May: Labour and the Conservatives had "a bad set of results" at the EU elections - BBC News

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • In her first comments since announcing she will quit as PM, Theresa May says both Labour and the Conservatives had "a bad set of results" at the EU elections, and she hopes they will "focus Parliament on the need to deliver Brexit"
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Comments • 303

  • JosephMQ
    JosephMQ 5 months ago

    Officially the most inept, incompetent and weak Prime Minister the United Kingdom has ever had. That takes some doing considering John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have previously held the role.

  • Daniel A. Thyringer
    Daniel A. Thyringer 5 months ago

    Liquor and food conservation

  • Crimson Tiger
    Crimson Tiger 5 months ago +1

    Boris Johnson is next in line for Prime Minister. A British Trump. Have fun UK

    • Suzy Siviter
      Suzy Siviter 5 months ago

      Trump obsessed, you must be a spotty liberal freaky gamer dude that thinks socialism is a good idea PMSL).

  • 김동민
    김동민 5 months ago

    Good bye lady. You've been a great job for Great Britain.

  • Jack Xerox
    Jack Xerox 5 months ago

    She has destroyed the Tory Party.

  • jules ju
    jules ju 5 months ago +1

    Deffo the worst puppet you can see this one's strings

  • baeten frederic
    baeten frederic 5 months ago +1

    dissolve the parlement!!!!!!!!

  • baeten frederic
    baeten frederic 5 months ago

    load of big shit in power time the queen have a say

  • Langus langus
    Langus langus 5 months ago


    ENOCH WAS RIGHT 5 months ago

    Never trust a women with a huge nose 👃 and 🇬🇧 size 15 feet 👠👠

    • Harriet smee
      Harriet smee 5 months ago

      ANGELCYNN MODIGNES why on earth would what she looks like or the fact that she is a woman make her a bad leader. fundamentally i disagree with conservative policy but she tried her best and a can guarantee that the vast majority of people would not have done any better

  • pewdiepie new channel
    pewdiepie new channel 5 months ago

    Bbc fuck you , I can’t believe you can even look at your children

  • This Rebel is Scum
    This Rebel is Scum 5 months ago +2

    When is Theresa May leaving? No matter which moron they have next, they can't possibly be as bad as her.

    • Suzy Siviter
      Suzy Siviter 5 months ago

      @This Rebel is Scum That's debatable, its like trying to decide who would make the best childrens entertainer: Bill Cosby or Jimmy Saville.

    • This Rebel is Scum
      This Rebel is Scum 5 months ago

      @Suzy Siviter no matter how much of a clown Boris Johnson is, he can't be worse than Theresa.

    • Suzy Siviter
      Suzy Siviter 5 months ago

      emm a Boris is coming our way)

    • This Rebel is Scum
      This Rebel is Scum 5 months ago

      @Deirdre Julia Nash it's bad enough she didn't leave straight away, don't make it worse.

    • Deirdre Julia Nash
      Deirdre Julia Nash 5 months ago +1

      You can't assume May is telling the truth when she says she is standing down

  • Tourniquet Now
    Tourniquet Now 5 months ago

    God bless Brexit.

  • Ken Wong
    Ken Wong 5 months ago +2

    I dun give a s**t what happens to Tory now. I'm done, y'all. But gratitude for oppurtunity to serve the country I love. lol

    • Ken Wong
      Ken Wong 5 months ago

      Arsonist...that's nasty. Real nasty. lol

    • hmartinspliff
      hmartinspliff 5 months ago +1

      Mrs. May paints a picture of her having been an innocent little girl singing and dancing through fields of wheat like a scene out of the *_Sound of Music......_* _"the fields are alive with the sound of muuuuusic!!!"_ Bollocks. The mess she's made of Brexit.....I can imagine she was a little arsonist with a box of matches and lighter fluid setting fire to the fields of wheat and causing widespread devestation to the countryside.

  • Public Public
    Public Public 5 months ago +5

    the conservative party had a bad result called Cameron. brexit is the biggest diplomatic and economic blunder in centuries.

  • Paul Ordair.
    Paul Ordair. 5 months ago +4

    Pure and simple she is a Coward, some stubborn trait she got ftom her parents cost us a country, cow.

    • Queen jneeuQ
      Queen jneeuQ 5 months ago

      And no deal will benefit the country?

  • Paul Ordair.
    Paul Ordair. 5 months ago +1

    She makes me sick to my stomach, retching traitor, leaft her voters and her party in shit for corbyn lip licker. BBC and SKY using CNN tactics fake lies.

