How to Make Handmade Candy With Piglet Design | Où se trouve: CandyLabs

  • Published on Nov 20, 2016
  • Making Handmade Candy with a Piglet Design
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    Lin and May of Candylabs are back by popular demand for a third video on how traditional hard candy is made! This time around, watch how they shape the colourful molten candy into a pink piglet design. I know what you're thinking - but no, this batch of candy isn't bacon flavoured ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) it's cherry flavoured. These piggy candies took a long time to make, and this artisan skill is difficult to perfect. In total it took over 3 hours from start to finish but the results are no less than spectacular. These candies are made on-site at their store, hidden in a corner of downtown Montreal.
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    On location: 2305 Rue Guy, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Watch the process in person if you're in Montreal.
    To view the previous video (the candy that “looks like bacon”):
    Also, check out another one of our videos about how to make Humbugs, a traditional candy from England:
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  • Stereokroma
    Stereokroma  Year ago +340

    Did you like this video? Check out our latest one on how neon lights are made - really cool! (✿◠‿◠)

  • Abby L
    Abby L 16 hours ago


  • Awkwardling
    Awkwardling Day ago

    It looks so cute when it first got wrapped in that big pink layer

  • Elizabeth Valencia
    Elizabeth Valencia 3 days ago

    It is a pig

  • 지우
    지우 3 days ago

    9:58 It looks like "Kimbob".

  • Brie Byrnes
    Brie Byrnes 3 days ago +1

    Other than making the candy harder to eat, would it make a difference to the candy if you don’t stretch it over the hook?

  • True Friends
    True Friends 4 days ago

    *Idk why I get satisfied when they add food colouring*
    _Answer mee!!_

  • Molly A. Block
    Molly A. Block 5 days ago

    I would love to place an order but I cannot afford the shipping to Florida.

  • _ FatdogMickey _
    _ FatdogMickey _ 6 days ago

    Haha, the title of this video in Vietnamese is "làm kẹo heo"
    which is "making pig candy"
    That's it, they didn't even bother to capitalize the first letter or put a dot at the end

  • Tear Princess
    Tear Princess 7 days ago


  • Burrito pug
    Burrito pug 8 days ago

    New trend: candy asmr

  • Ms K Jones
    Ms K Jones 10 days ago

    Are they crunchy or chewy?

  • A Dodo
    A Dodo 12 days ago

    Question what do u do to the end of the roll, like the part u ripped off first

  • BAsi
    BAsi 13 days ago

    My animal guess is shaved chicken

  • tae and his flipflops
    tae and his flipflops 13 days ago

    I love it when its getting stretched and it goes to a metallic color

  • Jacob Leedham obviously

    You can just tell when he said he’s making a piglet that he loves his job

  • Adriana Lima
    Adriana Lima 14 days ago

    The music that should have been in the video

  • Ksusha Chan
    Ksusha Chan 14 days ago

    Ребята залайкайте этот комент). Пусть иностранцы подумают что тут что-то типо умное написано)

  • Jhelo Dollente
    Jhelo Dollente 14 days ago

    Can you do some asmr

  • Philippines! {CountryHumans! / Male!}

    *it’s a crocodile*

  • Good Game
    Good Game 15 days ago +1

    거 냥반 참 잘생겼네

  • #somos5 Mashj
    #somos5 Mashj 15 days ago +1

    Good job guys👍

  • Aubrey Guillermo
    Aubrey Guillermo 15 days ago

    Strawberry flavor and pig

  • Ellesee C.
    Ellesee C. 16 days ago

    Who’s tried their candy?? Is it good?? Lets us know!!!

  • Superdoge Illuminati
    Superdoge Illuminati 17 days ago

    How long does it take to stretch the candy? I’m just curious

  • Monika Skrzypczak
    Monika Skrzypczak 20 days ago


  • Yena Leum
    Yena Leum 21 day ago +21

    Who else thinks that the candy looks like a slime asmr?

