Awesome Tech in 2020!

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Upcoming tech like the new Samsung clamshell foldable, Galaxy S11, Apple iphone 12, new RTX Gaming Laptops, new cameras.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  Month ago +400

    What's the one device you REALLY want to get next year?

    • Sean Gregory
      Sean Gregory Day ago

      A decent laptop not over pricy, which i dont know though. Any pointers?

    • UnNamed Beast
      UnNamed Beast 4 days ago

      New GPUs from Nvidia. Hope they destroy AMD cause I really wanna use my Gsync monitor

    • Zareef Amyeen
      Zareef Amyeen 18 days ago

      Macbook Pro 14" 13" 15" 12"?

    • Bitu Singh
      Bitu Singh 20 days ago

      iPhone 5SE 2

    • cerealKILLR
      cerealKILLR 20 days ago

      Planning to get the new iPhone. Interested to see the clamshell phone by Samsung, the Razr looks awesome but $1,500 seems way too high. Like the idea of folding to a smaller phone than folding to a tall slimmer phone.

  • Dragon101201
    Dragon101201 5 days ago

    I wont buy a phone without a headphone Jack I love me some wired earbuds or headphones I like having the option without giving up my ability to charge and listen without a dongle

  • Devasia Thomas
    Devasia Thomas 14 days ago

    i need that touch ID back

  • Elhadji Omar Ly
    Elhadji Omar Ly 15 days ago

    i hate this style of camera setup, the bumpy boxy thing

  • Marshal Ernest
    Marshal Ernest 16 days ago

    WhatsApp will stop working on phones. Check out the link below :

  • Joshua Teichman
    Joshua Teichman 17 days ago

    A better financial position

  • Zebulun Chikoma
    Zebulun Chikoma 18 days ago

    Am interested in the new Samsung phones and new laptops

  • Tricion
    Tricion 19 days ago

    im excited for nvidia en amd to release their new gpu's and amd ryzen cpu's so i can afford tech 3 gens ago

  • Aaditya Clyde
    Aaditya Clyde 20 days ago

    I came here to check if he’s sitting. I think he is.

  • liquidmojo
    liquidmojo 20 days ago

    Surface Neo will be my next 2-in-1 if you can even call it that. I'm also really curious how the Surface Duo will be implemented. Chrome OS has caught my eye, particularly with the Pixel Slate "tablet/hybrid" form factor.

    I'm saddened that Google threw in the proverbial towel with the manufacture of tablets, considering that the Chrome OS is really starting to fulfill that potential of a tablet that can replace your ultrabook concept. That OS is the middle ground between iOS/iPad Pro (best in class tablet) and WIndows 10/Surface Pro (best in class laptop/tablet hybrid). All it needed was compelling hardware, which the Pixel Slate should have been, but competitively priced. A 10 inch and an 8 inch version of the Pixel Slate could have filled in that gap. The Black Friday pricing and the bundling of the keyboard and pen, put the Slate at the right price point.

    I'm looking forward to high end spec Chromebook OS tablets, particularly in the smaller 10 and 8 inch form factors. With the Chromebook OS ability to run a full Chrome browser, extensions and all, the internet functionality is covered. The ability to load and run Android apps via Google Play Store, helps cover the Tablet app functionality. The ability to load and run Linux Apps in a VM container via Crostini will cover most productivity needs that Google Play doesn't cover. It is essentially a better desktop experience than the ipad pro and a better tablet experience than the surface pro.

    The iPad Pro line is the epitome of what a tablet should be, and with each improvement to the hardware, OS, and various third party software that is made to that ecosystem it gets closer to that goal of being a "tablet that can replace your laptop". It's not quite there yet, selection of quality third party keyboards, the pseudo mouse pointer support, running the full desktop Safari browser, the access to the file system and improvements to multitasking, and USB C over the lightning port all helps towards that goal, but ultimately it's still a better tablet than it is a hybrid ultrabook.