  • Paul Ordair.
    Paul Ordair. 5 months ago +1


  • Paul Ordair.
    Paul Ordair. 5 months ago

    I'm sick of this shit, the BBC, Sky news pushing there socialist agenda on a country who just want out of EU to trade freely. May you owe us brexit no deal bloody coward. That's why the EU vote went because May is coward.

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh 5 months ago

    to stay in power you could try strikes and violent rallies like the ones which work in other countries

  • malv Gaming!!
    malv Gaming!! 5 months ago

    T series hit 100 million subs noooooooooooooo

    • Hyper Thorpe
      Hyper Thorpe 5 months ago

      It's globalist bullshit. America will always win

  • pewdiepie new channel
    pewdiepie new channel 5 months ago +1

    The kingdom has fallen

  • eternity
    eternity 5 months ago

    LIAR she was doing all she could to keep us in

  • Hyper Thorpe
    Hyper Thorpe 5 months ago +1

    Fuck Europe, god bless America. America is like a pimp & European countries is like America's little prostites

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 5 months ago +1

      The US is owned by the royal family.

  • Martin Britton
    Martin Britton 5 months ago

    She still sounds like a robot.

  • blunty cunty
    blunty cunty 5 months ago

    Best best best lmao this is want happens when you vote in a women .back to the kitchen sink .lieslieslies

  • yukonjeffimagery
    yukonjeffimagery 5 months ago +1

    She pretty much did nothing, and kicked the can down the road.

    • Public Public
      Public Public 5 months ago

      I think she may have given hubby a lot of insider information regarding her comments likely to plunge the pound.

  • Miele Rodriguez
    Miele Rodriguez 5 months ago +1

    This woman is a vile traitor and the BBC are no better.

  • raghubir Singh
    raghubir Singh 5 months ago

    Anti hindu channel bbc

  • Alfred the Great
    Alfred the Great 5 months ago +1

    Anyone else sick of the three main parties.
    Vote for the left, mid left, or extreme left.
    Let the communist BBC sway you.

  • Petr Frizen
    Petr Frizen 5 months ago +1

    Prime Minister May MP might / may be resigning only after Brexit - Schwexit & Frexit! Prior to that - no sense in doing so. UK must be liberated from the blackmail and shackles of EU Commission.

  • Petr Frizen
    Petr Frizen 5 months ago

    Highly Esteemed BBC:
    Yesterday at the English Language Club of the Library (in Tula) we exercised and disported ourselves in the verlibres of Diamante poetry. These are my modest lines which were conceived and born almost immediately. The topic was “Vacations & Travel”, so I narrated my personal experiences. As British Broadcasting Corporation does perfectly know, I assume, in diamante poetry all words are supposed to be nouns and the commencing word of Line A must be juxtaposing the meaning content, the sense of the concluding one of Line G. The “swinging back of the pendulum” of sense and mood of the poem must be beginning from the middle of Line D. …I still think there are too many lines and they are so hard to handle, the locutions of vocabulary are so disobeying… so wayward and capricious… But these are the rules of Diamante poetry.

    Line A. Azur Air
    Line B. courteous , vegetarian
    Line C. hovering , auroras, sober
    Line D. scudding, smiles, … / … dirtiness unfriendliness
    Line E. worry, anxiety & mockery, lies
    Line F ripping off blackmail, stealing
    Line G. “merkelgrubauskeiteyunkerryanaireucomission”

    BREXIT!!!!! SCHWEXIT!!!!! FREXIT!!!!

    With the Best Regards,
    Sincèrement votre, RSVP,
    Petr Frizen

    P.S. In the piles of papers on my tables I could not find Your mailing address, Dear BBC, and there is none on the website… so I can’t send to You any greeting postcard, or any letter… Alas… It must be the law in UK, that every organization, especially, of such statue and history as BBC, must be having its mailing address published in the internet!

  • magic carp
    magic carp 5 months ago

    They always think of themselves as the best when they suck and do nothing they said they were going to do

  • The Madone
    The Madone 5 months ago

    No Shit Sherlock ! It's what you get when you lie ! Try to sell the Country down the river, then run away because you didn't get your own way !! POS !

  • bigearedmouse17
    bigearedmouse17 5 months ago

    Has this woman no shame ? Just GO ! (unless your in Brussels to drop your CV in?)

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 5 months ago

    Maynerys -the brexit dragon mom

  • Asad Hassan
    Asad Hassan 5 months ago +1

    This dirty granny should go into Now. She must be upset & She has full rights to enjoy dogs. Or 🐴

  • Acne Clear
    Acne Clear 5 months ago +1

    Well done. An impossible task which you tried to fulfil with great dignity and strength of character.

