• Published on Oct 18, 2017
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    Street Food - Tibetan Chinese Street Food - BEST Street food in China
    We found YAK SASHIMI and so much delicious Chinese Tibetan street food in West Sichuan, near Tibet! Join us on a deep Tibetan Street Food Tour! You can travel with us through this street food tour vlog and taste some of the most UNIQUE, delicious (LIKE YAK SASHIMI!), and UNKNOWN street food around the world. We traveled to Kangding, specifically to eat the best street food. First up, we went to a morning street food market and found a ton of different Yak, all laying out and ready to sell to chefs for their special Chinese/Tibetan recipes. This is the same YAK that we sampled for the YAK SASHIMI at a fancy Tibetan restaurant in the evening.
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    We went to a Tibetan breakfast restaurant and had some amazingly powerful Yak organ soup, which to be honest, was not very delicious, although the spicy chili sauce was great! After that, we traveled to the local monastery buddhist temple to eat with the monks! This was truly a once in a lifetime street food temple experience! The authentic local Chinese Tibetan recipes the chefs were making were incredible! The flavours will blow you away, they all had this incredible home-cooked flavour.
    There were so many authentic Chinese recipes that the chefs were making, it will blow you away! All of it had an amazing home-cooked flavour!
    After that amazing monastery meal, we went back into downtown on the hunt for delicious street food recipes to try, and found an amazing Tibetan restaurant serving up some amazing Tibetan delicacies, like raw yak meat Sashimi, tsampa highland barley flour with yak butter and so much more!
    You can follow our travels through this tea horse road series as we travel through China on a 6 week street food tour journey and try delicious Chinese street food and Chinese cuisine all the way from Sichuan and into the west of Sichuan with Tibetan food, and then into Yunnan in the south of China! You can discover with us exactly why China is the best place for street food in the world!
    If you’re thinking of traveling through China because of the delicious street food, or even living in China for the food, You definitely must travel throughout Sichuan to taste the flavours! There is so many back street markets to explore and new delicious recipes to try! Come hungry! There is a lifetime worth of delicious street food to try! And the locals are all extremely friendly!
    Here in China, Chinese street food and Chinese cuisine is so varied and abundant and diverse that you couldn’t eat it in your whole lifetime. We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to live in Chengdu, Sichuan, eating delicious Sichuan street food and tasting new and enticing street foods almost every day.
    Here are the addresses for the street foods in this video:
    1) Morning Street Food Market (with the RAW yak meat and the Yak Meat Jerky!):
    2) Tibetan Chinese Breakfast (Yak Organ Soup):
    3) Tibetan Monestary Lunch:
    4) HUGE Tibetan restaurant feast:
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious.
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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  Year ago +255

    Follow me on Insta for behind the scenes: instagram.com/thefoodranger
    We are now entering the Tibetan part of Sichuan! I hope you enjoy the video, we found so much cool stuff!! I would love to hear from you in the comments below! Thanks so much for watching!

    • The last Samurai
      The last Samurai 5 days ago

      The Food Ranger u didn’t seem happy like any of ur other videos...and I’m from Tibet 😭😭

    • Habib Habib
      Habib Habib 9 days ago

      To Shantanukumar Maity:In ancient times, only the dynasty, Tibet has been unified to diffrent dynasty in old dynasty China! I believe you never been to China tibet before,maybe forever in your life as Tibetan live in abroad!

    • julian hobrough
      julian hobrough 16 days ago

      Why don’t you highlight the 1.2 million tibetans who were slaughtered by the Chinese? Because you are a predatory, Yankee moron, that’s why. Get lost.

    • Abdul Rhman
      Abdul Rhman Month ago

      +Khmer FoodTV tobet

    • FlyingMonkies325
      FlyingMonkies325 Month ago

      Wow! i really want to go to Tibet to meet the monks and eat what they're eating a lot of the time i wish i could live with them for a while to get away from things and to help me with my depression and health problems but What would i do even spending 1 year there? it wouldn't work out so well getting back into society don't think. I wouldn't eat the organs and tongue but the rest i would love to eat i love chinese NOT as much as indian but still amazing.

  • choygel lama
    choygel lama Hour ago

    Try to visited india darjeeling also

  • Ramesh Aacharya
    Ramesh Aacharya Day ago

    I am from NEPAL
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    arjun reddy 4 days ago

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  • Batman
    Batman 7 days ago

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  • RED *Naruto*
    RED *Naruto* 7 days ago

    I am from northeastern India bordering Tibet south of Lhasa, I wish I could visit Tibet in my life time😢

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    tsewang yougyal 10 days ago

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  • President Oxford
    President Oxford 17 days ago

    All yr videos are insanely riveting!! Why on earth aren't these on Lifestyle food network?

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    MOSES CHRIST 20 days ago

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    Shuk Lal B.k Month ago

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  • satria amiluhur
    satria amiluhur Month ago

    Doesn't seem to be a good place to visit if you have high blood pressure

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    My favourite bread ever ...been eating since childhood
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    Matias Larvator Month ago

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    freedom77 Month ago

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    JBI JBI Month ago +1

    I thought tibet is very religious and people there don’t eat meat.

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    So cool. I was there a few months ago, and ate at the same restaurant and saw the same monastary......what a beautiful little city......it lights up at night like a christmas tree. Thank you.

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    Bin LI 2 months ago +37

    I am a Chinese living in the Middle East now. I have lived in Tibetan areas in China for 20 years. This film truly reflects the real life of Tibetan areas. Compared to the videos of many rumors on TVclip, thank you for showing us the real Tibetan areas in China.

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    They answered you 个s (meat)
    They said 3 pieces of meat is sold every day, that’s probably 1.5 yaks everyday

  • Mike J
    Mike J 2 months ago +1

    So funny that the non-tibetans anti chinese types starts screaming "freedom for tibetans" etc etc. when the real tibetans were just "Thank you for liking our food, I hope you enjoy it"

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    • Alan Au
      Alan Au 2 months ago

      The United States has in its population more diverse people from around the world than any other country can claim. If we do not all speak English (willingly without any coercion), would you expect us to be in a "Tower of Babel situation"?

      By the way, you must be one of the "privileged few" who are able to access Western media venues. You work for the MSS?

    • Jiahao Song
      Jiahao Song 2 months ago +3

      Alan Au I am so sad that all people in America must learn englisch in school and University. Even they come from Asia, Africa or South America.

  • 中国信人不信神的普通人


  • Rogelio Guaring
    Rogelio Guaring 3 months ago

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    • Rogelio Guaring
      Rogelio Guaring 2 months ago

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    Banki Moon 3 months ago +1

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      rock new 3 months ago

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  • alanOHALAN
    alanOHALAN 3 months ago

    "Kang Ding love song" was an extremely famous song coming out of late 1970's, and was a symbol of Opening Up of the political system. Now I know where the city is. Actually Tibetan are open-minded people, so it makes sense.

  • Tao Wu
    Tao Wu 3 months ago

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  • Tao Wu
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    Edit: I watch to see the different types of food, cause I know some stan is gonna ask.

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