Prospecting around a huge boulder

  • Published on Nov 12, 2018
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Comments • 164

  • Cletus Wonder
    Cletus Wonder 2 months ago

    When you coming to Idaho?

  • Cletus Wonder
    Cletus Wonder 2 months ago

    Thanks man! Love your vibe, keep it up I'm hooked

  • Larry McGinnis
    Larry McGinnis 2 months ago

    Great video Gary. I enjoy this type of prospecting

  • thomas ackerman
    thomas ackerman 3 months ago

    Let me guess middle fork of American river? When they come down boom boom boom. That was a huge flood..

  • jonathan maynard
    jonathan maynard 4 months ago

    Im a little bit puzzled If gold is so heavy how could that boulder of actually pushed gold way up the sides? I understand the currant of the water ,but it seems grafity would not allow gold to get way up the sides.

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  4 months ago

      The larger stuff will stay low but the flower gold the current can push around.

  • Mike Mcdade
    Mike Mcdade 5 months ago

    Gary working those high crevices, you a black tee shirt and when you pan a white shirt...

  • Donald Savage
    Donald Savage 9 months ago

    good job .. Nice music

  • David Villa
    David Villa 9 months ago

    Great adventure,one super great tip.Simplicity seems to be in your favor.Make more like these and I might get Keep them comeing .Keep it Golden All Ways.

  • Nick Kaiser
    Nick Kaiser 9 months ago

    Gary, do you think after the fires the will be better flood gold in crevices that have already been worked? or would it be best to still try and find unworked areas. Obviously there will be more flood gold after but is it worth going back to Old crevices that you've cleaned out

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  9 months ago +1

      With all the rain and high water this should be a great season.

  • JimBobsSlimPickins
    JimBobsSlimPickins 10 months ago

    Some nice gold just from a few casual pans, well done!

  • Michael Goodwin
    Michael Goodwin 10 months ago

    Videos like this make me wonder how much gold I've walked right past in my life. Great video, thanks for sharing

  • Brent Hass
    Brent Hass 11 months ago

    almost ten bucks worth. but you know there's more in there

  • Backpacker
    Backpacker 11 months ago

    Loved the drone intro w/ dramatic music. A+ production and knows how to find gold!

  • MrDazp1
    MrDazp1 Year ago

    That is one hell f a boulder. The river must have been absolutely pumping when it started to move. Another great video Gary

  • Olevsir
    Olevsir Year ago

    i have a claim with a boulder similar to this , if i filmed the area could you suggest spots?

  • Olevsir
    Olevsir Year ago


  • Scott F
    Scott F Year ago

    Great video Gary. Good information on knowing your creek. I had not thought of the different stages like high water and flooding events a creek goes through and where gold may be deposited until you explained. Thank you for sharing.

  • Goldwaschen in Deutschland

    👍👍👍cool Video my friend , well done👍👍👍

  • 58dorsett
    58dorsett Year ago

    I've never looked for gold before, but there's a place I go trout fishing on the middle fork Feather river down from Berry creek that looks a lot like the rock terrain in your vids. Wondering if that might ok to look for gold there?

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  Year ago

      The middle fork of the Feather has some nice gold. It is a wild and scenic river so you can't use anything with a motors, pan and sluice box are fine.

  • brendo mac
    brendo mac Year ago

    Love the drone footage

  • joel jeffery
    joel jeffery Year ago

    Smart! Beautiful gold. Beautiful little creek. Be safe and thanks for sharing.

  • benjamin the best

    If your ever in prescott AZ it would be so cool to meet up with you and detect and prospect. I'm In The hills every weekend still trying to find some good gold like you do.

  • Chuck Preston
    Chuck Preston Year ago

    Gary, my wife and I have been watching the horror stories about the wildfires in your area. I sincerely hope that you and your dear ones are all safe and well. If you need help, please let me know.

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  Year ago +1

      It has been very different around here for the last week. We haven't seen the sun for a week. They say we have rain comming in the middle of the week! At least that will hopefully put out the fire.

  • East Gippsland gold adventure

    grate work Garry! that river seems to keep giving you some nice chunky gold. thanks for sharring

  • Stan Lillquist
    Stan Lillquist Year ago

    Great video! Thanks for sharing your day.

  • Chimp Chowder
    Chimp Chowder Year ago

    I bet money the best spot was right over the left side of his shoulder during the intro. People hit all those cracks before. Check the pea gravel patches around them rocks,! Could be a nice paystreak! Throw everything through a 3/8 screen and run it! You will get some grammage. Had fun watching.

