SUPER SMASH BROS with a side of salt (FT. LYTHERO)


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  • Somefanofgames
    Somefanofgames Day ago

    "Cause the 3Ds is dead like F-Zero" SHOTS FIRED, SHOTS FIRED!😂

  • danwithaplan
    danwithaplan Day ago

    Me and my friend's favorite custom game is "Box stage", a customized stage that's just a hollow box w/ an extremely narrow opening in one corner at the top, with 1-2 stocks per player. Fights get CRAZY as everyone typically hits %999 and start pinballing off every surface at the slightest touch. When a K-O finally happens, it happens so fast that nobody knows it happened for a couple seconds but we all start laughing our asses off once the realization kicks in.

  • Mega Ultra chicken

    I play with The Pro Controller the black one

  • bochidochi
    bochidochi Day ago

    64 Kirby Was op as FRICK then melee butchered his

  • Z-GirlStudios
    Z-GirlStudios Day ago

    I will never understand the appeal for Smash Bros.

  • will the toon link
    will the toon link 2 days ago

    Smash for 3ds wasnt bad sense i only played on 3ds

  • evertime123
    evertime123 2 days ago


  • Sammy2tone10
    Sammy2tone10 2 days ago +1

    Did you get smashketball from TWD98?

  • William Rothan
    William Rothan 3 days ago

    I want my bois & gorls Wonder-Red, Amaterasu, Midna, and Ice Climbers to be in the next Smash game.

  • twilly 8888
    twilly 8888 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants deagonborn on smash switch

  • Pillow that wants to die

    "Im gonna make you nut !"

  • Lucas Ross
    Lucas Ross 4 days ago

    Anyone else main jigglypuff

    Just me okay

  • Ari Grady
    Ari Grady 5 days ago

    As a legitimate main I use marth, but whenever I’m trying to have fun I use Diddy Kong or Villager. Villagers pocket and tree are the best

  • Matthew Harris-Bolton

    It's not melee

    Wait what? It is melee

  • shouto todoroki
    shouto todoroki 5 days ago

    I MAIN PACMAN!!!!!!

  • DaBlackStar
    DaBlackStar 7 days ago

    I have a solution.........NINTENDO......ADD A DAMN MELEE MODE TO EACH NEW GAME

  • Aisumeiji
    Aisumeiji 7 days ago

    I like brawl more than melee.

  • noah_the ngr
    noah_the ngr 8 days ago

    Brawl is pretty much smash with gmod models xd

  • Eevee Gaming
    Eevee Gaming 8 days ago

    Scott is my spirit animal

  • Shaine Bosari
    Shaine Bosari 9 days ago

    also fuck you about brawl it has good story mode and i love snake and melee sucks thats true

  • kizami3
    kizami3 9 days ago

    I'm not bad. Just poor. That hurt, but thank you. I needed told

  • Sentay0
    Sentay0 10 days ago

    Smash is dead for me, 100% on the original, 100% + competitive for melee, I played brawl to 70% and that was enough, and 4 was great (all dlc, all content) but after playing like 100 some odd hours with my friends we all collectively moved on to greener pastures.

  • Caleb Eisele
    Caleb Eisele 10 days ago

    I really want to see shovel Knight on there, even if he's a DLC. I would buy him immediately.

  • TheSmashbros45
    TheSmashbros45 10 days ago

    Regarding the 3DS version, it's not that they need to sell more 3DS systems, it's that they needed to sell Smash 4 copies.
    I think it goes without saying that the Wii U isn't really a successful system and one of the reasons why the game is also on the 3DS was so the game would actually make some money and it did, Smash for the 3DS is the second best selling Smash game, while the Wii U one is the worst selling Smash game.
    So yeah, the 3DS isn't really that dead, it's a 2011 handheld and it's still getting support, the Wii U on the other hand.....

  • lemon hurdle
    lemon hurdle 10 days ago

    Obviously you didn't play the first game cause 64 it shows a doll Mario being carried by master hand. So there all dolls

  • Chris Ludwig
    Chris Ludwig 11 days ago

    I don't understand people complaining about the preferences of the competitive scene in Melee. Its fans haven been carrying this ancient game along for almost 17 years despite no support from Nintendo. Every year they still manage to show a ton of support. There is no other fighting game that has lasted this long with this degree of support and we will likely never see it happen again.
    Yes, some of the community seem autistic... and some of the best players are genuinely on the spectrum, but they've been carrying this game along for so long they deserve applause.

