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  • GEX750K6
    GEX750K6 Month ago


  • dillon nolan
    dillon nolan Month ago +1

    Number three was hilarious gang business

  • LG G5
    LG G5 Month ago

    5:31 "walmart time" (walmart in background) ;)

  • 7 plada
    7 plada Month ago

    i think these riders should have kicked their sidemirror.

  • MattGarZero
    MattGarZero Month ago

    Fuckin old cocksucker

  • King of the dead vlogs

    The end of the best part is at 9:42 lol

  • King of the dead vlogs

    Best part is at 9:06 as I think

  • Corto Maltese
    Corto Maltese Month ago

    Bikers are scum. Think they can get away with anything.

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 2 months ago

    5:44 is that the "coffee hobgoblin" that threw coffee over Alex Jones?

  • Brendon odonnell2002
    Brendon odonnell2002 2 months ago

    That Mexican lookin pussy in red shirt at carpark thought he was tough shit yet he fell over from one lil slap👻

  • Andrew Ryan - Student
    Andrew Ryan - Student 2 months ago

    3:38, I would've took his jaw off.

  • gsxrtwitch89
    gsxrtwitch89 2 months ago

    When did bikers become such pussies?

    RENOVATIO 2 months ago

    Don't understand how dare people argue with bikers- they are our heroes, they supply us, car drivers, with organs

  • Nathaniel Bonilla
    Nathaniel Bonilla 2 months ago

    Number 8 is funny

  • Smokey Robinson
    Smokey Robinson 2 months ago

    "first guy"- don't fuckin touch me!!! "other guy" - NO DONT YOU TOUCH ME YA FUCKIN COCKSUCKER!! "first guy"- i'll touch you if I wanna touch you faggot lmao!!!! gotta love them repeater arguments

  • Sierra Powley
    Sierra Powley 2 months ago

    I got kids in my car... Continued to drive in the middle of the road smart

  • everything random
    everything random 2 months ago

    If the bikers are in the right than why are their always dozens of them trying to intimidate one driver?

  • Joost Joziasse
    Joost Joziasse 2 months ago

    #8 was weird as hell, i would've beat the shit out of him when he touched his helmet / credit card.

  • Vel0city Gaming
    Vel0city Gaming 2 months ago

    The dude that head butted is a legend
    If was edtting I would put BOOOOM BITCH GET OUT THE WAY

  • Tughril Afridi
    Tughril Afridi 2 months ago

    he sould call the cops

  • tnt
    tnt 2 months ago

    2:31 when u go full retard

  • JakeHD
    JakeHD 2 months ago

    8:14 dude got real soft after that head butt

  • JakeHD
    JakeHD 2 months ago


  • James Queen
    James Queen 2 months ago

    I hate that little illegal immigrant at 5:23 I seen the full video and it would have been everything I could do not to kill that guy

  • Isabella Walker
    Isabella Walker 2 months ago

    What was the situation with the truck and all the bikers

  • Wheat Penny Collector
    Wheat Penny Collector 2 months ago

    " we need muh guns to defend ourselves from tyranny" proceeds to pull guns out on random people on the road

  • Devonta Alexander
    Devonta Alexander 2 months ago

    i like that

  • david stein
    david stein 3 months ago +1

    Nice Paintjob Buddz xD

  • TheVanillatech
    TheVanillatech 3 months ago

    You fucking americans! Everyone carrying a fucking HANDGUN as they are driving around the place? You're all fucking mental! Jesus CHRIST you bring your kids up in that country? Where millions of crazy muppets are riding around in their cars ready to shoot each other at the drop of a hat? Fucking sick society! Honestly!
    God help your kids!

  • TheVanillatech
    TheVanillatech 3 months ago

    The fuck was the fat yank doing? I swear their heads are all fucked up...

  • alan Lastll
    alan Lastll 3 months ago

    That head butt tho !

  • Andrew Jungelson
    Andrew Jungelson 3 months ago +1

    Hahaha the French one :P *Fils de PUTE!*

  • DBuckyBoy
    DBuckyBoy 3 months ago

    Maybe slow down? Just a thought

  • J_Hershy37
    J_Hershy37 3 months ago

    I love how you put the game as GTA V. Also the bitch on #3 should of kept her guy friend back. Since when is messing with 4 men with helmets on a good idea?

