Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 7 Episode 4] "Kati Allo"

  • Published on Dec 13, 2016
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Comments • 1 616

  • AL-G-MAN
    AL-G-MAN Year ago +1383

    I binge watch all of kitchen nightmares everyday

  • it's Fay
    it's Fay 12 hours ago

    Again guys, taste before serve.

  • 2.0 Gamer
    2.0 Gamer 2 days ago +2

    Lol her top lip

  • The Annoying Tourist
    The Annoying Tourist 7 days ago +6

    Just tried the replacement restaurant, Kalamaki, its actually pretty good there. Decor was replaced with a more modern look.

  • pineapple ?
    pineapple ? 8 days ago +1

    lol it’s permanently closed now

  • Sophie lou
    Sophie lou 8 days ago +3

    Christine's reaction to the restaurant makeover was the best part of the episode,bless her🤣

  • Bishwo's opinion always right

    that daughter is something, respect to her

  • Abi Geffen
    Abi Geffen 9 days ago

    New fav channel😻

  • Mya Marie
    Mya Marie 12 days ago +8

    Finally an episode I haven't seen!

  • Kyle Patrick Hall
    Kyle Patrick Hall 12 days ago +6

    " I don't think it's greasy IDK why no one would like it" um your waitress almost died after eating it

  • 2.0 Gamer
    2.0 Gamer 13 days ago +1

    Why is Christina’s top lip like that what the fuck

  • 2.0 Gamer
    2.0 Gamer 13 days ago

    He’s a fucking genius how does he know where the food is cocked like what

  • Ebony Perkins
    Ebony Perkins 14 days ago +4

    The wife is just adorable. I pray for their continued success🙏

    • Andy H
      Andy H 6 days ago +1

      @Ebony Perkins No problem, I think they are motivated the first few months, but starting to get lazy to make everything fresh everytime etc.

    • Ebony Perkins
      Ebony Perkins 6 days ago +1

      @Andy H that drives me crazy, if the old you didnt work why would you go back to the old you if you have been GIVEN a new you or a new path? That makes me kinda sad because I never want people to lose their lively hood but good Lord. Ya know! Thanks for the info.

    • Andy H
      Andy H 6 days ago

      @Ebony Perkins Yea... a lot of restaurants that Gordon Ramsey helped on Kitchen Nightmares are closed. Most of them are going good the first few months and afterwards they go back to the old style.

    • Ebony Perkins
      Ebony Perkins 6 days ago

      @Andy H yes you are serious 😭

    • Ebony Perkins
      Ebony Perkins 6 days ago

      @Andy H no way are you serious

  • dimitrios papanikolaou
    dimitrios papanikolaou 15 days ago +2

    Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey: we have the most toxic relationship known to man!
    The Couple In The Video: hold our souvlaki

  • R R R
    R R R 17 days ago

    Some ungrateful bastards but nice to see them so excited and grateful.

  • R R R
    R R R 17 days ago +1

    Dr chef Ramsey is a man of many talents.🍔💕

  • Brian Alderman
    Brian Alderman 17 days ago +3

    Isn’t it funny that they always say it’s not the food but 9/10 times it’s definitely the food

  • RomeroFanboy
    RomeroFanboy 19 days ago +1

    Greek: I dont think its greasy......*MOTHERFUCKING ITALIANS ARE BATHING IN IT* for fuck sake

  • Catchup Hernandez
    Catchup Hernandez 19 days ago +1

    13:11 he put that "BAMM!!!" On it

  • Nyesha Harris
    Nyesha Harris 19 days ago +3

    When will people learn never put your house up. Does he confirm everything they say to him?

  • Alexander Patton
    Alexander Patton 20 days ago +6

    I can’t stand the owner’s wife’s lip

  • Malcolm Washer
    Malcolm Washer 22 days ago +4

    That food looked nasty at the start

  • Jungcock
    Jungcock 22 days ago +4

    They don't have money, but the wife had plastic surgery...

    • Amanda Yetter
      Amanda Yetter 5 days ago

      Andy H her lip. But it looks terrible.

    • Andy H
      Andy H 5 days ago

      What kind of plastic surgery

  • Jungcock
    Jungcock 22 days ago +1

    The accent y'all, the accent

  • Jungcock
    Jungcock 22 days ago +1

    Η προφορά μαλάκες.
    *πόσο πιο ελληνική;*

  • mauntaro oplep
    mauntaro oplep 22 days ago +2

    Which English accent is this?

