Chris Pratt Confused About Kimmel Booking

  • Published on Jan 8, 2015
  • We book a lot of celebrities on the show and there have been a few times when guests have been scheduled and haven’t shown up. Jimmy was in his office today and kind of the opposite of that happened.
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    Chris Pratt Confused About Kimmel Booking
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Comments • 816

  • Angel Pratt
    Angel Pratt Day ago


  • Angel Pratt
    Angel Pratt Day ago

    My last namd is Pratt toooo

  • Kathy Swisher
    Kathy Swisher Day ago

    I call my brother Jimmy Kimmel

  • radha ramani vasam
    radha ramani vasam 11 days ago


  • Habituar
    Habituar 12 days ago

    This feels like every job interview I've ever been on lol

  • Masooma Fatima
    Masooma Fatima 13 days ago

    how did kimmel make only 6 min interview with chris....if i were kimmel i would make 2 hrs interview with chris..he is so cute😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • TalonGB
    TalonGB 13 days ago

    Lotions: ✅
    Laptop: ✅
    Tissues: ✅

  • Brent Somme
    Brent Somme 17 days ago

    No one is gunna care but I have a aunt Linda

  • nic wilkins
    nic wilkins 17 days ago


  • Tanner Bennett
    Tanner Bennett 27 days ago

    Why doesn’t he have a door to his bathroom? The curtain isn’t going to do much to block out noise or smell 😂

  • kevin elliott
    kevin elliott 28 days ago

    Not remotely funny at all

  • Ramon Colondres
    Ramon Colondres 28 days ago

    Jimmy without the beard reminds me of the " the man show" days he did with Carson Daly.

  • Frank Maitland
    Frank Maitland Month ago

    Bang one out

  • Thegreenarrow39 CW
    Thegreenarrow39 CW Month ago

    F in star lord........

  • Shania Adittee
    Shania Adittee Month ago

    God! 😂😂😂

  • Kamron Eytcheson
    Kamron Eytcheson Month ago

    Chris pratt is bae....

  • Amanda A
    Amanda A Month ago

    Guillermo in his wife beater

  • Fuckun Damouth
    Fuckun Damouth Month ago

    He get divorced because he wanted to bang jimmy

  • Shannon Banger
    Shannon Banger Month ago

    “Christmas Tra-dishes” sent me 😭😂

  • Shannon Banger
    Shannon Banger Month ago

    “What do you do, do you snort it ?” Sis I-

  • bdeTONKA10
    bdeTONKA10 Month ago

    This isn’t Chris Pratt that’s Andy Dwyer
    Watched P and R like 5 times all 7 seasons

  • Newt Scamander
    Newt Scamander Month ago

    Bowties are cool!

  • Good omen
    Good omen Month ago

    This was so by accident and Chris got it so wrong that it was on camera

  • Ethan Moody
    Ethan Moody Month ago

    Andy Dwyer

  • Josh Lyons
    Josh Lyons 2 months ago

    jimmy has like 8 bottles of fuckin jergins

  • cecorra
    cecorra 2 months ago

    the second bathroom was mentioned I thought Reindeer

  • Ottawa3453
    Ottawa3453 2 months ago

    So high maintenance :P

  • روائع wonders
    روائع wonders 2 months ago

    I love Chris Pratt but I think he was trying too hard here to be funny bad script I'm disappointed

  • Liam Fenelon
    Liam Fenelon 2 months ago

    Funny part is I just saw infinity war

  • Brian
    Brian 2 months ago

    Chris is a really good actor

  • meekley personperson
    meekley personperson 2 months ago

    Jimmys desk scares me

  • tom
    tom 2 months ago

    this is like the start of a pornhub premium video

  • Valencia Vazquez
    Valencia Vazquez 2 months ago

    Jimmy seemed a little angry at Guillermo at the beginning.

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James 2 months ago

    This is so funny

  • Madison Fuller
    Madison Fuller 3 months ago

    How does Chris Pratt not age ❤️

  • Jerry McDreamy
    Jerry McDreamy 3 months ago +3

    “What’s happening?”
    “Good, how you doin?”

    Speech 100

  • Ccurhomie
    Ccurhomie 3 months ago

    Ok and

  • quiksilver0000
    quiksilver0000 3 months ago

    Guillermo appearing in his fugly dad singlet made me burst out laughing xD

  • Christian McMahon
    Christian McMahon 3 months ago

    “You mean have sex?”
    “No. I mean- Maybe”

  • Jennifer Gomez
    Jennifer Gomez 3 months ago

    Chris Pratt just keeps getting hotter and hotter. 😍

  • mikei
    mikei 3 months ago

    Omg chris prat jumping with excitement is so cute

  • razan stilinski
    razan stilinski 3 months ago

    “Christmas tradition, more like Christmas tradishes”
    -Chris Pratt’s aunt lynda


  • razan stilinski
    razan stilinski 3 months ago

    I was laughing so hard 😂 😂

  • Janine moss
    Janine moss 3 months ago

    "What is this, do you snort it?"
    "No, put it in coffee i think"

  • Mikan Art
    Mikan Art 3 months ago

    How many lotions does he need lol?)

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 3 months ago


  • LivingTheSaltLife
    LivingTheSaltLife 3 months ago

    I love Chris Pratt; I don't care who is booked, cancel them all and have him instead every time!

  • Kaski
    Kaski 3 months ago


  • Mr Dave
    Mr Dave 3 months ago

    New book just came out...
    Skit Suckage, by Jimmy Camel.