  • CR_Club Jotter
    CR_Club Jotter 3 months ago

    Bitte abonniert mich 💣💣✅

  • CR_Club Jotter
    CR_Club Jotter 3 months ago

    Hatte. Ich auch schon erlebt

  • Tamir Olognuud
    Tamir Olognuud 3 months ago

    fuckn retarded yanks pull out the gun everytime~

  • Shuffle YT
    Shuffle YT 3 months ago

    Some dudes are weird and stupid!

  • MarcelofAustria
    MarcelofAustria 3 months ago

    8:12 WTF

  • The nameless King
    The nameless King 3 months ago

    He took this from moto madness btw pls go sheck it out if u wanna see more stuff like this :D

  • Autumn Schweitzer
    Autumn Schweitzer 3 months ago

    At 4:13 omg I laughed my ass off

  • SlammedSocietyS2k :p
    SlammedSocietyS2k :p 3 months ago

    What's she gonna do with that tiny gun man. We keep 45's and Glocks in our shit for out racing scene

  • Lucas Setrodimedjo
    Lucas Setrodimedjo 3 months ago

    I love bikers

  • The Conquistador
    The Conquistador 3 months ago

    I swear does just everyone have a gun

  • Sabri Gaddari
    Sabri Gaddari 3 months ago

    That headbut fucking gold

  • rice862
    rice862 3 months ago

    omg number 8 though

  • B 結城
    B 結城 3 months ago


  • Nisha Jackson
    Nisha Jackson 3 months ago

    10 what the fuck and 9 what the fuck why did he film him he didn't do anything. 8 people are so stuip leave bikers alone they don't do anything and that guy deserve it. Seriously leave them alone they don't do anything. The guys picking fights should be fined. He had a fucking gun.nice head but.leave them alone and they will leave you alone and seriously there is no need to pull guns out. The guy in the grey ut is asking for it. What the fuck is wrong with people share the roads if you see I biker leave them alone otherwise you have a problem and the last and second last one the people driving the cars should be in jail

  • EdinZec11
    EdinZec11 4 months ago


  • Kye Kye And Wolfie Channal Of Funn

    My sister almost killed by people like this

  • Franco Nothing more
    Franco Nothing more 4 months ago

    Bikers = cancer

  • Thewitchmaker Thewitchmaker

    A bitch better not tell me to get on my bike on go I'll be like shut the fuck up get in your stinky ass car and go

  • Emre OSRS
    Emre OSRS 4 months ago

    6:35 why do women act like they are the shit and they run everything!!

  • Frosty Snowman
    Frosty Snowman 4 months ago

    Looks like fat filthy Frank in the back at 7:23 😂

  • Neil Alberding
    Neil Alberding 4 months ago

    good idea pull a glock out on camera

  • Neil Alberding
    Neil Alberding 4 months ago

    gta real life

  • chris bfmv
    chris bfmv 4 months ago

    so these 10 are in your opinion the best???

  • NoSkillz YT
    NoSkillz YT 4 months ago

    nice paint job buddy xD

  • Moi c'est Roro
    Moi c'est Roro 4 months ago

    *Tries to kill a biker for no reason*
    "I have kids in my motherf*ucking truck !"
    ... 'merica !

  • NEONgun JV
    NEONgun JV 4 months ago

    At number 4 the headbat was the best

  • NEONgun JV
    NEONgun JV 4 months ago

    In number 4 the headbat was the best

  • gcsgt2104
    gcsgt2104 4 months ago

    The french bike ridee at the beginning is overly agressive

  • An Audi RS6
    An Audi RS6 4 months ago

    Guy at he gas station looked like a fucking angry middle aged penguin 😂😂😂

  • Dylan Bowman
    Dylan Bowman 4 months ago

    sorry no beet drop dislike

  • Dimitrije Markovic
    Dimitrije Markovic 4 months ago

    8:14 broooooo yust awesome

  • Robert Brolo
    Robert Brolo 4 months ago

    bike riders are so cool

  • Richard Gollwitzer
    Richard Gollwitzer 4 months ago

    the last two seem like dickhead bikers
    one you crowded the car and truck and started attacking sorry you get run over
    dont like how someone acts in a car follow get their plates report it but dont stop someone from trying to flee the scene unless there is an accident also if there is an accident and you become threatening dont try and stop them from fleeing because they are protecting their selves

  • Simone Trombiero
    Simone Trombiero 4 months ago

    "10 reason why USA is the worst place in the world"*

  • hotrodpinup all things cool

    why is it that everyone who drives a silvarado is a ass?

