AirPods for Android?!


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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee  8 months ago +3525

    Already bought the Samsung Gear IconX 2018. Let me know what else I missed in this one that I can try out!

  • Jamesphang
    Jamesphang 8 hours ago

    Mobi Ticpods

  • FerBANDEZ Gang FBG
    FerBANDEZ Gang FBG 23 hours ago

    Why didnt you review the gear icon x?

  • Bri Goose
    Bri Goose Day ago

    Tbh lets be fair. You can buy Bluetooth earphones last for hours. Most would rather by quality yet cheap earphones.

  • Shanu Sharma
    Shanu Sharma Day ago

    This asshole ..... From a true and gr8 youtuber became a.........fucking apple's mouth piece !!!

  • taste the rainbow
    taste the rainbow 2 days ago

    I wonder if there is a way to check the battery of the airpods on an S8 samsng

  • Moriarty Call
    Moriarty Call 3 days ago

    Wow! Apple is so expensive! Look at all these $200 bullshit.

  • King Duck
    King Duck 3 days ago

    You forgot the BeatsX.(one of the AirPods’s biggest competitors!!!)

  • isaiah brewer
    isaiah brewer 4 days ago

    We need an update video because airpods work amazing on my s8+ no siri but you can still double tap the ear to pause and skip and when you take one out the music pauses, pair right when you open the case and can see battery life on android. All the same things and it's just as loud it's pretty loud.

  • 4 days ago

    Jaybrid run are more like apple airpods than the airpods for android

  • Lil Dizzy
    Lil Dizzy 4 days ago

    What about crazybaby air.

  • Dylan Keyhantaj
    Dylan Keyhantaj 6 days ago

    What about gear icon x

  • Ashish Gauba
    Ashish Gauba 6 days ago

    thank you. this helped a ton

  • Hi Ghost
    Hi Ghost 6 days ago

    I see them lot in my class....
    I maybe the only one that in class don’t have AirPod 🤣🤣

  • Rudy T
    Rudy T 7 days ago

    You look like QTip

  • Sangwoo Lee
    Sangwoo Lee 11 days ago

    isn't gear icon x better than airpods and pixelbuds

  • prashanth nicklesh
    prashanth nicklesh 12 days ago

    Still waiting for the collaboration with The Rock!!!

  • Joseph Kumar
    Joseph Kumar 12 days ago

    What about beats x

  • Huy Spin
    Huy Spin 12 days ago

    I hit like right after seeing the intro. Good job bro!

  • Alexander Malamud
    Alexander Malamud 14 days ago

    Please review TREBLAB X5 true wireless earbuds, you will love them!

  • AiR tv
    AiR tv 14 days ago

    I'm still use airpods with android cause they're best lol

  • Spookish
    Spookish 14 days ago

    That iPhone X thumbnail wallpaper, anyone?

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 15 days ago +1

    0:45 Jan 2017???

  • Your Show
    Your Show 16 days ago

    Why did this guy get hate

  • Carlos W. Gomez
    Carlos W. Gomez 16 days ago

    Check the new gear icon x 2018

  • KartiK KaushiK
    KartiK KaushiK 16 days ago

    Gear iconx are the best truly wireless earbuds for Android imo

  • Joseph Mix
    Joseph Mix 16 days ago

    Air by crazybaby (nano), or the new ones. I personally use the nanos a lot, they sound great, not that bad of a delay, lightweight, and USB-C. Easy to put in the case with the magnets.

  • rhldhlthx86
    rhldhlthx86 16 days ago +1


    • RayPosSiable
      RayPosSiable 13 days ago +1

      Don't assune if you haven't tried the product yet

    • Bob Jeff
      Bob Jeff 16 days ago

      rhldhlthx86 He doesn’t get paid by Apple. His only sponsor is Dbrand.

  • Kristo Nako
    Kristo Nako 16 days ago

    Anyone with a pixel updated to Android P and is experiencing latency on the airpods? It's annoying me to the point that I don't want to use them anymore.

  • Wendel Lucas Damião
    Wendel Lucas Damião 17 days ago

    In Brazil is very difficult to find someone using Air Pods

  • Nosson Weissman
    Nosson Weissman 17 days ago

    Any thoughts on the Earin m2s?

  • shlomo kirstein
    shlomo kirstein 17 days ago

    You should make an updated video like this

  • Nosson Weissman
    Nosson Weissman 18 days ago

    @mkbhd Are there any updates on the subject? I'm searching for a pair of functional Android ear buds that can stand up to the Airpods

  • jakaboy01
    jakaboy01 20 days ago

    Hey Marques Brownlee! What are your thoughts on the OnePlus Bullets Wireless for the OnePlus 6? Are they comparable to AirPods for iOS? Thank you!

