• Published on Jan 2, 2017
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  • Taskeen Fatma
    Taskeen Fatma 15 hours ago +1

    Im a 'BIRDD' not a 'TURKEY'


    IZ*ONE TRASH Day ago


    BTS TAE JEON Day ago

    2019 ???

  • Ajda B
    Ajda B Day ago

    Can someone please introduce these 4 memebers?

    • Ajda B
      Ajda B Day ago

      @Chris Tos thank youu...i think i found my bias now. Its The8!! Man this guy has an unique name i must say

    • Chris Tos
      Chris Tos Day ago

      Jun (thumbnail)0:13,3:04(blue hair)
      Hoshi 0:40,2:00,2:52(black hair)
      The8 0:54,2:13(blonde hair)
      Dino 0:26,1:33(grey hair)

  • Uma Pessoa
    Uma Pessoa 3 days ago

    3:04 so beautiful × • ×

  • Aden Tan
    Aden Tan 3 days ago


  • NCTea.and. Suga
    NCTea.and. Suga 3 days ago

    2019 and this is still a bopppp

  • 亞麻籽
    亞麻籽 3 days ago +1

    jun on the thumbnail 🤤

  • MuLtI FaNdOm
    MuLtI FaNdOm 4 days ago +7

    2019? Anyone?

    Im like a bird not a turkey! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 福田昌彦
    福田昌彦 4 days ago


  • Renée W.
    Renée W. 4 days ago +4

    3:18 okeee...but like why is no one talking about THAT?!?! freaking minghao get your things together

  • Internacional Pop
    Internacional Pop 4 days ago

    Amo demais

  • jeonginsbraces
    jeonginsbraces 4 days ago +5

    can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Junhui is

  • Eraina Tyson
    Eraina Tyson 5 days ago

    OoOoooh tHIS is THAT song. I’m late.

  • Blink Twice
    Blink Twice 5 days ago +4

    Who else keeps replying @3:05 😍I can’t get over how peng Jun is

  • lala_127 005
    lala_127 005 6 days ago +1

    0:53 I loved

  • Angela Rosado
    Angela Rosado 6 days ago +2

    tHIS Is def one of my top songs from the Going Seventeen album and I never looked up the lyrics until literally now because it always bothered me that I never knew what that SICK ASS distorted break down was saying and I was so damn shook reading thE POETRY THAT XU MINGHAO LEFT FOR US IN CHINESE!!! The fact that SVT made the effort to include China line's home language in a song that could entirely Korean makes me love Seventeen EVEN MORE!!! And I didn't know that was possible!!! God bless Xu Minghao for providing the highlight of the song Highlight 💞💞💞

  • Watercolor
    Watercolor 8 days ago

    The moves are so clean and on point, I have nothing else to say but just enjoy it! It is hard to like Seventeen.

  • Li shen dong An chuxia

    The8 is so handsome in this song.

  • I love BTS
    I love BTS 8 days ago

    Por qué son tan visuales? ♡o♡

  • biaslight
    biaslight 9 days ago

    years will pass but i will always love this song as the first time i heard it

  • Honestly I can’t move

    0:17 I LOST IT

  • 이서
    이서 11 days ago

    미치겄다.. 명호야 너무 잘생겼ㅇㅓ.. 춤은 왤케 잘추고ㅠㅠㅠ 순영이랑 준휘랑 찬이도ㅠㅠ 너무 멋있어ㅠㅠㅠ 내가 미친다 정말 대단하다 퍼포먼스

  • Jhope ISAHOE
    Jhope ISAHOE 12 days ago


  • DankSniperBoss
    DankSniperBoss 13 days ago

    Low-Key I really like the Beats

  • Margono Sudi Haryanto
    Margono Sudi Haryanto 13 days ago

  • Margono Sudi Haryanto
    Margono Sudi Haryanto 13 days ago

    figthing to stream caratsssssssss

  • Margono Sudi Haryanto
    Margono Sudi Haryanto 13 days ago

    i miss them and i love them

  • Chanyeol's chogiwa enthusiast ;

    This song is so addicting omg, I can't stop listening to it 👀💕

  • I'm the kpop Queen jimin

    I'm like a bird...not a turkey..

  • Sophie chen
    Sophie chen 13 days ago +1

    omg I love Jun and the 8

  • Joayra Martinez
    Joayra Martinez 14 days ago


  • lujine hazineh
    lujine hazineh 14 days ago +3

    Hi guys I'm a new carat 💜❤ I love these guys so much!!

