Shark Attacks boat ORIGINAL FOOTAGE FULL TRUE STORY. Please Subscribe

  • Published on Oct 18, 2017
  • Great white attacks 7m crab boat off the coast of Port Lincoln South Australia.
    Filmed with DJI Mavic Pro drone. The camera gimbal was damaged but I didn't realize until in the air so did the best I could. Otherwise the Mavic is the best drone I've used. The shark surfaced after we pulled the pot off him while he was swimming off with it. We didn't drag the shark nor did it drag us. It did however put its nose against the motor & started to push us around. It then put its mouth over the echo sounder transducer & bit both motors.
    Im only trying to share an experience with everyone & do apologise for the language.
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  • CptPegg
    CptPegg 24 days ago +1

    Thatโ€™s what you get when Muppets chum and bait line sharks.

  • achillies25
    achillies25 29 days ago

    Honest question Iโ€™m a little confused. Who is he calling a โ€œfagotโ€ the shark or someone on the boat?๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  • Michele/ Pino
    Michele/ Pino Month ago

    The hull of a boat probably looks like a whale carcass. Obviously there are electronic pulses aggravating it.

  • Donna Moore
    Donna Moore 3 months ago

    Need a bigger boat lol

  • Musings and More
    Musings and More 3 months ago

    Shitty footage like that makes the mentioning of the Mavic brand a huge disservice! I'll never buy one as a result of this footage. Feeling as if I was on a boat in rough waters and wanting to throw up. As for the shark "attack" this is NOT an "attack." I'm not a shark expert but I do know animal behavior. This demonstrates nothing more than a curious shark -- sharks use their mouth/ nose to check things out. The rope/ props had some sort of scent which brought it in

    • Simon Lawrence
      Simon Lawrence  3 months ago

      Reading more of what you wrote.... NO YOU ATE NOT A SHARK EXPERT. You canโ€™t even fucken read before jumping to conclusions. Read the text below the footage. Everything is explained.....
      You are an absolute fuckwit

    • Simon Lawrence
      Simon Lawrence  3 months ago

      Musings and More
      Read the Bio under the video for explanation. The Mavic is incredible. I had a broken gimble on the camera. On my channel there is better Mavic footage. Including one crab fishing where it follows me without me controlling it. It has s a top speed of around 70kmph, a range of around 9mile, I can fly it through doorways inside my house, it follows you in many different ways. Itโ€™s an incredible drone.

  • Stephen Livers
    Stephen Livers 3 months ago

    That's Crazy! I think I would have smacked him in the nose with a ball bat....

  • Jose Martรญn Rodrรญguez

    Wow, the shark is Gay?......dumb asses.

  • Drew Shourd
    Drew Shourd 3 months ago

    Fuckin dumbass humans....they go out into the pointa's territory and bitch and moan and call that magnificent creature names when he takes a few exploratory bites...good on ya m8...hope you feel betta'....dickhead....

  • indiana146
    indiana146 3 months ago

    15 ft plus easy good effort

  • Melissa Ashley
    Melissa Ashley 3 months ago

    Did he call the shark gay ๐Ÿ˜† wtf.

  • A Berryman
    A Berryman 4 months ago

    Wow. Like a lion. Just WAITING for someone to jump in fer a swim. Gets impatient and pulls a Jaws! W O W!

  • Kathy Grey
    Kathy Grey 4 months ago +2

    The constant use of obscene and homophobic language is not exactly a plus.

  • SFB
    SFB 4 months ago

    2:08 did he just call the shark a fkn faggot :D

  • ItGetsReel
    ItGetsReel 4 months ago

    Jaws part 4 the return of Jaws Jr.

  • Jesus First To-the-Point End Time Signs

    I've seen a couple of videos like this one - another one is the same thing but it's a bull shark - not sure what this one is, but in both videos the sharks attack the motors on back. I cannot help but wonder if all the human friendly contact with the sharks, like chumming to get them to come to the boat, is making sharks now GO TO THE BOATS. They're all like "hey, where's my treat?"

  • Brenda Lambdin
    Brenda Lambdin 5 months ago

    Bad language ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  • Christopher Wells
    Christopher Wells 5 months ago

    What did you do besides being a couple of complete wankers?

  • thermoking_-20 truck
    thermoking_-20 truck 5 months ago

    I would harpoon that basterd!!!!

  • Yppep12
    Yppep12 5 months ago +1

    Anyone saying stuff about camerawork and language doesn't realize that this is a crap your pants moment. all the language is a thin skin thats keeping panic and screams at bay.

  • Damian
    Damian 5 months ago

    Guy on Boat: Fucking faggot
    Shark: Jump in and call me a faggot again ya cunt

  • wilfredo isaac
    wilfredo isaac 5 months ago


  • SherriD08091962 Collins

    3:33 minutes of completely wasted time! It seems that the only language that these "people" know is: f......f......f.....

  • sam lewis
    sam lewis 6 months ago

    I think these homophobic people antaganized the shark!! ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ‘Ž Dummies!!!!

    • Simon Lawrence
      Simon Lawrence  5 months ago

      I think you're a fuckwit. calling a shark a faggot doesn't make you homophobic. Since when does the word faggot mean homosexual you halfwitted dork cunt

  • Tino Galea
    Tino Galea 6 months ago

    Wild man

  • Truth Exposed
    Truth Exposed 6 months ago +1

    Pathetic, I was in a 12 foot wooden boat with a 6hp outboard. Between the gunnel and water line was 2 foot, the shark was a 14 foot Great Hammerhead, the Hammerhead just used the outboard as a toothpick. The second encounter in the same boat was a 12 to 13 foot Tiger shark, was a bit unnerving but no big deal, these guys should be wearing a dress.

