    Phoenix 7 2 months ago


  • Jahangir Laskar
    Jahangir Laskar 3 months ago

    28 - 0
    The GOAT.

    PATEL IMTIYAZ 3 months ago

    Brother Khabib you are a real fighter you better know how to respect and appreciate your oppenant fighter when the fight finish may almighty allah bless you with more victory and shower upon you his mercy ameen...

  • NC tutorials
    NC tutorials 3 months ago

    He is my god

  • IP SportVideo
    IP SportVideo 3 months ago

    28-0 ❤️ Legend

  • TheCriminal OfBusiness
    TheCriminal OfBusiness 3 months ago

    Khabib listen. We all around the world despite of diff idea religion race and nation we all respect you and your philosophy. May Allah be with you always. #khabibteam

  • canon isensys
    canon isensys 3 months ago

    modern day muhammed ali

  • day Optimizm
    day Optimizm 5 months ago

    Real Champions doesnt need muscles... 🤗

  • تركي الشكره
    تركي الشكره 5 months ago +1


  • Bernardo Smarrazzo
    Bernardo Smarrazzo 6 months ago

    Nella vita vince chi resta se stesso sempre...chi non dimentica mai da dove viene e chi non si fa logorare dal lusso e dal successo...sei un animale 💪🏼🔥

  • Strahinja Miljkovic
    Strahinja Miljkovic 7 months ago

    I like Khabib but if hi goes for walterweight hi gona get detroyed by Usman

  • M Wajid
    M Wajid 7 months ago +1

    Love khabib frm Uk .my Hero..

  • Thai Corralo Vigo
    Thai Corralo Vigo 8 months ago

    So happy you kicked that bigmouth egocentric prick's ass.
    Fan ever since.

  • We are one We are one
    We are one We are one 8 months ago

    Khabib time

  • kaiseoid
    kaiseoid 9 months ago +1

    no better music in 2019? dis

  • The world king
    The world king 10 months ago

    #Khabibtime the greatest of all time 27-0

  • ishmael the son of abraham
    ishmael the son of abraham 10 months ago +1

    a muslim pride cannot be TOUCHED

  • & Jaумеl
    & Jaумеl 11 months ago +3

    The Eagle

  • Giorgi Gachechiladze
    Giorgi Gachechiladze 11 months ago

    Khabib is white why the fuck you call people who dislike him racist? Because he is Muslim? Religion is not about race

  • Iam SHEN
    Iam SHEN 11 months ago

    I would have loved to watch a fight between khabib and Anderson silva


    Alhamdulillah .
    Khabib is a great man.

  • easyrider
    easyrider Year ago +1

    Pure essence of the fighter. Power of will. Determination. Discipline. Love for family. Respect to other people. Khabib, you are role model for young people from the whole world.

  • Fahad Ahmad
    Fahad Ahmad Year ago +1

    Respect eagle

  • Azman Ajju Azman Ajju

    I love u khabeeb
    am from talapady

  • Sophie Love
    Sophie Love Year ago +1

    Love this plus the music is perfect

    SPORTS TBE Year ago +2

    The King mma 😭❤️

  • DELILER 1453
    DELILER 1453 Year ago +1

    The Son of Shaikh Şamil
    And brother from Turkey.
    Esselamu Aleykum thank you Khabib.

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah Year ago +1

    Legend ❤

  • Syed Sami
    Syed Sami Year ago +3

    Khabib is really undefeated champion all time

    • Ben Grz
      Ben Grz Year ago

      16 bullshit fights .....he is a fake
      Tony time bitches

      SPORTS TBE Year ago


  • erbaz kamran
    erbaz kamran Year ago +1

    Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Eagle. The Hunter of the Sky.🔥🔥🔥

