Find the Golden Egg, Win the Car - Egg Hunt Challenge

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • This video was sponsored by Idle Heroes
    If you find the egg with the car keys inside of it, you win the car!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  2 months ago +3748

    Who would win this Easter egg hunt from you all?!

    • Scycz
      Scycz 4 days ago

      you youuu

    • Isaiah XIX
      Isaiah XIX 19 days ago

      FaZe Rug not me

    • bscouller 123
      bscouller 123 20 days ago


    • Alijon Akramov
      Alijon Akramov 25 days ago

      the best yt channel

    • Nathan Allison
      Nathan Allison Month ago

      I live in Africa so would your managers pay for someone that lives overseas to visit you and play a challenge with you or is it only for fans around your state

  • A Day In Ryns life
    A Day In Ryns life 17 minutes ago

    i love your rug!

  • Anna Huynh
    Anna Huynh Hour ago

    Idle hero’s and Girls X battle 2 is the same

  • Annie Steward
    Annie Steward 2 hours ago

    It was to hard

  • nR_BlooZz
    nR_BlooZz 7 hours ago

    Rug gets rejected at 5:36😂

  • Aidan Sanchez
    Aidan Sanchez 8 hours ago

    That is hard to find

  • Hun ter
    Hun ter 20 hours ago

    Jr is funny af

  • Wyatt Lucero
    Wyatt Lucero 22 hours ago

    To hard

  • Jason Membreno
    Jason Membreno Day ago

    9 tiny eggs 3 people and a 2 story kinda looking mansion he thinks they won’t find it

  • Cristina Sevilla

    I was wondering why there was two random boxes of tv in the garage in the beginning

  • Bryan Arreola
    Bryan Arreola Day ago

    15:38 When he's been hyping it up but unzip a disappointment

  • QSD Infinite
    QSD Infinite 2 days ago

    I really enjoy you’re vids do once a day

  • SnipeLegend-_-
    SnipeLegend-_- 2 days ago +1

    Where is the homeless man Mike?!I miss him💕😢Who else..?

  • Angel Javier Gonzalez

    9:15 your hot

  • WallNut Gaming
    WallNut Gaming 2 days ago

    It’s so funny that they say it would be such a good hiding spot but they find it in the first 5 minutes.

  • Patrick Sweeney hockey

    What was theshoes

  • sad potatoes
    sad potatoes 2 days ago

    Why do u have to blur the brand of the items they got

  • sad potatoes
    sad potatoes 2 days ago +1

    That TV is Samsung

  • dyaa norynn
    dyaa norynn 2 days ago

    Yes, because I play all the time or some time

  • Kendra Simonek
    Kendra Simonek 2 days ago

    Plz give me shoutout 💕

  • Mega Wakey
    Mega Wakey 2 days ago

    7:23 GoTtA ChEcK tHe StOvE

  • Luke Adams
    Luke Adams 3 days ago

    cringe asf

  • I Immortal
    I Immortal 3 days ago

    course Chanel gets the best stuff 😂😂😂

  • Austin Wing
    Austin Wing 3 days ago


  • Camden McBride
    Camden McBride 3 days ago

    Wayyyy to complicated

  • mohsin katheeri
    mohsin katheeri 3 days ago +3

    Bro ur videos is so good

  • Buzzinga5 5
    Buzzinga5 5 3 days ago

    You guys old town road was released in may,this is in April how are they singing a song that has not been released

  • And
    And 4 days ago

    Jessica is big boob

  • XX Fortnite XX clips Frosty

    I would love to play in this

  • Beem Bleem
    Beem Bleem 4 days ago

    3:04 6ix9ine

  • Faded Savage
    Faded Savage 4 days ago

    Make that button blue if you watch TVclip on the toilet

  • Maclain Culp
    Maclain Culp 4 days ago

    chanel at the end though! "wait how do i drive it"

