Draymond Green Postgame Interview - Game 2 | Trail Blazers vs Warriors | 2019 NBA Playoffs

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors - Game 2 | Western Conference Finals WCF | May 16, 2019 NBA Playoffs
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Comments • 247

  • Syberz2
    Syberz2 Month ago

    This the best player in the NBA statistically.

  • Supreme Unicorn
    Supreme Unicorn Month ago

    252 comments an all very positive, I'm happy most people realise what monster gem Draymond is #DG

  • Lamar Da'Superstar
    Lamar Da'Superstar Month ago

    Draymond definitely invited to my cookout!

  • Mr.Muhumuza
    Mr.Muhumuza Month ago

    Draymond is so chill in the press room! Reporter love it :)

  • Melvin Bridgewater
    Melvin Bridgewater Month ago

    This Is So Funny I Have Read All The Texts People Have Sent. Good Lookin On The Constructive Criticism Offer Solutions To Situations. Others Like Callin Him Shrek While They Are Really Just An Ass Themselves Mad At How His Life Is.

  • Mike Pollak
    Mike Pollak Month ago

    Evvvvvverryyy fuckking body talks shit on D-mon all yr round, then the playoffs come and ery1 shuts tf up real quick, until he kick someone in the nuts again obv. But strictly basketball...

  • cbkm0
    cbkm0 Month ago +1

    Wow, Draymond is def the smartest player I've seen in these postgame interviews. Such detailed answers.

  • Stevan Choo
    Stevan Choo Month ago +2

    Draymond is the best player on the warriors and the best defender to ever play the game

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia Month ago

    He should get more technicals, seems the refs are fucking scared of him

  • Charles Eya'a
    Charles Eya'a Month ago

    The "Draymaker". IQ Basketball.

  • MrEazy7468
    MrEazy7468 Month ago +2

    Take Dray off instead of Durant and then things would change. Draymond is their utility guy, Mr. Do Everything!

  • M. C.
    M. C. Month ago

    10:18 what happened?

  • Joe Hall
    Joe Hall Month ago +1

    0:30 if green is on the court they will win title. Kd is just a bonus. Knicks should celebrate!!!!

  • M. C.
    M. C. Month ago

    7:32 I wonder if Harrison Barnes sees this and wishes he was still on the Warriors?

  • M. C.
    M. C. Month ago

    6:56 is a bad question. Every team plays not to mess up, it's the NBA. The goal is to win, not to mess up. Draymond did a great job answering this question, but reporting should be unbiased and this guy sounded like he was egging Draymond to take the bait.

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia Month ago +2

    Wow great interview, the reporters are making great questions, great answers too!

  • Champange Roccy
    Champange Roccy Month ago

    That DG starter jacket is flames

    ONESnTWOS Month ago +2

    Dray is replacing Charles Barkley when he retires

  • Dubswirl30
    Dubswirl30 Month ago

    Draymond and iggy the THRASH brothas...they be givin the bizness on defense i mean damn... ever since the start of the Houston series they be merciless. They the difference maker in these close ass games. Klay and steph I’ll put up the score volumes... but these dudes shut down the opposition to give the dubs a chance

  • barebp
    barebp Month ago +2

    This is probably one of the best post game interviews he gave

  • 5thSealBeats
    5thSealBeats Month ago +1

    Draymon is gonna be a great coach , his IQ is like no other.., or NBA sports announcers with Shaquille and Charles at the desk at halftime and post game reporters ,the man is a natural with the public / media

  • Jai Jai
    Jai Jai Month ago +1

    Draymond, is the best definition of hardwork and enthusiasm..he might not be as skilled as other starplayers, but hes definitely the guy you want on your team because of his bball IQ and hardwork,loves to make his teammate looks good, and do anything what it takes to win..

  • Kenneth Harrison
    Kenneth Harrison Month ago

    future hall of famer no doubt

  • Jubilee Artist Music Management _ngo

    Like Mama said "Let Draymond be Draymond" love the guy

  • DJOE.E
    DJOE.E Month ago

    Hood lookin' my baby

  • PH ETC
    PH ETC Month ago +2

    if steph and klay is the splash brothers
    this guy right here is the flash

  • Ruben Gutierrez
    Ruben Gutierrez Month ago

    Draymond's a free agent after the season's over. Go to the Lakers!