  • khabib's fan
    khabib's fan Year ago

    Khabib u r a talent

  • Warda Abu
    Warda Abu Year ago +1

    Khabib is amazing

  • Syed Mustafa
    Syed Mustafa Year ago +1

    Mashallah khabib Bhai from India

  • L B
    L B Year ago +1

    What a lovely gay man

    • Ben Grz
      Ben Grz Year ago

      Gay fans = Gay khabib

    • L B
      L B Year ago

      @TheChaozao 💓xxxx

    • TheChaozao
      TheChaozao Year ago


  • riski ramdani
    riski ramdani Year ago +1

    Khabib is nothing

    Allah is everything

    • Ben Grz
      Ben Grz Year ago

      Khabib is nothing
      El Cucuy is everything

  • Jake R
    Jake R Year ago

    The best there is most disciplined there is Khabib 27-0 #humblegreatchampion

  • uday singh
    uday singh Year ago

    i m from india..i love da way he fights and respects opponents.

  • Views of Nature :mountains calling you

    The real champ ..👍👍

  • Расул Аваров


  • UNI Versal
    UNI Versal Year ago

    0:26 3:06 3:40 the fierce eagle

  • UNI Versal
    UNI Versal Year ago

    "i wanna change this game" damn really did it. Love from India 😍

    • UNI Versal
      UNI Versal Year ago

      @Ben Grz let's see

    • Ben Grz
      Ben Grz Year ago

      No.......all B S
      Tony is the game changer

  • Magna Marellie
    Magna Marellie Year ago

    Khabib is the greatest champion in the UFC ..And a great person...Khabib is a real Legend. May God Bless Him.

  • تركي الشكره

    King mma 👊👌 27-0

  • ExCTORminator
    ExCTORminator Year ago

    Beautiful tribute 🦅

  • Aqeel Dean
    Aqeel Dean Year ago

    Talk Shit Get Slapped Mma

  • Aqeel Dean
    Aqeel Dean Year ago

    Haaaaabib Abdul Maanapoviic "The Eaaaaaaagle" Nurmagoomedov"

  • L B
    L B Year ago +1

    whats with the gay hat?? is it religious?

  • Mohd.Ishrat Nasim Siddiqui

    khabib mashallah we are really proud of you great job done mashallah you just make the whole muslim ummah proud oce again may Allah make you a legend in this world as well as in akhira and every ummati Aameen summa aameen

  • Holy Shitt
    Holy Shitt Year ago +1

    next Mohammad Ali

  • 3KBS Channel
    3KBS Channel Year ago +1

    Khabib will beat Tony

  • morning star
    morning star Year ago

    29 years old living legend

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali Year ago

    Love for Khabeeb from Pakistan

  • skhanr7
    skhanr7 Year ago

    Mohammad Ali reborn as Khabib ❤

  • Karim khan
    Karim khan Year ago

    Motherfucker mcgregor never under estimate the power and faith o muslim Allhamdulilah

  • skhanr7
    skhanr7 Year ago +2

    Just when the world is witnessing the dawn of sports legends cr7 , messi, federrer, nadal .... God gave us this man to inspire us for years to come ..... Allhamdullilaah ...

  • Aisyah Humaira
    Aisyah Humaira Year ago

    Subscribed, loved this thanks for the video, ask your self 26 out of 27 fights he won and he helped the looser up and thanks them for giving him the chance test himself agaist them, so when some say if he cant take the trash talk get out? All these fights had a promotion with trash talk. There is trash talk and there is filth that no real man will say its only business, so dont tell bib to leave if he cant handle it? Tell nfc to monitor and stop being biased if they cant handel the outcome. McGregor is on his way out and they may have just lost something really positive for the sport, peace and love from Indonesia ❤

  • rohan louis
    rohan louis Year ago

    Nate Diaz Vs khabib

  • Yax MAX
    Yax MAX Year ago

    Khabib Era
    King Of UFC
    Total Dominance

  • Mix Martial Artist Moinuddin khan

    Khabib nurgamedov is real fighter. He definitely changed this game. Alhamdulillah