The Comedian Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Robert De Niro Movie

  • Published on Nov 22, 2016
  • Starring: Robert De Niro, Leslie Mann, and Danny DeVito
    The Comedian Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Robert De Niro Movie
    A look at the life of an aging insult comic.
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Comments • 581

  • Wellit'sElle
    Wellit'sElle 2 months ago

    ok but patti lupone anyone???!!

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 2 months ago

    guess i dont have to watch the film then..

  • Anthony Gronock
    Anthony Gronock 9 months ago

    This was the worst trailer I've ever seen...just as far as trailers go, nothing to do with the movie itself

  • David Boson
    David Boson Year ago

    amazing - Robert De Niro playing Jerry Lewis

  • Wyatt Wade
    Wyatt Wade Year ago

    Damn... it's actually pretty good movie. Sad that it didn't get A little more recognition.

  • Sancler Santander

    One of the biggest bombs in recent history and proof positive that a growing number of people are finally sick and tired of dezero

  • Yoshiki G
    Yoshiki G Year ago

    Who really can hate Sir Robert De Niro? He is such a legend.

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 Year ago

    bet the trailer got more views then the movie

  • Lolita Devils Advocate
    Lolita Devils Advocate 2 years ago +1

    Robert De Niro THIS SEXY HUNK OF A MAN! CRAZY YOU CAN GO! \( ̄▽ ̄)/(。❤‿❤。) (✿❤‿❤✿) (.❤‿❤.)(@_@)(✿◠‿◠)(❤´◡`❤) (。❤‿❤。)(。❤‿❤。)(。❤‿❤。)(。❤‿❤。)(。❤‿❤。)(。❤‿❤。)(。❤‿❤。)(。❤‿❤。)

  • Chada Chamberlain
    Chada Chamberlain 2 years ago

    🔥💯👏🛩✈😂....such a good movie, folks slept on this one.....dinero at his finest👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ciobanu George
    Ciobanu George 2 years ago

    Great movie, De Niro it`s still funny. :)

  • Lumen Praetorius
    Lumen Praetorius 2 years ago

    A nasty, obscene, mean spirited and stupid film.Zero stars.

  • Michael Bartalotta
    Michael Bartalotta 2 years ago

    robert deniro is funny as heck. great movie

  • ZilchNilton
    ZilchNilton 2 years ago

    De Niro the Leftist Corporate sellout.

  • Thunder Victor
    Thunder Victor 2 years ago


  • AAmast3r
    AAmast3r 2 years ago

    Seems like a role Al Pacino would've taken. These old guys need one or two more A list movies

  • roy bird
    roy bird 2 years ago

    Really great movie. It's not meant to be that funny. More satire, although some funny moments. De Niro executes the character so well. Great story and keeps you watching.

  • Jermaine Jermaine
    Jermaine Jermaine 2 years ago

    film was freaking hilarious de Niro funny as hell !!!

    DED LEE 2 years ago

    i wish it was Jackie Burk♥ from that 70's show lol ^^

  • 555painx
    555painx 2 years ago

    Oh cool I feel like I already watched it now! Poor De Niro.

  • Dumb Freddy
    Dumb Freddy 2 years ago

    LOOKS SO BAD DINERO IS A SMUCK any movie with billy c is got to be really desperate and B A D

  • Myra Jaan
    Myra Jaan 2 years ago

    really shit movie

    RID COMICS 2 years ago

    Just glad to see Bob doing movies still.
    Great stuff always been a big fan.
    I may not agree with his politics but he's a great actor.

  • Ichi Capeta
    Ichi Capeta 2 years ago

    Just like most of the disappointed movies I have seen,
    probably all the good bits are already shown in the trailer.

  • Mindfall ™
    Mindfall ™ 2 years ago

    I'm pretty sure that Deniro opted for a stand up script, after doing the Don Rickles tribute show, with Martin Scorsese?! Movie looks pretty good, looking forward to watching it. :)

  • Argi Κ
    Argi Κ 2 years ago

    De niro for ever!!!

  • Pilar Antonieta Rios
    Pilar Antonieta Rios 2 years ago

    Hey!!! wanna see it!

  • OrwinBeane
    OrwinBeane 2 years ago

    God damn I thought this was a Watchmen spin off

  • Agifatou Aidara
    Agifatou Aidara 2 years ago

    The guy who sings with the woman is my music teacher

  • The Darci 13
    The Darci 13 2 years ago

    Saw this movie last night. Did not much enjoy it. It had a few moments but mostly it just made me sad........

  • Borhan Zadeh
    Borhan Zadeh 2 years ago

    Nice to see De Niro finally completing his transformation into Arnold

  • Richard D. Nalbantian
    Richard D. Nalbantian 2 years ago

    go f yourself Dinero will not watch shit you make anymore since i want to punch you in the face

  • Duncan Wigley
    Duncan Wigley 2 years ago

    I lost all respect for him after seeing his President Trump rant. The celebrities need to just act or sing and not get involved in politics.

