Trash Talker Tried To Fight Me! 5v5 Basketball At Venice Beach!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • This dude tried to fight me at Venice Beach! I was just trying to play basketball...
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  • Tristan Jass
    Tristan Jass  3 months ago +4735

    Hey guys! Let me start off by saying thank you because we are almost to a million subscribers! But whenever people are talking bad to you or about you... Just prove them wrong... No need to say negative things back! Love all you guys!

  • Christian Bolden
    Christian Bolden 13 hours ago

    The realist youtuber

  • aodireland beast
    aodireland beast 16 hours ago +1

    I thought I lost audio when u started practicing

  • Universe Music
    Universe Music 21 hour ago

    Is it me or the video was just fucking silence

  • Tyler McClellan
    Tyler McClellan 22 hours ago

    Me:The best Tjass video of December
    Him:It has to be muted

  • Willie Sanders
    Willie Sanders Day ago

    Bird casually walks across the court


    Dislike dis video

  • Anthony Perkins
    Anthony Perkins Day ago

    I woulda smash that nigga skull on the ground and the pole

  • Cameron DeForrest
    Cameron DeForrest 2 days ago +1

    The Audio cut out is probably just copywrited music playing at the beach you can hear the music each time it cuts out

  • T-Bag Bear
    T-Bag Bear 2 days ago

    Volume pleas it's so shit man

  • Children's Ministry
    Children's Ministry 2 days ago

    What is no volume in the video

  • life sentence sux so does playz

    Yeah horrible audio

  • Vagbandit
    Vagbandit 2 days ago

    I thought my audio is was messed up

  • Alysson pina
    Alysson pina 2 days ago

    Why in the video there was no noise

  • Anja Karsch
    Anja Karsch 3 days ago

    The Audio dude

  • cMr. Hartley
    cMr. Hartley 3 days ago


  • Stephen Woodward
    Stephen Woodward 3 days ago

    Could anyone else not hear umm, anything ??? Or just me

  • Nancy cuevas
    Nancy cuevas 3 days ago

    Come to flint so you can teach me some moves for 7th grade basketball

  • Jeff Peterson
    Jeff Peterson 3 days ago

    Mad because he got schooled by a white boy!🤣

  • Kevin Mundo
    Kevin Mundo 3 days ago

    The parts you can’t hear are music

    OLUWATISE ADEBAYO 3 days ago

    Like 90% of the video was muted sorry Gina have to dislike

  • Jill Rice
    Jill Rice 4 days ago

    If you experienced the audio being off.. like here

  • Austin Odom
    Austin Odom 4 days ago

    who plays in jeans tf

  • Michael Joseph Sweetin

    That sucks that guy keeps trying to fight

  • Michael Joseph Sweetin

    I dont like bullies

  • Joseph Maroun
    Joseph Maroun 4 days ago

    Nice work!

  • Javier Figueroa Zavala


  • Javier Figueroa Zavala

    The audio

  • Adam Mejorado
    Adam Mejorado 5 days ago

    I couldn't hear nothing

    fORTNITE sUCKS 5 days ago

    Happy B-Day!!!!

  • Orbit Pug
    Orbit Pug 5 days ago

    91% of the video is muted

    JOE THOMASON 5 days ago

    That guy that wanted to fight was a chump. Dont get made because you cant play the sport find another sport to play lol

  • I'm ur fan
    I'm ur fan 6 days ago

    There was not that much talking

  • KAM D
    KAM D 6 days ago

    just me or the audio kept cutting out

  • Sub[The hokage]
    Sub[The hokage] 6 days ago

    I liked this video but the volume kept being weird what happened?

  • NemojplayZ
    NemojplayZ 6 days ago

    I use my legs in fights......I use them to run

  • Rolando Rivera
    Rolando Rivera 7 days ago +5

    It was probably muted because of how much cussing there is

  • The Beast
    The Beast 7 days ago

    Where is your audio fam like love your vids dog but I need to hear them ankles snapping

  • yoli godawett
    yoli godawett 7 days ago

    Tf is up with the volume

  • DodeFN
    DodeFN 8 days ago

    I couldn’t hear the audio then I started scrolling down in the comments and everyone is talking about it😂😂 I was bout to say is it me just being high or he muted the audio😂

  • Just For Fun
    Just For Fun 8 days ago

    I’m stupid I thought I went deaf but I replayed it and I heard it

  • 901_Joker
    901_Joker 8 days ago

    Why can I not hear audio

  • kyir mccoy
    kyir mccoy 8 days ago +1

    Dirty as old head shave your chest nasty bald as

  • Duketheelite
    Duketheelite 8 days ago

    When 85% of the video is muted and still have almost 5M Views and 100k Likes means this dood is a legend

    HYDRA AMAN 8 days ago

    Νο sound

  • Vorb ツ FN
    Vorb ツ FN 8 days ago

    There is no volume for me

  • LostNFound Joseph's Locker

    Everyone shook your hand at the end...not his. Respect.

  • Frame
    Frame 9 days ago

    Oh I see. He got copyright for the music and he had to mute it. Okay!

  • Frame
    Frame 9 days ago

    Rip audio

  • 2wavyy_chase
    2wavyy_chase 9 days ago


  • Rajni Dhiman
    Rajni Dhiman 9 days ago

    "its not gonna be good footage" gets crossed and Tristan scores a 3 on him 10 seconds later.....

  • BwebGG
    BwebGG 9 days ago +3

    Who else thought they were connected to a bluetooth device

  • Ryan Hollins
    Ryan Hollins 10 days ago

    This what happens when you play real niggas lmfao. They not going for that dribbling shit even if they don’t got defense. Niggas rather foul you before they let you put them on a highlight tape

  • ToXiiC Strmzy 漢
    ToXiiC Strmzy 漢 10 days ago

    The audio was trash

  • young boycj
    young boycj 10 days ago

    Yo he be making the intro cool and all but... WHERES THE SNICK-SNACK-SNICKITY SNACK SCOOBYDOO IS THE AUDIO

  • Dwight Spits
    Dwight Spits 10 days ago

    “This video will annoy you”

  • Shy Meza
    Shy Meza 10 days ago

    Where’s the audio

  • Sun Flxwer
    Sun Flxwer 10 days ago

    He looks like jake oaul

  • Mason Ikitoemata
    Mason Ikitoemata 11 days ago

    Wheres the audio

  • JovanyPlayz 23
    JovanyPlayz 23 11 days ago

    Bruh this guy with the blonde hair just keeps doing slam dunks