  • William Cline
    William Cline Year ago +1

    I like working the down stream side of the boulders in the water. So far I have done very good. In most of the spots I work, there are not very many crevices and the ones that are there have been cleaned.

  • Racing Prospector

    Is that the American?

  • Triplebacon Art
    Triplebacon Art Year ago +1

    Almost found the G(gary)-spot !!! ;-)

  • esather86
    esather86 Year ago +1

    You’re the man, Gary! Enjoyed your fishing trip video immensely as well!

  • Mike lewellen
    Mike lewellen Year ago +2

    I really appreciate your content. My area is devoid of gold but I built a rudimentary sluice for reclaiming lead. It may only be good for fishing weights and bullets but those will put food on the table and keep a person entertained. Maybe one day I'll find a flake or two.

    • Mike lewellen
      Mike lewellen Year ago +2

      143lbs is a big pile of lead! (Somewhere in the neighborhood of four thousand 230 grain bullets) You did the environment a favor. I'm absolutely convinced there are public fishing spots with potentially thousands of lbs, a person could sink a small dredge if they weren't paying attention.

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  Year ago +3

      Years ago I was diving for fishing lures. I decided to take my 4 inch dredge down to a small ares that was building up a lot of sand. I figured it would be concentrating the fishing weights there also. I ended up with 143 pounds of lead weights, a couple dollars in change, just abount anything you could drop from a boat, and a dozen or so flakes of gold.

  • nothereforlong
    nothereforlong Year ago +1

    Staring @ that boulder, is like unto a photograph in time. The fact it can travel, is outstanding. Thanx, Gary. Peace ( Oh yes, the wife & I are learning...)

  • Chris Torres
    Chris Torres Year ago +1

    Great editing, great views, great gold! Great video!!!

  • House Majority
    House Majority Year ago

    One side up the river had to be the side of the original riverbed. As it erodes it gets deeper and wider and moves to its natural course of flow. So if the river has or had gold. One side should show it.

  • Adventure Gold
    Adventure Gold Year ago +1

    It is always interesting seeing just where gold can be found along a stream. Great video as usual Gary.

  • Firstname Lastname is allowed

    Forgive me for this being longer then it should be but I wanted to tell you this. I grew up next to a river that my friends and I would walk to or ride our dirt bikes to, "on public roads and nobody as much blinked an eye at us" anyway seen these videos takes me back cuz unfortunately I live in the city now. Hour and some change though away from the same river I used to live by and you have motivated me to want to go back and see the old spots we used to "pan" in lol. We were 10-15 years old so had no clue what we were doing. Still found gold tho! Not much but nevertheless we did!! I miss those days, we would be riding home after staying to late at the river all day and the sheriff would get behind us and light us up! Not to pull us over tho but to give us light to see cuz we didn't have head lamps on any of our bikes and it was multiple cops that would do this not just one we were friends with or something like that. They would see us during the day and knew we would be staying too late and they would show up and follow us. They said it was so we would not get hit by other cars witch I'm sure that was part of it but they were cool. Knew we were not doing anything wrong or going too too fast so it was cool. Sound like an old man here geez!! Lol but thank you for sparking up those memories and hopefully I'll be putting your tips to use soon!! Thank you for the videos!!

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  Year ago +1

      Now you got me thinking about my days fishing with kite string and safety pins. I made my mom cook the carp I caught!

  • Rod Kirt
    Rod Kirt Year ago

    Hiya, like your pages: information is inspiring. This comment has turned into a question: would a Garrett Ace 300 be able to detect small flakes of gold in the range of 2 to 3 inches? Thanks

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  Year ago +1

      The 300 runs on 8 zHz, I feel you need at least 20, preferably 40 to 50kHz to pick up your fine gold.

  • GrooberNedJardine
    GrooberNedJardine Year ago +1

    Nice video Gary ,you were obviously having fun with the Superman shots lol , some nice chunky gold also ,and wow the water pressure must be intense too move that big boulder ,it's amazing but when you stand in a running creek you can understand the force that it puts out ,cheers ,and thanks for sharing .


    Smiths gold had some killer drone clips to!

  • asleepinthealley
    asleepinthealley Year ago +1

    I see ya panning on your knees. Have ya ever tried the G.I. knee pads? They're wonderful on my old knees.