    Me: I wanna poke itttt

    • Yena Leum
      Yena Leum 9 hours ago

      Aye Min, hahah I know right :3

    • Aye Min
      Aye Min 2 days ago

      But its really really hot

  • Ophilia Hideaway
    Ophilia Hideaway 22 days ago

    It looks like sushi

  • わかめのまりも
    わかめのまりも 22 days ago +5


  • M Fuller
    M Fuller 23 days ago

    how ald ar you tuw

  • princess jhana inacay
    princess jhana inacay 23 days ago

    ASMR then is not yet really popular

  • Natalia Lella
    Natalia Lella 24 days ago

    A pig

  • Sassy 101
    Sassy 101 24 days ago

    I guess pig and flavour strawberry or grape
    “that was so hard” guessing the animal u could literally see it on the front when it started

  • Brad 93 Daniel
    Brad 93 Daniel 26 days ago


  • 솔잎향바람떡
    솔잎향바람떡 28 days ago


  • EloPoyo pat
    EloPoyo pat 29 days ago

    Bacon flavored?

  • Geva Asheeqa
    Geva Asheeqa Month ago


  • Leca Tube
    Leca Tube Month ago +2

    0:7 parece a mulher do canal pura muralha

  • Melanie Marquez
    Melanie Marquez Month ago

    Looks like a slime

  • Kate Rosaline
    Kate Rosaline Month ago

    One time I was making hand pulled candy but I didn't have the right gloves so... I can confirm how freaking hot it is

  • Gamer Nymph
    Gamer Nymph Month ago

    GIVE ME SOME! please............🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Carolina Quinteros
    Carolina Quinteros Month ago

    1:48 eso era un pelo?

  • XxCorruptedRosexX 17

    The outside was pink now it’s purple

  • kristien clarke
    kristien clarke Month ago +1

    I live in Montreal I'm considering using them to make customized candy for my wedding

  • Kora McReynolds / Sutliff

    My mom saw this and said were buying those piggies

  • Kim Rusez
    Kim Rusez Month ago


  • Kids Channel
    Kids Channel Month ago

    Strawberry pig

  • yuri jeong
    yuri jeong Month ago

    It's so cute.You're making it into craftsmanship. It's going to be hard. If I sell it in Korea, I'd like to buy it.😋

  • Tu Rincon De Juegos
    Tu Rincon De Juegos Month ago +1

    No se que dijo pero por las dudas chinga tu madre

  • Sebastian BloodMoon
    Sebastian BloodMoon Month ago +1

    Top 10 best but tiring jobs ever

  • Taylor Day
    Taylor Day Month ago

    Don't even add the white food coloring just pull it to make it white like lofty pursuits does

  • Dumb Nutz
    Dumb Nutz Month ago +2

    I thought my starburst duck was good...

  • Natsu Eleven
    Natsu Eleven Month ago


  • ginsterbeary
    ginsterbeary Month ago

    Almost everyone here is so horrible in the comment section. Spread kindness, not hatred and anger. Thank you

  • Eros Nation
    Eros Nation Month ago


  • PeacefulGamer
    PeacefulGamer Month ago

    I think it will be a pig (obviously, oof) and bubblegum flavor

  • Jonathon Lee
    Jonathon Lee Month ago +2

    A how to video would include a recipe

  • Alaa Aly
    Alaa Aly Month ago

    lofty puirsuits is 100000000000 better smhal

  • Alaa Aly
    Alaa Aly Month ago

    oh wow!! police shaped candy!!!!

  • ItsAMeme Mario
    ItsAMeme Mario Month ago

    they are so much better than lofty...they should be advertised more

  • Steven Shookman
    Steven Shookman Month ago +2

    Animal: flamingo
    Flavor: pepto bismol

  • Кто- то
    Кто- то Month ago


  • David Haney
    David Haney Month ago

    where can i get myself a Mae ? , shes beautiful.