  • Mar G
    Mar G 4 months ago

    Wouldve shot that crazy ginger. Shes in the wrong.

  • adriaan nikken
    adriaan nikken 4 months ago

    number 6 has much more patience than I do.

  • mike odnoralov
    mike odnoralov 4 months ago

    the fact that people do this is so insane

  • Kenneth Zubiri
    Kenneth Zubiri 4 months ago

    "I got my kids in my car' - uh, so why you on the wrong side of the road bud? Jesus. So much white trash. lol

  • FnafFoxiegirl
    FnafFoxiegirl 4 months ago

    9:19 OMG SHE HAD A GUN IN HER HAND!?!? 😱😱😱😱WTF

    • -D!E_0MFG-
      -D!E_0MFG- 4 months ago


  • Lucian Ciura
    Lucian Ciura 4 months ago

    That head was wonderful 8:13

  • Giubob420
    Giubob420 4 months ago

    If 100 bikers stop my car, i Just run them over and killed them, Is assault 100 vs 1 , the driver gas to fight for his Life.

  • Giubob420
    Giubob420 4 months ago

    The helmet hit in the fronthead :)

  • Rodrigo Jimenez Cifuentes

    I have a confrontation = gun
    You have a confrontation = gun
    He has a confrontation = gun
    Fuking USA

  • Moderne Passion
    Moderne Passion 4 months ago


  • Blaine S
    Blaine S 4 months ago

    Does anyone else want to rip this guys teeth out with pliers at 5:40???

    DANS TON HULK 4 months ago

    the fault is the fact of the motard sometimes...

  • spikey red
    spikey red 4 months ago

    5:15 wow I cant even say those words without people calling me homophobic

  • Omar TheKhalifa
    Omar TheKhalifa 4 months ago

    8:13 seconds hahaha. That was one amazing head

  • Gerry Franch
    Gerry Franch 4 months ago

    i love this video, i was laughting so much.

  • Paulo Henrique
    Paulo Henrique 4 months ago

    Nice punch bro!

  • xToxic_motɨoɴ desɨgɴ

    8:14 is the best moment in my life!

  • The Viewer
    The Viewer 4 months ago

    This video would be good, if u didnt use 5 seconds to put a video saying which number we are on, tbh u dont need to count at all, pls fix

  • The Viewer
    The Viewer 4 months ago

    That bitch pulled a gun out. Fucking bitch

  • tinyman1990
    tinyman1990 4 months ago

    that headbutt @ 8:13 was amaaaaazzzzningg

  • kamio kuroi
    kamio kuroi 4 months ago

    #10 was fucking enoying..... ugh french people

  • sofos politis
    sofos politis 4 months ago

    Dat neck grab , was the best 5:03

  • Andrew Piester
    Andrew Piester 4 months ago

    What the hell was that orange dude on

  • Kuro Neko
    Kuro Neko 4 months ago

    Nr3 how the fuvk did thar wackjob get a gun?!??!

  • Angel Production.
    Angel Production. 4 months ago

    Get a Harley you Pussy's :)

  • Angel Production.
    Angel Production. 4 months ago

    Queer ass Kawasaki faggots.

  • Nathaniel Fernandez
    Nathaniel Fernandez 4 months ago

    Who's watching this while breathing

  • Adam James
    Adam James 4 months ago

    5:57 DAYUUUMMM

  • Max dtt
    Max dtt 4 months ago +1

    OMG Amercian guys you are really crazy 😂

  • Anonymous thegr8est
    Anonymous thegr8est 4 months ago +2

    Bikers get angry over small matters.Damn they re arrogant

    • Russell Fischer
      Russell Fischer 3 months ago

      Because in a car u are safer then on a bike and one little move and the could get really hurt or killed

    • Anonymous thegr8est
      Anonymous thegr8est 4 months ago +1

      kamio kuroi yes but it seems arrogant to me

    • kamio kuroi
      kamio kuroi 4 months ago +1

      Farhan khan true but you never know the situation while watching these vids

  • Baran Cinar
    Baran Cinar 4 months ago

    0:42 Fisd***t