JULY FAVIES ♡ Dream Daddy, Betsey Johnson, Urban Decay, & More!

  • Published on Aug 9, 2017
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Comments • 503

  • cherry pop
    cherry pop 15 days ago

    urban decay lipsticks are slimy

    • cherry pop
      cherry pop 15 days ago

      (i bought anarchy not sheer anarchy)

  • Devon Diamond
    Devon Diamond 4 months ago

    Dream daddy ugh what i call my bf

  • Kira Gabrielle
    Kira Gabrielle 9 months ago

    I actually saw a David's Tea shop in Cambridge Massachusetts and I was like WAIT WHAT?????
    ......but I guess that means they're in the US now??

  • Joely Duckworth
    Joely Duckworth 10 months ago

    My fave dream daddy was Joseph and I think it was because NO ONE WANTED JOSEPH. He is so cute and I just want him to be loved💕💕

  • Shalane Armstrong
    Shalane Armstrong 11 months ago

    Oceaninspace clothes should be in one of these vids

  • lemonsrpeople2
    lemonsrpeople2 11 months ago

    Don’t ya mean tea-lightful

  • fighting blind
    fighting blind Year ago

    I'm so glad they uploaded the rest as "Season 2'!

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn Year ago

    What the heck is a lychee

  • Mischa PATTINSON
    Mischa PATTINSON Year ago

    What is dream daddy? I thought you where gay to?

  • The Psychic Cell Phones

    How do you spell the name of the brand for the first dress? Boujohn's collections or something?

  • ravenofroses
    ravenofroses Year ago

    dream daddy is so damn pure and good and wonderful. (also damien is trans! you only find out in one tiny bit of dialogue, but it makes me so happy.) and yeah, pretty much all the routes except for joseph's are so goddamn adorable.
    also, if you haven't heard of them before, glambot (dot) com sells gently-used luxury makeup at a discount. i actually picked up my urban decay "sheer anarchy" there for like $5, and they sanitize the hell out of everything before they send it. i mean, you still have to check different brand websites to see whether you can get products for cheaper directly from the brand sites themselves, but i've gotten some damned good stuff for 60-80% off from glambot. no affiliate codes, but you can probably find at least one other youtuber who has a discount code for you to use. so yeah. that's a thing.

  • Topaz Nico
    Topaz Nico Year ago

    1:49 for wink

  • Sieren Tokiio
    Sieren Tokiio Year ago

    Please don't dye ur hair so much. I knew someone who's hair fell out my bc he he dyed it so much

  • Amanda Grant
    Amanda Grant Year ago

    LYCHEEEEEEE so good. Lychee Calpis, lychee bubble tea, lychee gummies...

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea Year ago

    There's a David's Tea in the Mall of America in Minneosta, USA!

  • Pastel Princess 0492

    Like this is you want her to do a night routain 🦄🌸👑

  • ShinyZomi
    ShinyZomi Year ago

    Here is the ultimate question:
    (I'm Dianakko trash, and apparently if there is a season 2 or something, Anko won't become canon, like I feel like Dianakko would have more romantic teasing since the freaking creator ships Dianakko)

  • ShinyZomi
    ShinyZomi Year ago

    Honestly the filler eps of LWA were so cute and done well so I didn't even skip them.

  • ShinyZomi
    ShinyZomi Year ago


  • ShinyZomi
    ShinyZomi Year ago

    My fav for July was Kirakira Precure a la mode ep 25. Just. AKIYUKA ONGGSBSJSJSBSJSJDNDNSISHS MY SHIP IS BECOMING CANONNN

  • Mica Hansen
    Mica Hansen Year ago

    You're honestly my unproblematic fave. I think you are a lovely person with an amazing personality and I wanted to let you know that you make me happy even when I'm really sad, keep being amazing darling♥

  • Cheryl Dailey
    Cheryl Dailey Year ago

    Oh no Keemstar flashbacks....love you!

  • IChooseYouDanichu

    We do have davids tea in the US ;]

  • Nate' Turner
    Nate' Turner Year ago

    HEY PIXIE you should do a react video to the racked.com article about "grown women not being able to be an adult because of what we wear" www.racked.com/2017/8/17/16143570/grown-women-dress-adult and also react to the counter argument www.racked.com/2017/8/18/16169436/childish-clothing-resistance-op-ed . i thought the first article was dumb and super judgmental. i agree with the second article because clothing DOSE NOT effect your maturity. i can get important project for class done while wearing a frilly pink dress thank you very much.

  • Gunkers
    Gunkers Year ago +1

    duuude if you go to superstore if you have one, they usually have lychee flavored candies in the international aisle! or london drugs-- they have some lychee gummies that are sooo good and the texture is kinda kooky and fun. thanks, japan

  • corey cant dance
    corey cant dance Year ago +1

    Akko=Pixie... confirmed!!!