    • rick Woods
      rick Woods 5 months ago

      she never even asked brussels to consider the brady amendement the one thing parliament agreed to , she was an utter disaster doesnt matter how dignified she looks.

  • Baylor58 Duncan
    Baylor58 Duncan 5 months ago +1

    May and Merkel, proof positive that the ladies should leave it alone, invite the criminal Hillary and have a round of bridge.

  • sam wright
    sam wright 5 months ago

    she's not the problem ,it's this ungrateful country, not knowing what it want's

    • Suzy Siviter
      Suzy Siviter 5 months ago

      @sam wright I do not see the media attacking her, in fact almost every mainstream program i have watched had presenters arguing for her deal.

    • sam wright
      sam wright 5 months ago

      i do live in the UK, the difference is i dont't see her through the prism of hate that her enemie's and the media have constructed for you, brexit is contentious , and both side are attacking her deal and how she appouch it, for their own political and personnal agenda,

    • Suzy Siviter
      Suzy Siviter 5 months ago +1

      Do you live in the UK?

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 5 months ago +1

      British people know exactly what they want and they want to leave the EU death cult.

  • Sucker MC
    Sucker MC 5 months ago +1

    our independence EU surrender. sucker mc I ain't no bender. put me on the mic and I'll get it funky, messing up the beat like mr juncker .... techno techno techno techno

  • Scottish Always Dixie
    Scottish Always Dixie 5 months ago

    Enjoy 6 weeks without benefits you think number 10 door kicked your arss here's 2 the Rules u set up enjoy D W P 😱

  • Alex Morris
    Alex Morris 5 months ago +1

    I think you deserve your walking holiday ,,,,,,,a long walk on a short plank,,,,

  • tony hadden
    tony hadden 5 months ago

    The mess she has made of Brexit is a disgrace, and its internationaly embarrasing let Nigel take over totaly at least he stands by what he says and not consitantly lie.

  • Richie
    Richie 5 months ago

    Repeat and repeat to make it a reality - The reason it did not work this time is because we the people are waking from the dream. We no longer believe your repetition or have any interest to make your beliefs reality.

  • Leon Dean Barrie
    Leon Dean Barrie 5 months ago +3

    BBC = British Betrayal Corporation BBC = Broadcasting Britains Caliphate

  • marty wise
    marty wise 5 months ago

    So says the Vicars daughter, any decent negotiator knows you have to be prepared to walk away, leave now with no deal, the EU will come crawling to us soon enough.

  • fryswahh
    fryswahh 5 months ago

    Say deal over and over again until it becomes a word you have no idea what the meaning is.

  • Königstiger
    Königstiger 5 months ago

    May 🖕🏼

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim 5 months ago +3

    May undoubtedly helped drag Labour down, but trying to hide your failure behind others is another mark of May's complete failure.

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim 5 months ago +1

    It's time to simply call a second referendum and end this fiasco of idiots demanding something the first referendum was not about - a no deal Brexit.

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 5 months ago

      The vote was about breaking all ties with the EU dictatorship.

  • Without prejudice
    Without prejudice 5 months ago +10

    BBC, Labour and the Conservatives have had their day. In the name of God GO!

  • Prairie Robinson
    Prairie Robinson 5 months ago +2

    We have left on the 29th March.

    • John Moore
      John Moore 5 months ago +1

      Jude Robinson, So why did the UK hold European elections?

  • Matthew Hardwick
    Matthew Hardwick 5 months ago +1

    All Governments are cancer

    DANNYBOY73 5 months ago +1

    Lets remind remoan folks that the Brexit Party, The Tories Labour & UKIP don't want a second referendum and respect the *2016 vote by 56%*
    Lib dems, Change F o o k all, The Greens, along with the independents still can't even muster *up 44% between them selves, case dismissed.*

  • Michael Nolte
    Michael Nolte 5 months ago +1

    Independence for the UK and the EU gets the BBC.

  • Bonwren Taylor
    Bonwren Taylor 5 months ago

    Yeah but more so the conservatives, much more so actually........just like you did Maybot when you announced your well overdue departure date......

  • Pat Smith
    Pat Smith 5 months ago

    She means, the political establishment elite had a set of bad results

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 5 months ago

    NO Prime Minister.............. is better than a BAD Prime Minister !! 😃👍

  • Joseph B
    Joseph B 5 months ago

    Yet another misleading BBC headline. The Conservatives did a LOT worse than Labour. There is no legitimacy is equating the two because the losses were significantly different.