AirPods for Android?!

  • Published on Jan 18, 2018
  • Now that the headphone jack is dead... exploring the best wireless earbuds for Android!
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    Google Pixel Buds:
    Jaybird Run:
    Jaybird X3:
    Bose SoundSport Free:
    Bragi Dash:
    Jabra Elite Sport:
    Erato Apollo 7:
    Yevo 1:
    Video Gear I use:
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  • Kriss Chin
    Kriss Chin Day ago

    With every video I watch, I'm reminded why I'm a subscriber. Great info and this one was kinda funny. 👍👍

  • Hugie Boi
    Hugie Boi 2 days ago

    These days AirPods are some of the worst wireless earbuds lol

  • Air Bass
    Air Bass 3 days ago

    8:51 they're stealthy fr

  • Zander's Universe
    Zander's Universe 3 days ago

    How to be in the Apple ecosystem
    1. Own an Apple Mac, MacBook, iPhone, AirPods, and the original iPhone.

  • Mortix
    Mortix 5 days ago


  • SiamXVlogs
    SiamXVlogs 5 days ago

    Galaxy buds weren’t out at this time?

  • Silent Glitch
    Silent Glitch 8 days ago

    Galaxy Buds!!!!

    • Kpmccain
      Kpmccain 6 days ago

      I'm not sure they were out back when this was made

  • Jaime Dominguez-galindo

    They don't work for google pixel phone. Its volume goes up automatically when you press pause.

  • Vikhram Sundararaghavan

    Galaxy buds are best

  • Tina Nosie
    Tina Nosie 9 days ago


  • Nellie gait
    Nellie gait 10 days ago +1

    Are they working on p20 lite? Huawei

    • Silent Glitch
      Silent Glitch 8 days ago

      get the galaxy buds, they sound wayyyyy better

    • Lovro Ribič
      Lovro Ribič 8 days ago

      Yes but with bluetooth

  • nkandyso
    nkandyso 13 days ago

    still wondering my airpods wont auto resume music when i take them out and put into my ears ....

    • youtube user
      youtube user 9 days ago

      It depends on what app you’re using. I find it buggy on souncloud but it works really well on spotify and apple music

  • RyanFilms 2019
    RyanFilms 2019 13 days ago

    I want some of these

  • Archit Mehta
    Archit Mehta 14 days ago

    Can you review ticpods?

  • Prototype Bhama
    Prototype Bhama 16 days ago

    A year later they become a meme

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 17 days ago +1

    Watching this with a samsung and airpods lol

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 20 days ago +4

    6:17 have we all forgotten why we use earphones?

    To listen to music!!

  • joey pullo
    joey pullo 23 days ago

    Look up enacfire e-14 it's the better version of earbuds, especially it's louder, clearer, and it stays in your ears (gel buds)

  • Julius Johnson
    Julius Johnson 23 days ago

    I have the Airpod 1s w/ a Galaxy S8+. Every time I go to the gym I get a shitty connection. I think it's cuz of all the metal from the weights and maybe other ppls Airpods.. might try the airpod 2s

    • mrg zlkm
      mrg zlkm 9 days ago

      @Julius Johnson if u want a tighter seal then galaxy buds are better but if the look and feel is all u like then u wont like the airpods 3

    • Julius Johnson
      Julius Johnson 9 days ago

      @mrg zlkm i like the look and feel of airpods better than all the others

    • mrg zlkm
      mrg zlkm 9 days ago

      Why not just get galaxy buds

  • Rachel Nguyen
    Rachel Nguyen 25 days ago +1

    Does anyone know what song did he use in the intro? I did click on the link he left at the description box, but I can't seem to find the song he used, because he just provided the link to the artist.

    • Rachel Nguyen
      Rachel Nguyen 21 day ago +1

      Lmao ok, có bro việt nam trên kênh nc ngoài là cảm động vl r :)))) cám ơn nhá :)))

    • notacacti
      notacacti 21 day ago

      @Rachel Nguyen chứ ngôn ngữ trên là j🤔

    • Rachel Nguyen
      Rachel Nguyen 21 day ago

      Bro việt nam à *surprised pikachu face*

    • notacacti
      notacacti 21 day ago

      @Rachel Nguyen không có gì:)

    • Rachel Nguyen
      Rachel Nguyen 22 days ago

      Thank you bro, you’re a lifesaver

  • Gavin Bate
    Gavin Bate 25 days ago +1

    I listened to this on wired earbuds.

  • Brad LaPlante
    Brad LaPlante 26 days ago +1

    It's insane that AirPods are so cheap. Like, look at some of those prices - $250, $300? for headphones? I know Apple has a reputation for overpricing products, but damn. $150 isn't bad.

    KIILERBEAN Month ago


  • fly_it_like_you_stole_it

    Um gear icon x

  • I N C O G N I T O
    I N C O G N I T O Month ago +1

    Try jabra elite active 65t

  • Ty jones
    Ty jones Month ago +1

    AirPods work on androids ...

