Spider-Man OUT Of The MCU!? (My Thoughts)

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Not all is well in the DIsney/Sony Spider-Man marriage. Here are my thoughts on Spider-Man possibly leaving the MCU!
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  • Unofficial_Gamer
    Unofficial_Gamer 3 days ago

    Flaged because of coffee mug said "Coffee is my Fucking her"

  • Wyguy the French Fry
    Wyguy the French Fry 4 days ago +1


  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 6 days ago

    1:00 Me when I'm looking at pictures of myself in like kindergarten and first grade

  • Brandi Moore
    Brandi Moore 7 days ago

    He does not need to be spider man when he's Mr Parker the leader of stark enterprise.

  • Phil Ingrouille
    Phil Ingrouille 7 days ago

    As it is, Disney allowed Kathleen Kennedy to drive Star Wars into the ground, and now that the Infinity Saga is done, the MCU is now turning into Woke garbage. Make a compromise (for now anyway) and change their proposal to 10-15%

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ 9 days ago

    “ Oh ho is this Sony? “ 😂😂😂

  • Josh Needle
    Josh Needle 9 days ago

    “The fans don’t give a fuck about Star Wars anymore” lmao imagine being so dense and blinded by your own negative opinion on a (great) movie that you actually think you speak for all if not the majority of fans. It’s sad.

  • Superluigi881
    Superluigi881 11 days ago

    Ffs Disney. Why do you need more money? You basically rule the world already.

  • averythesuperhero
    averythesuperhero 12 days ago

    I'll be fine with a Marvel-universeless Spider-Man 3 if they continue it where Far From Home left off and don't rush into the stupid Venomverse bs.

    But what's the likelihood that's gonna happen?

  • span luver
    span luver 13 days ago

    What’s in your cup? ;)
    I like drunk Jeremy

    • MG3
      MG3 8 hours ago

      coffee and he's not drunk

  • Ghost Dog
    Ghost Dog 13 days ago

    They should just bring Garfield back as an older more respectable Spider-Man have him take on the Sinister Six and work towards him and Venom crossing over.

  • Ghost Dog
    Ghost Dog 13 days ago +1

    Great news.
    Disney has no respect for Spider-Man. All they did was turn him into a whiny millennial sidekick. They abandoned his character, foundation and philosophy to make him Iron Man Jr.
    I hope Sony brings Garfield back and do him justice.

  • Juni Pang
    Juni Pang 13 days ago +1


  • JTPJAA6 _
    JTPJAA6 _ 14 days ago

    Here is a crazy theory, This is the only way for Spider-Man and Venom to be in the same film . And maybe after he will come back in MCU? It’s a theory

  • Wari
    Wari 14 days ago

    As a huge MCU fan I hope they don't make a mess of things. They are already crossing actors to different roles which really takes away from the continuity. The prison gaurd from Luke Cage then plays Cloaks dad? The Kree chic from Captain Marvel is playing another character. Cotton Mouth is now Blade. They're ruining a key ingredient and thats character / actor consistency.

  • BaphometsHorn
    BaphometsHorn 15 days ago +1

    Watching this a little late is weird, Jeremy talked about the Spider-Man game writers and more recently Sony has bought insomniac games, which of coarse made that game. Maybe they watch his reviews like RT does and got a bright idea from him lol

  • OT TV
    OT TV 15 days ago

    Tom said that spider man will continue where far from home left off, which proves sony made the solo films because if Sony had nothing to do with the story like ppl think, the next spider man would have to be a reboot seeing how sony wouldn't have rights to the story

  • Rimer Torrico
    Rimer Torrico 15 days ago

    We want 50%.. 🤧 Lmao 😂😂😂

  • Tom McDaniel71
    Tom McDaniel71 16 days ago

    Holland filmed a scene for Venom but Disney yanked it

  • Sim Racing India
    Sim Racing India 16 days ago


    Spider Man

    Whats Next Disney?

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds 16 days ago

    sony: i am inevitable.

  • Lawrence Surname
    Lawrence Surname 16 days ago


  • Lawrence Surname
    Lawrence Surname 16 days ago


  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 16 days ago

    Disney fault.

  • Băiatu Scoci
    Băiatu Scoci 17 days ago

    what if they would just change the name of the hero and make a new costume?

  • Miko Darkblade
    Miko Darkblade 17 days ago

    I actually dont care for the MCU. Didn't really like Endgame, hated Ms Marvel, Black Panther was meh, not caring for what they have next. The only things I am looking forward too are Deadpool and XMen reboot if dont right. I didnt care all that much about this spiderman version anyway.

