Real vs Candy Cane Challenge // Clam-Flavored Candy Canes?!


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  • Gamer33
    Gamer33 Hour ago

    When are you guys gonna have your own TV show or something xD

  • TilT_Emoji
    TilT_Emoji Hour ago

    Pickles are good don’t know what they are talking about

  • RussianSpuds
    RussianSpuds Hour ago


  • Allyson Whittington
    Allyson Whittington 3 hours ago

    Eric:THIS IS SUPER PICKLY (is talking about a real pickle)
    Me: Bruh your talking about a pickle so of course it is going to be pickly

  • Stephani Stuckey
    Stephani Stuckey 4 hours ago

    WHOS ABUSING MY PICKLES?!?! I love pickles!

  • 100 Subscribers With No Videos

    Gravy and Bacon is any southerner’s dream

  • Gio Maccarone
    Gio Maccarone 5 hours ago

    For Vat19, Could I be hired in a couple of years?

  • Auguste Slavinskaite
    Auguste Slavinskaite 6 hours ago

    👍 end👎

  • mate vin
    mate vin 6 hours ago

    1 December is the National Day of Romania (where i live)

  • Luka The Demon
    Luka The Demon 7 hours ago

    5:01 made me laugh

  • DiamondICE 544
    DiamondICE 544 7 hours ago

    The New Best Thing:
    Tomato Flavor Candy Cane

  • Rachel Spenader
    Rachel Spenader 8 hours ago

    Anybody December 8

  • 三輪枝里
    三輪枝里 9 hours ago

    Do you like real or candy cane or gummy or real alive

  • Dragonare 17
    Dragonare 17 11 hours ago

    I would not complain if I had an orange chicken
    They are both my favorites

  • SrmegamanBr
    SrmegamanBr 11 hours ago

    Mac & cheese are awesome, not disgusting

    SOFIABIKE BOYZ 12 hours ago

    Why does every body doesn't like pickles

  • DJ Gaming
    DJ Gaming 13 hours ago

    Wait why is eric here didnt he leave

  • Christine Leron
    Christine Leron 13 hours ago

    “Its Authenthic”

  • Lexie Green
    Lexie Green 13 hours ago

    Who eats yankeyy candell sorry i dont know how to spell😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Miss Memes-alot
    Miss Memes-alot 15 hours ago

    I'm eating a candy cane right now lol

  • Irann
    Irann 16 hours ago

    why the fuck didn't they say meaty and sweety

  • ZGBoss
    ZGBoss 22 hours ago

    Your just lucky your stumick dose not have tast buds o dear god I that was me

  • Justin Mahood
    Justin Mahood 23 hours ago +1

    This is real or were running out of ideas

  • PollyWaffle
    PollyWaffle Day ago +1

    *Santa at the end of the video* - HeY kIdS. YoU WaNt A cAnDyCaNE!?

  • Jazmariah Rivera

    They make mint Oreos

  • Isaac RBLX
    Isaac RBLX Day ago

    Whoever sees this please consider subscribing to my channel :) it means the world to me! I am trying to get 200 or more subs by the end of 2018. Please help me out! Thank you!

  • Clorox wipes
    Clorox wipes Day ago +1

    *Am I tickling your pickle?*

  • Carl Samson
    Carl Samson Day ago

    Clam and pickle actually sound pretty good

  • Brian Hood
    Brian Hood Day ago

    Who else was rubbing there Pp at 2:30

  • Kris Schmale
    Kris Schmale Day ago

    4:10 is so fake

  • Dominfo
    Dominfo Day ago

    3:05 Who else was like.. IT'S A PICKLE WHAT DO YOU EXPECT

  • Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson Day ago

    You killed pickle rick! ☹️ 6:20

  • George Washington

    How does he know what a yanke candle taste like

  • Baby-Girl Mariano

    I actually LOVE clam

  • Kikitian :P
    Kikitian :P Day ago

    Im from sweden and you guyse say swedish fish we say ”fisk”

  • Amanda Corn
    Amanda Corn Day ago

    I’m Swedish but not a fish 🐟

  • Dragon Bab
    Dragon Bab Day ago

    Now whenever they do these types of videos, whenever Eric has to spin, he’s gonna get flashbacks of pickles..

  • Chezca Villota
    Chezca Villota Day ago

    I am offended
    Am I the only one who likes pickles here??😂😂

  • got2bgk2010
    got2bgk2010 Day ago


  • Issacharlie !
    Issacharlie ! Day ago

    You guys should do “vegan food or not vegan food”

  • CJ CMC
    CJ CMC Day ago

    How calm Eric is back??

  • K O
    K O Day ago

    My dad works for Oreo cookies and there’s a flavor called Peppermint Bark to answer yourquestion

    STNOWTA Day ago +1

    I ship Jonara/Karon

  • Gaming Piano
    Gaming Piano Day ago

    happy hanuka

  • B and B Gaming
    B and B Gaming Day ago

    I used to dip my Oreos in dr.pepper because my fam never had milk

  • Zoe Guerra
    Zoe Guerra Day ago

    go to smash burger they have a pepermint oreo shake. soooooooo gooooood

  • Robb Garrett
    Robb Garrett Day ago

    I have been watching you for to years

  • Orion Comeau
    Orion Comeau Day ago

    HAAHAAHAHAHA tickling my pickle

  • Weird Em Apokalypse

    Wow Joey looks like Cap in Infinty War with that beard 🤓

  • Olivia Lau
    Olivia Lau Day ago

    They MADE peppermint oreos but it discontinued but I still eat it 😏

  • Sadie Hunter
    Sadie Hunter Day ago

    Make a giant gummy candy cane in different flavours

  • RedDewottFoxyFlareon2067 RedAndRainbowEevee

    I wish Princessstarfir1103, Dispirited Dragonn, Skid-do, Liza, and me will work at Vat19