  • Sing Song
    Sing Song Month ago

    please give me link buy pixep buds

  • Eric Cordova
    Eric Cordova Month ago +1

    Air pods aren't the best

  • River Y
    River Y Month ago

    oh wow nice intro music! what is it?

  • Pixel Games
    Pixel Games Month ago

    you know that you can pair airpods with android phones right?

  • Krishna Teja
    Krishna Teja Month ago

    9:05 did he said “plus it has heart rate monitor” 😳

  • RoZ Kermit
    RoZ Kermit Month ago +1

    Just download padroid

    MAINTANCE ACCURT Month ago +5

    This man looks like in youtube rewind 2018 in a battle bus

  • Alex Ball
    Alex Ball Month ago

    Bruh he stole the clap from pewdiepie

  • TheWalsh 7
    TheWalsh 7 Month ago

    Samsung buds??

  • Daniel O'Malley
    Daniel O'Malley Month ago

    What about galaxy buds?

  • al - Ashraf
    al - Ashraf Month ago

    Fuck jaybird. I'm steve jobs

  • DRACO 1066
    DRACO 1066 Month ago

    The air pod clones are cheaper

    • DRACO 1066
      DRACO 1066 Month ago

      @Elijah Obra don't know, haven't tried them yet

    • Elijah Obra
      Elijah Obra Month ago

      lol u like fake airpods

  • Edwin _04k
    Edwin _04k Month ago

    And were are the galaxy buds

  • Affan Gatez
    Affan Gatez Month ago +1

    I recently bought the xiaomi mifa x3 true wireless earphone for android its ridiculously cheap and really good quality and 32hours battery life its amazing and its only about $30 i dont see any bad things about this, you should check it out!

  • GᄂΛƧƧƧΉΛЯd 24

    U should test the soundPEATS wireless earpods

  • Ganguly Raj
    Ganguly Raj Month ago

    Ewwww Marques 8:55 shave your sideburns ffs.

  • Gagandeep singh
    Gagandeep singh Month ago

    Review skullcandy indy!

  • Prudhvi Raj
    Prudhvi Raj Month ago +1

    Can you please review jabra elite 65t true wireless earphones

  • Horrid Rocket
    Horrid Rocket Month ago

    0:43 2017 boy it is 2018

  • Dave Zam
    Dave Zam Month ago

    now this is the time to make 2019 Android airpods !

  • Benjamin Kiggundu
    Benjamin Kiggundu Month ago

    I just wanted to ask, do AirPods sync as seamlessly with iPad Pro as with iPhone

  • Mike Paquet
    Mike Paquet Month ago

    This video didnt age well lol

  • Ben Crook
    Ben Crook Month ago

    I bought a pair of genuines after getting some fakes from amazon. Actually love my Airpods for my android phone. Double tap for pause on Android... Who wants to talk to Siri anyway?

  • Chancelor Olsen
    Chancelor Olsen Month ago

    Try the Samsung buds

  • Rana Imran
    Rana Imran Month ago +1

    You spent more than 5 mins on airpods for Apple products and google buds. Than you speak about Jaybird run and so on...
    Recommendation: please change the title of the video, "Airpods alternative for android systems".

  • Barman Boy
    Barman Boy Month ago +3

    And now there’s galaxy buds

  • Sebastian Stan
    Sebastian Stan Month ago


  • Akshat Garg
    Akshat Garg Month ago +5

    I am from future and I am watching it on Galaxy buds

  • Mr. A
    Mr. A Month ago

    Someone made a religion out of these

  • outshine windows
    outshine windows Month ago

    Alot of reviews seem to conclude that the jabra elite 65t have the edge, on isolation, sound quaity, whats your view Marque? Have you tried them? If not maybe a review?

  • Tony Saldana
    Tony Saldana Month ago +1

    No one in this comment section knows that the intro song was an edit of the beatles song I Want You (Shes So Heavy)

    • JustStoleYaCar 108
      JustStoleYaCar 108 Month ago

      Thank you so god Damn much, been searching for this for 39 minutes

  • Flavius Zeddies
    Flavius Zeddies Month ago


  • Patato Everything
    Patato Everything Month ago +1

    You would look like a fool if you had Airpods and an Android phone... like c’mon..

  • Caleb Black
    Caleb Black Month ago +1

    Mark 8:38 - You are awesome dude; you crack me up and we appreciate your honest reviews. 👍🏼👌🏼

  • WiiLikeGames
    WiiLikeGames Month ago

    There's actually this really great application called assistant trigger on the play store that makes airpods work almost as well on Android as on iOS. I use them with my OP7 Pro.

    • Moola Pradeep
      Moola Pradeep Month ago

      @wiiLikeGames does the touch functions on airpods work on android ? Like receiving calls nd play pause ? Volume up nd down ?

