SUPER SMASH BROS with a side of salt (FT. LYTHERO)


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  • beansinmyurethra
    beansinmyurethra Hour ago

    For ultimate I want walugi out of principal (it doesn't make sense that wario is playable and walugi isnt) but I want shovel night because...well,I really just want shovel night in smash

  • Noah the Nacho
    Noah the Nacho 2 hours ago

    is that a 'does bruno mars is gay reference?

  • Metalhog 101
    Metalhog 101 3 hours ago


  • radigen
    radigen 14 hours ago

    ok but that diddy kong voice is accurate as fuck

  • Eseph Gabrio Kawakami
    Eseph Gabrio Kawakami 17 hours ago

    O h nO noT A niMe cH a r aCTE Rs

  • Eseph Gabrio Kawakami
    Eseph Gabrio Kawakami 17 hours ago

    Since when did shit talking melee become cool. Its just a really fast game that a lot of people love. So why the fuck are there so many new players who come in and see it and act like its a bigger issue than it is. O H N O, S O ME PEO PLE AR E PLA Y ING T HIS GA ME A WA Y I DON T LI KE.

  • Eseph Gabrio Kawakami
    Eseph Gabrio Kawakami 17 hours ago

    Casual party smash bores the fuck out of me but competetive is fun especially in tournaments

  • PandaWolf525
    PandaWolf525 Day ago

    Omg of my favorite modes my friends and I used to play was Pokémon Trainer. We would just throw poke balls is all. No fighting. You can block but that’s it.
    And ya. Was hilarious when my friends would just stick to one character and I learned to beat them silly. And they would just complain. Then learn so new tricks and actually have fun.

  • BubbleGum SushiRoll
    BubbleGum SushiRoll 2 days ago

    If you dont pick random fighter with all level 7 or higher npcs then your a fucking pussy
    edit: all items set to common, no flat stages, and mix between base stages and custom stages

  • Blizzard Loves Sans
    Blizzard Loves Sans 2 days ago

    How come I never saw this

  • Lugia Masters [Xenoham]

    I’m actually a Wario Main, Screw Animeme people!

  • im a thug mom a rebellious child

    I will end you with Palutena I don't even care

  • Hassan Ahmed
    Hassan Ahmed 3 days ago

    I love everything you are saying

  • Oneflappyboi
    Oneflappyboi 4 days ago

    Uhh I have a thing with smash that I don’t use a game cube controller I use the console controller

  • Bar Bailey
    Bar Bailey 4 days ago

    the 3ds is still alive...

  • NameName
    NameName 5 days ago

    Why do people have a problem with melee fans modding games to be like melee? I agree that mods that make something completely new would be more interesting, but it doesn't hurt you. It's like being mad that sonic fans keep making fan games based off of the original 2d games and not so much the modern ones. Who cares?

  • NameName
    NameName 5 days ago

    Here's the reason it seems like the smash community wants every game to be something else:
    This relies on some core facts which I'll lay out here:
    1: Most people love one smash game more han the rest
    2: Unhappy people are louder than happy people
    Because of this, any smash game will have a group of smash players who don't like it. This group will complain, and it will seem like everyone is upset because the majority of people (those who are fine with the game) aren't making any noise. You've made the mistake of thinking that the smash community is a hive mind that just can't be satisfied because it's composed of whiny brats, when in reality most people are relatively happy with each smash game in general

  • the Witch-King
    the Witch-King 5 days ago

    I thought brawl was good? Atleast i loved it

  • Theoddballguy
    Theoddballguy 5 days ago +1

    0:48 oh yea and to make up for it we got a shit ton of characters.

  • Daniel Wolf
    Daniel Wolf 6 days ago

    Speaking of modes you made up, Me and my friends have this one mode where we turn off all items but smart bombs, turn the damage ratio up to 2.0, and give ourselves a buttload of lives. It’s super fun and really chaotic

  • -Zane- Discduderules on PS3

    Why does everyone say Olimar sucks?

