Try Guys 300 Sushi pc. Mukbang ft. The Food Babies

  • It's time for some sushiii! This week Keith challenged the Food Babies to eat 300 pieces of sushi with some help from the guys! Do you think they can stomach it?🍣
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Comments • 80

  • •_•
    •_• 4 hours ago

    For Eugene’s request of how many spanks from a pro dominatrix, they will be called the BDSM Bitches (in a good not bad way)

  • Jacob Eaton
    Jacob Eaton 5 hours ago

    Sushi originally comes from Norway, and was Introduced to Japan, they didn't trust it at the time because it was salmon (Pacific Salmon is toxic) and they refused to try it, but eventually they did try it and loved it

  • Calli 18
    Calli 18 5 hours ago

    100 donut holes?

  • Victoria Thompson
    Victoria Thompson 6 hours ago

    Cut to more of Ned suffering on a couch contemplating all of life's mysteries.

  • Zoe MacDiarmid
    Zoe MacDiarmid 6 hours ago

    Honesty I would just send it and eat everything with my hands

  • Rosa Blue Panda
    Rosa Blue Panda 7 hours ago

    I'll eat those all with a hour

  • OrcaStar
    OrcaStar 7 hours ago

    This is my dream

  • Jordan Kawa
    Jordan Kawa 8 hours ago

    id be able to eat 100 when everything opens again ima go out and eat 100 pieces i am also skinny and i way under 90 pounds :) i wish i could challenge Keith one day

  • Dominick Tran
    Dominick Tran 12 hours ago


  • Jaden Tresler
    Jaden Tresler 12 hours ago

    I love how I watched Alexandria cheat subtly several times

  • itsmekhullat
    itsmekhullat 13 hours ago

    YB is like a korean american version of Jisoo Kim - p.s any or army or blink

  • Robin Walker
    Robin Walker 14 hours ago +1

    Bruh when Alex snuck those two pieces of tuna onto YB’s plate at 8:57 and 9:08 I was DEAD 😂

  • Sofia Maria
    Sofia Maria 14 hours ago

    y'all are trying to slowly kill Keith.

  • Joy Elyssa
    Joy Elyssa 16 hours ago

    Ned: too much rice
    laughs in Asian

  • Keweh T-rex
    Keweh T-rex 18 hours ago

    Zach : you are a BOSS

    Eugene : Damn right i’m a boss ;)

    that kept me laughing for like 10 minutes straight XDDDDDDD

  • 何肖
    何肖 19 hours ago

    Ned's best day of his life became the worst day of his life

  • Max Leong
    Max Leong 20 hours ago

    Zach: you are a boss!?
    Eugene: damn right! i'm the boss!

    poor YB and Keith, getting food drunk. will the Food Babies be divided? stay tuned! 😂
    hope everyone who stretched their tummies were okay after that. stay safe and continue on social distancing!

  • Samdrup Okuda
    Samdrup Okuda 23 hours ago +1

    Im Japanese and i love salmon and i think i will inhale all of those salmon i swear!

  • angellinah guo
    angellinah guo Day ago

    i love keith so much

  • Epic_ Corgi
    Epic_ Corgi Day ago

    i can eat a whole head of letauce in 6 min

  • Jenny Wycoff
    Jenny Wycoff Day ago

    For nigiri that is way too much rice

  • Kayla Shaw
    Kayla Shaw Day ago

    Zach's little "what?" at 21:40 absolutely kills me, it's so adorable!!!

  • Finn 14
    Finn 14 Day ago +1

    Every single video like this Keith’s voice gets all slurred and he seems drunk

  • Juan-Carlos Milligan

    How many shots can you take?

  • sarapprb v
    sarapprb v Day ago

    19:30 the cocky monster

  • Maddison CLEMENT

    i hate seafood, cooked or not, so y'all just be aware im only here for the comedy

  • Downright Delinquent

    YB is the nicer female version of Eugene.

  • ntumba007
    ntumba007 Day ago

    Eat cookies or cake

  • Kaneesta
    Kaneesta Day ago

    Russian roulette with getting a parasite

  • nwcam
    nwcam Day ago

    How are they all still so skinny???? I drink too much water and gain 20 pounds

  • Jejfjfg Jrjfjfnfjfi

    Alex is so jealous of yb like sheesh cheating and in every competition she says she wants to beat yb stop being jealous and bringing other girls down.

  • MrHotSauce GMD
    MrHotSauce GMD 2 days ago

    9:00 Really you have to do that, Alex is disqualified from putting one tuna into YB’s plate

  • PapaTristan
    PapaTristan 2 days ago +1

    what is that choir music they play during the slow mo sushi eating?

  • Bakugo MotherEffinKatsuki

    I believe its unanimous....Zach is Baby

  • Christina Watkins
    Christina Watkins 2 days ago

    I died laughing at this episode!!! You guys make me so happy! 😂😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️

  • Barakat
    Barakat 2 days ago

    Eugene spoken like a real Asian proverb

  • winnie lin
    winnie lin 2 days ago

    The food babies are the dumpsters for the try guys, and the cleanup crew is the dumpsters for the food babies?