  • Misael Gutierrez
    Misael Gutierrez Month ago

    Please review the Jabra Elite Active 65t!

  • SınXSıde
    SınXSıde Month ago

    *Fuck me! I use Airpods on Samsung Galaxy S8!*

  • Nolai Cxv
    Nolai Cxv Month ago

    What wallpaper is he using on his iPhone X?

  • Suha Shanab
    Suha Shanab Month ago

    I am watching this with wireless EarPods

  • Keegan Mccracken
    Keegan Mccracken Month ago +1

    Please make a 2019 update, there are so many awesome ones out there now that definitely match or exceed that AirPods, for way less.

  • Dylan Piggott
    Dylan Piggott Month ago

    Who watching on airpods

  • EsteBandido4444
    EsteBandido4444 Month ago

    I am dissapointed he still has not given the TicPods Free a chance.

  • RavenCrossguard
    RavenCrossguard Month ago

    Update video?

  • Alpha
    Alpha Month ago


  • Austin Karren
    Austin Karren Month ago +2

    Great video! You are defiantly making putting your pixelbuds away harder that it should be ;)

  • Megatón
    Megatón Month ago

    0:18 meme review

  • Matthew Piekny
    Matthew Piekny Month ago

    Do airpods work on Android phones

    • eega ooga
      eega ooga Month ago

      yes but they still sound horrible get galaxy buds

  • Atlantic MVP
    Atlantic MVP 2 months ago +1

    Just got the one plus 7 pro and I’m was about to buy that’s the perfect video

  • Kana Bennetts
    Kana Bennetts 2 months ago +1

    I heard swiping on the Pixel buds turns the volume you and down, is that true?

  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 2 months ago +6

    Galaxy buds are the airpods of android, except they came out first, soooooo...

  • Jonathan Prins
    Jonathan Prins 2 months ago

    Sooo is it recommended to use AirPods when you're on Android? i feel like the main question remains unanswered.

  • Need Some Coffee
    Need Some Coffee 2 months ago

    And now we have Galaxy Buds.

  • Sam Landsman
    Sam Landsman 2 months ago

    would love to know your opinions again a year later

  • Abdullah Ahmad
    Abdullah Ahmad 2 months ago

    Anyone here after the release of Galaxy Buds?

  • Vis M
    Vis M 2 months ago

    You should have tried Xiaomi's version of the AirPods. They look so similar to the AirPods. They are pretty cool. They are much cheaper than anything you had there. Would appreciate if you mention it in one of your videos. Thx

  • Raj Chheda
    Raj Chheda 2 months ago

    Samsung galaxy buds

  • Lattetown
    Lattetown 2 months ago

    Misleading title...he only talks about using Apple AirPods on the iPhone, not Android.

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney 2 months ago

    0:21 meme review

  • VerteX Indo
    VerteX Indo 2 months ago +64

    So alright im gonna use airpods with my nokia

    Edit: the old nokia maybe works ( ͠° ͟ ͜ʖ ͡ ͠°)

    • SLOFY
      SLOFY 22 days ago

      I have Nokia 6, does it work?

    • Karen Claims
      Karen Claims Month ago +1

      VerteX Indo as long as it has bluetehooth it would probably work

  • Cristi
    Cristi 2 months ago +1

    Two words:
    Galaxy buds

  • Sakib Rahman
    Sakib Rahman 2 months ago

    am i the only one here who owns a pixel 2??

  • Adam Erickson
    Adam Erickson 2 months ago

    You put the headphones back in their case wrong. It’s actually quite easy if you use the instruction sticker placed conveniently in the inside of the case to view

  • Aradhya VG
    Aradhya VG 2 months ago

    make a video of reviewing huawei freebuds

  • -Vance- Dun
    -Vance- Dun 2 months ago

    Intro; Beatles did it first and better

  • Hi-Fi Insider
    Hi-Fi Insider 2 months ago

    I love the AirPods from day one. I now have AirPod2 and Powerbeats Pro. They are awesome.

  • Master Danten
    Master Danten 2 months ago


  • Subhranil Dey
    Subhranil Dey 2 months ago

    you r truely a appple geek....

  • Ron Rivet
    Ron Rivet 2 months ago

    Can you answer calls with the iPods on an Android phone?

  • Ron Rivet
    Ron Rivet 2 months ago

    A+ on this video just for the music and sound quality. Listening on Apple ear buds by the way. :)

  • Sudharsan Podhala
    Sudharsan Podhala 2 months ago


  • rozy GCF
    rozy GCF 2 months ago

    Watching this on $10 (not truly wireless) wireless headphones, laughing at plebs who spend more than $30 on a pair

  • Quin Varela
    Quin Varela 2 months ago

    10:15 lol how about just an LED on the front

  • 歐歐
    歐歐 2 months ago

    Plz any chance for 2019

  • Xavier
    Xavier 2 months ago +80

    You need to make a 2019 update for earpods