  • Jasmijn de Bruijn
    Jasmijn de Bruijn Month ago

    So satisfying!😍

  • Maria Requejo
    Maria Requejo Month ago

    5:25 his little smile after he said that is a pig. Precious. 🐷

  • Allison Pierson
    Allison Pierson 2 months ago

    Could you make a tree lollipop 🍭

  • PineappleGalore001
    PineappleGalore001 2 months ago +1

    At about 3 min into the video, and I hear a knocking. I'm wearing headphones and it's 3 in the morning, so of course I'm gonna be jumpy... Does anyone else hear it, or an I just delusional?

    • PineappleGalore001
      PineappleGalore001 2 months ago

      It's also not the bass/low notes in the song. It legitly sounds like someone knocking on a wooden door.

  • Thu Cao
    Thu Cao 2 months ago

    This not pig. It is a monster.
    Mk là VN. Ý kiến riêng, mk ko muốn chê họ làm xấu nhưng mk ko thấy nó giống con heo cho lắm

  • Todd Brayshaw
    Todd Brayshaw 2 months ago +2

    Pig And its flavour is strawberry

  • fake smile
    fake smile 2 months ago


  • Katharen Franck
    Katharen Franck 2 months ago

    A 🐷

  • Josie Lakeland
    Josie Lakeland 2 months ago +1

    Could you imagine their first day of work 😂

  • Yongbokie
    Yongbokie 2 months ago


  • Poppy Lee
    Poppy Lee 2 months ago +1

    This is the real ASMR.

  • MCH
    MCH 2 months ago

    Please, make subtitles in turkish
    Lütfen Türkçe altyazı yapınız

  • ghayda aludra syifa
    ghayda aludra syifa 2 months ago

    The animal is a pig

  • Renata Kichler
    Renata Kichler 2 months ago

    Parece slime

  • Jiayi Peng
    Jiayi Peng 2 months ago

    Do you know when it’s stretching the candy I feel like it’s playing with putty

  • said ph Sepulveda Ramirez


  • My Gmail
    My Gmail 2 months ago

    You are amazing :)

  • ミュオ14
    ミュオ14 2 months ago


  • Jayme Griffin
    Jayme Griffin 2 months ago

    Cuteness overload

  • samuel
    samuel 2 months ago

    TIL the tastiness of bacon is cherry

  • LogicalOne
    LogicalOne 2 months ago

    fuck pigs, they smell like shit and stupid as fuck. I work at a farm. The other candy shapes are really nice though :D

  • Lie Kiok Ling
    Lie Kiok Ling 2 months ago

    恭喜发财 祝福猪年好运 安康如意 呵呵 好可爱的粉红猪糖果 谢谢

  • Angelus Nielson
    Angelus Nielson 2 months ago

    Anyone else think Minecraft when they saw the thumb?

  • 飛天女
    飛天女 2 months ago

    也太厲害了, 一點損耗都沒有!

  • hxufjjxbg gfhtfbhc
    hxufjjxbg gfhtfbhc 2 months ago

    She from to china

  • Angel Fernando salazar macgregor

    Like si ati también

  • Angel Fernando salazar macgregor

    Se me antojo esos dulces

  • catalyst663 Star
    catalyst663 Star 2 months ago

    Bacon flavor !!

  • Claudia ?
    Claudia ? 2 months ago +1

    the process of them rolling the black and adding airbubbles made it look silver. so cool!

  • noob_cagado
    noob_cagado 2 months ago +1

    Essa bala parece aquela bala de yogurt de morango

  • FlamingosAreOkay :3
    FlamingosAreOkay :3 2 months ago

    Is it hard trying not to eat the candy? ;o it would be for me lol :]

  • train wreck
    train wreck 2 months ago

    WHAT DUDE!!!! OMG SO COOL!!!!!

  • Andy O
    Andy O 2 months ago

    Omg venom is that ypu :0??!!!

    LILIGOR NEW 2 months ago

    How to make slime😂

  • Pnkuncrnsvn Rose
    Pnkuncrnsvn Rose 2 months ago

    At first

  • Pnkuncrnsvn Rose
    Pnkuncrnsvn Rose 2 months ago +3

    It’s kind of like a big sushi roll