10 Most Dangerous Minerals You Shouldn't Try!

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
  • 10 Most Dangerous Minerals You Should Not Try!
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    10 Pyrite
    9 Feldspar
    8 Hydroxyapatite
    7 Galena
    6 Fluorspar
    5 Quartz
    4 Cinnabar
    3 Phenacite
    2 Erionite
    1 Crocidolite
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  • NeonsStyle
    NeonsStyle Year ago +51

    Fascinating. Love science. :)

    • 林烨磊
      林烨磊 4 months ago

      I had sea glass

    • xeokym
      xeokym 6 months ago

      This isn't science, unless you're an idiot and know nothing about science.

    • Gordon Lawrence
      Gordon Lawrence 6 months ago

      @Hellofa Gal You make no sense given what the thread is about.

    • Hellofa Gal
      Hellofa Gal 6 months ago

      @Gordon Lawrence Fluorite and fluoride are not the same thing. Fluoride is not at all from the earth but rather is a man-made chemical waste byproduct used to dumb-down the populace and was used in water in Nazi Germany before it was used in America, as taught to by Monsanto, as it calcifies the pineal gland among other things - it is a neurotoxin and is also used to make the atomic bomb. Every time this video talks of fluoride, look into fluorite and they're not the same. Dental fluorosis is also caused by fluoride as it does NOT make your teeth stronger nor anything else good, but does cause holes in your teeth and cancer (as well as emotional desensitization, which is why it is a main ingredient in soooo many psych meds which overtime causes people to fall out of love and end in divorce because they lack emotions to connect and feel each other more and more). Too, I bought pyrite and was commercially sold in the process of me getting it. I also own, like most mineral/stone/gem/such lovers some quartz - entirely safe. I suppose I should finish watching this horrid video (did the global bank cartel make this, is that why they are choosing to dumb people down and not correct anything?) so I can debunk this bullshit for those of you who don't want to be morons.

    • Hellofa Gal
      Hellofa Gal 6 months ago

      @NeonsStyle They are from earth, therefore ARE organic!

  • Milton Williams
    Milton Williams 15 hours ago


  • The meme god
    The meme god 21 hour ago

    "Bruh these minerals are realy harmless" one of the coments

  • AurumGermany
    AurumGermany 4 days ago

    If you already show a German flag, then please not one that springs from the Fancy

  • Marlena Nobles
    Marlena Nobles 7 days ago

    I have some #

  • Marlena Nobles
    Marlena Nobles 7 days ago

    Have a bunch of pyrie

  • jim skinn
    jim skinn 12 days ago

    don't sneak in your global warming climate change agenda on us

  • Bob Catz
    Bob Catz 14 days ago

    Crap I got like half of those I collect gemstones. I only knew about 1 of those.

  • Drak ogi
    Drak ogi 22 days ago

    I have pirit at home! 😁

  • Sebastian Mora
    Sebastian Mora 23 days ago

    Well i have pyrite in my home its a very cool mineral

  • kcwilkersonmusic
    kcwilkersonmusic Month ago


  • LowJack187
    LowJack187 Month ago

    Can't take you seriously if you mispronounce LEAD!

  • Hyenphea
    Hyenphea Month ago

    What a shame. Over a million subs too. The controlled media of North Korea ain't looking so bad now.

  • Arizona Sunflowers
    Arizona Sunflowers Month ago +1

    This is one of the “new” robot voices, because it doesn’t pronounce words correctly; simple words that a regular person would know.

  • Konrad Konrad
    Konrad Konrad 2 months ago

    Wtf ?

  • Colin Chambers
    Colin Chambers 2 months ago

    Large translucent crystals from Morocco... Called Gips ? It looks like very very large salt crystals-what is it? Jacktar

  • Larry Duncan
    Larry Duncan 2 months ago

    I have galena

  • vanadiumV
    vanadiumV 2 months ago

    stop spreading bullshit and lies (fluorid good for teeth but not good for bones hehehe)
    Fluorid is neuopoison it is very harmful for teeth &bones & brain !!

  • C s
    C s 2 months ago

    Dumass flouride is a poisonous toxic mineral. Its meant to poison the population you stupid ass

  • hopebear06
    hopebear06 2 months ago

    Sodium fluoride is an accumulative neuro toxin which also causes dental flurosis. Look at the white patches on people's teeth who have heavy exposure. It's a dumbing down chemical used in Nazi concentration camps to subdue prisoners.
    Welcome to the control matrix.