  • Adam Sharp
    Adam Sharp 7 days ago

    Literally every person that's says this is a party game sucks an entire ass at it this is the best most accurate most interesting fighting game

    • Adam Sharp
      Adam Sharp 7 days ago

      What you say robin is generic when she is literally magic but an axe weidler that would be mechanically the exact same as a sword is different

  • SmashMaster72
    SmashMaster72 7 days ago

    I... I love brawl

  • Mizil Swoope
    Mizil Swoope 7 days ago

    i think riddle is in smash

  • MrMeme
    MrMeme 8 days ago

    In my group of friends I'm the only guy who uses a 3DC and a Wii remote

    I also don't have a Wii U

  • shiro the racoon
    shiro the racoon 8 days ago

    I don't like melee :u_b

  • make yourself at home

    Well we got chrom

  • Sillyscoop
    Sillyscoop 8 days ago

    What the hell is that song because i love it

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 10 days ago

    Wow! I downloaded the smashketball stage before this video

  • beansinmyurethra
    beansinmyurethra 10 days ago

    The best smash bros is the newest one (not ultimate but whichever is the newest at the time) It's only logic ,each new smash has more content and updated graphics it's just logic

  • Jaap Plug
    Jaap Plug 10 days ago

    0:17 hey the king dedede theme from kirby no kirakira kizzu!

  • Slick_Pr1ck
    Slick_Pr1ck 11 days ago

    I remember playing a brawl when I was younger and I almost shit my self when I got a new character cause it freaked me out lmao. Brawl is one of my favorite cause I’m blinded by nostalgia

  • DJOctoling DCS
    DJOctoling DCS 11 days ago

    If you have trouble with fighting meta knight use counters. I've had a lot less trouble fighting meta Knights using shulk.

  • jack ferguson
    jack ferguson 11 days ago

    So... uh... if you're mad about fire emblem... you're not gonna like the nintendo direct if you haven't seen it

  • Waluigi Fan
    Waluigi Fan 11 days ago

    I didn’t play melee so whenever I see gameplay of it I think “This is a giant clusterf*ck”

  • ThatOneGamer
    ThatOneGamer 11 days ago

    King k rool is in smash now

  • ArkZero
    ArkZero 11 days ago

    Brawl isn’t even that bad it’s just for casuals

  • Arcanine Shiny
    Arcanine Shiny 12 days ago

    Goddamit fuck you go fuck yourself melee sucks go fuck yourself die jk I love you good video

  • Moar memes 867
    Moar memes 867 12 days ago

    1:03 I think you mean people want the other games to be busted aka melee

  • sasuke_ Uchica1
    sasuke_ Uchica1 12 days ago

    this Technique will MAKE YOU NUT

  • Moosey J
    Moosey J 12 days ago


  • Evil Dr. Mr. Sir. Meme

    If there’s an animu axe user I will main him

  • Luigidagreen13
    Luigidagreen13 12 days ago


  • Grayman 2003
    Grayman 2003 12 days ago +1

    Brawl is actually my favorite game of the series and always will be.

  • Infinite Scratch
    Infinite Scratch 12 days ago

    I want Hector or Ephraim...OR LYNDIS

  • Mario Gamer12345
    Mario Gamer12345 12 days ago

    Yeah, they did kinda cram Fire Emblem characters everywhere. And Mario characters. C'mon, where's the Kirby characters, or Zelda characters, or- actually there's not a whole lot more they could do with Metroid.

  • SofiaThePotato 11
    SofiaThePotato 11 13 days ago


  • Dalton Acker
    Dalton Acker 13 days ago

    Minecraft Steve confirmed for Smash

  • Brandon Gordon
    Brandon Gordon 13 days ago +1

    I like Melee and I hate Smash 4. And I played Smash 4 for years before even playing Melee. Melee isn't fun because of the glitches and exploits. There are alot of things wrong with it, but its fun because it's fast paced. Smash 4 is just spam shield and air dodge until you land a hit, then try to go for another hit but they're still spamming air dodge so you can't hit them so then you go back to spamming shield and air dodge. It's annoying, it's frustrating and it isn't fun. And you could say that it would be more fun to play casually and yeah, that's true, but it still isn't that fun because the items are bull shit and the game modes aren't fun. Someone gets that dumb ass wind gun, they win and there's nothing you can do. Cool. But melee isnt perfect. There's a lot of things wrong with it. Crouch canceling is annoying, wobbling is dumb, the concept of L-canceling is just unnecessary difficulty, and some moves are just straight up broken. But it's still fun because its not floaty and super defensive. Another argument alot of people make is that there aren't many viable characters. But to put it into perspective, me and my friend simultaneously watched smash 4 and melee's evo. And smash 4 had more than half of the top players playing bayonetta and cloud, but in melee there was only like 1 fox ditto. People say you can win with any character, but then you watch it, and It's always the same. After the dlc characters came out, it was all Bayonetta, Cloud, Ryu, Rosa, Zss, Diddy, Mario. Sure, you may see some more characters than Melee, but that's just in the nature of having more characters.