    The Surface Pro has basically retained the same design since the Surface Pro 3, from 3 all the way to 7, for good reason. It works as the the near perfect "tablet/ultrabook" hybrid 2-in-1 design. The reason it withstood the test of time is that it can do what most windows 10 ultrabooks can do, but in a lightweight tablet form factor. What has kept it going has also anchored it down. The Windows 8 touchscreen/tablet optimized interface eventually gave way to the Windows 10 desktop/tablet modes. The Windows Store driven Windows 10 Home was an interesting experiment to try and replicate the iOS and Android ecosystems.

    So is the ARM Chip driven Surface Pro X which greatly improves and updates upon the design of the Surface Pro line. thinner bezels, always on, LTE out of the box, supposedly longer battery life. It does what a Windows Tablet ought to do, except run software that is designed for x64 chipssets. The situation may improve as vendors optimize their software with ARM versions, but until then it will be that "stepping stone".

    The Surface Pro 3-7 and X can arguably do more tablet things than ever before, but they are still Windows Ultrabook Hybrids first and foremost.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but yeah I'm stoked for what 2020 has to offer!

  • DjDanny44
    DjDanny44 20 days ago

    I'm not sure if it will arrive in 2020, but I'm very excited for under display cameras in phones!

  • حامد رضائی
    حامد رضائی 20 days ago

    I'm really excited to see what surface devices will introduce and how will surface neo will be

  • Leo Jaguar
    Leo Jaguar 21 day ago +1

    Happy new year Dave

  • Luca
    Luca 21 day ago +1

    here from mark ass brownlee

  • Alex K
    Alex K 21 day ago

    Whose here after Keith’s video?

  • JellyJelly
    JellyJelly 22 days ago +2

    video summery : 2020 will bring us folding screens phones, new higher res cameras, and new graphics cards for laptops
    there 4 minutes saved

  • R. H. M. Sharaful Islam

    And they call it 'Prdocut mixes' as its 'iPhone'!!!

  • Andrei Ungureanu
    Andrei Ungureanu 27 days ago

    That cluster camera is horribly distracting ... iPhone 11 nope, Pixel 4 nope, and the future S11 nope.

  • Tech Master
    Tech Master 27 days ago

    the galaxy fold has a really good design camera and it’s good overall but i wouldn’t say that it’s good for its price

  • JackTheSniper jack
    JackTheSniper jack 28 days ago

    yay more cameras

  • Eugene
    Eugene 29 days ago

    sooo... Awesome same/Old/rebranded Tech in 2020 ? yay...

  • TwoGramTrigger
    TwoGramTrigger 29 days ago

    Can someone PLEEASSSE give me a link to the adidas jacket he has on here?

  • Daniel Atlas
    Daniel Atlas Month ago

    Harmony os by Huawei

  • The warrior z
    The warrior z Month ago +1

    Same battery's.

  • The warrior z
    The warrior z Month ago +1

    A woman with remote control

  • Blessindisguise
    Blessindisguise Month ago

    This dude including iPhone that company takes more than they give lol

  • Kevin Sawada
    Kevin Sawada Month ago

    Looking forward for more food phones!

  • TV Shreds
    TV Shreds Month ago +1

    I absolutely wouldn’t be OK with that! Thanks for your heads up. But no-as a sorta-audiophile, I refuse to submit to wireless headphones before there’s anything less than a 1400 kbps stream coming through them (and they’re reliable, i.e. no dropouts; and there are decent models available, i.e. probably some made by Sony). But last I heard, they recieve 128 kbps (together? Separately? I dunno, but it doesn’t matter) and I don’t even know if a full resolution bitstream is feasible, or will be anytime soon (and that’s just CD quality, nevermind hi-res). No, I think audiophiles will be left out in the cold on this one. Personally, a phone is 90% Walkman to me. I wonder how many others feel that way? And how many will jump ship if this change happens?