  • That CarGuy
    That CarGuy 6 months ago

    Imagine calling a great white shark a f.aggot???

  • Brian Blotnicky
    Brian Blotnicky 6 months ago

    Calling the shark a faggot? Really? Kangaroo fucker๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“

  • Jacqueline Harrison
    Jacqueline Harrison 6 months ago

    How bout next time throw it a fish...

    SPIRIT DOT 6 months ago

    Attack??? A shark cant buts throught that boat. Do you know bow fucking hard and solid fiber glass is???? All they had to do was turn that engine on and chop his mouth to pieces.

  • SWSimpson
    SWSimpson 6 months ago

    So, why is the shark a fcking faggot and did it know you are homophobic?

  • D King
    D King 6 months ago

  • Tray Cee Valen
    Tray Cee Valen 6 months ago

    Did he call that shark a "faggot"?

  • Julius Sims
    Julius Sims 6 months ago

    That shark took bait on the rope being trolled by the boat

  • kernowrock555
    kernowrock555 7 months ago

    mm nom nom... I'll just munch 'this' propeller then I'll munch the other propeller...then I'll nick their crab net...

  • Seza Belle
    Seza Belle 7 months ago

    Two guys attack sharks sexuality

    • patr70
      patr70 7 months ago

      LoL! ๐Ÿ˜

  • Tom Wagner
    Tom Wagner 7 months ago

    Terrible footage provided by someone who does not know how to use a drone properly, and narrated by somebody who has to use the word โ€œfuckโ€ seven or eight times in every sentence he speaks, meaning that he has an IQ of 80 or less. And I did not see the shark attack that boat even once. Everything about this video sucks.

  • guns are friends
    guns are friends 7 months ago

    Where is the knee boarder? Not wise to swim in the ocean, but to each their own. I just think getting ate by a fish is a dumb way to go

  • wade wilson
    wade wilson 7 months ago

    So your telling me.......jaws is a faggot

  • San Tropez
    San Tropez 7 months ago

    Why Couldnโ€™t the shark figure out from the first bite that the boatโ€™s not eatable?

  • oink ooink
    oink ooink 7 months ago

    "Not our sounder you fuckhead"...............................what a dipshit mate

    MARC FLETCH 7 months ago

    Great footage guys. would love to join you one day. I am an avid drone Pilot and shark Watcher. Lol
    What's your size Estimate for this Shark 4Metres?

  • Mack Harley
    Mack Harley 7 months ago

    That has to be the worst camera handling I have seen in a long, long time!

  • moody owl production's
    moody owl production's 7 months ago +1

    Shark "ow my teeths.....lucky for me they grow back....."

  • Not Afool
    Not Afool 7 months ago

    It is attracted to the fish ya gutless nimrods , no attack here !

  • JR GEE
    JR GEE 7 months ago


    • Not Afool
      Not Afool 7 months ago

      then you would be an ignorant coward.

  • Peter Palmer
    Peter Palmer 7 months ago

    Nothing that an AR15 couldn't handle.

  • john gaynoe
    john gaynoe 7 months ago

    That was likely a Mako.

  • Ron Rook
    Ron Rook 7 months ago

    He needs a bigger boat!

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson 7 months ago

    The individual speaking has absolutely no decorum. His use of the word faggot is extremely offensive and has no reason to be used.

  • Joshua Borges
    Joshua Borges 7 months ago +2

    PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THIS WAS RECORDING? Did you wave your camara in front of a tv or something.

  • Paul Crawford
    Paul Crawford 8 months ago

    this guy's language is a fine example of aussie swearing

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 8 months ago +1

    Some people should never own and try to use a camera!!!!!!

  • Raziel De Melo
    Raziel De Melo 8 months ago

    The behavior exhibited by the great white is not aggressive but inquisitive. I understand the world of pay per views is law on youtube, but realize you are truly doing a disservice to an animal attracted to the giant bowl of dead fish you carry on the right back side of your know..where he is investigating a possible meal, his scent telling him one thing but his seigniorial nodes detecting a barrier. He isn't attacking anything. Please consider the image you paint of a creature, simply behaving as it should, it's it's habitat.

  • Charles Shields
    Charles Shields 8 months ago +2

    More landward 'boys will be boys' non-stop swearing to show how 'manly' bonded they are.

    • Thugdog Nasty
      Thugdog Nasty 2 months ago

      Embrace diversity. You will find on life that there are a great many people not like you. They donโ€™t grow up in the same liberal suburb with progressives professors at their beck and call. Some even *gasp* grow up in rural surroundings, and like all humans, emulate their environment. It always disappointed how upper-middle-class white folks expected kids frmo a southern traitor to โ€˜progressโ€™ like they did.

  • 1066PV
    1066PV 8 months ago

    Brain-dead, illiterate, redneck, bogan commentator.

  • Jasmin Jasmin
    Jasmin Jasmin 8 months ago

    I cant beleve

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller 8 months ago

    Maybe he didn't like being called a f-ing f**got... you jerk.

  • Rick Sigmen Sr.
    Rick Sigmen Sr. 9 months ago

    Gonna need a bigger boat......

    ARIS PILOT 9 months ago

    This is a SHARK DRONE just escaped from new JAWS SERIAL just trying to recharge his battery using the anode of outboard motors directly connected to the battery..

  • Travis
    Travis 9 months ago

    He's begging for help, his nose is itching.