Highly Suspect - 16 [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Highly Suspect - 16 [Official Video]
    "MCID" Album
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    It took me 16 years to find ya, 1 second to love ya, 7 years to hold ya, 1 minute to lose ya
    Oh god
    Where did I go wrong
    Oh god
    Do you remember?
    All of the nasty sh*t you used to do with me
    Cuz I remember everything
    And do you remember?
    When we hopped the P and B to nyc
    You were only 17
    But that puppy love is over
    We’re so much older
    Nothings ever gonna feel the same way
    That it did when we were younger
    I wish that I could hold ya
    Baby I know its over
    Were never gonna feel it again

    It took me 16 years to find ya, 1 second to love ya,
    7 years to hold ya, 1 minute to lose ya
    Oh god
    Where did I go wrong
    Do you remember?
    When I was your king? And you were my queen
    Cuz I remember everything
    And do you remember?
    When you told me you were holding
    My future kid and all the joy that that would bring
    Well I thought I was a father
    But baby is not my daughter
    Cuz baby’s a different color
    And baby im not a brother
    It was just too much to swallow
    You ripped my heart out
    But that puppy love is over
    We’re so much older
    Nothings ever gonna feel the same way
    That it did when we were younger
    I wish that I could hold ya
    Baby I know its over
    Were never gonna feel it again

    It took me 16 years to find ya, 1 second to love ya,
    7 years to hold ya, 1 minute to lose ya
    Oh god
    Where did I go wrong

    And I’ll say, i'm sorry if I ever see you again
    Cuz on that day I walked away
    Probably when you needed a friend

    It took me 16 years to find ya, 1 second to love ya,
    I don’t trust you, but I still love you
    Oh god, where did I go wrong?
    It took me 16 years to find ya, only a second to love ya,
    7 years to hold ya, just 1 minute to lose ya
    Oh god
    Where did I go wrong
    Where did you go
    Where did we go wrong
    #HighlySuspect #300 #MCID
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  • Leandro Freitas leetyler

    Muito Bom!!!

  • Curt Withrow
    Curt Withrow 3 hours ago

    Great song fellas

  • DissonantShadow
    DissonantShadow 3 hours ago +1

    Imagine if the baby appeared like the father... As many as 3/10 women deceive her partner and have him raise and/or support it. In my case, I was the father, but it was later revealed that she wasn't certain (although I confirmed through DNA testing, twice). Men: DNA test even if she "swears" to you about her honesty. Very few women can understand or care about a man's perspective in this situation and will lie if it benefits her.

  • lunchb0xx83
    lunchb0xx83 7 hours ago

    I will make no judgement on this song lyrically, so with that being said, I was busy and not looking at my screen when i first heard this, but when I did, I was so shocked. Couldn't believe this was a rock band, let alone Highly Suspect. Sonically terrible song.

  • James Fehr
    James Fehr 9 hours ago

    So she was just really backed up with pixie dust???

  • Brick Taylor Music
    Brick Taylor Music 12 hours ago


  • Randall Horner
    Randall Horner 14 hours ago

    The Throwback podcast brought me here.

  • C G
    C G 15 hours ago

    WTF just happened?

  • kimi grunge/gothic 92
    kimi grunge/gothic 92 17 hours ago

    j adore! j aime plus les autres chanson de higly suspect comme serotonia, lydia, my name is human, little one ect

  • uncle_creepy27
    uncle_creepy27 Day ago

    Did she qweef or was that a black baby😜🍆

  • simpson3324
    simpson3324 Day ago


  • Skye Lite
    Skye Lite Day ago +2

    These words "Where did I go wrong" meant so much after being w/ my husband of 35 years, him not loving me as I did him. Wow beautiful lyrics, continue the creativity & art for peeps like me feeling so much pain Ure voice says it all....

  • José Gómez
    José Gómez Day ago

    Who realized she's in How To Get Away With Murder? Or is just me?

  • advertisemen
    advertisemen Day ago

    bad music, boss

  • keith rogers
    keith rogers Day ago

    Lmao not sure what’s going on

  • Jayden Borders
    Jayden Borders Day ago

    I do not know

  • Drake McRae
    Drake McRae Day ago

    I love that jeep Cherokee in the beginning

  • Jeffrey Mason
    Jeffrey Mason Day ago

    That beautiful bastard at 1:24 though....💖💗💓. My cod piece misses you Spikey....

  • The Coal Train
    The Coal Train Day ago

    He's actually talking about the jeep

  • Richard Skipper
    Richard Skipper Day ago

    His voice sounds shot it's not as good as it used to be.

  • That Math Tutor
    That Math Tutor Day ago

    She gave birth to a sun

  • TheUltimateBohab

    They constantly play this on the rock/metal station if you like this song awesome but under no circumstances is this rock/metal music

  • Teri Ghorley
    Teri Ghorley Day ago

    It's the crazy bitch Carl was with in shamless!!

  • Cait M
    Cait M Day ago

    Why would you apologize to a skank that cheated on you and lied about paternity. Good song though. Little misguided.