  • Wawasjohn
    Wawasjohn 20 days ago

    I have the x3 and boy does charging them suck. They give u a super short charge cable which has to go into a cradle. I end up barley using them.

    ADESH R 21 day ago

    Before reviewing audio systems u must clarify that , what do you hear 'yanny or laurel' 🤟

  • jordan slater-hall
    jordan slater-hall 22 days ago

    i disagree with a lot of what you said at the start of the video. i don't believe that they are striving for the newest technology in the same way they are with profit. apple are a company who's slogan should be 'make a problem, sell a solution'

  • Amaziah of Judah
    Amaziah of Judah 22 days ago +1

    I love my AirPods, got them at launch and I'm insanely happy with them. I have wired over-ear headphones for when I am at home and some nice studio monitors hooked up to my record player and mac for listening so I'm somewhat picky about sound quality, but you cannot overrate the portability AirPods offer, you can go cycling in the woods and wear them and after a few minutes they just seem to disappear. It's like being able to just add music to your everyday life, you don't feel them, you don't see them and they don't limit you while doing things. The​ closest thing to AirPods is using cheats in GTA to use the radio even when your walking etc.

  • Zach H
    Zach H 22 days ago +1

    Have you tried "rowkin", I don't know when they came out but they are my favorite. They are light, small, charge fast, have plenty of chargers on their websites, they charge fast enough to alternate, they connect to each other well, and they have Google assistant. The only problem I've had is a weak connection compared to my gear S3 and my JBL over head headphones.

  • Jolly Lucario
    Jolly Lucario 22 days ago

    I love the Beatles remix

  • Myst Gamer
    Myst Gamer 23 days ago +4

    listen boys all functional wireless earbuds are great and airpods are the best yea i get it but it's not an excuse to remove the headphone jack for that i don't like apple

    • RayPosSiable
      RayPosSiable 13 days ago

      +Alfie Finnie Most of the companies are following Apple's way of removing the headphone jack to promote their wireless earphones

    • Alfie Finnie
      Alfie Finnie 16 days ago

      Ugh yeah apple was the first (i think) to remove the headphone jack but loads of other companies have done the same it needed to happen the port was old as fuck and technology was moving on

  • KV ktm scouts
    KV ktm scouts 23 days ago

    Intro song pls with link

  • Hayden's Productions
    Hayden's Productions 23 days ago

    Skip to 3:06 to get past the clickbait 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Nkosi Mteeka
    Nkosi Mteeka 24 days ago

    Where de gear icon x

  • Nicolas Schmutz
    Nicolas Schmutz 24 days ago

    thx, great overview!

  • Wartime
    Wartime 24 days ago

    I see air pods nowear

  • Mohammad Ahmad
    Mohammad Ahmad 24 days ago

    Maeques Brownlee your reviews are absolutely fantastic...
    Keep it up i am a grate fan of your channel...👍

  • Noa Riedstra
    Noa Riedstra 24 days ago

    I really hate It when people are bias with Apple, like this guy

  • Kyle Magaro
    Kyle Magaro 25 days ago

    Airpods are overpriced crap. You could buy such better headphones for the same price. Apple's cult of idiocy will buy anything Apple makes because they're stupid enough to fall for the marketing and bs that Apple spews out when they could buy Android phones and Windows computers for the same price that are leagues ahead of the comparable Apple product. The only Apple product that used to truly be worth it was the Ipad, but now there are plenty of Android, and even Windows, tablets out there that are so much better for cheaper.

  • arttcs 2003
    arttcs 2003 26 days ago

    And the icon x one?

  • Alex K
    Alex K 26 days ago

    The Yevos just look like a Juul

  • Promodh Sridhar
    Promodh Sridhar 27 days ago

    Interesting review-- was thinking of this for a while.. now

  • Osvaldo Gil
    Osvaldo Gil 27 days ago

    The question is who wants an android?

  • Jid Ofole
    Jid Ofole 27 days ago

    Your intro music improves in contrast to your content

  • Moltas
    Moltas 27 days ago

    I can use the earpods on my android...

  • Abhishek Sarkar
    Abhishek Sarkar 28 days ago

    we are coming to the end of 2018 .Do you still think jaybirds are the one for android .Got myself a Note with a gear sports and wireless was a must . So what do you think???? @mkbhd

  • Zion Luke
    Zion Luke 28 days ago

    Mindless consumerism

  • Everett Ward
    Everett Ward 29 days ago

    I use on the ear sony headphones. Mostly because of battery life. Several days.

  • Fanny Vermorel
    Fanny Vermorel 29 days ago

    Are the airpods compatible with a huawei p8 lite 2017?

  • Stephen Michael
    Stephen Michael Month ago

    What are the best for call quality?

  • Pritam Ghosh
    Pritam Ghosh Month ago

    Can I play airports in S9 Plus

  • Nizar Moerman
    Nizar Moerman Month ago

    Bose Soundsport is just incredible.