  • kever905
    kever905 11 days ago

    I do say I want Lucina moveset overhaul so she uses Spears to throw, have Chrom to summon to defend or attack for her, and have the rest of the moveset with skill moves. To rep The new series because let's face it. Lucina is the face of new Fire Emblem.
    With Corrin and Robin they already use more than just a sword. In fact I say Robin's Tomes and Corrin's Dragon Stone/Dragon Fang usage plays a bigger part than actual sword play if you use them for more than a few matches.

  • Kit Talksabout
    Kit Talksabout 11 days ago

    I would still argue against the idea of Smash being a party game mainly because of the issue of accessibility.
    In a party game like Mario Party, the concept is simple, the mechanics are straightforward, and anything that's not immediately understood by the player will be explained on screen. In Smash, on the other hand, I can't tell you the number of times that my dorm friends would be like, "Wait, what are the controls? How did I do that? What does this move do?"
    The alternative, causal/for fun game modes still require a base knowledge of how to play the game. Now, if there were a mode to dumb it down to something like N64 controls/mechanics, that might solve some of this issue for newcomers
    Also, the character balance really ruins this further. I love Wii Fit Trainer and Zelda, and many of these friends also enjoyed off-meta characters, but they're so bad that it's hard to have fun amidst the frustration when someone just happens to enjoy Diddy Kong, Link, etc. and/or they can play reasonably well. Alternatively, I feel guilty using characters like Zero Suit Samus who are too good because they're so cheese.

  • GeekachuIChooseYou
    GeekachuIChooseYou 11 days ago

    "Because the 3DS is dead like F-Zero."
    News: Nintendo plans to keep the 3DS alive past 2019.
    Everyone: The Wii U is dead.
    Oh, the irony.

  • Hermit of the Internet
    Hermit of the Internet 11 days ago +1

    S U C H A N O L D G A M E

  • Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes

    My favorite mode was the one where u fight robots in brawl and those sort of mini adventure maps with custom rules

  • Captain Toast
    Captain Toast 11 days ago

    Do you know what's wonderful? RED. He should be in SSB5.

  • Q W E R T Y
    Q W E R T Y 12 days ago

    Fucking nerds

  • Isaac Michel
    Isaac Michel 12 days ago

    I know your busy with ya stuff but have you ever played ratchet and Clank ? It would be fun to watch you stream it or just talk about it in general.

  • GreenFuzzyDice
    GreenFuzzyDice 13 days ago

    Luigi's Mansion with a side of salt!

  • john dermake
    john dermake 13 days ago

    geno 4 smash though

  • PhazonSpear
    PhazonSpear 13 days ago

    Hector 5 Smash? I'm a ok with this idea. Let the original Ike represent himself!

    UT TRASH GAMING 13 days ago


  • add 486
    add 486 13 days ago

    Two complaints, 1. the reason why people like melee so much is because it was the first game in the series to be more competitive based and be more like a traditional fighting game, its also the most fast paste in the series and is the only game with things like l cancelling in it, 2. If the creater of the game dosent think of his own game as a actual fighting game then why did he add things like the for glory and 1v1 modes in online and why does he balance characters for competitions? Also random question but do you just hate competitive games or something? Cause a lot of games on you channel you hate are competitive games like pokemon, pubg, fortnite, overwatch, splatoon (I guess).

  • Synthizan
    Synthizan 14 days ago

    It is kind of frustrating that most smash players want everything to be Melee. Melee was Melee! IT'S OVER.

  • scorpiopede
    scorpiopede 14 days ago

    Holy crap, I never actually thought I would come across a video that got Smash 4 so on point for me. I've had a very similar experience to smash 4 as you did, only it ended with a lot more hate and less enjoyment of the series. The small bit about your friend who quit because you learned his patterns? I'm basically in your friend's shoes. Didn't help that the group of friends I played with ranged from try-hards who claimed it was the best fighting game who spent hours memorizing combos to people who mained and ONLY used the really cheesy, easy to use characters. Meanwhile my favorites to play as were all bottom-tier trash because I prefer interesting and fun mechanics over mashing A to slash swords. I really do wish I was able to enjoy this game, but after many many tries of "giving it another chance", it just wasn't happening. I loved Melee and, despite its flaws, I loved Brawl. But fuck Smash WiiU/3DS, and I don't think I'll be getting the new smash.
    Also fuck having so many damn Sword characters. And getting rid of Ivysaur.

