The Power Of BTS’ 'Purple Line' - Sasaeng Fans' Culture Has Changed

  • Published on Oct 28, 2018
  • The Power Of BTS’ 'Purple Line' - Sasaeng Fans' Culture Has Changed.
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  • Gj Jj
    Gj Jj 19 days ago

    nakakatuwa nagawa nila mapaamo ang mga fans napaka lakas ng hatak nila napaka ganda ng impluwensya nila sa mga kabataan kasi kung sa iba halos d m na mkta ung idol m

  • _전정국
    _전정국 5 months ago

    I’m reading the comments coz I cant rlly understand wtf Are they saesangs or not?

  • Meeda Tae
    Meeda Tae 7 months ago

    This video should be shown to all those ppl that say "ARMYs r the worst fandom" it's honestly just those few toxic ARMYs that ppl seem to always notice

  • yoongle boongle
    yoongle boongle 7 months ago

    right we rlly need more of this

  • Ejuirn the pigeon
    Ejuirn the pigeon 8 months ago +3

    If bts was in my airport , I would give one ribbon to each of my family and I to hold so we’re respecting them💜

  • Gummy Noodles
    Gummy Noodles 10 months ago +1

    When you want to read the subtitles but you're dying of menstrual pain.

  • papi jeongguk
    papi jeongguk 10 months ago +1

    hit ❌
    heat ❌
    height ✔️
    nOiCe :)

  • Naomi G
    Naomi G 10 months ago

    The most beautiful fandom is ARMY... you know why? Because we are a family and we protect our angels.... WE PURPLE YOU BTS!!! I PURPLE YOU ARMYs!!! FIGHTING!!!

  • Zahra
    Zahra 10 months ago +3

    This is so beautiful.. purple you BTS and ARMY, my lovelies 💜

  • Vkook Comes Be4 My Existence

    It's a thing that we should all practice 💜💜💜💜

  • Megan Maqque
    Megan Maqque 10 months ago +2

    Big hit? I only know big height.💜

  • aida ronquillo
    aida ronquillo 10 months ago +17

    ARMYs CONGRATULATIONS FOR STARTING A NEW TREND IN FAN CULTURE but there may still be some misbehaving ARMY fans at times you need to remind each other of the campaign through social media, and be the leading example for fans everywhere

    • aida ronquillo
      aida ronquillo 10 months ago


  • flower
    flower 10 months ago +3

    I 💜 you Bts and Army

  • Jungkook Bunny Angel
    Jungkook Bunny Angel 10 months ago +34

    Well, we had to do something about the saesangs. Especially when Yoongi had to go home in the middle of Bon Voyage season 3 due to a crazy saesang who have hurt his wrist. He had to go home to do something about it. I don't know what exactly. All I know is that he went home regarding that situation.

  • 10 months ago +4

    We will protect our boys ❤️❤️

  • Karlili Godinez
    Karlili Godinez 10 months ago +12

    This fandom is the best I'm so happy to be a part of it. I 💜 YOU ARMY & BTS

  • luvs kth
    luvs kth 10 months ago +3

    Wait in June 2014?

  • iiiVictzriai
    iiiVictzriai 10 months ago +2

    I just made a video about sesaengs. It's my new series. It's just a trailer but, it really shows what they will do to get to BTS, or any K-Pop idols.

  • Daina S
    Daina S 10 months ago +3

    Love you guys.💜

  • sofii杨幂雷
    sofii杨幂雷 10 months ago +41

    bts has the *BEST* fandom . 💜💜
    yes sometimes the fandom gets out of hand ,, but truly *BTS & ARMY* care about each others safety , comfort , and support . us *ARMYS* should grow even more in the future !!

  • Moonlight CS
    Moonlight CS 10 months ago +16

    Oh no...not the sasaengs their the worst,i only love is BTS,family,Friends,Armys and TVclipr of this video

  • DaisyDaStache
    DaisyDaStache 10 months ago +11

    Must protect our bois

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 10 months ago +4

    💜💜💜first comment!

  • BTS Moments
    BTS Moments  10 months ago +16

    The Power Of BTS’ 'Purple Line' - Sasaeng Fans' Culture Has Changed