  • Nathan Musser
    Nathan Musser Day ago

    No...that was the soul of the character Ving Rames played...hence the band aid on the back of his neck...

  • KM_392_NC
    KM_392_NC Day ago


  • Jessica Bowden
    Jessica Bowden Day ago

    You do look badass

  • Jared Land
    Jared Land 2 days ago

    Stay tuned for 2020

  • Jared Land
    Jared Land 2 days ago

    😑 love this dude but

  • Jessica Richards
    Jessica Richards 2 days ago

    He started that cigarette and somebody else finished it.

  • TheZombie
    TheZombie 2 days ago

    Wait... What? Her pussy is Marsellus Wallace's briefcase? Is this the sequel?

  • Downhill Nut
    Downhill Nut 2 days ago

    Kinda different than the other stuff ive heard from them. Less rocked up & more synth, I like it tho...

  • Harlee Wright
    Harlee Wright 2 days ago +1

    Hated this song the first time I heard it. I thought they had sold out. But when I heard it the third or fourth time I realized how complex it is. This song is different, but different isn't always bad. Great job.

  • AJ Hill
    AJ Hill 2 days ago

    That poor baby.... i hope she's thriving after all of that

  • cassandra sotos
    cassandra sotos 2 days ago

    Johnnys voice is just so good...and DIFFERENT..finally a band that doesn't sound like everyone else...and they way he makes you feel the feels... That first "oh god"... All the pain.. So good it hurts

  • Sean Hernandez
    Sean Hernandez 2 days ago

    I like this song very easy to remember lyrics and beat. I think we all know this situation and know how it feels to be betrayed and lied to by a loved one. We often wonder if it's our fault, regretting past decisions.

  • Lillie sun and Moon
    Lillie sun and Moon 2 days ago +1

    This video made absolutely no sense.

  • IIK1ng_Dy1anII II
    IIK1ng_Dy1anII II 2 days ago

    i’m waiting for the BURNT CHICKEN NUGGET kid to come out

  • 5150mx
    5150mx 2 days ago

    That was such a lame video I had such a better Vision to that song than that garbage.. Fire the director and hire somebody else to remake that shitt

  • Crippled Bluegill
    Crippled Bluegill 2 days ago

    is that shiloh?

  • david benda
    david benda 2 days ago

    Hate this shit!!!!!

  • GB Outlawzz
    GB Outlawzz 2 days ago

    He kinda looks like Jay from TGF bro’s, I’ve always thought that 😂

  • David Fayette
    David Fayette 2 days ago

    That took a turn

  • lecorsaire
    lecorsaire 2 days ago

    Just found this video because it was an ad on here. The second time this week I get introduced to a new artist/band while watching other stuff.
    I also discovered Mafumafu, a cool Japanese electro funk artist.

  • Pootan Inamo
    Pootan Inamo 2 days ago

    When the package clearly says AAA batteries but all you had was AA's.

  • Luffy Box
    Luffy Box 2 days ago

    Plot twist God

  • grimshaid
    grimshaid 2 days ago

    This song has power.

  • Ken & Shan
    Ken & Shan 2 days ago +1

    She lies to him about the baby just to keep him a few days longer. So sad.

  • JamMan33 1977
    JamMan33 1977 2 days ago

    Im likin these guys more and more.

  • Christian K.
    Christian K. 2 days ago

    How dare you

  • Amanda A
    Amanda A 2 days ago

    💙🎶 🎸🎤

  • Eugeniy Lobanov
    Eugeniy Lobanov 2 days ago +1


  • -_-
    -_- 2 days ago


  • Jacqueline Froggett
    Jacqueline Froggett 2 days ago

    This Band makes me know that great music still is alive!

  • Neal Workman
    Neal Workman 2 days ago

    something about this band has me mesmerized, and thats ok. im kinda wondering if she screamed like that at the time of the conception. Due to the coppa agreement we will never see that video.

  • Valerie Crews
    Valerie Crews 2 days ago +1

    Such a beautiful representation of the song, artists that can capture emotion musically and visually while letting your mind piece it together with personal interpretation are rare. I appreciate the willingness to go to a place of great pain, I can feel it in his voice and see it in his eyes. I'm a fan of genius art and I'm in love with everything this band shares with us.

  • Nuclear Opinion
    Nuclear Opinion 2 days ago

    Sammi Hanratty is such an amazing actress

  • Sonya Stephens
    Sonya Stephens 2 days ago

    I love the lyrics. Young love 💘

  • Blake Wilson
    Blake Wilson 2 days ago

    Does "16" make the song "Chicago" hit deeper for anybody else?

  • Knotty Buds
    Knotty Buds 2 days ago

    Obviously he got a 16 year old pregnant, as he was 16. “It took 16 years to find yah. One minute to lose you.” Idk if she dies during birth or why he looks like a bank robber, but good song. 👍

    • Knotty Buds
      Knotty Buds Day ago

      Oh shit, disregard my bullshit then. 🔥✌️

    • Coleston jones
      Coleston jones Day ago

      Knotty Buds not his baby it’s black and he’s not a brother