  • Arnav Kumar
    Arnav Kumar 13 days ago

    Well saying 'hey yOu CaN oNlY pLaY wItH iTeMs = SMASH ONlY FUN TIME NO COMPETITIVE' is kinda stupid. It depends on how you like to play. I can't put into words how fun playing with 5 for so friends is, with no items and on omega. It's just the most amazing feeling. When I play with Items and BS stage hasards... I just get bored.

  • DanteTheBulldog plays 03

    I main Ganondorf and Im proud

  • Elisha Davis
    Elisha Davis 13 days ago

    I main Kirby and I main Kirby hard in smash 4 3ds

  • Alexander Haynes
    Alexander Haynes 13 days ago

    I fricken love this video. I agree with so many opinions in this video, and not many videos qualify as deserving a like from me, so good job Scott! I just hope you do another video on smash when it does come out.

  • Neutral aerial
    Neutral aerial 15 days ago

    You're going to have to remake this video.

  • Nh 0dge
    Nh 0dge 15 days ago

    I can tell that I’m a bitch when I play the games because all I do is spam down-b as mr. game&watch in the corner

  • PerfectChaos115
    PerfectChaos115 15 days ago

    Thank you, someone else other than me gets it, smash is a party game, NOT a fighting game if the competitive scene wants to play a fighting game, PLAY A FIGHTING GAME, as for me I like playing 4 or even 8 player free for all, I play with all items and hazards and I DON’T use a GameCube controller

  • Professor Doodle
    Professor Doodle 16 days ago

    Personally, Im glad they made a 3ds version for two reasons:
    1. It made Zss and Sheik their own thing. I know, it also caused Ice Climbers to leave and 2/3 Pokemon Trainer to leave, bit still
    2. My Wii U broke so at least I have something

  • RaiAnne Dunlap
    RaiAnne Dunlap 16 days ago

    The problem with online play for me is that I always encounter a person better than me and I get wrecked every time which reminds me of playing ghosts n goblins

  • thederp gamer
    thederp gamer 16 days ago

    I mean in feelings

  • thederp gamer
    thederp gamer 16 days ago

    I can relate 2 you and I'm 10 there is no hope 4 Humanity

  • SenseiAsh Greninja
    SenseiAsh Greninja 16 days ago

    me,a meta knight main main in brawl:i suck at every other character but who cares?

    GMAER LIADGH 17 days ago


  • CeeHoff
    CeeHoff 17 days ago

    Welp, guess Lee's not getting WonderRed

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy 17 days ago

    7:20 something about how you animated this reminds me of Charley Brown

  • Shadow Demon
    Shadow Demon 17 days ago +1

    I'd be your friend Scott falco

  • Dayveone Nichols
    Dayveone Nichols 17 days ago

    What is master fortress

  • Donny Cannady
    Donny Cannady 18 days ago

    Roy's my main. He's not a clone any more. Stop picking on my boy.

  • Marxist Squidward
    Marxist Squidward 18 days ago

    Smash Bros screwed up big time because they didn't add Waluigi

    Press F to pay waspects

  • Water Bias
    Water Bias 18 days ago

    I am like Scott and my friend is like lee

  • brandon brandon
    brandon brandon 19 days ago

    "having a friend scares me..." dude falco you made me lose it XD

  • Bram Rutgers
    Bram Rutgers 20 days ago

    I loved this collab, somebody finally dissing scott

  • Spawnling
    Spawnling 20 days ago

    There was one time at a senior's birthday party there was about 5 players, including me. Now, everyone except the senior were complete noobs at the game, the senior was quite the competitive boi. Anyways, we picked up Smash 4 and started playing against each other. Now, I decided to use one of the new characters, which happened to be Wii Fit Trainer. After a few matches of getting used to Wii Fit Trainer, I started to wipe the board as I kicked around a flaming soccer ball and healed just a little bit of my health every time I was thrown into the air. The next match resulted in everyone playing Wii Fit Trainer.

  • Slender 2005
    Slender 2005 21 day ago

    Lythero is here yaaaaaaay

  • Pryo_ Pryscho
    Pryo_ Pryscho 21 day ago

    I love Meta Knight because I have always loved him since I was a kid and after picking him I found it's super powerful, like a bit too powerful

  • Dorion_FFXI
    Dorion_FFXI 22 days ago

    Removing things like wavedashing was a mistake. Does anyone think that Quake would have been as big as it was if they had removed things like strafe-jumping?