  • Debbie Potter
    Debbie Potter 23 days ago +3

    Being Greek I thought he would be a lot worse. Temper wise I mean. My mother was Greek and she always said don’t work for a Greek! Lol

  • James Matthew Vicente
    James Matthew Vicente 23 days ago +3

    Christina overacting when she saw the new inside of kati allo

  • Alex Boricua
    Alex Boricua 23 days ago +3

    24:42 Chef Ramsey is so inconsiderate... that jar full of red fresh gaviar of wonders, stored for 8 yrs is so good for a whole week of Diarrhea. 💩

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 3 days ago

      Alex Boricua yeah best for when you are constipated

  • Senshi Atsuki
    Senshi Atsuki 25 days ago +11

    9 months later, closed

    • CapitaineCave
      CapitaineCave 24 days ago +1

      Senshi Atsuki Nooo... In only nine months? Proof that even with the best you can do, as Ramsay does, you can’t change people...

  • Slayerkiller 06
    Slayerkiller 06 26 days ago +10

    I feel bad for Christina

  • Amala Naidu
    Amala Naidu 27 days ago +17

    Can i have another slice of amy's baking company on 2019

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 3 days ago +1

      Amala Naidu meow meow meow, meow meow

  • A Merk
    A Merk 28 days ago +9

    I feel so bad for their daughter. I felt her pain when she started crying just by talking about them.

  • Ruthless Piggy
    Ruthless Piggy 28 days ago +11

    The way they say gyro pisses me off, as a greek woman.

    • A Merk
      A Merk 28 days ago +4

      Ruthless Piggy I’m not Greek but I know that’s not how to pronounce it!!! So annoying!!

  • Tomanator
    Tomanator Month ago +11

    36:22 dude couldn't look any more suspicious! haha

  • Kazuo Tsukumi
    Kazuo Tsukumi Month ago +6

    I’m so glad that Peter Parker is not fond of Greek food.

    GOLVEL Month ago +7

    Came here looking for entertainment... ended up finding a familiar mirror... :-/

  • Daniel Aronov
    Daniel Aronov Month ago +7

    Lol I live like a mile from this place😅

    • cogames
      cogames 28 days ago +2

      @Daniel Aronov ok

    • Daniel Aronov
      Daniel Aronov Month ago +2

      @Tech Reviewer ur right they closed down the original, but it’s possible it’s under new management

    • Daniel Aronov
      Daniel Aronov Month ago +2

      I just checked my self and it’s still open, don’t know how business is doing though

    • Daniel Aronov
      Daniel Aronov Month ago

      I was there like a year and a half ago, before I even knew about kitchen nightmares, so it’s possible it closed down in between.

    • Tech Reviewer
      Tech Reviewer Month ago +1

      @Daniel Aronov are they the same owner, cause on google map its says it definitly closed

  • Taofish
    Taofish Month ago +5

    Want to see what they're doing now?

  • N.H Haziqah
    N.H Haziqah Month ago +3

    I want her as the new owner.

  • Richard Frankenberg
    Richard Frankenberg Month ago +14

    I have been in restaurants for over 25 years. I only just discovered this show today, this hell i keep witnessing on this show, is more common than you know... So many RICH f*cks have no F*ckin hobbies, because all they did was socializes and go to happy hour every f*ckin day. They hit their 40s and 50s and think, "I have been eating out for 40 years, i can run a restaurant, cake walk..." HA!

  • Alex C
    Alex C Month ago +4

    40:11 you can tell he wanted to say “you need to get your head out of your ass” but made it a little more sincere halfway through the sentence 😂

  • JC Denton
    JC Denton Month ago +2

    Katie Allo Goodbye
    What I said to my ex in a split second when I seen her on the street.

  • JC Denton
    JC Denton Month ago

    Katie Allo Goodbye
    What I said to my ex in a split second when I seen her on the street.

  • JC Denton
    JC Denton Month ago

    Katie Allo Goodbye
    What I said to my ex in a split second when I seen her on the street.

  • Brandon Han
    Brandon Han Month ago +5

    Anyone else get annoyed buy her voice at the end

  • Brw78
    Brw78 Month ago +2

    Anybody know why youtube stopped playing videos automatically when I open a new one?

    • Marvy Molina
      Marvy Molina Month ago

      Click the button near or beside the "up next"

    • superkhrys
      superkhrys Month ago

      @Brw78 have you tried right clicking on a video?

    • Brw78
      Brw78 Month ago

      @Antonio Felix Where is that? Even when I refresh a video it doesn't start playing now. I have to always click play now, where it used to just always play.