  • Ruben Gutierrez
    Ruben Gutierrez Month ago +1

    Until this very day. I can't believe that Draymond Green was a second-round pick for the Golden State Warriors. Green is one of three players on the Warriors roster that's responsible for three NBA titles out of the last four years! It's crazy! That's why Draymond Green stills plays with a chip on his shoulder because he was a second round pick! D. Green should've been a first-round pick, he kind of reminds me of Magic Johnson because he went to Michigan State!

  • Jay Koh
    Jay Koh Month ago +2

    Mark schwartz asks the stupidest questions

  • AreLL Lio
    AreLL Lio Month ago +3

    Hands down best player tonight.
    ESP watch last 4min !! All Draymond !

  • James Holden
    James Holden Month ago

    Draymond is a great speaker

  • Alejandro Jaime
    Alejandro Jaime Month ago

    Still sucks

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin Month ago

    Man they really have 5 future #HOF 🀯

  • anonym who
    anonym who Month ago

    Jesus fucking Cristos does anyone else acknowledge the brilliance this man is dropping!?!? Feels like I should be paying to listen to this interview. I'd ban him from doing interviews if I was Kerr Just hearing this segment evolved my way of looking at intuitive defense and offensive options. Stop talking Draymond your also educating your opponents

  • anonym who
    anonym who Month ago +3

    Can't wait to see Coach Draymond Green one day. His team will have the highest basketball iq ever. No doubt he hold his players to their highest potential. He never tells you what you want to hear always tell you what you need to hear. If you get offended you must not want to win at the highest level possible.

  • Cem Asdf
    Cem Asdf Month ago

    Love this guy

  • Vo Kendrick
    Vo Kendrick Month ago

    Golden State doesn't need Kevin Durant to win.

  • A jay cool Ken
    A jay cool Ken Month ago +2

    Draymond Green is the goat, ( no cap ).

  • ChicagoRilla
    ChicagoRilla Month ago

    Dray Day Been hooping

  • xXKoPeRXx
    xXKoPeRXx Month ago +7

    First time watching Draymond's interviews. He seems really intelligent and articulate wow

  • DrcJr77
    DrcJr77 Month ago +1

    Dray also played amazing , How many blocks, steals, and rebounds did he have? I would love to talk to this dude. I never have to turn up the volume to hear him speak. Never!

  • dwayne jamal
    dwayne jamal Month ago

    oh now he is chill and good? where the haters at? i swear they was hating on him just recently

  • Pacino Rules
    Pacino Rules Month ago +13

    Amazing. Steph is adequate on defense, but Klay, Draymond and Andre are stellar. Klay is inconsistent on offense, but KD is a model of consistency. Draymond is average on offense, but KD, Steph and Klay make up for it. IQ through the charts by all the players. Through the draft, great coaching and some luck, they have built a perfectly balanced team.

  • deiondre0
    deiondre0 Month ago +11

    Most reporters: Asking relevant questions about Draymond's play and the Warriors
    ESPN: How do you feel about Steph and Seth playing against each other

  • C U
    C U Month ago +4

    Damn did Dray do film study in the locker room. Can't under estimate the warriors mentally being smart

  • Caleb Sanders
    Caleb Sanders Month ago

    No KD? No Problem

  • Hey Mikey
    Hey Mikey Month ago +2

    Dray should def attack more often...it seemed kind of easy for him!!! Stay aggressive!!!

  • Hey Mikey
    Hey Mikey Month ago +4

    Dray is an impact player!!! He def needs a hefty contract!!! Steph may be the leader but Dray is the voice/heart&soul of this team!!! Every team needs a Dray!!! πŸ’―!!!

  • Kenyata Jones
    Kenyata Jones Month ago +2

    Pay this man Draymond can be on my team he does it all

  • sergiola310
    sergiola310 Month ago

    Michigan State..

  • Edwin Brown
    Edwin Brown Month ago

    One of the few ole school players in this spread the court era. Unsung hero of this team.

  • Kono Dio Da
    Kono Dio Da Month ago +2

    Draymond looks thinner than the start of the season, he really take care of his bodt

  • Last_ Quazar
    Last_ Quazar Month ago +10

    This guy gave the most realest and truthful response to these reporters

  • Chad Marco
    Chad Marco Month ago +4

    You can tell he's pleased with himself.