  • Failure Artist
    Failure Artist 14 days ago

    Fuck you scott

  • Deteriorating Brain Matter

    Oh, hi Lythero.

  • Pan Z
    Pan Z 15 days ago

    You praise the amount of elements in each Smash game that allow each player to build an experience catered to their own idea of fun, yet then criticize those who wish to use those elements to play the game in a competitive manner. Do you not see the hypocrisy in this?

  • Willed LizBoy
    Willed LizBoy 15 days ago

    Nathanal bandy is triggered

  • Kyle Yuen
    Kyle Yuen 16 days ago

    Why are people so angry about fire emblem, it wasn't that bad

  • Mitchell Culbertson
    Mitchell Culbertson 16 days ago

    It’s okay Scott. Making friends scares me too. I wish I had friends.

  • Mytmyles
    Mytmyles 16 days ago

    I want mah boi Waluigi and mah Girl Pauline!

  • Spencer Betze
    Spencer Betze 16 days ago

    I got bullied in high school because i didnt have smash 4 and I liked brawl...

  • TheAdminisTRAITOR
    TheAdminisTRAITOR 17 days ago

    How about Kratos in a Smash game? :D

  • Carribean Hat
    Carribean Hat 17 days ago

    I don't care what anybody says, Brawl was my favorite and it had the best campaign Subspace Emissary

  • Mario84 Szlovák
    Mario84 Szlovák 17 days ago


  • Landmine Productions
    Landmine Productions 18 days ago

    I liked brawl :(

  • Soul Breaker
    Soul Breaker 19 days ago

    I love brawl. Also melee is overrated.

  • Jacob Da School Shooter

    Did you just call roy a clone? Are you another one of those retards who thinks roy is a clone of marth despite all of his specials having different properties from marth and his normal moveset is different as well

  • Zixa Hitori
    Zixa Hitori 20 days ago +1

    Oh god, Scott, sometimes, you're the MOST, ruthless Savages i've seen, which really is frightening of what you ROASTED to Lythero about F-Zero being dead like the 3DS >~

  • CromGem
    CromGem 20 days ago

    I hate anime swordfighter #8 and bayo

    PSYCOTICI 20 days ago +1

    I'm legit creating a Super Scratch Universe . A rip off of SSB in scratch

  • Nope
    Nope 20 days ago

    Honestly I love playing meta knight before I knew about tiers.

  • TobyRocks YOUTUBE
    TobyRocks YOUTUBE 20 days ago


  • Weekend City
    Weekend City 21 day ago

    Why does everyone hate brawl?

  • Fireofthetiger
    Fireofthetiger 21 day ago +1

    Oh crap finally a TVclipr that had the balls to call out Melee for what it is

  • jaysboss
    jaysboss 21 day ago

    meele was less popular when you could buy mewtwo

  • Prophecy
    Prophecy 21 day ago

    I don’t understand why so many people hate brawl. It might just be nostalgia but, it was really fun. Any responses on why it is hated would be useful.

    • Superhyperpichu
      Superhyperpichu 18 days ago

      Prophecy mainly it’s because of the combat, they added tripping as a mechanic that happened randomly when playing matches and it was just slowed down combat.

  • Mighty Sexy
    Mighty Sexy 22 days ago +1

    Brawl was actually my favorite ._.

  • Biscut Bois Crew
    Biscut Bois Crew 22 days ago +1

    Don't worry making friends scares me too

  • Ya boi Jingles
    Ya boi Jingles 22 days ago

    What’s wrong with brawl?

  • Fire Flower64
    Fire Flower64 22 days ago

    Why does bowser jr. have 8 unique skins? Because I MAIN HIM

  • Biscuit 12
    Biscuit 12 22 days ago +1


    • Delta kai09
      Delta kai09 19 days ago

      Biscuit 12 cause it takes time to create evrything

  • alex whitten
    alex whitten 23 days ago

    Anyone hype for minecraft Steve and sans undertale to be in smash 5

  • Lifeplan
    Lifeplan 23 days ago

    Decent video man. Keep doing what you do.