  • Ian Aldridge
    Ian Aldridge 4 days ago

    Can I pop that pimple on the side of your face

  • Mason Hanel
    Mason Hanel 4 days ago

    those are way too hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grant Ritchie
    Grant Ritchie 4 days ago

    I’m gonna hold this dear to my heart *puts egg under butt*

  • Nayeli J
    Nayeli J 4 days ago

    i smashed the like button, i think im preggo .. :3

  • Axel Zavala
    Axel Zavala 4 days ago

    Brian why is the ps4 blurred when we all know it’s a ps4

  • FrenzyFortnight
    FrenzyFortnight 5 days ago

    way too hard

  • Aibel Bino
    Aibel Bino 5 days ago

    What would u do if junior got the lambo? 😂

  • Tristan the Basketball king

    Can you please pick me for your next vid I am your biggest fan I watch you everyday 😀

  • Shaila Solis
    Shaila Solis 5 days ago

    Your da best yt person on this channel I’m so glad that I saw ur channel and I love ur fam to I want a shoutout out❤️❤️❤️😘😘💯 ur da best periodt ❤️❤️😍

  • Shaila Solis
    Shaila Solis 5 days ago

    Are u going to do a fan comments

    TAEKOKO KO 6 days ago

    Hello faze I'm your cousin

  • Logan Bodenbender
    Logan Bodenbender 6 days ago

    I always wanted a pug

  • Jamison Hatcher
    Jamison Hatcher 6 days ago

    Eater was on my birthday

  • ViziVibes
    ViziVibes 6 days ago

    Rug can I have your cousins Snapchat or something?😂Jessica is just hay que Bonita😍🥵❤️

  • Poppa Love
    Poppa Love 6 days ago

    The spots weren't that hard but they wouldn't find them easily

  • Emily Hammel
    Emily Hammel 6 days ago +3

    Chanel at the end how do you drive it 🤦🏽‍♀️ bruh

  • satvick malhotra
    satvick malhotra 9 days ago

    just press ''2'' number key thanks me later

  • UnknownAnimations
    UnknownAnimations 9 days ago

    Does anybody no what juniors real name is

  • Isaac Thompson
    Isaac Thompson 9 days ago

    random people go to brians house search for thing win free stuff might wanna re thnk do challenges with fans

  • Will J VLOGS
    Will J VLOGS 10 days ago

    Why you make it hard

  • No0b Pizza
    No0b Pizza 10 days ago

    I feel bad caus april 21 was my birthday and people decied to celebrate easter

  • Llamacorn loves me
    Llamacorn loves me 12 days ago +1

    I was eating and my tortilla touched my screen and fastfoward like 6 min

  • Howie Mims
    Howie Mims 13 days ago

    So he’s the Easter bunny

  • Vineta Matauli
    Vineta Matauli 13 days ago

    Easter rug👏🏽🙌🏿👐🏾🤲🏻👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

  • Imaan Yousaf
    Imaan Yousaf 14 days ago


  • Leonardo Basulto
    Leonardo Basulto 14 days ago

    I want a ps4

  • Joseph Manns
    Joseph Manns 15 days ago

    Haha how do I drive it

  • dianaalmarazzz
    dianaalmarazzz 15 days ago

    Hi Faze Rug I know ur really busy by doing all of ur videos but u are my truly my fav youtuber i wish u can repspond but go on make more scary, dumest,happy,sad.or challenging vids i wish we can hang out sometimes but i really love every video u make .And if u want to content me (i wish and i hope)go post ur instergram and have a nice day night or afternoon ,bye.

  • So.Not.Basic
    So.Not.Basic 15 days ago

    i think you should do a challenge with children in need

  • Evan Bergman
    Evan Bergman 15 days ago

    I remember I subed around 100k

  • Ikaros Rem
    Ikaros Rem 15 days ago


  • The Legit Mania
    The Legit Mania 16 days ago

    Give me a ps4 pro

  • Tyler Rockefeller
    Tyler Rockefeller 17 days ago

    WE'RE IS MIKE 😠😠

  • Alex Pena rodriguez
    Alex Pena rodriguez 18 days ago

    wait faze rug what happen to your Lamborghini huracan.