    • Antonio Felix
      Antonio Felix Month ago +1

      You have to turn on the "play automatic" button

  • Christian Lemelin
    Christian Lemelin Month ago +5

    All these Greek restaurants started to go down the drain the minute they had to declare their income and pay their government taxes!😪

  • shaserdeses
    shaserdeses Month ago +7

    17:10 I have a good “loukaniko”(sausage) the best 😂
    Sad to say this place was around my block from my high school.
    Too much competition and better places both on northern and Francis Lewis blvd

    • Tia Leung
      Tia Leung Month ago

      Oh yeah queens in general just has amazing food

    • JC Denton
      JC Denton Month ago

      shaserdeses guess you have the better sausage cause you ducked them hard 😂

  • Ruben Sentosa
    Ruben Sentosa Month ago +6

    13:40 love their word play with Greece and grease lol

  • culam nguyen
    culam nguyen Month ago +9

    His daughter is a better owner

  • Omg_Itz_OCT 101
    Omg_Itz_OCT 101 Month ago +31

    Poor Irene. She’s so sweet and is always apologizing to Ramsey for the shitty food that Sylvester Stallone puts out

    • JC Denton
      JC Denton Month ago

      Omg_Itz_OCT 101 not even close to Stallone! Tighten up your comment standards amateur!

    • milann ,
      milann , Month ago +1

      yeah, she tried her best

    • The Ranjid
      The Ranjid Month ago +4

      Im dying😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lance Laurente
    Lance Laurente Month ago +8

    Looking for something else?
    The Bathroom that's what I'm looking for.😆

  • The shield's #1 fan
    The shield's #1 fan Month ago +8

    I feel like instead of every 10 years but gets his tetanus shot every 2 years with everything he touches.

  • kanyewest315
    kanyewest315 Month ago +7

    lmao wife needs to calm tf down

  • Crazy Alarm Studios
    Crazy Alarm Studios 2 months ago +21

    I live up the avenue from this place. When it closed a while back, it was later replaced with a new Greek restaurant called Kalamaki. THE FOOD THERE IS SOME OF THE BEST IN QUEENS. We get takeout from there as often as we can

    • Kat is Typing.
      Kat is Typing. 24 days ago +1

      Crazy Alarm Studios I want to go to Queens so bad it sounds like they have some of the best food

    • Crazy Alarm Studios
      Crazy Alarm Studios Month ago +2

      671JH I don’t think so they apparently sold it

    • 671JH
      671JH Month ago +1

      Good for them! Is it still the same people??

    • Tia Leung
      Tia Leung Month ago +1

      Word? bET

  • Ricardo Castro
    Ricardo Castro 2 months ago +4

    Christines reaction to the new restaurant was to cringy

  • Observant Longbow
    Observant Longbow 2 months ago +5

    I don't think Christine realised that she would have to pay for the refurbishment.

    • Wavyy Kun
      Wavyy Kun Month ago

      That was personally my favorite part

    • Fruitty Pun
      Fruitty Pun Month ago +3

      Nahh the show give it to them for free

    • Observant Longbow
      Observant Longbow Month ago +3

      @Kendrick Prasad cos she might have been a bit too happy about the refurbishment, and by a bit I mean a lot.

    • Kendrick Prasad
      Kendrick Prasad 2 months ago +1


  • Margot
    Margot 2 months ago +5

    She wasn't excited when she saw the new restaurant design.

    • Ivan S
      Ivan S Month ago +2

      Connor Bond r/woooosh

    • Connor Bond
      Connor Bond 2 months ago +4

      What do mean she wasn't excited? She was exploding with joy.

  • Vanna Tatro
    Vanna Tatro 2 months ago +21

    The daughter looks like the grown up version of Margo from Despicable Me

  • kiwi boy
    kiwi boy 2 months ago +11

    owner looks stoned

  • TheRiyoman
    TheRiyoman 2 months ago +6

    thats Barbra Streissand

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 3 days ago

      JC Denton family guy proved it does

    • JC Denton
      JC Denton Month ago

      TheRiyoman only if you have an obsession with Barbara Streisand.
      Check yourself for the gay gene.
      (Which doesn’t exist and NEVER WILL).

  • carla garcia
    carla garcia 2 months ago +10

    The food isn’t the only thing that’s greasy the chef is greasy afff

    • JC Denton
      JC Denton Month ago

      carla garcia work on your comment skills please.
      Would of been a better second half.
      Edit: btw I hate you for the channels you’re subscribed to:
      Freakin amateur boobman

  • Puertorican Princess
    Puertorican Princess 2 months ago +1

    Cute moment of the couple cooking 32:00

  • Hybrid Spektar
    Hybrid Spektar 2 months ago +31

    Gordon Ramsey: World class chef, unofficial drill sergeant, professional marriage counselor, and therapist.

