LAST TO LEAVE THE DINOSAUR SUIT WINS $1000 | Mr Beast Kids' Style with Norris Nuts


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  • Nina Jabi
    Nina Jabi Hour ago

    6:40 He said you are going to be eliminated

  • Cameran’s Life
    Cameran’s Life Hour ago

    I think biggy meant to say humiliated😂❤️❤️love u legends

  • Han Nah
    Han Nah Hour ago

    It’s annoying that biggy is like “I’m gonna pop someone’s balloon” even though he would cry if the girls did that to him

  • Anna Arakelyan
    Anna Arakelyan 2 hours ago

    He meant humiliated

  • Cat lover Tanya James
    Cat lover Tanya James 4 hours ago +1

    👄 #legands
    Like what I did there

  • Cat lover Tanya James
    Cat lover Tanya James 4 hours ago

    8:33 lol mad me laugh


  • Jaime Jensen
    Jaime Jensen 4 hours ago

    Sabre was the best Dino!! Love u all🥰

  • Rain Paea
    Rain Paea 5 hours ago

    i feel like sockie always helps others win the money.

  • Javier Suarez
    Javier Suarez 5 hours ago

    Not to hate but do you guys gone to school

  • Chanse Tapara
    Chanse Tapara 5 hours ago


  • Simon Marchewka
    Simon Marchewka 6 hours ago

    OMG this is something I would do in real life LOL 😂

  • Chelsea CHALK
    Chelsea CHALK 6 hours ago

    Do you guys live Australia

  • Jacck Beean
    Jacck Beean 7 hours ago +1

    $1000 isn't enough for the dino suit maybe like $20'000

  • Pearl's crazy videos
    Pearl's crazy videos 8 hours ago

    Do try not cry

  • Marva Woodruff
    Marva Woodruff 8 hours ago

    I LOVE your videos

  • Princess Geek Girl
    Princess Geek Girl 8 hours ago

    Biggy was probably trying to say Humiliated or Eliminated.

  • Savanah Miller
    Savanah Miller 9 hours ago

    He said everyone will be hulimated

  • SmokyHedgehog33 S
    SmokyHedgehog33 S 9 hours ago

    What are schnitzels?
    (I’m American)
    Are they chicken nuggets?

  • Mattea Jane
    Mattea Jane 9 hours ago

    6:42 I think he meant to say humiliated

  • EmiRachelNatalie
    EmiRachelNatalie 10 hours ago

    SOCKIE shouldn't of got out because it was the LAST TO LEAVE THE SUIT when she didn't leave it she just fell in the pool, but biggy did lose because he LEFT it

  • Ninja Hyper
    Ninja Hyper 10 hours ago

    Sabre is so weird and rude

  • slime games and more!
    slime games and more! 11 hours ago


  • Jacy _playzzz
    Jacy _playzzz 11 hours ago

    I think Biggy wanted to say

  • Nicco Bressi
    Nicco Bressi 11 hours ago

    Why did you guys torture Sockie

  • Audrey Ann
    Audrey Ann 11 hours ago

    This is everything and more.

  • alana simmons
    alana simmons 11 hours ago

    Biggy meant humiliated

  • MsHardy9
    MsHardy9 11 hours ago

    The next challenge you will win SOCKIE! Much LOVE FROM STOKESDALE NORTH CAROLINA

  • Celenia Vigil
    Celenia Vigil 12 hours ago

    You guys are really mean to Sockie she deserves the money more than you guys

  • Mikxie and Ati
    Mikxie and Ati 12 hours ago

    Lol hulluminated

  • Mikxie and Ati
    Mikxie and Ati 12 hours ago

    6:42 I think it’s humiliated...