  • Fuckey McFuckerton
    Fuckey McFuckerton 22 days ago

    What if, instead of having Dark Nuts in The Legend of Zelda, it was in Smash Bros?

  • drake gomez
    drake gomez 23 days ago

    I rather play a broken fun game than a boring balanced game

  • nuclear gameboy
    nuclear gameboy 23 days ago +1


  • nuclear gameboy
    nuclear gameboy 23 days ago


  • literal trash
    literal trash 23 days ago

    Unless you wanna dive into theories or whatever, but those are just theories. *Game theories.*

  • Mar1o 640
    Mar1o 640 23 days ago +1

    Brawl is garbage?!?!?!

  • Wily
    Wily 25 days ago

    Tha beginning is more than just a side of salt...

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay 25 days ago

    In smash i pick the chariter that fits me best. As a result clouds my main. When smash ultimate comes out i hope i will get to fight you.

  • The Box Ghost
    The Box Ghost 26 days ago

    But I liiiiiike Roy ; ;
    Everything else is good. Roy's just a bit more different than some people seem to think, since he actually has some unique moves, where Lucina pretty much literally just changes what the hitboxes do. I personally don't mind having all of them, but I understand Lucina complaints a lot more than Roy complaints.

  • Michael Brian
    Michael Brian 26 days ago

    I main dedede...

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 27 days ago

    scott thank you sooo much for putting masked dedede as the background music.

  • Big Jay
    Big Jay 27 days ago

    "Wii U lost out on MULTIPLE CHARACTERS"
    *COUGH* Only Ice Climbers and basically replaced with more cancer *COUGH* RosaLuma

    • Big Jay
      Big Jay 23 days ago

      drake gomez, no one can anymore, but Luma is the jankiest thing in the game. You can get kills even if your shield is broken, you can do smash attacks in the air, if you are being carried off screen by an opponent's combo, Luma comes back and pokes them, dead from zero.

    • drake gomez
      drake gomez 23 days ago

      Rosalina can’t infinite chain

    • Big Jay
      Big Jay 27 days ago

      ZaelDaydreams, that wasn't the point of my comment but whatever

    • ZaelDaydreams
      ZaelDaydreams 27 days ago

      the switch will be gettin ice climbers

  • Democracy Turtle
    Democracy Turtle 28 days ago

    Aye fight me Scott, I main Link ya asshole >:^(

  • Damion Gonzalo
    Damion Gonzalo 28 days ago

    I like to use Pac-Man

  • Jacob Camerupt
    Jacob Camerupt 29 days ago

    Base brawl is better than base and modded melee

  • Sam Hardie
    Sam Hardie 29 days ago

    its so much harder to ledge gaurd in sm4sh tho... seems kinda like you just never really played melee

  • Sam Hardie
    Sam Hardie 29 days ago

    i do not understand how this game was designed as a 4 player game. 4 player is just chotic and no one can show any skill, just jump and do random smash attacks. and items just make the game feel unfair, not fun, like ok cool i picked up all the peices of this nuke and killed everyone, wow that was so satisfying....

  • Nick Alessio
    Nick Alessio Month ago

    I never liked smash that much but i love splatoon so i have to get smush ultimate and main inkling

  • Lego Autobot Gamer
    Lego Autobot Gamer Month ago

    finally another Megaman Main

  • Torqegood
    Torqegood Month ago

    Young Link was always superior to link and toon link.
    Also good job alienating your youtube viewers for twitch.

  • Jeffrey Luce
    Jeffrey Luce Month ago

    I mean sure wavedashing/landing were glitches but they add so much depth and variety to the games movement. I'm bias as hell cause i love melee but I always found that more options is more fun.

    • drake gomez
      drake gomez 23 days ago

      Jeffrey Luce most of the “glitches” in melee are just exploits and wave dashing/ Lansing is far from all the tech

  • turtle plush adventures

    Waluigi needs to be in it 💜 Waaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fishman 02
    Fishman 02 Month ago

    Fucking sword characters I tell u

  • Master of Disrespect

    The wonderful thing about opinions is that everyone has one. I actually like melee but I respect your opinion on it.

  • Latios Vs Latias
    Latios Vs Latias Month ago

    Why doe so many people hate brawl. I think its better the ssb4.
    In brawl i always player with lucario and in ssb4 i play with lucario And greninja. There both low on the tier list