TRY NOT to LAUGH Animals FUNNY PET FAILS Compilation April 2018 | Epic Pet Videos & Moments


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  • Louis the lemon GOD
    Louis the lemon GOD 11 hours ago

    1:17 da best

  • Marjan van der meer
    Marjan van der meer 11 hours ago

    dit is toch niet om te lachen, sommigen zijn gewoon zielig

  • Lps iPhone
    Lps iPhone 15 hours ago

    4:02 awwww poor pupper just wanna slide on the slide :(

  • The Spunky Dog 37

    Omg its 2:00 in the morning and i can't stop laughing

  • Paula Vazquez
    Paula Vazquez Day ago +1

    jejej i laught in 20/6/18- 23:05

  • Austin Cook
    Austin Cook Day ago

    That cat should be in the recycling bin

  • gabriela escalada


  • Sander
    Sander 2 days ago

    Your idiot 😡

  • Rosie Gamer R1
    Rosie Gamer R1 3 days ago

    0:39 Oh hell nah if I saw that on the street I'll go back where I came from

  • concepcion garcia
    concepcion garcia 3 days ago

    Pause at 1:02

    It was at this moment he realized....
    He MESSED up!

  • Ella F
    Ella F 3 days ago

    1:27 through 1:47 is me on a GOOD DAY

  • Magnus Madsen 4A Vejlebroskolen

    that is funny

  • Tracy Stamper
    Tracy Stamper 4 days ago

    These people won’t help any of the end of the animals are just like OK I’m gonna record this and make my animals die

  • Global Watchman
    Global Watchman 4 days ago

    owners of that poor dog stuck in that container, or the pets with something stuck on their head do not deserve pets. Its one thing recording pets doing stupid things but when you see that they are in stress and yet you keep recording them while they struggle is outright pathetic. And they can even get suffocated but will you step in and relieve them, no....instead we will get something to upload on social media cause thats more important

  • Emilia Lagiera
    Emilia Lagiera 5 days ago

    0:09 poor hamster :(

  • Jacob Banks scan
    Jacob Banks scan 5 days ago

    That cat reminds me of my own pet cat Lucy who died 2:21 they look the same

  • Joe Gander
    Joe Gander 5 days ago

    Hello world. I would like to have a little bit of kindness today please. Thank you.

  • EAH/MHqueen
    EAH/MHqueen 5 days ago

    1:14 im gonna gues his name is Scooby

  • Julia S
    Julia S 5 days ago

    I Think a lot of this is funny, but owners should help their pets if their head stucks in some box or other things.

  • Ludvig Moen
    Ludvig Moen 6 days ago

    Twenty snake wild note date scandal forth bowl program peace turn child

  • equineA.skeeter Edits

    1:43. Help then dang dog

  • Bay Thach
    Bay Thach 7 days ago

    khung đien

  • dudsnoo
    dudsnoo 7 days ago

    9:26 When you cannot escape your greatest fear

  • Ela Kuraszkiewicz
    Ela Kuraszkiewicz 8 days ago

    The one I couldn't stop laughing at was 1:26

  • Lidel Love
    Lidel Love 8 days ago

    0:48 !!!!!😂

  • jcast1031
    jcast1031 8 days ago

    TmT T-T

  • Barbara Holland
    Barbara Holland 8 days ago +2


  • Aali's HASHTAG
    Aali's HASHTAG 8 days ago

    1:04 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aali's HASHTAG
    Aali's HASHTAG 8 days ago

    *OMG!!!!! I LOW KEY DIED OF LAUGHTER* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁

  • Viktorie Binderová
    Viktorie Binderová 8 days ago


  • Viktorie Binderová
    Viktorie Binderová 8 days ago


  • JJ Wishart
    JJ Wishart 8 days ago

    What is it with cats getting there heads stuck in boxes😂😂

  • Brynn Sinclair
    Brynn Sinclair 9 days ago

    What doing

  • Brynn Sinclair
    Brynn Sinclair 9 days ago


  • Kenzo Da PRO
    Kenzo Da PRO 9 days ago

    2:11 WASTED

  • Charles  Dennard
    Charles Dennard 9 days ago +1

    This is sad not funny 3:54

  • Sassy Sinclair
    Sassy Sinclair 9 days ago

    I just don’t find some of these funny. Maybe I’m
    Just a softy but I couldn’t watch my animal struggle and laugh at them.

  • Chops Epic
    Chops Epic 10 days ago

    1:39 is animal cruelty

  • Henry Steketee
    Henry Steketee 10 days ago

    I tried hard to laugh and it did not happen make better vids

  • Carlos Hugo
    Carlos Hugo 10 days ago

    Pior aquelas cadelas que pau bate bem na cara dela

  • 1 1
    1 1 10 days ago

    4:48 not funny... but all video is VERY FUNNY

    JEFF FX 11 days ago

    I lost at 0:58 that was so funny

  • Shikafu
    Shikafu 11 days ago

    this isnt 2018...