  • Amanda Marlow
    Amanda Marlow 2 months ago +11

    What gets me mad is that he isn't letting his wife talk at all really. She tried to talk and be honest at certain things and I am not saying she is honest either but still.

  • Sengad
    Sengad 2 months ago +20

    The daughter is the only good thing about their relationship 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Juan Winner
    Juan Winner 2 months ago +29

    thats crazy that they had some woman in a sub basement sending up food..creepy af.

  • yorr persona
    yorr persona 2 months ago +17

    What happened to the people under the stairs? Oh, right, they made a separate movie for that.

  • BlackSlimeYT
    BlackSlimeYT 2 months ago +8

    You Point Your Finger *OO OO OO OO*

  • GSG x Dee
    GSG x Dee 2 months ago +14

    Her top lip disturbs me

  • Aubry Curtis
    Aubry Curtis 2 months ago +8

    The only thing I can keep my eyes on is the fact that everybody is pronouncing “gyro” wrong

    • Someone
      Someone Month ago +2

      As a Greek i can confirm, it's pronounced Yeero, it's written with a G because in greek G is basically the letter Gama that's pronounced Yaama.

    • Aubry Curtis
      Aubry Curtis 2 months ago

      Hex op exactly!

    • Hex Op
      Hex Op 2 months ago

      It’s pronounced yeero. Watch the JonTron episode where he sings about it.

    • K A
      K A 2 months ago +3

      Aubry Curtis My mom was Greek and it was never pronounced that way.
      She always said it like “hero”. But everyone I meet says I’m wrong so whatever. Hero/gyro.

  • Marieda Parellio
    Marieda Parellio 2 months ago +19

    I’m only like four minutes in but why do I get the feeling this guy has had an affair?

  • Cat Santos
    Cat Santos 2 months ago +8

    Oh my! Hearing her squeals of joy & seeing her & Manny’s tears made my own eyes start welling up!! Very nice!

  • Vas I.
    Vas I. 2 months ago +1

    Me tin igia vre pedia

  • Ampharosite
    Ampharosite 2 months ago +20

    The wife sounds like a hyena when she sees the remodel, holy fuck

  • Patience Bearse
    Patience Bearse 2 months ago +32

    Love how Ramsay always says "darling" or "my dear". It's just so... wonderful. Gentlemanly. :)

  • Ianihilater1
    Ianihilater1 2 months ago +7

    Should've gotten botaux in both lips lolol

  • Julie Hammar
    Julie Hammar 2 months ago +7

    C'mon Irene . Lol

    • Jordan Salazar
      Jordan Salazar 28 days ago

      Cum on Irene

    • Kazuo Tsukumi
      Kazuo Tsukumi Month ago +1

      Julie Hammar
      Come on Irene
      Oh I swear (what he means)
      At this moment, you mean everything
      You in that dress, my thoughts I confess
      Verge on dirty
      Ah, come on, Irene
      I’m so sorry for any Dexys Midnight Runners fans here.

  • galanie
    galanie 2 months ago +3

    The walls in there look like someone dabbed a bloody... something... all over them. disgusting.

  • Jordan Spring
    Jordan Spring 2 months ago +14

    when they see the remodel the wife sounds like the old guy from 8 crazy nights hahaha

  • Goku x Sephiroth
    Goku x Sephiroth 2 months ago +20

    Omg, that sausage almost killed the waitress!
    That's how you know the food is bad.

    • Cat Santos
      Cat Santos 2 months ago +3

      I feel nothing but sympathy for most of the waitstaff on this show...!!

  • fatimus007 birds
    fatimus007 birds 2 months ago +36

    The Lady in the basement microwaving everything 😂😂😂😂

    • 671JH
      671JH Month ago

      Hex Op illegal immigrant

    • Hex Op
      Hex Op 2 months ago +1

      She’s creepy af. Why is there a woman in the basement?!

  • Musa Shimi Yamoto
    Musa Shimi Yamoto 3 months ago +20

    You could tell Mani tanked this ship right after Ramsey left

  • Musa Shimi Yamoto
    Musa Shimi Yamoto 3 months ago +20

    I bet they divorced after this show

    • Ymorah Blakeney
      Ymorah Blakeney 2 months ago

      @Margot google

    • Margot
      Margot 2 months ago

      @Ymorah Blakeney source?