  • ACQUA1950
    ACQUA1950 2 years ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 0:07?

  • Lu Tello
    Lu Tello 2 years ago +1

    I hate it that when I see Rob these days I immediately think the movie's gonna be shit.

  • Haqim Al-Arabia
    Haqim Al-Arabia 2 years ago

    Rupert Pupkin is back! He would be funnier with Joe Pesci. Joe ammuses me! He's a funny guy.

    MIKE HERN 2 years ago +1

    I hope your stupid movie is a flop. You liberal douchebag.

  • supermariofan03
    supermariofan03 2 years ago

    Guess who Bobby is reuniting with next year?

  • Accolade Awarded
    Accolade Awarded 2 years ago

    Al Pacino turned down the part. Too bad. He would have made the movie a hit. De Niro's just another ugly face, who can't act.

  • sclogse1
    sclogse1 2 years ago

    Caught this today in S.F. Our Kabucki Sundance charges 6 bucks all day. Primo theater, too. The film is a blast, has a fresh breeze to it, and Leslie Mann is just astonishing. Wow. Love everyone else in it. Keitel, DeNiro, the real comedians... And it's outrageous. Out loud.

  • Bridgette Vankammrn
    Bridgette Vankammrn 2 years ago

    BOYCOTT The funny bastard. Uh Is just like to symbolically punch him in the face!

  • Williamsfilms
    Williamsfilms 2 years ago

    Robert Deniro needs to be punched in the face. You couldn't pay me to see this crap with that moron Robert denidiot.

  • Mansyur Supriadi
    Mansyur Supriadi 2 years ago


  • Grace B
    Grace B 2 years ago

    I think I just saw the whole movie

  • JEFFYjackass
    JEFFYjackass 2 years ago

    Looks decent ill check it out

  • Tiffany Kooper
    Tiffany Kooper 2 years ago


  • Krystal Anderson
    Krystal Anderson 2 years ago

    many years ago...i was only 30 at the time , i'd promisingly volunteer to Sam that i would always be willing to go back to work at ricks or sugars if i could not pay my half of the 1500 dollar rent at my new project on capitol hill...the" pokey collar"..and he said as he laughed really hard...WhERE an old folks home?????? i hurt then but it was so funny just now in this context i love both of them!......She makes my face hurt from smiling and sides ache now from typing so far from the keypad

  • Copacetic
    Copacetic 2 years ago

    It looks shit. Like everything else De Niro has done in the past 20 years.

  • Ziad Obaid
    Ziad Obaid 2 years ago

    Double toasted brought me here

  • AlfieJN
    AlfieJN 2 years ago

    My friend Kristi Zea was the Production Designer on this movie. Took me to the first showing for the production team/crew/techs at the Directors Guild of America Theater in Manhattan at the beginning of December. My honest opinion? It is brilliant. I genuinely laughed my ass off. A true "New York movie". The soundtrack by jazz/hip maestro Terence Blanchard is available on the Blue Note label. Exquisite. (And I'm not gaining from this recommendation - I am BUYING the cd !!!!)

  • Hodl 1537
    Hodl 1537 2 years ago

    I'd watch the movie just for Frank.

  • Gee Ess
    Gee Ess 2 years ago

    Borrrrring ! DeNiro is a washed up has-been at this point.

  • M MW
    M MW 2 years ago

    no thank you washed up who needs Hollywood

  • Lolan Badeaux
    Lolan Badeaux 2 years ago

    Due to political biasing,
    *ROBERT DE NIRO* (and others)
    Are actively on
    Any and every screening of
    Robert De Niro shall be protested against. Its only political professional. We wont let ypu starve Robert, but you will not go unaccountable for using your professional position to give leverage to lies and deceitful agenda.... Once loved, now disgraced by 60% of America.

    • ttv0
      ttv0 2 years ago

      Lolan Badeaux Holy shit he had an opinion on something? How awful. You are the worst kind of person

  • monkeygraborange
    monkeygraborange 2 years ago

    Boycott all Robert DeNiro movies. Why support a man who hates America?

  • Bongos and Lemonheads
    Bongos and Lemonheads 2 years ago

    Hell yeah Danny Devito I'm there 💛 Gotta pay the troll toll 😍

  • James Bond
    James Bond 2 years ago

    I was a life long fan but Im done, I dont want to hear is politics, I just wanted him to do his darn job but no, he believes all the praise showered upon him by his groupies and lovies is reality. That must mean the masses would do as he says because he too worries about his pension, health care, boarders and lack of work. Well the last one may not be out of reach in the coming weeks. Why didn't he just do his job or quit and become a politician. These guys remind me of the parents that scream at the volunteer school rec league coaches but rarely get off the bench and take responsibility.

  • Bobbie R
    Bobbie R 2 years ago +1


  • Andrew Carlon
    Andrew Carlon 2 years ago

    Came here for the teaser freezer