Would You Chew USED Gum? | Eat It or Wear It Challenge #2

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • If you don't want to eat it, then it gets poured over your head! (Or down your pants!)
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    Joey, Kelsey, and Jamie are the contestants in episode #2 of Vat19's Eat It Or Wear It Challenge. They must choose weather to eat something gross or have it poured on their head (or in one case, down their pants)! Two-month old rotten milk, already been chewed gum, durian fruit, and larvae are all on the "menu".
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Comments • 3 152

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Year ago +455

    Which thing from the video do you think would be the WORST to eat?
    See more terrible things we've made the Vat19 crew eat: bit.ly/2QhvT7a

  • NekoAngel08 X3
    NekoAngel08 X3 4 hours ago

    I love durian a lot ^w^
    So I won’t have a problem eating the slushy

  • Hai Dong
    Hai Dong 3 days ago

    I want to puke although it's in the video.

  • TheLizardKilla YT
    TheLizardKilla YT 6 days ago

    I almost vomited at the diaper bug part ngl

  • Jekieve Redlover32
    Jekieve Redlover32 7 days ago

    I love dorian😥 I used to eat it when I was a kid back in he Philippines...

  • SuperNatural Moose
    SuperNatural Moose 8 days ago

    *Joey, high pitched* “WhAt PlAnEt ArE yOu FrOm?!”

  • minecraft mermacorn
    minecraft mermacorn 9 days ago

    eating PINAPPLE pizza and enjoying it you should try it too

    BRIAN CELESTE 11 days ago +1

    When a cat enters your body and controls your mind

  • Victor Rex
    Victor Rex 12 days ago

    im offended, DURIAN IS DELICIOUS

  • Raed Muqatash
    Raed Muqatash 14 days ago

    About that gym thing, it’s ok cuz they homies

  • TeriyakiPotato ・ᴗ・

    Every year I get a durian fruit cake

  • Di To
    Di To 18 days ago

    OMG!! I had the dry heaves watching Jaime eat the diaper.....that had to be the worst one!!!

  • Kirbylol Elmo
    Kirbylol Elmo 19 days ago

    I like durian because it's sweet, sour and yummy.

  • Jarek Van der Bruggen
    Jarek Van der Bruggen 19 days ago

    Why al I thinking stinky butt ice-cream instead of stinky but ice-cream

  • nadiineyy
    nadiineyy 19 days ago

    as an asian who loves durian, if your durian doesn't smells good i thinkkk you didn't choose the right one

  • Scoops 1725
    Scoops 1725 19 days ago

    How does he know what baby vomit tastes like

  • BJW American lad
    BJW American lad 21 day ago


  • JordHug
    JordHug 22 days ago

    I've been watching the grossest eating related challenges back to back and I'm literally gagging watching y'all eat half the stuff

  • Zebra6000 It won’t let me not have a last name

    You made me gag like 3 times on the bacon gumball eating part

    I’ve never gagged before

  • Thiwat Jaroenkajornkij

    Other countries eat durian you know

  • snakey ro
    snakey ro 26 days ago +1

    The first thing is just unmade cheese

  • Jared Ho
    Jared Ho 26 days ago

    Durian actually tastes nice

  • Muhammad Aiman danish
    Muhammad Aiman danish 27 days ago

    Durian is the best for me

  • Sophie Ha
    Sophie Ha 28 days ago

    Am I the only one that likes durian?

  • Tayla ORMSBY
    Tayla ORMSBY 29 days ago

    Joey:"It's straight up baby vomit" Me remembering that I vomited in my mums mouth when I was A baby. LOL love vat!(

  • Lunchbox Multimedia
    Lunchbox Multimedia 29 days ago

    Sugary 'just cereal' marshmallows

  • Zia Alzahra
    Zia Alzahra Month ago +2

    For indonesians we like durian
    For us the smell is sweet
    And the taste is delicious
    ( other people thinks it tastes disgusting. Welp no it isn't for me ya'll! )

  • Nugget Chicken subway

    Before I thought joe and Jamie were the same person

  • `Quert_z Gacha`
    `Quert_z Gacha` Month ago

    "NO NO NO NO NO no no no no, NO."

  • Star Light
    Star Light Month ago

    I love Duran

  • Alice Yu
    Alice Yu Month ago

    durian is soooo good.

  • KIdB35
    KIdB35 Month ago

    That mad me throw up the gum

  • Mai Vo
    Mai Vo Month ago +1

    I love durian so for me I would love it

  • Brebdob
    Brebdob Month ago

    Eat or wear it black pudding

  • Pj Gallegos
    Pj Gallegos Month ago

    If you plug your knows and eat something that taste horrible you will not taste it Unless you let go

  • Derick Moorefield
    Derick Moorefield Month ago

    My birthday is April 6!!!

  • Kaitlyn Walls
    Kaitlyn Walls Month ago +3

    When hey chewed the gum i legit puked

  • Ryan Akkala
    Ryan Akkala Month ago

    Where do you buy Durian???
    Durian isn't bad!

  • Sara Kovalcik
    Sara Kovalcik Month ago

    This is the kind of video when I ask myself why to they torture themselves for us

  • Maxwell Lynch
    Maxwell Lynch Month ago

    This time card reminds me of SpongeBob. 5:49

  • Terror Sky
    Terror Sky Month ago

    durion is delicious! dont understand how it smells bad

  • anime weeb
    anime weeb Month ago

    How dare u criticize durian

  • Annalisa Pasco
    Annalisa Pasco Month ago

    The slushy is Dorian fruit that what Eric said so it’s not that bad

  • Jake Talabor
    Jake Talabor Month ago

    Gayest thing I've ever seen

  • Connie Wong
    Connie Wong Month ago

    I love durian.Its one of my favourite fruits.(or maybe because I'm a Malaysian

  • Jishnudj don
    Jishnudj don Month ago

    It was just like pucking

  • Dylan Quintero
    Dylan Quintero Month ago +1

    April 6? Posted on June 1? Is that how long it takes to make a good funny video? Keep up great work!

  • Gachagamer12
    Gachagamer12 Month ago +1

    Durian is DELICOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO CAN HATE IT😤 I LOVE IT

  • BatTech
    BatTech 2 months ago +2

    The fudge at the end looks like horrible blood effects in a movie

  • Laarni Ayala
    Laarni Ayala 2 months ago

    I love durian😄😄😄

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug 2 months ago


  • Captain LEL
    Captain LEL 2 months ago +7

    Why does Eric sound drunk.
    Like if you heard it to

  • Precious Abenoja
    Precious Abenoja 2 months ago +1

    Durian is my favorite fruit here in philippines

    • Captain LEL
      Captain LEL 2 months ago

      Precious Abenoja I’m phillipino it’s just I hate durian it’s so weird and disgusting

  • Spider khoa
    Spider khoa 2 months ago

    Moment 8:17 i have a great job

    1.5m views 2 months ago +2

    Jamie had opposite choices to the other 2 always

    1.5m views 2 months ago +1

    Jamie is now thinking the 2month old milk was waaaaay better

  • PleatGFX
    PleatGFX 2 months ago +1

    durian dosen't smell that bad?

  • Jenny Zhang
    Jenny Zhang 2 months ago

    I’m offended saying yuck to durian fruit is rude to Chinese people.

  • lil-silly- nugget
    lil-silly- nugget 2 months ago

    Never again I almost threw up when he ate the larva and poop

  • s_lx
    s_lx 2 months ago +1

    The Durian smells so bad. I remember my dad making Durian milkshakes and drinking it with my brother, and they liked it. It can’t be that bad.