  • Chunkkrink
    Chunkkrink 2 days ago

    Please do how many spanks can you take next week

  • Diego Selda
    Diego Selda 2 days ago

    Keith getting drunk to sushi

  • Skullzzzy
    Skullzzzy 3 days ago +1

    I’m so jealous sitting here in my quarantine wanting sushi so bad >:(

  • Rutherford is the best

    See how many bags of sugar you can fit down your throat before you get a heart attack

  • Anonymouse Icecube
    Anonymouse Icecube 3 days ago

    What the hell is Ned even on about? 32 pieces is fucking nothing. It's sushi

  • Aye Win
    Aye Win 3 days ago

    I laughed from the 19:45

  • Beryl Awuor
    Beryl Awuor 3 days ago +8

    This just reminded me of “Zach would make a good father” when the Try guys were reading thirst tweets

  • MariJ Camilleri
    MariJ Camilleri 3 days ago

    in every single food video, keith is just a whole fat mood

  • Loney Wolfy
    Loney Wolfy 3 days ago

    Watching all of them eat so much sushi is making me feel full...

  • Teri K
    Teri K 3 days ago

    I actually really hate how Alexandria put two of her pieces on YB’s plate.

  • spicy boi bakugou
    spicy boi bakugou 3 days ago

    Ned is fucking dead

  • Rafaela Dural
    Rafaela Dural 4 days ago

    Fried chicken!

  • Potato 123
    Potato 123 4 days ago +1

    hun, 25 sushi?

    *m8 I could eat at least 40*
    fight me XD

  • Taykittycat456
    Taykittycat456 4 days ago

    YB Eugene and Mari should make a video to see who’s the better Asian

  • magoma kaane
    magoma kaane 4 days ago


  • Pratham Bhise
    Pratham Bhise 4 days ago

    What does keith and eugene use their big throat for?

    Comment if you know the answer ;)
    Lets see who has a creative mind ;)

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive 4 days ago

    Watching this while being quarantined in my house tho

  • Jenna LaPorte
    Jenna LaPorte 5 days ago

    19:46 why was that really good????

  • sclunar
    sclunar 5 days ago

    Bro, this looked delicious

  • Livliv -o-
    Livliv -o- 5 days ago

    This made me so fucking hungry I was literally in the kitchen trying to find something to eat😞😞

  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 5 days ago

    Y’all should see how many pizzas you can eat

  • Jade
    Jade 5 days ago

    Im alrxandrea at every family event. My sister is yb. Nd i hated yb smiling at the end and totally felt for alex. You cant choose a favorite child Keith!!!!! Im right, you’re wrong. Shut up!

  • Emma Hoggard
    Emma Hoggard 5 days ago

    19:21 is by far the best part of the video

  • Hailey Owens
    Hailey Owens 5 days ago +2

    Eugene: I like to watch people prove themselves

    Me: Why.....why is that ME

  • alyssa dimailig
    alyssa dimailig 5 days ago

    Can I just have this for my birthday...

  • rose Proust
    rose Proust 5 days ago

    OMG I want sushi now!!!

  • inez Hamilton
    inez Hamilton 5 days ago

    Y'all need t shirts that say "Proud Food Daddy" and Eugene saying "damn right I'm a boss" took me😂😂😂

  • Sheyenne Boychuck
    Sheyenne Boychuck 5 days ago

    You should eat spring rolls my best is 14

  • Jan Serracino
    Jan Serracino 5 days ago

    Next vid:eating 300 cookies

  • Jay's family
    Jay's family 5 days ago

    Keith eats fast because his mouth is ENORMOUS

  • BTS'S lost passport
    BTS'S lost passport 5 days ago +2

    Them: eats 300 sushis and gains 0 pounds
    Me: eats 1 sushi gains 100000 pounds

  • David Vang
    David Vang 6 days ago

    You guys should just have a video where it's just Eugene is a dark room and forcing him to eat as much as possible so everyone knows how much he can eat with some special guest every like 10 mins or somethin idk

  • Kage Oashj
    Kage Oashj 6 days ago

    Awe they are so happy sushi and drinks but they can’t even enjoy it they are rushed for time😔

  • Yvonne Lozano
    Yvonne Lozano 6 days ago

    Eat 250 pieces of gyoza

  • Nika Racoon
    Nika Racoon 6 days ago

    Me : *sees this beautiful delightful heaven*
    Also me: *chomping on crunchy peanutbutter and whole wheat hotdog buns and crying* ;)

  • Indrias Rosmeifinda
    Indrias Rosmeifinda 6 days ago

    I want to be like YB. Can eat whatever I want and still skinny and pretty 😩😩

  • Green People
    Green People 6 days ago

    With a runtime of 22 minutes that comes out to a sigh almost every single minute.

  • sydney baig
    sydney baig 6 days ago

    i could do that. i love sushi. it’s my favourite food haha :)

  • Matrix 101
    Matrix 101 6 days ago

    and YB is also simpin for him too lolol

  • Matrix 101
    Matrix 101 6 days ago

    keith is an actual simp for YB

  • Pvris Suicide
    Pvris Suicide 6 days ago

    Eugene, don't talk about dominatrix while baby Zach is in the room !

  • Nathanael Scott
    Nathanael Scott 6 days ago +1

    I see YB and Alex then I click

  • Kayla Keigan
    Kayla Keigan 6 days ago

    Alex literally cheated