MY SYLAS IS JUST TOO GOOD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - Trick2G

  • Published on Sep 3, 2019
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    #Sylas #LeagueOfLegends Trick2g plays Sylas, Trick2g Penta kill sylas, penta sylas, Sylas Gameplay, Trick2g Playing Different Champs, Trick2g Sylas
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Comments • 571

  • Tran Duc
    Tran Duc 11 days ago

    10:23 how do i make that radio noise like horsey did

  • MaestrO Frags
    MaestrO Frags 16 days ago

    Shineee Kakyoin shuch a weeb 😂😂😂

  • Arlo2299
    Arlo2299 Month ago

    holy shit that intro was fire

  • pruzla
    pruzla Month ago

    2:20 kirby music , have copyright ... YDB !

  • Ray Blaze
    Ray Blaze Month ago

    Damn... That Vegeta reference at 7:37. Editor be praised. That shit was priceless.

  • F A R O U K lll
    F A R O U K lll Month ago

    What is the graphics card you are using?

    AGEMO Month ago


  • V Μ
    V Μ Month ago

    is horsey and cookie the same person?

  • Shalom College
    Shalom College Month ago

    Am just here for Horsey

  • Iacob Stefan
    Iacob Stefan Month ago

    Anxiety: Exists
    Trick2G: Lay down b1tch.

  • Bowl Cut
    Bowl Cut Month ago

    watching these vids almost makes me wanna come back to this terrible game

  • Felipe Larios
    Felipe Larios Month ago

    Best fucking intro EVER laughed too much

  • mina_olen_eestla
    mina_olen_eestla Month ago

    I took my 1 year to get penta with udyr man

  • Khánh Phùng
    Khánh Phùng Month ago

    2:54 lmao

  • MK12U
    MK12U Month ago

    dude your intros are getting better in each video lol I can't stop laughing and I watched 18 seconds of the video

  • RontheBon
    RontheBon Month ago

    Trick the type of guy to be near death and tells the grim reaper: “not today, not tomorrow.

  • insightful Faith
    insightful Faith Month ago

    That intro 💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jacobi Leoo
    Jacobi Leoo Month ago

    4:44 my dude hotshot w'd over the wall and expected to r back...

  • Brian Roh
    Brian Roh Month ago

    I fucking love horsey

  • DaftRabbit09
    DaftRabbit09 Month ago

    You made Lily discover a new role, "Malphite to challenger" inc...

  • Moe
    Moe Month ago +1

    John Sylas classic babe.

  • Christopher Aybar
    Christopher Aybar Month ago

    how about the old intro music

  • maxmax mendoza
    maxmax mendoza Month ago +1

    It's great that you're finally using grown-up champs lmao

  • Dravayne
    Dravayne Month ago

    more video please! Im hungry right now!

  • How it's MADE
    How it's MADE Month ago

    Hey Trick, your intro always make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  • gottfer
    gottfer Month ago

    u gotta respec bro

  • Im_Z AGamer
    Im_Z AGamer Month ago

    The thumbnail gives me nightmares

  • Anthony Tan
    Anthony Tan Month ago

    The Flash : I’m the fastest man alive
    Trick : Let me hold that real quick >_>

  • Taha ÜNAL
    Taha ÜNAL Month ago +1

    hes playing sylas with my aatrox runes wtf

  • Adan Medina
    Adan Medina Month ago

    Corre pvto jajajajajaja se paso Horsey

  • Tomas A.
    Tomas A. Month ago

    Darien was playing singed on that penta ha

  • CrAkeR 4212
    CrAkeR 4212 Month ago

    ou pi

  • Lytzhu League
    Lytzhu League Month ago

    Yo, I love ur intros but this one u taking the grand prize, awesome

  • Huryel CB
    Huryel CB Month ago

    Sylas is this buffed!!?? haha

  • Faisal Albanna
    Faisal Albanna Month ago


  • Magnussen
    Magnussen Month ago

    What the name of the intro music

  • Physis Zero
    Physis Zero Month ago +3

    Trick the type of guy to get knocked in a street fight and say ”Whats that damage”

  • Andre Stiller
    Andre Stiller Month ago

    This Guy is a God !:)

  • HadyMudkipper
    HadyMudkipper Month ago

    This fucking intro holy shit 😂

  • Jack Hearts
    Jack Hearts Month ago

    Wer is next vid

  • Ren
    Ren Month ago

    Aye man Editor mad funny you too trick loved the vid keep it up :D LATAAAAA

  • Maximilian VIBE B.
    Maximilian VIBE B. Month ago

    Horsey just taking all tricks lines LOL

  • nguyen khiem
    nguyen khiem Month ago

    Trick the type of dude who gets hit by a car running straight and shouted "Gimme a fcking replay!"

  • wegottagamer
    wegottagamer Month ago

    Only trick would tell is own intro to shut the f*ck up!

  • Леонид Осокин look at this shit

  • EnterTheCircle
    EnterTheCircle Month ago

    DUDE, im watching and subbed on you for years! THIS IS YOUR WORK MIC DUUDEEE

  • Zyel Core
    Zyel Core Month ago

    Best intro somalia

  • Macchichist
    Macchichist Month ago

    Trick the type of guy to yell HE'S STROKED OUT at an epilepsy patient

  • Lucas Gachoka
    Lucas Gachoka Month ago

    Haha meen that intro is too lit. Your editor 🤙

    GAMEOVER. Month ago

    Trick : I never knew I have a twin brother and he yells loud too.

  • Cesar SwordKnight
    Cesar SwordKnight Month ago

    EZ penta

  • Squidweirdandthebois

    Trick the type of dude that miss his doctors appointment because he's sick

  • AlCaTraZ
    AlCaTraZ Month ago

    Is that a JoJo reference?

  • Roman Lopez
    Roman Lopez Month ago

    Trick the type of guy to use a calculator during an English exam

    DONKAGE! Month ago

    10:20 Super Mario 3D World Credits Roll, eh?

  • Raphael Sevastidis
    Raphael Sevastidis Month ago

    Trick the type of guy who gonna put his weird noises as a phone notification :D

  • xxDAMBAM2xx
    xxDAMBAM2xx Month ago

    This is my favorite trick duo

  • Sefuuku
    Sefuuku Month ago

    Woot?!! 4 Ads?!

  • NotPhex LoL
    NotPhex LoL Month ago

    HORSEY!!!!! PULL UP!!!!

  • Nope Vallo
    Nope Vallo Month ago

    Sniping editing content with horsey in it is just golden!