  • Cuddle Bug
    Cuddle Bug 12 hours ago

    At 7:31 it looms like biggie is humping the ground

  • Sarah Creager
    Sarah Creager 12 hours ago

    Biggy said hulimanated

  • potato warrior cat lover


  • Emma’s Life
    Emma’s Life 13 hours ago

    The norris nuts don’t really freak sockie..very nice and let her do what she wants...SOCKIE IS MY FAVORITE...but love you all

  • sparklegirl17
    sparklegirl17 13 hours ago


  • smith team
    smith team 13 hours ago

    #catchmenuckels for the #legends

  • Annie Silva
    Annie Silva 13 hours ago

    Dude sockie made me laugh in 3:20

  • Sinatra Theijsmeijer
    Sinatra Theijsmeijer 14 hours ago

    I wish i could meet you guys but i live in ireland and the person i want to meet the most are sockie and sabre and then naz 2 can i ask you guys a question could i maybe like talk to the girls and biggy its would be y dream and its my birthday soon

  • Jenna Niederhelman
    Jenna Niederhelman 14 hours ago

    Naz can not do the splits

  • Itzkittcookiez
    Itzkittcookiez 14 hours ago

    This was so unfair for Sockie...

  • Kylie Sartell
    Kylie Sartell 14 hours ago

    OMG 2:35 literally KILLED ME😂😂😂also, i agree, sockie should have gotten the costume she wanted. hers literally SUCKED. and i can NOT believe that Sabre said that they were trying to get sockie out because that is just MEAN! and Sockie is a genuinely nice person and is so gorgeous and should get treated with WAY more respect in these challenges. Like when biggy dropped the phone in the ocean and Sockie went to get it even though BIGGY dropped it and also when BIGGY tricked Sockie into getting off of the floatie and didn't even give her the chips. No offense to the Norris Nuts though, I love you guys but i think Sabre gets most of the attention and then sockie is always just second best under sabre. again no offense i love your family SO much and am one of your biggest fans. even though you guys will literally NEVER notice me.😍 😘😍 😘

  • Tony Mason
    Tony Mason 15 hours ago


  • Tony Mason
    Tony Mason 15 hours ago

    Sokies pic is pretty

  • Tony Mason
    Tony Mason 15 hours ago

    Lol sabre was so happy when she watch she always wanted she was so happy

  • Latasha Jardine
    Latasha Jardine 15 hours ago


  • CrystalMonkey And Diamond Kitty!

    I feel bad for sockie

  • Bandit & Jenne
    Bandit & Jenne 15 hours ago

    He said humiliated/eliminated. He put both of those words together and that makes the word he said. e.e XD

  • AnaMaria Camero
    AnaMaria Camero 15 hours ago

    give this a thumbs up if you think sockie is the best out of the norris nuts

  • AnaMaria Camero
    AnaMaria Camero 16 hours ago

    sockie is the best out of the norris nuts

  • Marshamallow Adventures
    Marshamallow Adventures 16 hours ago +1

    He said humiliated

  • Justin Kezar
    Justin Kezar 16 hours ago

    Hlumiminate or illuminate

  • Megan M uwu
    Megan M uwu 16 hours ago

    6:43 _Humiliated_

  • Rico Daye
    Rico Daye 16 hours ago

    He’s not out he just went to go use the bathroom

  • Dawn Roberts
    Dawn Roberts 17 hours ago

    She said illuminated 2 times

  • Meila Mitchell Hopa
    Meila Mitchell Hopa 18 hours ago

    Biggy meant to say humiliated

  • Phoebe Aime
    Phoebe Aime 18 hours ago

    I honestly think that you met illuminated

  • Diana Ishimwe
    Diana Ishimwe 18 hours ago


  • Josh Clarke
    Josh Clarke 19 hours ago +1

    hulliminated? is when your humiliated and yeah that its humiliated said differently

  • Ariana Grande Not Official

    Sabre was like “ Biggy Biggy Biggy “ and then I was like “ Can’t u see , sometimes ur words just hypnotize me “

  • User 1580159
    User 1580159 19 hours ago

    I feel like biggy gets his way and wind and cries wayyy to often and all of his siblings have to sympathize him 😑

