• Published on Jan 2, 2017
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  • Yang Jeongin
    Yang Jeongin Day ago +2


    *The Iconic Part*

  • koos
    koos Day ago

    I know I'm not the only one who searched up "I'M LIKE A BIRD, NOT A TURKEY"

  • Mobile Legends Addict

    *0:52** Im LiKe A bIrD nOt A tUrKeY😂 😂*

  • Ena Di Gio
    Ena Di Gio 3 days ago

    That booty y'all 2:55

  • Nayruto Uz
    Nayruto Uz 3 days ago

    The MV, dance, song and the four of them are dope!!!♥️

  • Jessica Wu
    Jessica Wu 3 days ago


  • Love Love
    Love Love 6 days ago +2

    Why I listing to this song after 2 years??? I should have know this song before😭

    • Smoka Hontas
      Smoka Hontas 6 days ago

      Me too where tf have I been its soo good 😩

  • Nathalia Matias
    Nathalia Matias 6 days ago +1

    Whenever Seventeen releases a new comeback and Dino doesn't have more than 5s screentime on the MV (a.k.a Always) I come back here to witness how can he fly when he is given the chance to do so.

  • Lee Min Hwa
    Lee Min Hwa 7 days ago

    I discovered this masterpiece on SuperStar PLEDIS, and I came here to be attracted by choreography too 😍

  • SnazzJaz Banks
    SnazzJaz Banks 8 days ago +1

    Why is this bop so goddamn UNDERRATED?!
    I mean only 6.9 mil? CARATS can do better!

  • Agatha Rodolfa
    Agatha Rodolfa 10 days ago +1

    0:15 vs 3:06 JUN’S VOICE AND ITS DUALITY

  • Madalyn Matthew
    Madalyn Matthew 12 days ago +1

    High rice
    Go prime

  • lenaloveskookie
    lenaloveskookie 13 days ago

    minghao should have more lines

    JUNGKOOK'S BANANA MILK 13 days ago +2


  • Galaxy on your area
    Galaxy on your area 13 days ago

    I searched for "I like a bird, not a turkey" and this vid came out😂😂

  • 3000 Bitvh
    3000 Bitvh 14 days ago


  • Eric_Andy39054 & Jellybean0307 sideshows

    I’m like a bird not a turkey!

  • iPettyNote
    iPettyNote 15 days ago +2

    Who’s still listening to this in 20NINETEEN? :D

  • Rivière de la Vérité
    Rivière de la Vérité 16 days ago +1

    Still here to listen this bop.

  • Seok Faye
    Seok Faye 16 days ago +2

    10% viewers:*watches because of nostalgia and curiosity*
    90% viewers:*doesnt know the title and sesrched the 'im like a bird,not a turkey' since they dont know the title and obviously came for the memes*

  • yahtzeefilms
    yahtzeefilms 18 days ago +1

    definition of "talent" just show them this

  • Elizabeth Valdivia
    Elizabeth Valdivia 18 days ago

    Highlight merece más:(

  • Malika Ayuningtyas
    Malika Ayuningtyas 19 days ago +1

    is the best

  • SS - ForEver Uchiha
    SS - ForEver Uchiha 21 day ago +1

    I think I'm in heaven 😍😍😍😍

  • yu ma
    yu ma 21 day ago


  • XDgacha girlXX
    XDgacha girlXX 22 days ago

    0:55 his face kinda reminds me of jimin from bts

    • Yoongi_Truffle
      Yoongi_Truffle 23 hours ago

      XDgacha girlXX Haha, Minghao kind of does look like Jimin in that angle ^^

  • Kaylie SEVENTEEN
    Kaylie SEVENTEEN 22 days ago +1

    Them with these hair colors, and these outfits got me feeling some typa way

  • samina javed
    samina javed 23 days ago +1

    To this damn day.....
    I still hear..
    "I'm like a bird , not a turkey"

  • Hayème Blink
    Hayème Blink 24 days ago +1


  • Hayème Blink
    Hayème Blink 24 days ago +1

    This is not just a choreography, not just a MV, this is a piece art 😍🔥.

  • Sophie Tao
    Sophie Tao 27 days ago

    as a dancer, i failed to realize how hard this dance actually was.

    yeah, i had the hardest 9 hours of my life in the studio while making a fool of myself trying to do this dance. so moral of the story, don't overestimate your dancing abilities.

    oh yeah by the way, if you guys love this song, it sounds better live. Congrats to Seventeen who performed this at KCON LA this year! everyone in p1 seated had a lot of fun. the girl next to me couldn't stop screaming and I HAD to relate. congrats guys!

  • Sarah Chiu
    Sarah Chiu 28 days ago

    bird dance is lit

  • Amira Yaasin
    Amira Yaasin 28 days ago +1

    I don't know if it is just me but I keep on hearing
    " In the air, I'll be something"
    Just me, ok

  • Watercolor
    Watercolor 29 days ago +1

    Is this supposed to have a classy and sexy vibe because it is how I feel watching the mv. The choreography is delicious and performance team really prove themselves.

  • 휴린김수지
    휴린김수지 Month ago

    Did you guys ever notice that they say i like
    Me:yeah i do then imma watch a lyrics oof it's highlight
    Edit:maybe only me hear that haha or somebody else too

  • xKousei
    xKousei Month ago


  • I Love Jisoos
    I Love Jisoos Month ago +1

    so hoshi and minghao...hmm...JEEZ HOW HOT CAN THEY BE

  • Carol Prasad
    Carol Prasad Month ago


  • Sadiol B
    Sadiol B Month ago

    One of the best songs of kpop, periodt💅

  • — almond milk
    — almond milk Month ago +1

    Junhui slays every era i tell u-

  • liza dm
    liza dm Month ago


  • Haning Teo
    Haning Teo Month ago


  • Noel Labrague
    Noel Labrague Month ago

    im like a bird not a turkey

  • augisen 55
    augisen 55 Month ago


  • starchild
    starchild Month ago +1

    Jun 💕🔥

  • Aslı Nisa Yolasığmazoğlu

    Underrated bop

  • ya girl
    ya girl Month ago

    the one with the black hair can like,, get it

  • Leilah Hadiardja
    Leilah Hadiardja Month ago +1

    This is gonna be my fave unit. Aww junhui~~

  • Ella McElroy
    Ella McElroy Month ago

    It took me so long to find this song idk why

  • Nicole Seruka
    Nicole Seruka Month ago

    Still love in 2019 😭✨✨🔥

  • Pratrick steer
    Pratrick steer Month ago

    I’m like a bird not turkey XD

  • hellodystopiia
    hellodystopiia Month ago


  • htoohtoo73
    htoohtoo73 Month ago +1

    I am like a bird not a turkey you know he right when they dance that part they are like a bird not a turkey make sense

  • B a s
    B a s Month ago

    0:17, I always fangirl on that part.

  • Amonrada Phongsai
    Amonrada Phongsai Month ago


  • Tamii blog
    Tamii blog Month ago

    2019 ???

  • Thee genius
    Thee genius Month ago +1

    This choreo is fire

  • マイアM y a
    マイアM y a Month ago

    Performance team always have the best boos don’t @ me

  • Felixs_ Elbow
    Felixs_ Elbow Month ago

    The 1.6k dislikes
    Are the jealous a.r.m.ys that want the moncarat relationship

    • Alexa Chavez
      Alexa Chavez Month ago

      Felixs_ Elbow whaaa? Jealous? Moncarat? (idk what that means)

  • István Péter Kovács

    hi haahahahah