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 3 months ago

    I’d have sex 😂

  • Shalynn Hillier
    Shalynn Hillier 3 months ago

    This is hilarious

  • Blaise Emrys
    Blaise Emrys 4 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel completely out of his depth for once... 😂

  • Maxine Omarr
    Maxine Omarr 4 months ago

    Chris Pratt is the adult human version of Finn from Adventure Time. Change my mind.

  • Chris Flores
    Chris Flores 4 months ago

    Wow how incredibly boring.
    I thought it was going to be good but it wasn't.

  • Barnabas Yeoh
    Barnabas Yeoh 4 months ago

    OMG hahaha, so cringey but so good.

  • robspunk
    robspunk 4 months ago

    Need to change the vid title to "Chris Pratt, not being funny again''

  • Boom PaTuCara
    Boom PaTuCara 4 months ago

    I think Kimmel is the best i didnt used to like late night shows until i saw an episode of Jimmy Kimmel, more interaction and more fun, and not that fake laugh like the other Jimmy...

  • Mark Zuckerberg
    Mark Zuckerberg 4 months ago

    “Let’s just bang one out”
    “You mean sex?”
    “No... ....... ....Maybe...”

  • Mark Hill
    Mark Hill 4 months ago

    1:25 Let's bang one out! Hahaha

  • Akshara Nair
    Akshara Nair 4 months ago

    Chris Pratt is so cute ❤

    AKSHAT JAJOO 4 months ago

    Talk about awkward!😂

  • Laverne Blaszczyk
    Laverne Blaszczyk 4 months ago

    Dad bod

  • nocodeNH
    nocodeNH 4 months ago

    5:12 I'm literally crying here!!

  • Tessa D
    Tessa D 4 months ago +1

    Chris Pratt is so handsome I'm losing my mind

  • Videos
    Videos 4 months ago +1

    that's soooo fake smh the camera was in the office before Chris came in... what a coincidence... hmmm

  • BananaHopper
    BananaHopper 4 months ago

    This must have been very awkward...... Or just acted out.

  • Angelique Tomlin
    Angelique Tomlin 4 months ago

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  • Thomas Andrews
    Thomas Andrews 5 months ago

    A wild starlord appeard

  • Yen
    Yen 5 months ago

    Well, Chris, you ain't married anymore... :( So sure

  • Mikhael Tayag
    Mikhael Tayag 5 months ago

    sad bcoz they couldn't do the same for Matt Damon hahaha

  • James Kfir
    James Kfir 5 months ago

    this how I know they duck each other in Hollywood it's so subtle

  • sam jest
    sam jest 5 months ago

    Oh dear, I hope he didn't forget his bow ties

  • grant eilers
    grant eilers 5 months ago

    Allot of lotion on his work desk

  • Ben Holden Wilby
    Ben Holden Wilby 5 months ago

    This is honestly so much better than most of the SNL sketches

  • Anthony Paredes
    Anthony Paredes 5 months ago

    no move for Chris Pratt :( love you bro

  • Srinivas V
    Srinivas V 5 months ago

    There's no door to the bathroom?

  • Adrianna Ruiz
    Adrianna Ruiz 5 months ago


  • 몽 몽
    몽 몽 5 months ago +1

    Anyone else here in 2018 and is sad that Chris isn't "me too" anymore...? :(

  • Jordy Raul
    Jordy Raul 5 months ago

    1:28 Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • leilan.y
    leilan.y 5 months ago

    hes so adorable

  • C Jones
    C Jones 5 months ago

    3:47 Siri.

  • Kaitlyn Cumberland
    Kaitlyn Cumberland 5 months ago

    I love how there’s just a bass clarinet randomly

  • ingrid tillman
    ingrid tillman 5 months ago

    🤤😫😫crisp rat

  • Typhis19
    Typhis19 5 months ago

    I had no idea you spoke english toshi

  • andre cospin
    andre cospin 5 months ago

    Chris Pratt held them hostage

  • 13Wayz
    13Wayz 5 months ago


  • Frendh
    Frendh 5 months ago

    Well done.

  • destro513
    destro513 5 months ago +1

    OHMYGD. When he was bang one out, wait what are we talking. I freaking died. Pratt is gold

  • Kurtis Blow
    Kurtis Blow 5 months ago

    Not funny. Try again.

  • abigailschneider1
    abigailschneider1 5 months ago

    but why was aunt linda doing the dishes if she's hurt

  • Tekni Kaal
    Tekni Kaal 5 months ago

    Isn't the character guillermo racist?is Kimmel stereotyping Mexicans?

  • 2 Time BrainSurg Survivor/RareDisease Fighter

    Hahah I love it...”what do ya do with this ya snort it” 😂 lol he cracks me up. Nothing better than a man with a sense of humor who can make you laugh always and then be sexy on top of it?! Wooooooweeeeeee

  • king cat99
    king cat99 5 months ago

    It's funny because I could actually imagine this really happen

  • Penguin9541 Gaming
    Penguin9541 Gaming 5 months ago

    that's a nice bass clarinet

  • Quinnn Mannocci
    Quinnn Mannocci 5 months ago

    😖😖😖😖😖 cringe

  • Thatdrunkguyyousawlast Weekwithapotato

    This is painfully funny and awkward to watch 😂😂😂

  • Richard Spikman
    Richard Spikman 6 months ago

    How can you be that damn funny and never laugh?

  • Kirstinian
    Kirstinian 6 months ago

    how can Chris play such serious roles like in Jurassic Park when he is pure 110% Andy

  • iTzMajor
    iTzMajor 6 months ago

    i see star-lord

  • CRISTAW Productions
    CRISTAW Productions 6 months ago

    It's a bass clarinet