  • Cihan Celikel
    Cihan Celikel 18 days ago

    Legacy Of Kain reference!!!!!

  • Redleaf Boomer
    Redleaf Boomer 18 days ago

    You know dc fans like myself is laughing so much right now right

  • Graf Aramaic
    Graf Aramaic 18 days ago

    Mickey Mouse voice tho 😂😂😂😂

  • blue the blues
    blue the blues 19 days ago

    1:23 😅😅😅

  • MegaLaidback
    MegaLaidback 20 days ago

    Boardroom suits always screwing things up.

  • Alyssa Bennett
    Alyssa Bennett 20 days ago +1

    Here’s my thoughts as to why Disney is sucking at the moment, and it was inspired by what Jeremy said here. The company lost its sense of “mortality.” Disney was always great when it felt like it had everything to lose. Walt almost drove the company into bankruptcy several times for projects that he didn’t even know would succeed (luckily they did), and ended up smashing records. The Disney Renaissance came out of the company’s darkest hour following the death of Walt. Now that the company has turned into a franchise behemoth, Disney has nothing to lose and everything to gain. There is no more risk, so they don’t try anymore. They just suck up whatever franchises and money that they can and know that fans will come flying in just because of the brand. I love Disney and their parks, but it’s really sad to see them start to lose their identity.

    • Jason Willey
      Jason Willey 17 days ago

      Agree, their best times were everything up to the 90s and that's it, everything since the 90s has been completely forgettable and substandard, Pixar had their time as well for 15 years now they are more or less dead, Disney are like a disease nowadays and karma cannot come soon enough

  • Doug Mckenzie
    Doug Mckenzie 20 days ago

    Where do you get that Mug?

  • HughJass
    HughJass 21 day ago

    disney is raining money every block buster they have. they were too greedy to not continue the good deal between them and sony with 5%. disney has so many more charactares to milk money from and they want every bit of it, even if it means screwing over another studio.

  • BunnyGuns
    BunnyGuns 21 day ago

    Sony: Spider-Man Homecoming
    Marvel: *Spidey has joined the MCU*
    Sony: Spider-Man Far From Home
    Marvel: *Spidey has left the MCU*

    P O E T R Y

  • Tyler H
    Tyler H 21 day ago

    Why does anyone have the right to own a character? I don’t understand how someone can own art. Oh yeah, money. Because that’s the only thing that the top 1% cares about and they own these businesses.

  • Stevey Hooves
    Stevey Hooves 22 days ago

    I mean think about it for a second. When Disney got woke there movies have been on a decline. Look at the captian marvel movie, the huge girl power scene in end game, the new “Thor” Valkyrie is gay now I think, rather convent time. Tom Holland even said he was fine making Spider-Man gay, well f they wanted him too. so Where I’ll miss Spider-Man because he his movies were amazing. Even far from home. I’m just worried to see what they do with the guardians of the galaxy and Thor who they made fat. Because they’re all I have left I have in the mcu I care about.

  • Danny Dawber
    Danny Dawber 22 days ago

    1:50 FU---
    TVclip: NOPE, That's a non advertiser friendly word!

  • Orion Terry
    Orion Terry 22 days ago

    I'm surprised people don't see the move Marvel is pulling here.
    Sony is known to fuck up Spidey on various occasions when things matter the most.
    This will be their third and final fuck up. They won't be able to simply reboot Spidey infinitely. There will be consequences and Marvel will be right there when it happens.

  • carolina
    carolina 22 days ago

    Spiderman : Homecoming
    Spiderman : Far From Home
    Spiderman : Never Come Home

    • span luver
      span luver 13 days ago

      It’s for the better. He was a whiny punk, nothing like comics I read.

  • Chase XJ
    Chase XJ 23 days ago +6

    2016: “Hey Everyone.”
    2019: “Bye Everyone.”

  • Justin Scott
    Justin Scott 23 days ago

    It's a good thing

    • MG3
      MG3 17 days ago


  • Mr. Sneazy
    Mr. Sneazy 23 days ago

    I dont get why people give Disney the credit for creating the MCU. Marvel created the MCU before they where bought by Disney. Disney saw what Marvel was doing and liked it so they bought Marvel. Disney didnt do shit except for leaning back and watching the profits skyrocket for something Marvel started. Sony is right to pull Spider-Man out of the MCU, cause fase 4 doesnt look all that hot.

