The Real Reason McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Always Seem To Be Broken

  • Published on Nov 15, 2018
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    Being a fan of McDonald's ice cream isn't easy. You get your hopes up for a cone and cruise through the drive-thru, only to be told the ice cream machine is broken - again. It's a problem nearly every McDonald's fan has likely experienced at least once in their lives...
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Comments • 5 543

  • Mashed
    Mashed  10 months ago +2075

    When the McDonald's ice cream machine is broken, where do you like to get your ice cream instead?

  • Yo mom Is gay
    Yo mom Is gay 3 hours ago


  • Schizoid Cynical

    I think McDonalds should add a hygeine crew to clean the enviroment and fix machines

  • Adam Nur
    Adam Nur 2 days ago +1

    This never happened to me when I went to McDonald's.

  • Nothing Nothing
    Nothing Nothing 2 days ago

    Sorry food machine broke

  • Rick the Brick
    Rick the Brick 2 days ago

    McDonald's ice cream machine is more broke than i am

  • t0xicp0izin
    t0xicp0izin 4 days ago

    I get my hopes up for a cone, only to find that my dealer has run out!

  • Grandma does youtube

    Just put 2 freaking machines when you clean the first one use the other

  • rea beatty
    rea beatty 8 days ago

    Ove me and my family went thru a drive thru i saw the car infront of us get an ice when it was r turn they said sorry its broken in my mind i said

    Thomas has not seen that much bullshit before

  • echo45
    echo45 9 days ago +3

    Legend has it that the machines that always work are inside Area 51.

  • Vulgar Hyena
    Vulgar Hyena 10 days ago

    Yeah right I know they don't clean it they just hate serving ice cream at my mcdonalds

  • Tracey Cancio
    Tracey Cancio 12 days ago

    Is that John Goodman? 😂

  • Tracey Cancio
    Tracey Cancio 12 days ago

    Just take ALL ice cream related items ofc the menu instead of lying to us! Do your job!

  • Runner Playz
    Runner Playz 13 days ago

    This has never happend to me - my McDonalds tends to have the Sprite machine broken time to time.

  • MorningStar Kematch
    MorningStar Kematch 16 days ago

    Sorry Wendy's...IMO, Frosties suck. As for the ice cream app?! Funny but innovative for ice cream lovers.

  • Mert Çuhacı
    Mert Çuhacı 17 days ago

    billiondollar idea:freeze some backup ice cream in a freezer

  • mxtyys
    mxtyys 19 days ago +3

    idk but for me when I go to McDonald’s there never broken

  • Luxo Jr.
    Luxo Jr. 20 days ago

    I get my ice cream dairy queen

  • Wolf Noir *wolfissimo*

    Once there was a plumbing company car at a McDonald’s I went to on my vacation and it said on the car they help fix ice cream machines and I yell “MOM LOOK THEY ARE HERE TO FIX THE ICE CREAM MACHINE!!”

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 25 days ago

    This is so silly to me because McDonalds doesnt owe you shit. If you want ice cream that badly then go to the grocery store and get a tub.

  • whenindoubt mutemyownmouth

    Or you could go to DQ instead, many of them also sell hot food too.

    YYHHH YYHHH 29 days ago

    I've visited mcdonalds every day for a month this summer, but the machine has never been working!!

  • Bryan R
    Bryan R Month ago +1

    The real ice cream machine is in Area 51

  • lacheesebuger Henson

    Then get a new machine

  • Chloe
    Chloe Month ago

    It happens at mine but we clean it weekly but it gets done quick tho

  • Chris Mitchell jr.
    Chris Mitchell jr. Month ago

    Man I go to pink berry it’s not not ice scream but it frozen yogurt but it taste so much like ice scream so that’s where I go

  • Nordicrace 927
    Nordicrace 927 Month ago

    Why don’t these idiots install two ice cream machines that way one is being cleaned while the other one is working?

  • Michael Bacon
    Michael Bacon Month ago

    Any possibility of having two machines, and stagger the cleaning schedules? So while one is offline for cleaning soft serve moving can continue?

    • Switch-No-Comply
      Switch-No-Comply Month ago

      Problem there is real-estate, you can't just create more space out of thin if your talking about doing that with a brand new store still under construction or a renovation that idea could be applied to the blue-prints

  • Wyatt Pesina
    Wyatt Pesina Month ago

    Ice Cream? Broken
    Coke? Broken
    Manager? Broken
    Hotel? Trivago

  • スタリリStary
    スタリリStary Month ago +1

    *Legends says the mc donalds ice cream machine is still broken*

  • Materns Explorer
    Materns Explorer Month ago

    Is your ice cream machine broke cause why are you lying yea can I get a number 1 and cooked

  • Ahenkel36
    Ahenkel36 Month ago

    This is complete bullshit

  • Grey Panther
    Grey Panther Month ago

    It's still broken 2 years later

  • Jim Black
    Jim Black Month ago +1

    I guess Dairy Queen has solved this problem?