  • Kay diva
    Kay diva Month ago +1


  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown Month ago +7

    πŸ˜‚ this dude is something else.But he keep it πŸ’―

  • Idiotic Tirades
    Idiotic Tirades Month ago

    Everyone says that KD won't be back but Demarcus will be. What's really fucked up for the rest of the league is Demarcus fits within the system.

  • Idiotic Tirades
    Idiotic Tirades Month ago

    The unsung Warrior along with Iguodala. And what bitchπŸ–•. Management, this man needs to retire a Warrior.

  • im probably going to jail

    he seems like a super genuine guy that youd want as a friend

  • Aquilla Steele
    Aquilla Steele Month ago +2

    Draymond keep up with the good work

  • Adrian Gomez
    Adrian Gomez Month ago +5

    " Momma, there goes that man..."

  • Adrian Gomez
    Adrian Gomez Month ago +15

    Yo, I watched this interview more than a few times, and if you take time to watch the interviews with Kerr and Curry and Thompson; you would pick up on what the core meaning of, " Strength in numbers ".
    At no point does anyone take credit for, OR, place blame on anyone at all. The mental disposition of them as a team, is something to be studied and respected. #PEEPGAME

    • Adrian Gomez
      Adrian Gomez Month ago +1

      @Akash Sharma not to mention; HALL OF FAMERS... Emotion is emotion, but game is game. The Warriors are like the Wu Tang clan; " ain't nothing to F**k with "

    • Akash Sharma
      Akash Sharma Month ago +1

      If you watch their interviews after every game like I do, you will notice this trend all the time, they all believe in what they have built AS A TEAM, but all the haters see is "4 alL STarS"

  • Angel Lee
    Angel Lee Month ago +1

    He sweet

  • Im JP23
    Im JP23 Month ago

    πŸ™„Trump supporters at their best. Portland deserves to advance πŸ’―πŸŽ‰πŸŽ―πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

    • Im JP23
      Im JP23 Month ago

      He's always been heel. Lighten up

    • Im JP23
      Im JP23 Month ago

      You're a catfish, stop.

    • Andre Sanchez
      Andre Sanchez Month ago

      Think, then re-think before you post πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Adrian Gomez
    Adrian Gomez Month ago +4

    " We been here before... "
    ( Mic drop )

  • Johan Rijhkelaar
    Johan Rijhkelaar Month ago +28

    This guy here is a MASSIVE piece of Warriors success, his work rate and competitiveness is admirable

    • Adrian Gomez
      Adrian Gomez Month ago +1

      I couldn't agree with you more man! They are 27-1 when he has a triple- double, and when he isn't playing, they struggle in more ways than one. I absolutely admire the selflessness of Draymond and the I.Q. that dude operates with. He knows his options and he knows what the best move is under pressure. Not to mention the fire power that is at his disposal...

  • Snoop Brown
    Snoop Brown Month ago +3

    C'mon DRAYMOND!!!!! We will deal wit that summer stuff when it comes...

  • Alberto Velazquez
    Alberto Velazquez Month ago +2

    Draymond (player-coach) Green!

  • mahlane petrus
    mahlane petrus Month ago +1

    They never coming back

  • Adrian Gomez
    Adrian Gomez Month ago +25

    There isn't another player in the game that does, or is, for their team, what Draymond Green is, and does for the Warriors! Hands down, you would be hard pressed to find a facilitator in the game today. He's like Dennis Rodman without the wedding dress and Carmen Electra. I love this dude cause he loves it when you hate him, and that is the wind that pushes the sails. #MEANGREEN!!!

  • J A
    J A Month ago +56

    Draymond”I hope Seth miss every shot and get destroyed by steph,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Kram ynohtna ocsa Nairac

    #23DG has a very bright future... He will become one of the famous head coach in NBA. God bless my GSW family... Keep it up always.

  • BESTpart Capture
    BESTpart Capture Month ago +8

    I love this: "we can erase 8pts in a minute"

  • IRideMarta Speaks
    IRideMarta Speaks Month ago

    Dray is a real professional passionate at times but any team should want to have him on their team

  • Pomokid
    Pomokid Month ago +1

    The reporter at 10:26 always sounds like he has a mouth full of food

  • Daniel Sherazi
    Daniel Sherazi Month ago +29

    One of the best post-game interviews I have ever heard.

