• Published on Sep 16, 2019
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Comments • 7 833

  • Zero x Clout
    Zero x Clout 4 hours ago

    The school that I go to 60-69 is a D

  • Trill
    Trill 9 hours ago

    When they were like best friends

  • Orest Pellumb
    Orest Pellumb 9 hours ago

    Flight dumbass lebron has been a point forward his whole career

  • Denied- Gaming
    Denied- Gaming 9 hours ago

    Flight making sense though. Wilt scored 100 and lost.

    BROWN MAMBA 9 hours ago +1

    Why does this hurt?

  • aarturdrozd
    aarturdrozd 16 hours ago

    Sike curry injured

  • Jaleel Ferguson
    Jaleel Ferguson Day ago +1

    I’m watching this and steph is injured and warriors are like 1and 11

  • East
    East Day ago +1

    Not a curry fan and got 9 he’s literally brain dead

  • Poipoli Ming
    Poipoli Ming Day ago +1

    Ya-nis plz learn

  • digge546
    digge546 Day ago

    Lol flight is actually right. 60 is passing

  • TLU Solodon
    TLU Solodon Day ago +2

    Who else is here when Steph is injured?

  • black kid
    black kid Day ago +2

    Who watching this after Steph curry broke his hand?

  • if i was at chernobyl i could've stopped it

    “i graduated school with C’s and D’s”
    i always knew flight was stupid but damn.

  • Jordan Bledsoe
    Jordan Bledsoe Day ago +2

    Flight can’t say Antetokounmpo Cash can’t either lmaooo

  • David Mašek
    David Mašek Day ago +1

    What a stupud idiot!?

  • Cotterll Foxworth

    He is a band wagen

  • Damion Wonser
    Damion Wonser Day ago

    This dude is a idiot

  • Damion Wonser
    Damion Wonser Day ago

    Stephen curry aint got shit on James period, and curry is not the best Point guard in the league the best point guard in my opinion is Westbrook

  • Jankz 123
    Jankz 123 2 days ago

    Flight has -100000 basketball IQ dude is stupid af

  • Ayo Fabricio
    Ayo Fabricio 2 days ago

    They talk all tht shit like they finna fight but soon as they in person are best friends

  • Da Joker
    Da Joker 2 days ago +1

    Flight I have feel bad for your children like if yu think I’m right😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • xx 605 Beast xx 1
    xx 605 Beast xx 1 2 days ago +1

    my school has the same grading chart as flights 60% is a D- an 59.9 was a F

  • Bryce Aldridge
    Bryce Aldridge 2 days ago

    I like how he made a 40% not 60%

  • jglizzyclip
    jglizzyclip 2 days ago

    I feel like yall are highkey friends yall just do the beef stuff cuz its funny and flight talk a lot lol

  • The Dopamine
    The Dopamine 2 days ago +1

    Curry fans putting there LeBron Jersey back on and if they don’t do well this season they pull out the Kawhi 😂

  • Fillatron
    Fillatron 3 days ago

    flight smokin to much trees

  • Edward Prather
    Edward Prather 3 days ago +1

    Im from Michigan 60% is considered a D which is passing

  • Bailey Thompson
    Bailey Thompson 3 days ago

    Bro I’m from Georgia and a F is 60

  • AlmightySo.
    AlmightySo. 3 days ago

    Flight is delusional man fucccccccccckkkkkkkk

  • Francisco Macias
    Francisco Macias 3 days ago +3

    “I averaged d’s and C’s” well that explains a lot 😂😂👌🏼

    • Raven3186
      Raven3186 Day ago

      I don't I would have told anyone that...but then again I'm not L Reacts

  • Schwifty IsGlobal
    Schwifty IsGlobal 3 days ago

    Lmao flight said he averaged c's and d's in school flight why you say that out loud 😂

  • Kevin Uchida
    Kevin Uchida 3 days ago

    Flight only likes shooters just sayin

  • Maverick Hartleib
    Maverick Hartleib 4 days ago

    Steven A flight

  • CBM Mobilepl
    CBM Mobilepl 4 days ago

    but flight can shoot like if you agree

  • Luke Morgan
    Luke Morgan 4 days ago

    I'm not trying to defend flight but these questions are dumb

  • Wilbet Medrano
    Wilbet Medrano 4 days ago


  • leAkz Jr
    leAkz Jr 4 days ago +1

    60 is passing g 😂

  • Kevin Eggplant
    Kevin Eggplant 4 days ago

    I hate flight but a D is a 60 and up and is passing in FL

  • donohue XI
    donohue XI 4 days ago

    Steph curry’s middle name is steph bc his 1st name is wardell

  • Guh Uhhh
    Guh Uhhh 5 days ago

    who wacthing this now realizing curry might be out the whole season and even when he was there he kinda sucked

  • Theogbillbill
    Theogbillbill 5 days ago +1

    D is a passing even though I hate agreeing with flight where I go 60 percent or higher is passing

    • Dazz Sach
      Dazz Sach 3 days ago

      really it's usually 70% and up to be passing

  • RichKid Jay
    RichKid Jay 5 days ago

    why do you even still bother with flight he is not smart at all or good at basketball

  • Dewayne Taylor
    Dewayne Taylor 5 days ago

    Lebron averages over 10 assists in his 17th season: Flight says "He can't change his position this late in his career" Bron is the best point guard in the fuckin league, best court vision, best IQ, he's Magic Johnson if Magic didn't fuck those dirty strippers

  • Eric Swain
    Eric Swain 5 days ago

    This kid said that his middle name is wardell 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Carl Mueller
    Carl Mueller 5 days ago

    He's not wrong about the D or F. Where I'm at anything below a 60.0% is a F. Anything above is a passing grade

    • Carl Mueller
      Carl Mueller 5 days ago

      But that boi is dumber then a box of rocks

  • Moar Juice
    Moar Juice 6 days ago

    I love Flight

  • Kayzohxo
    Kayzohxo 6 days ago

    Lebron is the goat

  • Matthew West
    Matthew West 6 days ago

    at this moment the warriors are 2-8

  • XOsway 2x
    XOsway 2x 6 days ago

    He Jhi right 60 an above is a D

  • ThatProEzzy
    ThatProEzzy 6 days ago +2

    Flight: “You can’t switch positions in the NBA”
    Jrue Holiday: “Am i a joke to you?!”

  • ThatProEzzy
    ThatProEzzy 6 days ago

    Flight is a bandwagon no curry fan would say he’s the best player I’m talking lebron KD kawhi and giannis over him 😂

  • Faris Idelasri
    Faris Idelasri 6 days ago

    You have to have a 65 average

  • TheGamechange619
    TheGamechange619 6 days ago +23

    Flight: "Lebron cant switch positions during his late career"
    Me: Flight dumb asf no cap

  • Jayden 12 subs
    Jayden 12 subs 6 days ago +1

    At the start I kinda agree about the curry averaging 30 plus because he’s alone

  • SnapBackGuy BAF
    SnapBackGuy BAF 6 days ago

    A 60 is a D here In Tennessee

  • broke boy alex
    broke boy alex 6 days ago +1

    How does he not know that Steph's name is wardell Stephen curry🤦‍♂️

  • Leonardo Davila
    Leonardo Davila 6 days ago

    If he’s this bad and he’s only 24 Imagine when he’s 50

  • CRASHx75
    CRASHx75 6 days ago

    I agree with flight on his response to those questions. Honestly, who gives a fuck about all those random stats

  • iBryceHD
    iBryceHD 7 days ago

    What do y’all have against flight I don’t get it

  • Adam Chanecka
    Adam Chanecka 7 days ago

    60 is passing in some schools systems no cap