  • •__• _Derp
    •__• _Derp 23 days ago

    I like playing as kirb....:D

  • David K
    David K 23 days ago

    Someone please explain to me why brawl was so bad, I’ve played every smash game and it did not seem that bad

  • Nathan Plein
    Nathan Plein 23 days ago

    I like smash bros brawl

  • Kaidoku123
    Kaidoku123 24 days ago

    Here's the thing about the 3DS Thing: the 3DS Just Sells Better than the Wii U and Japan loves its Portable Gaming

  • JUNKY Stuffs
    JUNKY Stuffs 24 days ago

    "marth, lucina, and roy should have been 1-in-the-same"
    NO, roy's our BOI...beside he plays pretty different from marth in this game
    also, Watch yourself with them accusations towards link...........................I'm watching you..............buster...

  • Chris S.
    Chris S. 24 days ago

    "This technique will make you nut"..?? Or did I hear it wrong..

  • JD 201 adventures
    JD 201 adventures 24 days ago

    They say 3ds is dead but 3ds is going to last till around 2019

  • PiousPuddle
    PiousPuddle 24 days ago

    ive never seen adding characters into melee. i think it was easier to add the melee gameplay onto a newer game with characters. either way the love for melee is very overrated though.

  • Seth Brockbank
    Seth Brockbank 24 days ago

    So am I the only one who loves base brawl?

  • Finny Dude
    Finny Dude 24 days ago

    Me: I personally think Brawl was the best!
    Nine year olds: You have a.. an... OPINION?? HOW DARE YOUU!!
    b o i

  • S u c c
    S u c c 24 days ago

    Hector uses an axe, which if you count it, is only a swole sword.

  • Philipp Lyanguzov
    Philipp Lyanguzov 25 days ago +1

    When he was talking about dying in real life with RNG who thought of XCOM

  • John L.
    John L. 25 days ago

    What brawl was my favorite 😩

  • DekuKid T_T
    DekuKid T_T 25 days ago

    im just that one guy in the corner like:
    "I Liek Brawl, Brawls my Favourite"
    'Gets beat up by everyone'

  • MTW_Insignio
    MTW_Insignio 25 days ago

    Shhhh... We all need to accept it.
    The new smash bros switch will be another fire emblem fighting/party game

  • GeekachuIChooseYou
    GeekachuIChooseYou 25 days ago

    Honestly, I'd prefer more Kirby characters or someone like Shovel Knight. Heck, why not pixelate the current Kirby, call him "Classic Kirby" and redesign the moveset of the normal one based on Star Allies? Hey, while you're at it, why not a GBA pixel art Shadow Kirby from Amazing Mirror with a moveset to match? Or at least Bandana Dee? OR AT LEAST MAKE KIRBY'S REGULAR ATTACKS USE ABILITIES?!

  • that one kid in school who eats glue

    'yeah what about melee'

  • Itty Bitty Lazari
    Itty Bitty Lazari 25 days ago


  • cowboy7597
    cowboy7597 25 days ago


  • Devin Person
    Devin Person 26 days ago

    i just want shadow in the new one

  • FluteGeek
    FluteGeek 26 days ago

    This video hits the nail on its head. Smash Bros is the best as a party game. Yeah I love watching competitive matches, but I’d rather play with all the weird items and all the COOL stages! Omega versions are so boring. It’s a lot more fun once you stop worrying about winning.

  • cerealmayonaise
    cerealmayonaise 26 days ago

    pls add contra on the new smash

    THEHE11CAT 26 days ago

    am i the only one that thought scott had a bun in his hair in the first appearance of him

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 27 days ago +1

    7.8/10 too much FE characters

  • Yang Xlaolong
    Yang Xlaolong 27 days ago

    Say whatever you want to brawls opening was the best

  • Narrator
    Narrator 27 days ago

    I just want to know the intro song

  • Leroy Cisco
    Leroy Cisco 27 days ago

    Brawl was good.
    not the most competitive but the most fun. end of story.

  • YesteryearsGamer
    YesteryearsGamer 27 days ago

    ...still would love to see Shovel Knight in game.
    Or at the very least, I don’t know, King Knight.

  • Matthew Chrispo
    Matthew Chrispo 28 days ago

    Can I get ma boi flipnote hatena frog?