    • Jason Alan
      Jason Alan Month ago


  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson Month ago +2

    Who's that chick at 6:55. I think she's mad cute.

  • Gregory Robinson
    Gregory Robinson Month ago +1


  • Shay Ponts
    Shay Ponts Month ago +6

    I have gained a new respect for Draymond after watching his interviews. He is articulate and his basketball knowledge is out of this world. I feel that he has grown a lot in maturity since costing them a championship. I miss the old Warriors - THESE Warriors (kinda)
    I want Kevin Durant to be healthy soon, and I also want to see GS win this year's Finals without him for fans, like myself, who fell in love with their ball movement and beautiful team work AND to shut up Charles Barkley and the rest of the naysayers. I know they're mutually exclusive, but a woman can dream, right?

  • fuck da police
    fuck da police Month ago +1

    Defensive goat

  • Michelle Branch
    Michelle Branch Month ago +2

    Draymond MVP!

  • Pg 13 for ThE liTtLe KiDSz

    This man should carry the ball down the court every time. When they play on the road. He sees all

  • Samuel Amadi
    Samuel Amadi Month ago +5

    Dray Smart!

  • KennyD
    KennyD Month ago +14

    As a Blazer fan, this is what separates Steph and Klay from Dame and CJ: they’ve got Draymond. He was the difference tonight. Hate him on the Warriors, but I’d love him on the Blazers. We need an enforcer/defensive specialist/energy guy.Also it’s no coincidence Warriors went on their championship run when Draymond was inserted into the starting lineup.

    • Adrian Gomez
      Adrian Gomez Month ago


      IVORIAN KING Month ago

      Yes he is the ultimate difference, when they trap dame there is no Draymond to go 4 on 3

    • Brian Ortiz
      Brian Ortiz Month ago

      KennyD As a Warriors fan, happy Kanter didn’t play because he was dominating us. Wish we had someone who can rebound like him offensively and defensively

  • K O
    K O Month ago +101

    Most thought he was overrated, that is just ridiculous... I will continue to say, The man is a Leader a Beast, much respect.

    • Arthur Anderson
      Arthur Anderson Month ago

      @Ricardo Garcia
      Bullshit!! If he's NOT!!! I don't know who is more deserving especially defensively except maybe Klay.

    • angelsintahoe
      angelsintahoe Month ago +1

      @Ricardo Garcia Stats don't tell the whole story brother. A lot goes on that doesn't show up but impacts the game.

    • Ricardo Garcia
      Ricardo Garcia Month ago

      OMG put him in New York and he is garbage!! He is blessed for being in GS

    • Ricardo Garcia
      Ricardo Garcia Month ago

      Not this year, 7 points a game! Please

    • YEET
      YEET Month ago +1

      @Ricardo Garcia he is an all star tho

  • Frank D97E
    Frank D97E Month ago +7

    Dray calling Andre "Dre" threw me off big time. Am I the only one that got confused thinking he was confused?

    • Andre Sanchez
      Andre Sanchez Month ago

      I was confused as well. Thought he had passed it to himself at some point O.o ...which honestly he could probably pull off, haha.

    • 510jesus
      510jesus Month ago +2

      @Frank D97E I am taken aback by your sudden resignation. I so graciously accept the victory πŸ™‚

    • Frank D97E
      Frank D97E Month ago

      @510jesus At this point we have digressed well beyond my original point, so I concede.

    • 510jesus
      510jesus Month ago

      @Frank D97E I don't know, I just figured if you're confused assuming you live in the Americas I could only imagine what the people in China must have thought. Just look at what they call the Greek Freak (Alphabet dude) in case you didn't know πŸ˜‚

    • Frank D97E
      Frank D97E Month ago

      @510jesus lol. There is no Dre in Mandarin (I speak it)... So perhaps in Cantonese?

  • Chloey Morris
    Chloey Morris Month ago +14

    Dray earning his money.

  • Dre M
    Dre M Month ago +65

    One of the smartest players in the league.... future GM or coach

  • MisterBinx
    MisterBinx Month ago +1

    Blazers can beat this team in Portland. Refs ain't gonna give Curry all his flops and Blazers will ice the game with those open shots. Warriors giving up so many good shots Blazers just missed. This was Warriors getting lucky.