  • Hector Morales
    Hector Morales 2 months ago

    You forgot about the big booty mineral

  • Noah Caucasus
    Noah Caucasus 2 months ago

    When it says "try" does it mean not to ingest it? What if you wear it.

  • Gary Cleveland
    Gary Cleveland 2 months ago +3

    With all the quartz I have, I should be dead.

  • Nji Labastine
    Nji Labastine 2 months ago

    I'm happy to come across this program, I'm from Africa and I'm in to mining.. please I need someone who can direct me of we and how I can suplay this minerals

  • BigGuy86ed
    BigGuy86ed 2 months ago +1

    "If exposed to the environment" it is the environment!

  • Jo Tiger
    Jo Tiger 2 months ago +2

    So quartz weakens the immune system. That's great, it's in all our phones

  • Kevin MYSTIC EVERGREEN Johnson Jr

    Straight misinformation.

  • Gristle Von Raben
    Gristle Von Raben 3 months ago +2

    Title suggestion: Dangers of mining and fine dust from common minerals.

  • Deborah Anne Hart
    Deborah Anne Hart 3 months ago

    Being a geology freak, and a total rock hound, I am pretty sure I have at least 1/2 of those.

  • Yeetus Cleetus.
    Yeetus Cleetus. 3 months ago

    Wtf are you using Avengers music in the video????

  • Computer IT Tech
    Computer IT Tech 3 months ago

    Perfect informational video ✔👀

  • Othello Pacheco
    Othello Pacheco 3 months ago

    😂😂😂 fluoride should not be ingested that is a byproduct from rat poison

  • Barry Barber
    Barry Barber 3 months ago

    Love quartz...raises frequency...programmable to heal (same as water)...It powered Atlantis...as well as it's vehicles...too bad people have lost this knowledge :( Sleeping humans will sleep...until they awaken. ;) Pyrite...a great grounding stone, but I prefer Nuummite. Silica...well maybe not from Feldspar...but I Love Labradorite. Silica is predominately what your hair, nails, bones, and hair are made of...I don't recommend eating feldspar...but silica as in Bamboo or HorseTail (the plant)...I highly recommend...especially now as the Earth frequencies continue to climb...it helps our body to hold more energy...frequency...because as the Earth ascends...so do we. No fear here...only LOVE.

  • Isabella Hidalgo
    Isabella Hidalgo 3 months ago

    Hate the thumbnail
    Only used broken glass cuz they know we always find them in the beach

  • Tara hm
    Tara hm 3 months ago

    So all of the nature centers and natural history museums in the US that sell pyrite crystals and polished pyrite shapes in their gift shops are actually murdering people since it releases arsenic gas when exposed to air?? They even sell it to little kids--the horror! 😂🤣

    RABIN RAI 3 months ago


  • Trust nobody Trustsnuthin

    What minerals do I have?the ones that are poison in our tooth paste our water that are poison to humans good for our teeth and bones bull!our bodies produce fluoride we don’t need help do you know that a haz mat suit has to be worn while handling fluoride!and they put the crap in our water and toothpaste trust em not on your life for a second

  • Trust nobody Trustsnuthin

    That hydroxyapatite is shit people don’t need fluoride in fact when fluoride is transported,it’s a must to wear a haz mat uniform which means?this shit is toxic do not believe any shit they tell you that it’s good for teeth and bones 💩 crap they don’t get us in the air?they will through water..and drugs

  • lizhi chen
    lizhi chen 4 months ago

    I’ve got Galena

  • Purple MushroomM
    Purple MushroomM 4 months ago

    I love how they list not dangerous minerals and leave out actually dangerous minerals, like Chalcanthite and Malachite.

  • Per technetyl
    Per technetyl 4 months ago

    It is impossible to state, or consider, which mineral is "the most dangerous in the world". It depends on the macroscopic features, known as habit, the dose, the way of the contact, and how often do you have this contact. The zeolite case is very special here: erionite (correct names: erionite-Ca or erionite-Na) is relatively rare and it is not always crystallized in a habit that is dangerous. Also, most of the natural zeolites does not possess such dangerous habit and as such are HARMLESS.

  • Per technetyl
    Per technetyl 4 months ago

    There is no such a mineral "phenacite"! The correct name is PHENAKITE. Phenakite is completely not dangerous!!! Even consuming it wouldn't make a big difference.... Beryllium is toxic when in metallic form, as soluble compounds, and dusts of BeO and Be(OH)2....

  • Per technetyl
    Per technetyl 4 months ago

    Cinnabar is not dangerous if you treat it properly, that is, with basic safety rules...