  • Elena Ananiadou
    Elena Ananiadou 11 days ago

    I laughed very hard XDDDDDD

  • valentia pauwels
    valentia pauwels 12 days ago

    6:10 the sound of that kid? What the fuck 😑

  • Êříķ pľâý
    Êříķ pľâý 13 days ago

    =) :) ;) =( :( (^^)

  • Vera xxx
    Vera xxx 13 days ago

    some are not funny poor animals =(

  • agnieszka Jasinska
    agnieszka Jasinska 13 days ago


  • Mystic Chakra
    Mystic Chakra 13 days ago


  • Prabhjit Singh
    Prabhjit Singh 13 days ago +1

    There's a snake 🐍

  • Ethan Davis
    Ethan Davis 14 days ago


  • ツAnejka wolfieღ
    ツAnejka wolfieღ 14 days ago

    Its not Funny >:( 00:07

  • Kali._. Ali
    Kali._. Ali 14 days ago

    The one at 7:19 the girl is peeing turn your volume high

  • Thatsefaz
    Thatsefaz 14 days ago

    6:03 :')

  • Aidan Christopherson
    Aidan Christopherson 14 days ago

    Ladies and gents that bulldog is Savage

  • Pugs & Kisses
    Pugs & Kisses 14 days ago


  • Jesse Elizalde
    Jesse Elizalde 15 days ago

    7:08 that walk tho

  • Pinja Kahrila
    Pinja Kahrila 15 days ago

    Okay some of these videos is actually really funny... But it's sick and stupid To start laugh and film when you see your own dog stuck in a fucking box... And do you really think it's funny when some People put stupid clothes on cats, dogs or any other animal as you can see the cat doesn't like that and it is scared.... They are ANIMALS not human babies.I mean why the hell you get a dog or any other pet if you can't take good care of them and you can't see what is wrong To do with animals and what is rigth. PLEASE get your head out of your ass and think before you're gonna do anything. THANKYOU.

  • Edith Gertrudis jimenez perarta

    Nooooo!!!!! 3:07

  • pro lightning
    pro lightning 15 days ago

    plz subscribe to me for giveway

  • nea. baby
    nea. baby 15 days ago

    I literally died at 1:27 I could not stop laughing!

  • zitule13
    zitule13 15 days ago +1

    1:27 is not funny !!! 👎😣😤

  • Linda Molnár
    Linda Molnár 16 days ago

    I called this: animal abuse. I can't laught about animal abuse.

  • BTS #TaekookGoals
    BTS #TaekookGoals 16 days ago

    0:45 OMFL is I saw that on the sidewalk. Who knows what I would have done. I’m pretty sure I would have screamed the loudest ever

  • lawntrash
    lawntrash 16 days ago

  • wolf princess
    wolf princess 17 days ago

    What I find weird and this is just my opinion is that there are so many bad comments about this being mean and not funny but if it were people most people laugh

  • nathan wicana kt wicana

    That humster is funny in 0:00

  • leotrollguy ;-;
    leotrollguy ;-; 17 days ago

    0:47 HELL NAW

  • 1 TheRealOne
    1 TheRealOne 17 days ago

    5:00 DOGS can cut off other dogs:))

  • pinky 05
    pinky 05 18 days ago

    I’m dying 😂

  • Galaxy girl 3527 Games

    0:00 I laugh so hard because look the hamster I just can’t ahhaahhaahahahhaahahhaahahahahahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Alondra Lozano
    Alondra Lozano 19 days ago +1


  • Lucas Vague
    Lucas Vague 20 days ago

    9:24 is to funny can't stop laughing at it.

  • Adwiteey Shishodia
    Adwiteey Shishodia 21 day ago

    I am going to hell!

  • DJ BenjE
    DJ BenjE 21 day ago +1

    The part at 5:30 , where the 2nd dog walks in with a bag on his head... That 1st dog is like 'whaaa??? that's weird, i'm goin' upstairs...'.

  • OLD MAN MARLEY the south bend shovel slayer

    Some funny stuff but the box over the head stuff is not fair on the animal why film it

  • Almira Delos santos
    Almira Delos santos 21 day ago

    I can't stop laughing so hard 😂

  • Dylan The Hyper
    Dylan The Hyper 21 day ago

    The dog got stuck was so funny

  • Schleich _emy
    Schleich _emy 22 days ago

    This is not funny this is sad☹️😡

  • AN _randomz
    AN _randomz 23 days ago

    I never laugh

  • Franca Franizzi
    Franca Franizzi 23 days ago

    Is not funny 😭😭

  • Minky Moo
    Minky Moo 24 days ago


  • Aj and Friends
    Aj and Friends 25 days ago

    I usually NEVER laugh at these but this time it’s different

  • Lukas Dziubalski
    Lukas Dziubalski 25 days ago

    First Video: " He wanted to punish his companion ".

  • Jackie Reyes
    Jackie Reyes 25 days ago

    1:07 I can do 1:11 cat:shit

  • Pablo Reyes
    Pablo Reyes 26 days ago

    Poor pets

  • Matthias Max
    Matthias Max 26 days ago

    1:11 somebody can make a song of it?

  • BixbyCraft
    BixbyCraft 27 days ago


  • Marietamtams World
    Marietamtams World 27 days ago


  • Artsy cat
    Artsy cat 28 days ago

    Most of those animals were in trouble and needed help but these people kept taping it rather than helping them and it's freaking hilarious to some of us 😒

  • Wait What??!!
    Wait What??!! 28 days ago

    4:32 Hello darkness my old friend😂😂😂

  • Chris C
    Chris C 29 days ago

    That second one was NOT funny.
    That cat was most likely severely injured.

  • Andrea Ramirez Vega
    Andrea Ramirez Vega 29 days ago +1

    Not funny animal 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Pani Śmietanka
    Pani Śmietanka 29 days ago

    Biedny chomiczek

  • Richard Clarke
    Richard Clarke Month ago


  • Lindsay Jones
    Lindsay Jones Month ago


  • Lindsay Jones
    Lindsay Jones Month ago

    omg that baby got ran over 6:18 :0

  • Lindsay Jones
    Lindsay Jones Month ago

    i mean 0:48

  • Lindsay Jones
    Lindsay Jones Month ago

    48 omg that is scary