  • Mario Padilla
    Mario Padilla 19 days ago

    You are one of the best TVcliprs ever I swear

  • Qzvay
    Qzvay 19 days ago

    My brother’s birthday was on Easter Sunday. (21)

    • Qzvay
      Qzvay 19 days ago

      21 first

  • Jose Limon Jr.
    Jose Limon Jr. 19 days ago


  • Janzen Yanga
    Janzen Yanga 19 days ago

    Sub to rug

  • Isaiah XIX
    Isaiah XIX 19 days ago

    Those were some hard spots

  • Christian Schretzmayer

    Love your vids

  • Amiyah Williams
    Amiyah Williams 19 days ago +1

    Roses are red apples are too I got my first like why is it blue

  • Victoria McGuire
    Victoria McGuire 20 days ago +1

    What happened to bengie

  • Gunner Henke
    Gunner Henke 20 days ago

    Dope spots Rug

  • lahjay sodope
    lahjay sodope 20 days ago

    You for a video bro

  • HLYU
    HLYU 20 days ago

    was he even playing the game??

  • Shaurya Kalra
    Shaurya Kalra 21 day ago

    I watch him every time

  • Noah Melo
    Noah Melo 21 day ago

    Stop calling cupboards drawers Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noah Melo
    Noah Melo 21 day ago

    Jay called a cupboard a drawer

  • Noah Melo
    Noah Melo 21 day ago

    She called an oven a stove

  • Nate Lopez
    Nate Lopez 21 day ago

    I just downloaded that game idle heroes it is a beast that is like the best game I have ever played jk but it is a super cool game it is decent

  • Aibel Bino
    Aibel Bino 22 days ago

    Bruh u Censored the tv twice but THE TV WAS THERE IN THE FREAKIN VID 3 TIMESS... it was a samsung tv and I got the fact that u dont wanna give a free Adv

  • Maynor AsF
    Maynor AsF 22 days ago +1

    F**k Chanel

  • J R
    J R 22 days ago

    I love pugs :D

  • pixie eytchison
    pixie eytchison 22 days ago


  • Dylan Donovan
    Dylan Donovan 22 days ago

    I love how she says how do I drive it

  • Dodger_ Blue
    Dodger_ Blue 22 days ago

    Hides it in a volcano you guys think it’s too hard?

  • Abdul Naghmoush
    Abdul Naghmoush 23 days ago

    can someone tell me why the ps4 was blurred

  • San Angelo
    San Angelo 23 days ago

    Im gonna take my horse to the old town road im gonna slap buttchecks till i cant no more i got red stuff on my hands slap them buttchecks till they red... ._. Its gonna hurt like lava on your hands i will doo it till cant no more._____.

  • Edgar Estrada
    Edgar Estrada 24 days ago

    I subscribe and turned on the notification

  • RelativeBark 149
    RelativeBark 149 24 days ago

    add me chek my youtube thing

  • Issy Funes
    Issy Funes 24 days ago +3

    In the end she said ... how do I drive it 😂😂🚫🧢🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Alijon Akramov
    Alijon Akramov 25 days ago

    can you please do no wifi challenge

  • Sphamandla Msomi
    Sphamandla Msomi 25 days ago

    Don't forget us from overseas bro!!!!

  • bogs betinol
    bogs betinol 25 days ago

    I wish I could get one

  • H8ED-Camoman 647
    H8ED-Camoman 647 26 days ago

    bogsly if thats how you spell its, must be getting old :( suck since 2 of my dogs are almost blind and def. :(

  • Nadeer
    Nadeer 26 days ago

    19:30 junior thought Ryan was going to give him a handshake

  • Carrie Oquinn
    Carrie Oquinn 26 days ago

    Pleaseeeeee do another one

  • Antonio Jarbo
    Antonio Jarbo 26 days ago

    Habbi I found glitter like if you Chaldean