  • Per technetyl
    Per technetyl 4 months ago

    There is no such mineral as "fluorspar fluoride"!!!! This mineral is called FLUORITE.

  • Per technetyl
    Per technetyl 4 months ago

    Galina?!?!!? Omg.. this is soo wrong.... GALENA, not "galina"...

  • Per technetyl
    Per technetyl 4 months ago

    There is no such mineral as "hydroxyapatite". The correct name is hydroxylapatite.

  • Per technetyl
    Per technetyl 4 months ago

    Feldspars are NOT enriched in uranium! Where did you get this data from??? Small amounts of uranium are EVERYWHERE... Large feldspar crystals are found in pegmatites and pegmatites are rocks often enriched in uranium, but not feldspars.... Also, Italy and Turkey are definitely not these countries you've meant... there are lots of countries with large feldspar reserves, including Canada and Finland, but also USA... feldspars are just too common.

  • Per technetyl
    Per technetyl 4 months ago

    Pyrite and feldspar DANGEROUS?!?! Are you kidding me? How could possibly feldspar be dangerous? If you EAT pyrite then it is dangerous but feldspar???

  • Per technetyl
    Per technetyl 4 months ago

    Arsenic is not a heavy METAL! Arsenic is a SEMIMETAL.

  • Per technetyl
    Per technetyl 4 months ago

    Omg this is totally wrong! Pyrite is NOT used to "marcasite jewelry"!! Pyrite and marcasite are TWO SEPARATE MINERALS...

  • MrMoriarty100
    MrMoriarty100 4 months ago

    I've got a good few of these, chrysotile, galena, cerrusite, cinnabar, beryl, apatite, also orpiment, realgar, pyromorphite and a jar full of pitchblende in my collection...

  • nicholas travisano
    nicholas travisano 4 months ago

    Lead emissions not Leed 😆

  • Yuliani Mulyadi
    Yuliani Mulyadi 5 months ago

    lol that is invinity stone

  • Nicolo Ditomassi
    Nicolo Ditomassi 5 months ago

    Pyrite is very dangerous my house burnt down because of it

    • Nicolo Ditomassi
      Nicolo Ditomassi 5 months ago

      I think and my first sentence is not grammar correct

  • Dahmmanda Truth
    Dahmmanda Truth 5 months ago

    And how much on the mols scale do all of these elements way.and where does some of these elements come from like you got them try to scare people but you can't even tell where they come from. Good job trying to keep fucking children in their house playing video games watching dumb s*** like this.and making sure that you're allowing their parents to believe that everything else is unsafe. Wow this is really propaganda because even if the parents are watching it there probably so f***** up on opiates or alcohol that they think this is real because they can't even f****** pick up a book or even go look outside wow

  • Dahmmanda Truth
    Dahmmanda Truth 5 months ago

    Wow especially number two is the exact same thing that we have in our own f****** human bodies wow you're really helping the propaganda be spread give me know what the crystalline structure would look like for any one of these elements does it spin up or down. I can't even believe that this is f****** out here I mean I can't believe it because everybody's trying to get f****** brainwashed by somebody else but this is b******* and it should be off of this platform because it's fear propaganda and it's a f****** lie

  • Dahmmanda Truth
    Dahmmanda Truth 5 months ago

    So why is beryllium added to aircraft fuel as an additive if it's so f****** toxic for everybody why do we get to breathe it in. But guess what once that happens that also makes f****** rocks. This is so dumb and I actually should give you a ticket for propagating corruption propaganda b******* f****** go outside take a couple deep breaths barefoot

  • Dahmmanda Truth
    Dahmmanda Truth 5 months ago

    Oh and also when you think of air particulate matter barium strontium beryllium it's all in our air so really how do you think it gets into the rocks then wow I can't even believe this is what young people are going to watch and try to believe

  • Dahmmanda Truth
    Dahmmanda Truth 5 months ago

    This is all propaganda have fun hopefully giant crystal gets shoved up your ass whoever makes this channel because all of this is b******* fear factor b******* maybe 10% of it is slightly true when you come down to the chemical compound of it but really. Keep trying to scare people away from the Earth.f****** a so stupid I can't even believe I wasted this much time on this b******* so hopefully all the 10 year olds that watch this will be afraid for maybe 2 seconds to go outside barefoot. This is aggravating

  • Laura Cullen
    Laura Cullen 5 months ago

    Fluoride: insecticide & very poisonous. Dangerous crap. Kids toothpaste with fluoride used to have a warning to call poison control if ore than pea size amount used.