    • blackeyedbird -
      blackeyedbird - Month ago +1

      Blazers can definitely win one at home, but I'm afraid not the four games out of five remaining they need, I'm banking on a 4-1 or 4-2 Warriors

    • Adrian Gomez
      Adrian Gomez Month ago

      No they can't. They got a better shot at coming in 3rd in a three man race.
      They're gonna have to work harder than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

    • Last_ Quazar
      Last_ Quazar Month ago

      At very best, Blazers can win at home court but Warriors gonna finish it in 5

    • Adrian Gomez
      Adrian Gomez Month ago

      Sounds like Paul Pierce talking about the Celtics after game 1. Just remember, you bet with your wallet; not your heart. Enjoy the finals bro.

    • Brian Ortiz
      Brian Ortiz Month ago

      MisterBinx blazers suck dude, DAme and the other dude choke so much

  • Dan Alx
    Dan Alx Month ago +94

    I like how straightforward his answers are πŸ˜‚

  • Gary Collier
    Gary Collier Month ago

    95% of black Americans have Madagascar DNA in them.Do your research. NBA strong

  • Beverly Palomino
    Beverly Palomino Month ago +5

    The Curry Parents Reminds me of The Jeter,,, Proud Parents πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Gary Collier
    Gary Collier Month ago

    Us Madagascar Americans are dominating the NBA.

    • blackeyedbird -
      blackeyedbird - Month ago

      @Gary Collier Not. 'Collier' means 'necklace/garland/collar' in French.

    • Gary Collier
      Gary Collier Month ago

      @510jesus Collier is English thank you.

    • 510jesus
      510jesus Month ago

      Collier is French, you're not original πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Drence tv
    Drence tv Month ago +44

    Very underrated player great defender and playmaker

    • Brian Ortiz
      Brian Ortiz Month ago

      SargentPeppers7 no he can’t stay in front of guards

    • burt7837
      burt7837 Month ago

      @Brian Ortiz salt

    • SargentPeppers7
      SargentPeppers7 Month ago

      @Brian Ortiz he literally can defend every position bro

    • Brian Ortiz
      Brian Ortiz Month ago

      Drence tv not really, more so overrated defender and playmaking isn’t hard with Klay and Curry

  • Beverly Palomino
    Beverly Palomino Month ago +4

    Someone said that the worriers can’t win without KD? You know who you are,,, Mr.A

    • Ira Bonta
      Ira Bonta Month ago

      they been winning without him n he knows that kd

  • Bereket Haile
    Bereket Haile Month ago +9

    Dry is always my favorite player. Smart and intelligent player! Hopefully, I will see you a coach after you retire.

    ROHIT GOEL Month ago +39

    Smartest player on the floor.

    • Quinton Lee
      Quinton Lee Month ago +3

      Yup he’s the glue to gsw without him it doesn’t work at all. He does so much and detail. He does all the dirty work too

  • justinofhudson
    justinofhudson Month ago +92

    Draymond takes so much crap from people ( of course some is deserved) but he is such an intelligent and insightful dude after all the yelling and screaming is done. I really hope he ends up as a coach, I think he'd be great

  • Jason Tuscaloosa
    Jason Tuscaloosa Month ago +13

    He could easily be player of the game... 16 pts 10 reb 7 assists 5 blocks... 8-12 shooting.

    • marius okubo
      marius okubo Month ago +2

      SanctumGaming Q you clearly are basketball stupid 😏

    • marius okubo
      marius okubo Month ago +1

      Jason Tuscaloosa big numbers for him. Mad respect

    • SanctumGaming Q
      SanctumGaming Q Month ago +1

      "Draymond is thrash , KD is carrying this team"

    NANET NANET Month ago +1

    Donkey's dirty plays won the game

    • IRideMarta Speaks
      IRideMarta Speaks Month ago +1

      NANET NANET fuck you

    • Brian Ortiz
      Brian Ortiz Month ago

      Erich Dewald I played against him in high school and I had a career high when he guarded me

    • Jason Tuscaloosa
      Jason Tuscaloosa Month ago +1

      You sound ignorant & bitter...

    • Erich Dewald
      Erich Dewald Month ago +1

      @NANET NANET i watched him play in highschool, Dray is a true talent on both sides of the ball, you're just a hater. And clearly he's got more class than you do

      NANET NANET Month ago

      @Odin666 his breath stank that's why no one wants to be close to him. Yeah good defenseπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