General Election Under The Radar: Political ad spending

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • The election campaign is being waged on the doorstep, on our television sets and online.
    Take a look at your screen and you'll see Boris Johnson berated for not being able to make a proper cup of tea and Labour apparently siding with the Joker against Batman.
    Rowland Manthorpe has the details.
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Comments • 22

  • Just a mustard seed
    Just a mustard seed 9 days ago

    And the British Establishment once again kicks the teeth out of fair justice for all as they corruptly manipulate the law and outcome of the Hillsborough verdict and they want us to vote in a corrupt general election and the Royals once again just stand their and gloat! Its about time we all rebelled against this evil witchcraft driven establishment.

  • tk778866
    tk778866 22 days ago

    Propaganda is more expensive than what many people can ever imagine,
    And Tories are spending the most.

  • tk778866
    tk778866 22 days ago

    Propaganda is more expensive than what many people can ever imagine,
    And Tories are spending the most.

  • Nicholas Barrett
    Nicholas Barrett 23 days ago

    The tories spend a lot more on digital ads, but their problem is that nobody wants to share them because there's a social stigma against being a tory. If this is like 2017, as we get close to the election, Labour will get more online views, and get them for free, because people will share them more enthusiastically.

    Also interesting, judging from the comments on this post, people on the left and right are so used to hyperpartisan content online that they can't watch bland, impartial reports like this one without thinking it's propaganda for the other side.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 23 days ago

    Be honest , you'd have to be a complete half wit to trust that terrorist loving anti British lying old duffer Comrade Corbyn

  • Quo Vadis Quo Warranto

    to save this country 7oo millions pw i would like to have all brexiteers leave the country ~ generations of xenophobic welfare leechers and pub hero's ~ let's replace them all with hard working EU migration 😘

  • Revolution Now
    Revolution Now 24 days ago


  • Revolution Now
    Revolution Now 24 days ago +2


  • I’ll Speak
    I’ll Speak 24 days ago +1


  • I’ll Speak
    I’ll Speak 24 days ago +1

    Biased news again, Corbyn being heckled lol, the Scottish people literally told Boris to get out but nothing on MSM

    • John Lawrence
      John Lawrence 24 days ago +1

      I’ll Speak if the vicar who abused Jeremy Corbyn so disgracefully had been confronted with the late Ian Paisley would he have said the same thing to him?
      I don’t think so, somehow !
      He’ll be very lucky if JC doesn’t slap a defamation writ on him

  • Crush40Cool
    Crush40Cool 24 days ago

    This guy sounds like a baby

  • SanAntonioSlim
    SanAntonioSlim 24 days ago

    GO BREXIT!!! UK please save yourselves from these media and political elites.

  • Mario Neziri
    Mario Neziri 24 days ago

    Conservatives nearly 10 years on power.

  • mr yunis
    mr yunis 24 days ago +1

    Sky news disgustingly shameful

  • MikeT
    MikeT 24 days ago +1

    Mother Nature is currently waging war on huge parts of our country but this appears to be invisible to the PM

    • MikeT
      MikeT 23 days ago

      @Joe Bloggs. ​ The massive clue here is when Rain turns into Floods and people get killed in the process that's not untrue

    • Quo Vadis Quo Warranto
      Quo Vadis Quo Warranto 24 days ago +1

      His main focus is how to deliver the British cash cow into the hands of the US states of Robbers 🤫

  • Just Smashing
    Just Smashing 24 days ago

    More Sky propaganda

    • Camdamcool
      Camdamcool 24 days ago +2

      Is it so? How is this propaganda?

  • Lord Solar
    Lord Solar 24 days ago

    And y’all should of fuckin left already

  • Lord Solar
    Lord Solar 24 days ago

    What a joke