  • abbie c:
    abbie c: Year ago

    they have davids tea here in san francisco! ^,^

  • PeanutPanda
    PeanutPanda Year ago

    I love little witch

  • Kiah Vance
    Kiah Vance Year ago

    Please do a dream daddy lets playyyy

  • Cat Pie
    Cat Pie Year ago

    yo just so u kno...we got davids tea in MA usa so if you are ever in the usa....ya know where to find it

  • Sarah Nkowani
    Sarah Nkowani Year ago

    Princess Pixie~

  • I am Tall af
    I am Tall af Year ago

    If you were blind and she was talking about the bag:
    Jill: it's my son!
    You: wth???

  • foxciinehq
    foxciinehq Year ago

    Came for dream daddy, stayed for pixie!

  • Rachel Shawver
    Rachel Shawver Year ago +2

    Where did you get your heart earrings at?

  • Chey.R
    Chey.R Year ago

    that ion shit is magic

  • pixelcat
    pixelcat Year ago

    they have david's tea in the states? i live in connecticut and we have a few here

  • Luna Celeste
    Luna Celeste Year ago +1

    🙋🏻 hey pixie wanna be my girrrl?!
    I'm sorry to hear about your break-up I hope that you are doing okay! Never forget that you are wonderful! How about we move in together and create a pastel palace 💕 watch endless amounts of anime and just be cute. Does that sound okay? 🙊

  • Olivia Atwood
    Olivia Atwood Year ago

    Please do a dream daddy let's play! I would love to watch that!

  • Trigger True
    Trigger True Year ago

    Davids tea is in Seattle WA. Happy birthday or birthday cake can't remember the exact name is my fave with soy milk!!!!

  • Guineapig Wheekly uk

    Oh my goodnesssss I love the idea of the quirky crate I'll definitely have to check them out and ekkkk love love love the pusheen notebook and matching pens! Girl after my own heart

  • Dori Vigil
    Dori Vigil Year ago

    The second half/season 2 of Little Witch is on Netflix now.

  • S a v a h a n n a
    S a v a h a n n a Year ago +1

    That purple gingham dress would be cool in a ootd

  • phantasticdun
    phantasticdun Year ago

    I watched this video last night and right RIGHT away (today) bought the Ion color solution shampoo and conditioner. I'm taking your word for it!

  • Diana Badillo
    Diana Badillo Year ago

    It would be nice if you did these monthly favorite vids, I'm sure many of your subscribers would enjoy them.

  • Mrs. Sesshomaru
    Mrs. Sesshomaru Year ago +5

    Did I hear correctly? Did this beautiful creature say she got dumped? What?!?!???

  • SunflowerCherries

    Take a drink every time Pixie says "Dollightful" lol

  • wee wee in high demand.

    I saw Dream Daddy in the title, I had to come.

  • SJ Atlanta
    SJ Atlanta Year ago

    Wait she got dumped ? By who?

  • heyitsmerachaelz
    heyitsmerachaelz Year ago

    can we make that quote a shirt tho? "not sponsed. Just love tea." bc id buy the shit out of that

  • Jessica Patras
    Jessica Patras Year ago

    We do have David's Tea in the US!! I love going to their stores!!! So perfect

  • Diana Rose
    Diana Rose Year ago

    Ah I love Dream Daddy so much it's amazing I really hope you do a lets play I'm so glad someone I look up to likes it too! Dream Daddy means so much to me I'm glad you like it too

  • Bailee Walker
    Bailee Walker Year ago

    i loooooove bonne chance collections

  • shimmerbrite
    shimmerbrite Year ago

    I want all the tea.... Do they ship to Australia?
    EDIT: no they only shop US and Canada...... Noooooooooo I want all the teas!

  • phantasticdun
    phantasticdun Year ago +1

    watch voltron!!!!!

  • Strange Creations

    Crushing hardcore.

  • BlooWolfy
    BlooWolfy Year ago

    Have you ever seen Star vs. the Forces of Evil? I think you would like it :)

  • ivy in space
    ivy in space Year ago

    i have the same notebook from claire's! i write in it on happy days.

  • Maria inkat
    Maria inkat Year ago

    davids tea has locations in NYC!!!

  • Justina Dionne
    Justina Dionne Year ago

    Where did you get those earrings? Holy crap I love them! :3

  • Jess in king
    Jess in king Year ago

    notebooks are so real! i have one for my chronic illness and health documentation and while that one sucks hving it be pretty and little twin stars reallly makes it better

  • rainbow zoee
    rainbow zoee Year ago


  • Jess in king
    Jess in king Year ago

    i use the ion clarifying stuff before i henna my hair yes it is good!

  • Smyles Reacts
    Smyles Reacts Year ago

    I only just found this girl. Ahem... I LOVE HER ALREADY!

  • suneater kinnie
    suneater kinnie Year ago

    Damien is best dad.
    (Also yes please do a Dream Daddy LP, that would be great.)

  • Emily Lauren
    Emily Lauren Year ago +1

    You should definitely do black/ natural brows to match your roots. Would look super cute on ya imo 🌸

  • Alli Jade
    Alli Jade Year ago +1

    Hey pixie! I love all of your videos, but I was wondering if you'd consider doing scripted or semi scripted videos. Because you go all over the place in your videos, it's hard for me to concentrate 😅 I understand if you don't want to or if it's not your style, but I'd appreciate it if you'd consider it. As someone with a focusing disability, it would help me enjoy your videos even more

  • Rubyshine36
    Rubyshine36 Year ago +1

    Heyo pixie! I know you love the pretty cure series thing. Do u have any suggestions as to where to start or your fave series?