  • Leo Weir
    Leo Weir Month ago

    You swipe the buds to change volume you don't need Google assistant

  • ImAHuman
    ImAHuman Month ago +1

    I prefer lightning cable EarPods

  • NeonFrost
    NeonFrost Month ago

    Id say the Bullets wireless

    Mr.FAHAD SALAH Month ago

    I was using samsung iconx , it's great with memory in each,i am not feel comfortable with . So i will move soon to apple air pods .it works fine on Android .

  • lionstar2222
    lionstar2222 Month ago

    Doesn't have the many functionality but some of those Anker bluetooth earbuds are pretty decent for the price.

  • thel1iontamer
    thel1iontamer Month ago

    Really well formatted video. I like this style of break down.

  • Lithandriel
    Lithandriel Month ago

    Does the market in this space still look pretty much the same as it did 7 months ago? I'm still looking for the holy grail of great wireless Android earbuds. Any updates or new favorites?

  • Mandiv Ekanayake
    Mandiv Ekanayake Month ago

    Can you make a video about "y is your best music provider is Spotify" plzzz....🙃🙃

  • Random Coding Tutorials

    How is tronsmart spunky buds???

  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose Month ago

    I wish Android had the ability to remember Bluetooth devices so you don't have to reconnect every time you want to use a tablet or change your phone often.

  • vasanth tyson
    vasanth tyson Month ago

    in India airpods are highly priced...its about ₹17000

  • Brado 123
    Brado 123 Month ago

    Best channel ever

  • chris zanotti
    chris zanotti Month ago

    i use airpods with my Android phone

  • Zohair ul Hasan
    Zohair ul Hasan Month ago +30

    Am I the only one who screamed meme review at the start of the video?

    • Ash ish
      Ash ish 28 days ago

      Mr. Madman how did you come to that conclusion

    • Olivier Delarosa
      Olivier Delarosa Month ago +2

      Mr. Madman 9 year olds*

    • Mr. Madman
      Mr. Madman Month ago +4

      No, there are probably a few more autists watching this Video

  • Saaketh Koka
    Saaketh Koka Month ago

    he got a little piece of hair sticking out lol

  • AirDawg
    AirDawg Month ago

    Can anyone recommend me some inexpensive bluetooth earbuds?

  • martinOnTheWeb
    martinOnTheWeb Month ago

    Super great video. Relaxed explanation.

  • Ajsoccer M
    Ajsoccer M Month ago

    I can’t wait for the Apple Airpods to become waterproof

  • GenguMain 69
    GenguMain 69 Month ago

    Apple has the best ear buds period

  • Martins Uche
    Martins Uche Month ago

    Wanna know what wallpaper app u're using on your iPhone X please I've been searching for it

  • Melonboy
    Melonboy Month ago

    How do you get motionblur on your mouse?

  • Jack Alvis
    Jack Alvis Month ago

    And also I would rather have a jack

  • Jack Alvis
    Jack Alvis Month ago

    I still hate them you can get better for less

  • Ahkuji
    Ahkuji Month ago

    I've never had delay issues with my bose soundsport free's 😎

  • Mr Dan Master
    Mr Dan Master Month ago

    AirPods are the most popular wireless headphones.

  • Mashrafi Reza
    Mashrafi Reza Month ago


  • kuldeep singh
    kuldeep singh Month ago

    Samsung airpods out now

  • Max Rockatansky
    Max Rockatansky Month ago

    Claps twice. MEME REVIEW!!!

  • Vladh.
    Vladh. Month ago

    X3 !

  • Potato Productions
    Potato Productions Month ago

    Actual video begins at 3:03

  • uglyfuckings
    uglyfuckings Month ago +3

    I cannot wait to buy my AirPods!

  • •Finn•
    •Finn• Month ago

    Jaybird x3. You dont need the "trendy" look of no wire.

  • Noel López
    Noel López Month ago

    Kinda unrelated, but the best sound from a phone is a decent pair of wired headphones and use them a HTC 10 with boomsound on. You'll be blown away.

  • Fernando Gonzalez reyes

    Not best possible i like my beats studio 3s

  • Itay Borosh
    Itay Borosh Month ago

    what happend to youe mic lol

  • 10Joren
    10Joren Month ago

    Can you do something like this again? Long time ago since you talked about true wireless earbuds, and with there being so much more alternatives now, also like a lot cheaper versions (such as HAVIT G1), it's hard to know whether these cheaper versions are reliable alternatives or maybe they are a lot cheaper for a reason. Thanks already for considering for making a new video!

  • Nickolas Montoya
    Nickolas Montoya Month ago

    Not popular where I am

  • iamattw
    iamattw Month ago

    Jaybirds X3 r bad. Like look at the forms with all the issues ppl reported. Definitely don't buy it.