    • Hank Bridges
      Hank Bridges 24 days ago

      A gay white guy is called a dairy queen. 😂

  • Speed forcetheflash

    There at area 51

  • Hekkai
    Hekkai Month ago

    There is no ice on ice cream.

  • Vegas X
    Vegas X Month ago

    They don't clean them because they're lazy.

  • SuitcaseFan 407
    SuitcaseFan 407 Month ago

    Of Corse They Are Broken

  • KiidFernando3
    KiidFernando3 Month ago +1

    They should have a job only for cleaning the machines

  • Supes Me
    Supes Me Month ago

    Just FYI I just tried Checkers / Rally's Strawberry Cone....OMG good. And I've never been to one where the machine was down

  • FH73
    FH73 Month ago +1

    Okay so why treat customers like idiots instead of just telling them the machines are being cleaned? Lol why is the world like this

  • TR-Luis-PB
    TR-Luis-PB Month ago

    Nothing chamged

  • O Zone
    O Zone Month ago

    There's so much sugar in the rest of McD's food it almost seems redundant to want ice cream from there.

    • JΛMΛ
      JΛMΛ Month ago

      @O Zone fr 😂😂

    • O Zone
      O Zone Month ago +1

      @JΛMΛ Just looked it up because I was curious. In a big mac there is 1007mg of sodium and 396mg of potassium... that's a LOT of salt. Looking into the sugar as well, it's listed as 8.7g of sugar but then there's other -ose's as well, which are also all sugar, just in disguise. Totals up to 17.5g. So yeah, a LOT. As for the fat... it's just a lot too. Basically, just don't eat a big mac.

    • JΛMΛ
      JΛMΛ Month ago

      there's more salt and fat than sugar in most McDonald's

  • Nubulous
    Nubulous Month ago +1

    I’m England they always work lol

  • deltomor
    deltomor Month ago

    My restaurant does the cleaning during the night and we have 2 so this never happens but customers still ask "is your ice cream machine 'broken' right now?" But in the 5 years I've worked there I've never had to answer yes..

  • Max Pyane
    Max Pyane Month ago

    Buy two machines that way you can always have one machine operating while the other machine is being cleaned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brelyn Holliday
    Brelyn Holliday Month ago

    Come to Meridian it will never happen to you

  • Yahir
    Yahir Month ago

    I think I live in an alternate universe. It’s always works to where I go

  • ZoomCenter12
    ZoomCenter12 Month ago

    I once ate an ice cream from mcdonalds :-: is tasty

  • Nathan Thomason
    Nathan Thomason 2 months ago

    The most rare thing happened I got an ice cream cone

  • Oscar Valenzuela
    Oscar Valenzuela 2 months ago

    Laziness bad management or the McDonald's is short-staffed the machine Shoud be clean overnight is a tedious process takes a few hours should be rebuilt early before morning time

    JBL JUST BE LIT XD 2 months ago

    I’m i the only one that is wondering why no one mentioned DQ?

  • kaza12345678
    kaza12345678 2 months ago

    Can i have mcflurry
    Ice cream machines cleaning

  • RedBoiTheGamer
    RedBoiTheGamer 2 months ago

    Huh i though they were just lazy

  • Ludi Barrs
    Ludi Barrs 2 months ago

    Uh.... ever think of having TWO machines...duh!!

  • Chrif
    Chrif 2 months ago

    but then why can literally every other place have their machine always working....

  • GamingWithAustin
    GamingWithAustin 2 months ago

    better yet, go vegan

  • Donnie Legendo
    Donnie Legendo 2 months ago +1

    I work at McDonald’s, and the machine usually gets overheated during rush hours and it gets even worse during the summer.

  • Black Shark
    Black Shark 2 months ago

    Simple solution. Obtain 2-3 ice cream machines per location depending on how busy they are.
    Use one machine, have the other machines as a back up. When one machine is being cleaned, maintained, repaired, etc. you use the other machine in the meantime. This way, there will always be ice cream available for the customers.
    And don't tell me that a multi billion dollar industry, such as McDonald's, is not able to afford a couple more machines per store.

  • diamond doge
    diamond doge 2 months ago

    The machine isn’t cleaned THAT long, the real reason is that regular workers (not managers) don’t know how to use the machines.