  • Grace E
    Grace E 20 hours ago

    Was biggy meant to say the word hallucinated

  • Melinda Fitzgerald
    Melinda Fitzgerald 20 hours ago

    That is so unfair

  • SAMORAH Vlogs
    SAMORAH Vlogs 20 hours ago

    Biggy meant to say illuminated

    MR_ BEAST 20 hours ago

    Am I now famous


    6:44 he said we are gonna be haluminated

  • mya and kya Nsiala
    mya and kya Nsiala 21 hour ago

    We love u so much can we come to it house

  • KIMORA Bekoe
    KIMORA Bekoe Day ago

    Biggy ment humiliated

  • K Lieksetseng Khasipe

    I was eating a dough nut while eating this 🙃😑😐

  • Golden Scissors
    Golden Scissors Day ago

    poor socky the only thing you deserve is to be respected like you respect others.

  • Alana Garner
    Alana Garner Day ago

    He ment himilliated

  • Blitz Lundin
    Blitz Lundin Day ago +1

    Honestly this so unfair to sockie it was her choice of her costume because she bet Naz but yet she doesn’t get the one she wanted and sockie only gets out when she is helping others. You should give sockie more respect and treat her equally and Sabre shouldn’t just say that they are trying to get sockie out, it’s just so unfair I feel sorry for sockie and also why did sockie get out for falling in the pool that’s not the challenge it’s not like the water magically made her fall out of her costume

  • Cynthia Bonilla
    Cynthia Bonilla Day ago

    I feel so bad 4 sock

  • Raymond Pearce
    Raymond Pearce Day ago

    hi i love your videos

  • Kika Koko
    Kika Koko Day ago

    I dont know? what biggy say?...??? WHAT!??

  • Chelsea Hanlon
    Chelsea Hanlon Day ago

    Sockie shouldn’t have got out cause they said u had to got to the end without getting wet witch she did. She just fell trying to get out so it wasn’t fair🙄

  • Ocool B
    Ocool B Day ago

    biggy means eliminated from the challenge haha

  • Shakila  Mushtaq
    Shakila Mushtaq Day ago

    Why is sabre so obsessed with boobs?,

  • Ender YT
    Ender YT Day ago

    You basically copied mr beast

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl Day ago

    Hi you ok. L. Hjjkmkm

  • Youzico Games
    Youzico Games Day ago


  • Nintendounicorn Awesomeness

    When they started having a tantrum in the store I laughed my head off omg lol

  • Neve Gray
    Neve Gray Day ago

    I love you guys and me beast

  • Madz Ikin
    Madz Ikin Day ago

    @ @

  • Madz Ikin
    Madz Ikin Day ago

    @ @

  • laylas world
    laylas world Day ago

    Please can I have the dinosaur suit that sabre or Biggie was wearing please#catch me knuckles

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose Day ago

    Also when they did the family photo it looked like biggies dinosaur ate discos head....
    Anyone else see it?

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose Day ago

    Never laughed so hard before

  • Phoenix Kember
    Phoenix Kember Day ago

    My brother loves dinosaurs😄😄

  • gacha Emoji33
    gacha Emoji33 Day ago

    This video is super funny

  • Gabriella Castaneda

    You going to be illuminated

  • City Street Kitchen

    since she is a herbivore she only eats vegetables

  • City Street Kitchen

    sockie is a brontosauros she can eat vegetables

  • Just Me
    Just Me Day ago

    Sabre is Blue from JP

  • maci stearmer
    maci stearmer Day ago

    catch me knuckles legends!

  • Grace Gunther
    Grace Gunther Day ago

    omg sockie has a thigh gap

  • Paige Ussher
    Paige Ussher Day ago

    imagine making Jurassic world with these to get the sizes and green screening it

  • Rock ń Rubyee
    Rock ń Rubyee Day ago

    Hey umm, I really love this video because dancing is my life but I can’t dance anymore b/c I hurt my foot.

  • Liz Watt
    Liz Watt Day ago

    naz that is not fair for that you have to wear that suit when she wanted to.

  • Leah Newton
    Leah Newton Day ago