Top 20 Muslim Boy Names with Meanings


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  • kabar khan
    kabar khan 13 days ago +1

    Mohammed hasan. Mohammed hasir very nice name in history. 👌🏼

  • A . B
    A . B 19 days ago +1

    How about abdulrahman and Abdullah they are allah’s favorite names!

  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma 25 days ago

    Many names are related with muslim caste like Baden Bashir and other I am ask you question any girl name related with muslim caste is name Suman

  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma 25 days ago

    Hlo bro

  • Nimco Nimcaan
    Nimco Nimcaan 29 days ago

    Hey guys can name Haafiz for boy

    JUNAID MUTIA Month ago

    im JUNAID 😍😍😍

    PEER MOHAMED Month ago

    Pls give meaning for tthe name of peer mohamed in islamic law .thank you

  • Syed Khaja
    Syed Khaja Month ago

    what is the name of azeefah

  • Mashod King
    Mashod King Month ago

    mani 500 video dekka ek bhi acha name nhi mila mujhe

  • Licurgo Baldi
    Licurgo Baldi Month ago

    Good to know the Meaning. I thought the meaning of Mohamad was suicide bomber.

    WORLD AT WAR 3 2 months ago


  • sk javeed
    sk javeed 2 months ago

    javeed Shaik where my name

  • kakroz SD
    kakroz SD 2 months ago

    Fuck you that's not correct

  • Weqaloxx
    Weqaloxx 2 months ago

    I’m Ryan, and my brother’s is Amir

  • Kathiresan Balakrishnan


  • Arfa Hashmi
    Arfa Hashmi 2 months ago

    Remove this video and provide the correct mening off name

  • IlyasHD
    IlyasHD 2 months ago

    what is the meaing for ilyas

  • youtube dangerous whatsapp status videos by Mr raza

    Wrong meaning so plz delete this video

    MUSIC LOVER 2 months ago +3

    Adam ?

    • Weqaloxx
      Weqaloxx 2 months ago

      MUSIC LOVER Adam should be there since it’s the name of the first human.

  • Amjad Khan
    Amjad Khan 3 months ago

    Where ismy ne faizan and umar

  • bash bash chanell
    bash bash chanell 3 months ago

    Ibrahim meaning father of Allah no no no no

  • WhatsApp STATUS LOVE
    WhatsApp STATUS LOVE 3 months ago

    Hess konse jat hote hai plz reply

  • Master Of Gaming
    Master Of Gaming 4 months ago

    Where is Abdullah man ??
    Its the name of prophet's father name !!

  • Hony  sing
    Hony sing 4 months ago

    Moh madh kam krodh is muslim.....

  • n shaikh
    n shaikh 4 months ago

    What will be the meaning of Aariz reply me

  • Sadab Khan
    Sadab Khan 5 months ago

    Fuddu video

  • Dilbhag Singh
    Dilbhag Singh 5 months ago

    mankirt name the meaning

  • CheChenBoyYT
    CheChenBoyYT 6 months ago

    Islam is a rare name that I have.

  • Pastellia v
    Pastellia v 6 months ago

    My crush is a Muslim
    His name is Ar-Rayyaan
    But no one bothers to add the dash not even him so everyone just writes arrayyaan 😂

  • Samuel PH
    Samuel PH 6 months ago

    Where is the name jadary

  • UC GAMING//uncreative gaming

    where is my name Hesham??

  • saddam
    saddam 6 months ago


  • Mahir zain
    Mahir zain 6 months ago

    This is a very very wrong.. Dont believe it plss.

  • Kabirul Hasan
    Kabirul Hasan 7 months ago

    ( কবিরুল হাসান নিশাত) নাম আর অর্থ কি হবে দয়াকরে জানাবেন

  • Mohd Ali
    Mohd Ali 7 months ago


  • Shagufta Zoya
    Shagufta Zoya 7 months ago


  • S4 S4
    S4 S4 7 months ago

    Where is my name luqman?

  • Hamza Sidin
    Hamza Sidin 7 months ago

    Where's hamza

  • tw3lve j7ñíør
    tw3lve j7ñíør 8 months ago +1

    Where is my name salax

  • farha zaheer
    farha zaheer 8 months ago

    mere bete ka nam mohammad hai per log ye kej rahe jai

  • Asad Zaheer
    Asad Zaheer 8 months ago

    Mere bete Ka name Mohamad hai log kah rahe hai name mat rakho uske bad kuch aur name lagao

  • Fhnc Vbjji
    Fhnc Vbjji 9 months ago

    Because I am shia

  • Fhnc Vbjji
    Fhnc Vbjji 9 months ago

    Usman is the dirtiest name

  • Aminul Wahid
    Aminul Wahid 9 months ago

    Aminul Waahid

  • Wajahat Khan
    Wajahat Khan 9 months ago

    There should be Wajahat toooooo

  • zuhaib wani
    zuhaib wani 9 months ago

    soon cute

  • Yes, you heard me
    Yes, you heard me 11 months ago +1

    My name is aamir
    Fuck with me if you dare
    I’ll leave you’re school bare
    I don’t fucking care

  • Mickey up your butt

    My Muslim name has an awesome meaning
    My name is Din which means
    Religion, faith, way of life

    • Emerald74
      Emerald74 9 months ago

      Looney Prunes it's also My brother name I love that name .

  • Super Draco
    Super Draco Year ago

    Abdullah is not the specialist Adam and Muhammad Well and Abdullah a little bit

  • Sako Akura
    Sako Akura Year ago +1

    How about my name Luqman

  • Jack Of All Trades

    What about Raihan O-o

  • Md. Gous Uddin
    Md. Gous Uddin Year ago

    satring with r

  • Ruksar Khanum
    Ruksar Khanum Year ago +1

    Safiya annum I Love Sea!

  • Manzurul Alam
    Manzurul Alam Year ago

    where is thashdid?

  • Salman Ali
    Salman Ali Year ago

    plz make a video

  • Salman Ali
    Salman Ali Year ago

    iqram name mean

  • Maaid Bhat
    Maaid Bhat Year ago +6

    the meaning of all the names are wrong, please remove the video dont mislead people.

    • CheChenBoyYT
      CheChenBoyYT 6 months ago +1

      Now he shuts up lol.

    • AKS Tamil
      AKS Tamil Year ago

      Tell me for "Aamir"

    • Maaid Bhat
      Maaid Bhat Year ago

      +AKS Tamil there are too many names listed in the video you tell any name i wll tell you right meaning.

    • AKS Tamil
      AKS Tamil Year ago

      Is it? Please provide the right meanings.

  • Ahmed_thebest Playz

    Where the heck is my name ahmed

  • عبدالله الحربي

    Where Abdullah's name is the famous name in Islam and the world

    • CheChenBoyYT
      CheChenBoyYT 6 months ago

      عبدالله الحربي And the most common.

  • Random Boy
    Random Boy Year ago +3

    Awwwww I want my name in my names Omer

  • Abdulla Almohannadi
    Abdulla Almohannadi Year ago +13

    Where is my name Abdulla

  • Abbas ghulaam
    Abbas ghulaam 2 years ago +2

    RUBAB name menings btaen

  • Sevcrow
    Sevcrow 2 years ago +2

    It seems like 90 percent of Muslim boys are named Mohamed

  • Subhan Ali
    Subhan Ali 3 years ago +1

    I like it

  • Ahmed .K
    Ahmed .K 3 years ago +2

    many names not correct in the meaning by English

  • Abdullah Ahmed
    Abdullah Ahmed 4 years ago +2