  • silvererror coins s
    silvererror coins s Year ago +1

    Nice video

  • milk man
    milk man Year ago +1

    Looks like your experiment panned out😂 Another great video, happy hunting!

  • Bobbi Topaz
    Bobbi Topaz Year ago +1

    Just love your videos 👍

  • Blue Lead Gold Productions

    That big pebble is too big to fit in your pan. Makes you think about the incredible power of water and the amount of force it takes to move a boulder that size for a distance of 150 yards.

    • Blue Lead Gold Productions
      Blue Lead Gold Productions Year ago +1

      Excellent idea. I'd like to see a video of the path it traveled. From the comfort of my home in Hawaii, I'm hoping you get enough rain up there this winter to move it another 150 yards. Any storm powerful enough to move that thing will also stir up the smaller gravels and start the process of reloading the crevices that got cleaned out this year. When it moved, it probably also cleared out and relocated other heavy boulders in its path, That type of rearrangement of the river bottom could open up some previously unavailable area to snipe nuggets. That's why this winter, I'm voting for a return of the Pineapple Express to mix things up a bit before I get back there next spring. Aloha.

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  Year ago

      Maybe this winter I will do a short video about that boulder, I was down there when it was moving.

  • Smithsgold
    Smithsgold Year ago +1

    Congrats on 16,000 Subscriber's !!!!!

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago +1

    Good video with some nice shiny looks like you have a good spot.

  • GoProspecting
    GoProspecting Year ago +2

    DJI Mavic 2?

  • Melody Holland
    Melody Holland Year ago +2

    Oh how I like starting my day with a cup of coffee & my Two Toes video. We are frozen in this morning, so at least I can get some nice pointers for when I can get out in the field again!

  • Roy Manewell
    Roy Manewell Year ago +1

    very well put together vid..

  • Urban Outdoorsman

    Definitely something you do for a hobby only, lot of work for $14 in gold.

    • Smithsgold
      Smithsgold Year ago +1

      @Two Toes it all adds up !!!!

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  Year ago +3

      Give you a good reason to get out and play in the dirt.

  • David Slinkard
    David Slinkard Year ago +1

    Nice camera work!

  • Gold-Den prospecting

    Hi TT, Thanks for the vid gives us some more information for next time we go out. Dennis

  • PioneerPauly
    PioneerPauly Year ago +2

    I say come back with a pry bar and move that boulder a few feet and have a peak under there. Always a treat watching your adventures 😎

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  Year ago +1

      I will save it for you, water is to cold for me.

  • steve w #1
    steve w #1 Year ago +1

    Great little outing Gary, wished it could have been longer. Hope your able to get back up there before the rain hits. Thanks for sharing..!!

  • Michael Barry
    Michael Barry Year ago +1

    Run Gary run! If you're on the feather River get out of there, huge fire in the area, there are a huge number of people relying on you to come through with some more of your great great videos, if you're trapped , Just run down and stay in the water until it passes. By the way I absolutely love the drone footage combined with some music, love it, thanks again from all of us

  • Dan zoller
    Dan zoller Year ago +1

    Good stuff ! I remember the flood of 97 ! Tore the upper south american up !

  • Placer County Line
    Placer County Line Year ago +1

    Thanks for another great video.

  • sailingsolar
    sailingsolar Year ago +1

    How long do you think it takes water to be running over a crevice for it to be "really packed in thete" as you call good ones.

    • sailingsolar
      sailingsolar Year ago +2

      @Two Toes Thanks for that reply. If I may asked another, have you found pickers in a crevice you have known to have cleaned out before? I am under the impression that all these have not been touched for 100 + years, maybe the first time ever. Guess I'm figuring wrong. Love your video's which are well done. Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  Year ago +3

      When the top layer of rocks are packed and the material underneath loose, I figure it has had only one or two flood events. A crevice that has not been opened up for a long time, the gravel has a very distinctive look to it and it is packed all the way to the very bottom.

  • Chris Swanson
    Chris Swanson Year ago +1

    Love the videos keep up the good work

    • Two Toes
      Two Toes  Year ago +1

      LOL, TVclip put your comment in the spam folder! I had to save it.Thanks Chris

  • CJ's Outdoors
    CJ's Outdoors Year ago +1

    I really liked the dramatic music. It's amazing that a great force of water can move a huge rock like that. I enjoyed watching you crevice, it's one of my favorite things to do.