    CHONG JING XUAN 15 days ago +1

    high rice . LOL

  • Rachel Gardnerღ
    Rachel Gardnerღ 16 days ago

    Are there four main members?? I’m so confused, how many members are there? Why are there four in this and like, nine in Mansae?

    • pétale awjan
      pétale awjan 15 days ago

      @Rachel Gardnerღ yes.. they supposed to debut with 17 members but 4 members left the company and group around one year before their official debut. Instead of changing their group name, they came out with new idea which is 13+3+1=17

    • Rachel Gardnerღ
      Rachel Gardnerღ 15 days ago

      So are they all one big group?

    • pétale awjan
      pétale awjan 15 days ago +1

      They have 13 members..
      13 members + 3 teams (vocal, hip hop, performance) + 1 group added up to 17. This four members are from performance team and this is one of their team's song

  • Yashal Ahmad
    Yashal Ahmad 16 days ago

    I go crazy at 1:06

  • Hyunjin love me
    Hyunjin love me 17 days ago

    0:53 "iam like a bird,not a turkey"
    me:"no you are minhao OK"🤣🤣🤣

  • Thaemylly Davila
    Thaemylly Davila 17 days ago

    I Love you dino

  • sweetxlucas
    sweetxlucas 17 days ago

    Jun made me ask what bias is

  • Namjin Stylinson
    Namjin Stylinson 18 days ago +3

    Okay I'm wrecked again by my Bias

  • V Kook
    V Kook 18 days ago


  • V Kook
    V Kook 18 days ago


  • Manasi Banerjee
    Manasi Banerjee 18 days ago

    Me : I never knew Jun with blue hair existed 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Carol Prasad
    Carol Prasad 19 days ago +2

    Jun, I'm sori but can u stop wrecking my lyf coz I need to keep it in order but I fail when I see you!WHY ARE YOU SO🔥H🔥O🔥T🔥??

  • ajk K
    ajk K 20 days ago

    I am all about SVT PERFORMANCE UNIT. I love them❣ They are a force of four that are amazing from vocals choreography and looks❣ I hope to see more from them❣


    i literally listen to this song at least once everyday
    (don't mind the profile name)

  • Golden Mochi
    Golden Mochi 21 day ago

    Where is Woozi?

    • pétale awjan
      pétale awjan 19 days ago

      This is performance team video so woozi is not included. He's part of vocal team

  • SEA 09
    SEA 09 22 days ago

    ( 0:01 - 0:12 ) Hoshi 10:10
    Oh my !
    You so beautiful

  • Kim Chaeunhae
    Kim Chaeunhae 24 days ago

    argh, Jun killing me !!

  • CLAP's Vernon x mingyu


  • Million Miles
    Million Miles 25 days ago

    THE8 ❤️

  • Jisung Park
    Jisung Park 25 days ago +1

    I’m like a bird not turkey 😂😂😂lmao
    I’m not tryna sound mean tho 😂😂

  • Gigi Zenzel
    Gigi Zenzel 26 days ago +49

    yes, Mingahao is definitely my ultimate svt bias .

  • Luis Ros
    Luis Ros 26 days ago +1

    #SEVENTEEN 2019 💖💍💙

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 27 days ago +1

    I'M LIKE A BIRD!! not a turkey

  • Medilyn Quimson
    Medilyn Quimson 27 days ago


  • suga kookie with mochi and tae


  • Habibullah Bahar
    Habibullah Bahar 28 days ago

    Why did this song got so less views ? I am not a fan but I want to be one and this song should be a hit .

  • Christina Young
    Christina Young 29 days ago

    Most underrated kpop song EVER!

  • btsexowanna1 btsexowanna1

    Happy 4th anniversary seventeen♡

  • Evelyn Cuthbert
    Evelyn Cuthbert Month ago +1

    Is it just me or does the8 look changbin from stray kids

  • Hannah McGregor
    Hannah McGregor Month ago

    0:54, 0:58, 2:21....that's all. Thanks for listening

  • venus’s roses
    venus’s roses Month ago

    omg I feel attacked by dino in his suit

  • btsexowanna1 btsexowanna1

    Esta joyita tendria que tener mas v¡st@s

  • t e a r.
    t e a r. Month ago

    Seventeen has an impressive performance line.