  • Paris Ag
    Paris Ag Year ago +2

    I love Betsey Johnson I have a backpack it is so cute

    • Paris Ag
      Paris Ag Year ago

      PrettySmart to umm sure i guess if you sub to me

  • KawaiiPotatox3
    KawaiiPotatox3 Year ago

    PIXIE did u see the my little pony collection from pür? It's soooo pretty ;;;;

  • Erin Fitzpatrick
    Erin Fitzpatrick Year ago

    I love you Jillian! ♡ you always put a smile on my face :)

  • Basil Boultbee
    Basil Boultbee Year ago +2

    Funniest part about Dream Daddy... I am essentially Damien: vegetarian, goth, types and writes like an old person, prefers letters over online communication, transgender, love of history, art and anything old and antique. I love him way more than I should be in love with a fictional character.

  • Mika Leo A.
    Mika Leo A. Year ago

    You kind of talk like Bee in Bee and Puppycat, and I love it

  • mukuXtuna6927
    mukuXtuna6927 Year ago

    we have David's Tea in San Francisco west Field mall

  • Maggie L.
    Maggie L. Year ago

    you look super cute here, i love ur hair & all the pink!! also there is davids tea in the US, we have one in my local mall in ohio :-)

  • adah !
    adah ! Year ago +1

    your videos are my aesthetic

  • Caitlin In Korea
    Caitlin In Korea Year ago


  • Savanna Warren
    Savanna Warren Year ago

    they do have david's tea in the usa! :^)

  • Dana S
    Dana S Year ago

    What do you use for your eyebrows! I love the color and I'm planning on doing my hair pink in 2 weeks and want to do my eyebrows like yours when I do my makeup. (I hope that made sense lol)

  • misssuteki
    misssuteki Year ago

    That tea place is kind of like Teavana. That's probably why we don't have one in the US.

  • Daniele Gallant
    Daniele Gallant Year ago

    bonne chance means good luck :)

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson Year ago

    I love the butterfly clips in your hair in this video they are so cute

  • Alyssa Meenach
    Alyssa Meenach Year ago

    Thanks for the tea idea. I need some different comfort drinks.

  • Laney Lion
    Laney Lion Year ago

    I just discovered u today and I absolutely love you ❤️

  • Noble Trees
    Noble Trees Year ago


  • Noble Trees
    Noble Trees Year ago

    Netflix suckS SOrrY

  • Jessie Selleck
    Jessie Selleck Year ago

    We pronounce it lie-chee in Aus but Peachy Leechee is just so heckin cute and fun to say omg.
    Anyway, check out T2, they sound really similar to David's Tea and they have THE CUTEST tea shit, it's such a hard time not getting broke every time you go in.

  • Kelly Krafcky
    Kelly Krafcky Year ago

    Not to ruin anything but you know there are sweat shops in the usa right?

    • Kelly Krafcky
      Kelly Krafcky Year ago

      Also they do have david's tea here in the US. We have one in water tower place in Chicago. (I wish there fun flavors were vegan, then maybe id like tea 😅)

  • lilmermaidgod
    lilmermaidgod Year ago

    Davids tea is in the USA! I love it!!!

  • Dalaw
    Dalaw Year ago +2

    oml you look like a multicoloured emma blackery its insane love it

  • Jeanette
    Jeanette Year ago

    I use the arctic fox hair dye and it stays on my hair for a really long time. The best part about it is that if doesn't stain your towels and stuff. :) You should check it out 💕

  • Mimi
    Mimi Year ago +5

    yess, little witch academia is amazing!

    • Mimi
      Mimi Year ago


  • Maddie
    Maddie Year ago

    I don't know about other States, but we have david's tea in Washington and it is magical!

  • lexi aimee
    lexi aimee Year ago

    we have a davids tea in the us! and my mom IS OBSESSED WITH IT hahaha

  • MBisgarbo
    MBisgarbo Year ago

    Where the HECK are those earrings from??? I love them!

  • bows before hoes
    bows before hoes Year ago

    omg ur hair looks so great in this video💕💕💕 and u should make a lets play of that game

  • victoria maria
    victoria maria Year ago

    tbh the new intro is hella cute but it always stresses me out bc i feel like the letters won't make it in time

  • lily belle
    lily belle Year ago +1

    I have a David's tea in my mall where I live I love it 😍😍💗

  • Miss MeggieJane
    Miss MeggieJane Year ago

    Adding links to your favs if you find online sources, in case some of your viewers would like to buy some of the things you review.

  • Misha Janeé
    Misha Janeé Year ago +1

    I actually loved watching Markiplier play Dream Daddy. It's was EVERYTHING!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • galaxy girl
    galaxy girl Year ago

    your my idol I love you so much 😊