  • Lensbreak Studios
    Lensbreak Studios Month ago

    *Im looking forward to the new Gigabyte Aero 15 !!*
    (15.60", UHD AMOLED, Intel Core i9-9980HK 8 cores, 64GB ram, RTX 2080 Max-Q, 2TB M.2 SSD, 94 Wh battery, 2kg light)

  • Conceptual Maths
    Conceptual Maths Month ago

  • Antonio Szeredy
    Antonio Szeredy Month ago

    Why doesn't anyone even mention the microsoft duo 😂

  • José Pedro Fernandes

    Surface Book 3 & Redesigned bezels HP Spectre x360 15 & Redesigned XPS 15 2 in 1

  • simon welch
    simon welch Month ago

    clam shell design so you don't need a tripod to record videos :D

  • ChargedWaffles
    ChargedWaffles Month ago

    New OnePlus phone! I hope it doesn't get more expensive 😬

  • David_ThePigeon
    David_ThePigeon Month ago

    Love the wallpaper grass , where can I find it?

  • David ben Mesecke
    David ben Mesecke Month ago

    The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X 64 core you didn't mention ;) The most important and awesome tech coming out in 2020. You not mentioning that one of course made this video a failure. Sorry, no thumbs up from me on this one.

  • Eshaan Bansal
    Eshaan Bansal Month ago

    why not do a giveaway of some of that old tech ?

  • SkeTrix PWF
    SkeTrix PWF Month ago

    Bruh i just had a dream yesterday that i had an iphone SE and i just heard of it today.

  • inQuest a
    inQuest a Month ago


  • Jorge Barragan
    Jorge Barragan Month ago

    Quick question? I’m trying to purchase a gaming/school laptop for my brother under a 1000. What would you go with, hands down? 🤚🏽

  • Adesh Lad
    Adesh Lad Month ago

    Is gtx 1650 super gonna be only max Q varient or it will be normal GPU ??

  • Alex McCaffrey
    Alex McCaffrey Month ago

    Surface Duo and Surface Neo

  • happysensy happysensy

    4k 1500 nits pc monitors

  • Mina FAKHRY
    Mina FAKHRY Month ago

    Where the pic u used for the video😡

  • Arukki
    Arukki Month ago +1

    "I've escaped from apple"
    "Sorry apple, not really"
    Still excited and willing to buy their fashion products, yes, I called their 'tech' fashion.

    • Dilshadx11
      Dilshadx11 Month ago

      that's actually true their tech is like fashion just for showing off

  • Cameron Peterson
    Cameron Peterson Month ago

    I still don't understand why there needs to be a new phone released every year.. other than for the companies to profit.

  • alspinh
    alspinh Month ago +1

    3080 ti!

  • Robert Neighbours
    Robert Neighbours Month ago

    would really like to see an design update for the imac 27".

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago

    Would love a 14" updated MacBook Pro

  • Neerajlochan Basava

    3080 or 2180 series gpus

  • Seung Jun Lim
    Seung Jun Lim Month ago

    beautiful intro

  • Yukwan Yeung
    Yukwan Yeung Month ago

    The Chinese brand OPPO has released a concept phone with under-screen camera. Maybe we can use a true-zero-bezel phone in 2020

  • Junzhe Liu
    Junzhe Liu Month ago

    Where can i get the light behind you

  • Chinar Samanta
    Chinar Samanta Month ago

    I am waiting for iPhone full screen .

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Month ago

    That foldable Windows Phone and their new slate of surface tablets.

  • Holy Articuno
    Holy Articuno Month ago

    I'm excited if there are new laptop/desktop coming up with more affordable price, say a new low-mid range mobile gpu from AMD or Nvidia's similar response! Being a student means I dont have money for all these RX RTX stuff and the closest one is MX250, but it's kind of a very small step from MX150. Hopefully next year they will have a MX350 with a real generation leap from previous model that I can finally use the money I've been saving for so long to reward myself a little bit...!

  • Orall Cornelius
    Orall Cornelius Month ago

    Ha ha - "traditional Galaxy Fold". You know, that old thing. Nothing special.

  • Baljeet Kanda
    Baljeet Kanda Month ago

    I am waiting for a notchless iphone or a hidden underscreen camera in andriod phones

  • Franco Galuzzi
    Franco Galuzzi Month ago


  • xD3bod
    xD3bod Month ago

    i want a laptop because i dont own or have one