  • Georgia Aubrey
    Georgia Aubrey Day ago

    I would have the oreo and the dr pepper ANY day xD

  • nick slayer46
    nick slayer46 Day ago

    man if coryxkenshin was here he would buy swedish candy canes

  • Priyanga Ravi
    Priyanga Ravi Day ago

    Vat19 can u do the try not to laugh again cause I really love it

  • Alise n Rylan
    Alise n Rylan Day ago

    vCar you d

  • OakenWizard
    OakenWizard Day ago

    You guyss mom is gae

  • Liegha Hanes
    Liegha Hanes Day ago

    Imma just go to the Dollar store thanks

  • Carrus DeBoard
    Carrus DeBoard Day ago

    What if they got orange crush and orange crush

  • Viswa Kodali
    Viswa Kodali Day ago


  • Jakub Ferek
    Jakub Ferek Day ago

    😎 cool

  • TSM_ROTTEN 7377
    TSM_ROTTEN 7377 Day ago

    Ill give u a nickle if u tickle my pickle

  • Brodie Whittle
    Brodie Whittle Day ago


  • FireSky152 Chandler

    Me want this for christmas

  • Kya
    Kya Day ago

    2:50 he sound like my garbage disposal

  • Kara Leunis
    Kara Leunis Day ago +1

    Why do they hate pickles so much

    • DarthZ01
      DarthZ01 17 hours ago

      I love pickles and hate gravy, this video needed a trigger warning for their differing opinions.

    • jeny pate
      jeny pate Day ago

      Kara Leunis 1

  • Aliyah K
    Aliyah K Day ago

    and i am very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!very

  • Aliyah K
    Aliyah K Day ago

    for Christmas i bought some stuff from you vat19

  • Xavion Bond
    Xavion Bond Day ago

    The name for Oreo Dr Pepper
    Oreo dr 🤣

  • Laddy Bug
    Laddy Bug Day ago

    Tickling your pickle 🤣-she

  • KudosK
    KudosK Day ago

    They should make an eggnog candy cane.

  • Silvermist Not Tinker Bell

    Vat19 should have like diabetes by now xD

  • GoldEngineerMC
    GoldEngineerMC 2 days ago

    My combo
    Durian + Papermint

  • Justin Casioce
    Justin Casioce 2 days ago

    "Its fizzy lile your pickle" thats what she said

  • Manick Beats
    Manick Beats 2 days ago


  • :3 my baby jeonjungkookie :3


  • Coconut :3
    Coconut :3 2 days ago

    I like vat19 like if Agree

  • KawiiBunnyXox Moth
    KawiiBunnyXox Moth 2 days ago


  • Nathan Speelman
    Nathan Speelman 2 days ago

    That hug was awkward

  • The HoennHunter
    The HoennHunter 2 days ago

    Root Beer? Americans, right? Sorry..

  • Brooklynn Leonard
    Brooklynn Leonard 2 days ago

    You guys should do an asmr challenge

  • I am THANOS
    I am THANOS 2 days ago

    My sweater is louder than yours

    Can a sweater even be loud

  • StopMotion Maniac
    StopMotion Maniac 2 days ago

    I know I'm meaty and sweet!

  • Chris Tasski
    Chris Tasski 2 days ago

    I. N u

  • joel koel
    joel koel 2 days ago

    am i the only one who finds kara atractive??

  • Ägget H
    Ägget H 2 days ago

    Sweadish fish is actually named surströmming

  • yueyi hu
    yueyi hu 2 days ago

    merry chrismast gross CANDY!!!

  • Asriel In a Café
    Asriel In a Café 2 days ago

    Old funny challanges

  • TorSGaming
    TorSGaming 2 days ago


  • Savage Scorpion 009
    Savage Scorpion 009 2 days ago

    I like maath but I
    Hate science but in

  • Joshua Chavez
    Joshua Chavez 2 days ago

    Alert: Emergancy, people go subscribe to pewdiepie. T-siries is catching up!

  • MorganWolf09
    MorganWolf09 2 days ago

    Part 2!

  • koolkid kayleigh
    koolkid kayleigh 2 days ago

    'Eric's holds a pickle"this one is pickley"well YA IT'S A PICKLE

  • Em, ily.
    Em, ily. 2 days ago

    I kind of prefer the ads?.. I mean, this is a company channel or is it a TVclip channel?

  • Jenner
    Jenner 2 days ago


  • Ember Hatsune
    Ember Hatsune 2 days ago

    It's almost like Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Jelly Beans meets candy canes 😅

  • ToastingInTheOven
    ToastingInTheOven 2 days ago +1

    I never even knew there where those kind of flavours😂

    • Bubblerame
      Bubblerame 15 hours ago

      ToastingInTheOven Taehyung ❤️

  • Ghazal Aljubouri
    Ghazal Aljubouri 2 days ago

    Legend has it that Vat19 will respond back to my comment. are those legends true?

    NAESAN 2 days ago

    oooo cool video