    • Hannah s.Holli
      Hannah s.Holli 2 months ago +1

      I hope they divorced after this show. They just seem so toxic for eachother

    • Ymorah Blakeney
      Ymorah Blakeney 2 months ago +2

      The restaurant is closed now

  • Kevin Henderson Jr.
    Kevin Henderson Jr. 3 months ago +4


  • Karma Punch
    Karma Punch 3 months ago +24

    More honest name for this restaurant: Kati *HELL NO*

  • melhoodd
    melhoodd 3 months ago +11

    What a lovely family

  • John Allen
    John Allen 3 months ago +25

    A person can't work 15 hours a day 7 days a week for years and years with no time off. I mean like 3 or 4 weeks of vacation a year at least. After all that intensity and brutal yelling it's no wonder that people flip out. It's interesting though how Gordon always finds something wrong with the walk-in. That refrigerator always shows up with rotten food, or else too much or too little food. They always find something that's wrong.

    • Hex Op
      Hex Op 2 months ago +4

      Amy’s didn’t have a bad walk-in, but they had problems so astronomically worse in other areas that it didn’t redeem them.

    • antonio rollins
      antonio rollins 3 months ago +8

      Well it is usually restaurants that are failing or in trouble so it dosent surprise me

  • Arthur Wilson
    Arthur Wilson 3 months ago +31

    i grew up across the street from this place and always remember it being below average haha. the owners were nice people though. a lot of the businesses next door were constantly going bankrupt or catching fire. think there's more foul play involved there..

    • Senshi Atsuki
      Senshi Atsuki 24 days ago

      @Vas I. Nope. 9 months after filming, it closed. I think it was in 2012.

    • Vas I.
      Vas I. 2 months ago +2

      Are they still open?

  • Paul Hall
    Paul Hall 3 months ago +13

    you pay cheap help and get cheap work, you get what you pay for bastard

    • Paul Hall
      Paul Hall 2 months ago

      you must own your own business and pay shit wages.....all my life ive said, you get what you pay retired and dont need any help of any kind

  • a l l i s f u l l o f l o v e

    I love this family and Gordon!!! 💗💗

  • Amanda Harker
    Amanda Harker 3 months ago +39

    I feel so sorry for the woman who served Ramsey, she's so sweet. The daughter should be running the restaurant, she's the only one who has a clue!

    • Hybrid Spektar
      Hybrid Spektar 2 months ago +2

      I love how Gordon never blames the servers. He knows it's not the server's fault.

  • Level 100 Indian Warlord
    Level 100 Indian Warlord 3 months ago +6

    Christine went autistic

    • Margot
      Margot 2 months ago

      what does that mean?

  • My Videos Are Sad
    My Videos Are Sad 3 months ago +30

    Am I the only one who critiques food now? Even if it’s dollar store ramen?😂

    • The Razberry Slug
      The Razberry Slug 2 months ago +2

      *watches kitchen nightmares once
      *Is food master

    • lexy
      lexy 3 months ago +1

      Me 😂

    • DLab INC.
      DLab INC. 3 months ago +2

      not alone buddy

  • Kristofer B
    Kristofer B 3 months ago +14

    anyone else high watchin this hahs

    • Margot
      Margot 2 months ago

      would very much like to

    • Sani H
      Sani H 2 months ago +1


  • minny245 45
    minny245 45 3 months ago +9

    Oh. What a nice daughter.

  • Xaralampos 2009
    Xaralampos 2009 3 months ago +1

    kati allo means something else

    • Vas I.
      Vas I. 2 months ago +1

      Sosta :)

  • mimisaek
    mimisaek 3 months ago +6

    Is gyros not jairo for the first dish gordon tastes my god. They can't even say it correct and the staff is Greek. My god

    • mimisaek
      mimisaek 2 months ago

      @Dizzy why retarded? Do you know how to speak Greek? Explain me then how you pronounce it mister i know all?

    • Vas I.
      Vas I. 2 months ago


    • galanie
      galanie 2 months ago +2

      @Dizzy I was taught by Greeks that is was pronounced almost exactly the same way as "heros" - Maybe they were retarded too? Niko Niko in Houston Tx... much better place than this and successful for many many years. Family owned and operated and just .. these people can't even sit at their feet. First time I ever ate gyros, that marvelous cucumber sauce, greek salad with fresh pita and greek olives, real falafel, wonderful hummus, baklava, loved it all, at the original Montrose place. I'd eaten the same dishes elsewhere before but they never tasted anywhere near as good as there.

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 3 months ago

      Are you retarded?

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 3 months ago +11

    This man is like sylvester stallone

    • Vas I.
      Vas I. 2 months ago +1

      Hehehe Italians and Greeks are very similar

    • Lon McGuire
      Lon McGuire 3 months ago +1

      Blue Sky the "Greek" mobster.