  • chershoe
    chershoe Month ago

    this is kinda seventeen's best song and deserves more

  • ᄂᄅ
    ᄂᄅ Month ago


  • Verito NvP
    Verito NvP Month ago

    Awww Hoshi 💕😍

    MEDEM BANGTAN Month ago +3


  • Kenira Flowers
    Kenira Flowers Month ago

    Mindless behavior vides😭❤️

  • na ta
    na ta Month ago

    Jun 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • ULTk-popfan Stay
    ULTk-popfan Stay Month ago +1


  • choi sannie
    choi sannie Month ago

    someone said the chorus sounds like izone's highlight and now im >:( !??? it does?!

  • choi sannie
    choi sannie Month ago

    havent watched this since 2017 so,,, HI IM BACK

  • Ngọc Chung
    Ngọc Chung Month ago +1

    HIGHLIGHT!! I ❤️ Performance Team😽

  • Sandhya Narayanan
    Sandhya Narayanan Month ago +2

    None of the comments talk about Dino , so I’m gonna talk about him. He is handsome as hell and isa very talented individual,both in dancing and rapping. Lee chan,we 💖 you. You are a precious maknae

  • Zuleyma hernandez Flores

    Nomames todos estan re lindos jun es mi bias,pero nomamen se pasan de verduras las estilistas el dino ta mas bueno que el pan 😍aqui sabrosiandomelo 😍☺❤

  • NaGa Las
    NaGa Las Month ago


  • universe Lee Ji Hoon


  • Keziah Lyn
    Keziah Lyn Month ago

    0:52 i can clearly hear him saying "I'm liKe a BiRd, NoT a TuRkEy" LMAO

  • Jace Manuel
    Jace Manuel Month ago

    (I’m just stanning them now) I researched them and Google said they have 13 members when I only see 4 in here

    • pétale awjan
      pétale awjan 28 days ago

      13 (members) + 3 (teams: hip hop, vocal, performance) + 1 (group) = 17
      These four are from performance team

    • Ryza_ Playz
      Ryza_ Playz Month ago

      Jace Manuel
      Well there is really 13 members but this is only the performance team:)

  • tixhaa echanie
    tixhaa echanie Month ago

    2019 anyone? thx recommendation

  • NCT_TYtrack
    NCT_TYtrack Month ago

    Coming back to this song after a year still makes me cry

  • Marwah Mor
    Marwah Mor Month ago +1

    Why have i been sleeping on this for 2 years ?!?!

  • Lay exol
    Lay exol Month ago

    Came here after watching minghao mentors collaboration with produce trainee..
    I have to learn about seventeen..
    Honestly Chinese version were bop..

  • Dewiputri Ayeesa Qairynah Benhajar

    0:52 i'm like a bird
    My lovely part

  • Save Your Head Taeyong

    I don’t think I’ll ever be over this

  • Ms. Exo-L
    Ms. Exo-L Month ago

    3:04 I DIED

    KPOP-TV Month ago +1

    ”I’m like a bird not a turkey” Kill it ?❤️

  • vvinta
    vvinta Month ago

    So am I the only one literally feeling attacked by Jun's smirk at 0:18 ?!

  • -밝은빛해자까-

    0:52 이때부터계속 영어나오는데 그게 승관이목소리같은건 기분탓인가요?

  • Nurakmar Ali
    Nurakmar Ali Month ago

    I haven't found any svt song that i dislike so far..this especially i love the drop & beat. This is too good for the all time song. SVTxCARAT forever

  • JStepehn Cartagena Lee

    2019. here to check if the highlight ghost is still there but I guess it already disappeared🤣(talking about how the mv froze before) It was a cute ghost that makes my heart skip a beat before

  • Charles Shau
    Charles Shau Month ago


  • Jams And Sprite
    Jams And Sprite Month ago +1

    *go prime*

  • 슈가민윤기
    슈가민윤기 Month ago

    Even though the whole mv is my favorite part...
    My favorite favorite part starts from 3:05

  • Ariana Bello
    Ariana Bello Month ago

    Hoshi part is my favorite part ♥️

  • NANO Love
    NANO Love Month ago


  • Mariana Saldaña
    Mariana Saldaña Month ago

    me encanta como esta Jun y Dino

    • 슈가민윤기
      슈가민윤기 Month ago

      Hey, are you carat?? Can you please help me out a bit :3?? Who's the guy who says "I'm a bird (not a turkey)"?

  • Zone Seven
    Zone Seven Month ago

    High Rice 🍚