  • Bootleg ShawolSubs
    Bootleg ShawolSubs 23 days ago +2

    damn I just finished watching Far From Home and THE CLIFFHANGER
    at least give us a closure movie or something

  • Hernan Lima
    Hernan Lima 23 days ago

    Why doesn't Sony just ask permission to make merch and money for their Venomverse, that way Marvel can take the 50% they want?

  • BluePrintAnimations
    BluePrintAnimations 23 days ago

    4:33 Technically the glass is 50% Air and 50% Water. 100% full. But I hate that Spidey is out.

  • Marty De La Fuente
    Marty De La Fuente 23 days ago

    Is it even really Spider man ?
    A) How Harry Osborn or any real friends like MJ or Gwen are a part of his friends. What the hell with Flash Thompson ? Sorry Micelle is not MJ
    B) No Uncle Ben mentioned
    C) Aunt May isn't that young she's old and wise not dating Shield agents
    D) Peter Parker has a hard life not best friends with Bill Gates....he's no longer relatable
    E). Not one knew Peter Parker was Spider Man.
    Yeah it's basically not Spider Man anyway. MCU actually needs to go back and read some of STAN LEE'S SPIDER MAN and stop totally breaking the original creations like Thor, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Captain America and now Spider Man. Dont. Get. Me. Started.

  • Marnerbroman
    Marnerbroman 23 days ago +3

    Spider-man 1-2, Spiderverse and Venom are good enough for me.

  • An Evil Resident
    An Evil Resident 23 days ago

    In the meantime while/if Disney and Sony work things out they should just have the Garfield Spider-Man in the Venom movies

  • Johny Something
    Johny Something 23 days ago

    I still give a shit about Star Wars man😅

  • Kraftpaket
    Kraftpaket 24 days ago

    With a great character comes great responsibility

  • Wesley
    Wesley 24 days ago +2

    Disney in the next avengers: "Peter Parker is dead."
    Sony" 😱

  • Nick
    Nick 24 days ago

    To be honest. I dont care what Disney does. I dont care what goes on with there business deals, Sony or any other company aren't little saints. They are all in it for money, and I was enjoying Spiderman in the MCU with Disney's backing compared to what Sony has done with it since Spiderman 2. I don't care if Disney feels its mortality, I would just like to see spiderman continue his MCU run. Is that to much to ask?

  • Javan Erwin
    Javan Erwin 24 days ago

    God damn it sony you had a strong year until this mess up

  • Y2JFan94
    Y2JFan94 24 days ago

    Sony are the ones being dicks.... they have done fuck all with Spiderman and Marvel has created a better Spiderman and solo movies. Disney fucking DESERVE Spiderman more than that Fuckass of a studio !!

  • Nelson Velasco
    Nelson Velasco 24 days ago +1

    Let’s boycott Disney!!!! 😡😡🤬🤬

  • Mr. Guy Productions
    Mr. Guy Productions 24 days ago

    What if the Spider-Man 2 re release has the original end credits scene taken out and replaced with Spidey being randomly rift out of the MCU in a portal.

  • anKniteOwl
    anKniteOwl 24 days ago

    SpiderMan in MCU, the way the executed it, NEVER felt pure or organic. It was just like a "HEY EYES UP HERE" kind of deal. And they just rushed Tom Holland in. There's a great many young white actors who could have taken the role and everything would have said the same thing about them that they said about Holland:" He's the ONLY ONE that could play SpiderMan!".
    Ultimately that's how Disney MCU handled everything though. Just shoehorning in things and patting over it with quippy characters like Red Green pats on duct tape.
    As flashy as the MCU is, the best SpiderMan movie or even superhero movie of this decade or perhaps all time is Spider-Verse. Disney just has more aggressive advertising. Shameik Moore does way better at characterizing SpiderMan Gen Z than Tom Holland does. And I'm sure most of that comes down to directors and producer influences. So I don't mean to blame Holland too much but he's just a publicity stunt social media ploy pawn at this point. Maybe if we let him actually earn the attention in a well made movie he could be a definitive SpiderMan. But right now he's basically the Twitter logo held up by puppet strings.

  • Dom Mo
    Dom Mo 24 days ago

    *Vae victis!*

  • OwenzHub
    OwenzHub 24 days ago

    Real Star Wars Fans:
    Haters: "TLJ, my childhood ruined, blah, blah, blah"
    Jeremy Jahns to Disney: "Your fans generally don't give a f*** about Star Wars".
    Disney to everyone: The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Series, The Clone Wars S7, Rey and C3PO Dark Side look in Rise of Skywalker
    Real Star Wars Fans: "I very much give a f***!!!"