Arrival Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Amy Adams Movie

  • Published on Aug 16, 2016
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    Starring: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker
    Arrival Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Amy Adams Movie
    Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.
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Comments • 3 390

  • Karl Ament
    Karl Ament 2 days ago

    oh wate the best part of the move was the credits at the end___ZZZZzzz

  • Karl Ament
    Karl Ament 2 days ago

    this movie was so boring the i fell asleep to it you thing paramount would do better hollywood has gone down the tubes not this narcolepsy film this puts you into a coma can't sleep just watch this and never mind the sleeping pills

  • Dragon Soul
    Dragon Soul 25 days ago

    Since Denis Villeneuve is in the directors chair for Dune, coming this year in December, I'm going to watch this first to get a taste of what to expect from him

  • #Martín X
    #Martín X 4 months ago

    Hello Everybody From Louis Lane And Clint Barton A.K.A. Hawkeye

  • Riot Angel
    Riot Angel 10 months ago

    Wait, did helicopters (which nation) just launch a missile salvo? Was I not paying attention during the movie?

  • Joey Peteza
    Joey Peteza 11 months ago

    good movie

  • james kunisch
    james kunisch 11 months ago

    "We need Shamans, and if society doesn't provide them, the Universe will" Joe Lewels. The world would change if everyone had knowledge of the true future.

  • New player
    New player Year ago

    Those ships seems to be like engineer ships from prometheus

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Year ago +1

    this movie reminded of Spaceballs

  • Sena Örsel
    Sena Örsel Year ago

    it was simply 'perfect'

  • javiera gutierrez

    A deeper and amazing movie, excellent music

  • 169711906
    169711906 Year ago

    *+2005* Best Supporting Actress, *_Junebug,_*
    *2008* Best Supporting Actress, *_Doubt,_*
    *2010* Best Supporting Actress, *_The Fighter,_*
    *2012* Best Supporting Actress, *_The Master,_*
    *2013* Best Actress, *_American Hustle_*

    *++2010* Best Actor, *_The Hurt Locker,_*
    *2011* Best Supporting Actor, *_The Town_*

    **2006* Best Actor, *_The Last King of Scotland_*

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Year ago

    Yup yup yup...Really good, loved it :)

  • block Chaine
    block Chaine Year ago


  • FluffyPoopPrincess

    I liked this movie because linguistics saved the day!

  • Cornelia Lala
    Cornelia Lala Year ago

    At the end, I don't know why, tears blurred me eyes...

  • Nightcore Elves
    Nightcore Elves Year ago

    this movie is so sad :(

    DOM KIM Year ago

    I hate some racists.

    • DOM KIM
      DOM KIM Year ago

      I hate Her scream.

    • DOM KIM
      DOM KIM Year ago

      Is it Dongmin's Earth?!

  • Γιωργος Σταθοπουλος

    Chemical rocks

    NEWBEATZ MUSIC. Year ago +1

    Squidward....makes a appearance

  • Marrs101
    Marrs101 Year ago +1

    What I don't understand is if the aliens are so advanced that they were capable of crossing the galaxy, maybe the Universe, how come that we had to learn their very complicated language and not the other way around? You don't expect your dog to learn to use e-mails, just because that is your preferred way of communication. You, as a more intelligent species learning to communicate with your dog the way your dog can actually understand. You don't expect your dog to do more complicated stuff than a dog capable of. Yet these aliens almost pushed us to war because they were too lazy to learn English, or anything? On the way here, just by catching our radio signals from a safe distance they had decades to study us. Languages, political systems, customs. This whole drama could have been and frankly should have been avoided by the aliens. Interesting movie, but completely wrong.

  • le chat
    le chat Year ago

    Better than I expected. The only really annoying thing is that US movies always need other countries playing the bad guy. Otherwise, the movie picked up some interesting aspects of a potential alien arrival. I think that those who would contact us would have studied us enough to understand & speak our language. Those who are already here, prove my theory - LOL

  • Cyriuxa
    Cyriuxa Year ago +1


  • FarSea-
    FarSea- Year ago

    it was so confusing! and fucking awesome! i'm really confused right now

  • Roborav
    Roborav Year ago


  • GothicPhantom01
    GothicPhantom01 2 years ago

    Lois Lane certainly has a love interest type doesn't she?

    YONDU POPPINS 2 years ago

    I cried for hours after watching this movie. 10/10

  • Manea Georgiana-Adriana


    I liked the movie HOWEVER I did not agree with that alien's death. It made it feel like they were just some common beings even though they knew the future all along.

  • denis
    denis 2 years ago +1

    I've just finished watching it and I draw a conclusion. A sci-fi movie done right. It was really emotional for me. Looking at the comments I can't believe people would make such shallow points and leaving almost non-existent criticism.

  • Micah Bañares
    Micah Bañares 2 years ago

    This movie hurt my heart

  • Richard mallender
    Richard mallender 2 years ago

    It was shite, give me Contact and Interstellar any day

  • ZhoRZh37
    ZhoRZh37 2 years ago

    What a disappointment...
    We couldn't figure out hieroglyphs for few millennia and Lois Lane (thanks gutz1981) figured the alien circular sentences in few days.
    Also, the film was polluted with the worst kind of bullshit - SPIRITUALITY. Same crap that ruined "Interstellar"
    Also, the scenes with the daughter are actually in the future.

    ...or not, I saved you from wasting 2.5 hours on this garbage.
    Shame they wasted a beautiful design, thou...

  • Aidid Rashed Efat
    Aidid Rashed Efat 2 years ago

    The reminiscences of the moments with her daughter are really boring. Apart from that the movie is quite nice.

  • Positive Tv production

    This film is pointless from beginning to end .. I just watched it I don't get it 😝

  • satya kovacic
    satya kovacic 2 years ago

    so what actually arrived?

  • MsMimilala
    MsMimilala 2 years ago

    Spoiler... so basically Louise can see into the future and everything that's happening with the alien craft was the beginning... your welcome 👾

  • Özgür ŞAHİN
    Özgür ŞAHİN 2 years ago +1


  • Hernan Cine
    Hernan Cine 2 years ago +1

    Best Villeneuve film

  • b O o M e R
    b O o M e R 2 years ago

    people here have either loved it or hate it... no inbetween

  • TheTorturedEyes
    TheTorturedEyes 2 years ago

    Lets hope this alien doesnt fall in love with her

  • Ali Qasim
    Ali Qasim 2 years ago

    Time is a flat circle.

  • Amila Pasan
    Amila Pasan 2 years ago

    from VSOURCE

  • k2datrack
    k2datrack 2 years ago

    Wow. I just saw this movie, came here to read comments and discovered that there are 2 types of people in the comment section: Those that appreciate a thought provoking movie and those that love biff, buff, pow...go go power rangers!
    Simple minds are everywhere. The reason Aliens will NEVER visit us in real life!

  • Salih Khamees
    Salih Khamees 2 years ago

    You'd expect a movie with a budget like this to get the arabic right ...

  • بروك
    بروك 2 years ago

    what an amazing movie. on one hand exciting and on the other, heartbreaking. i haven't cried so much over a movie in a long, long time. if ever. maybe it's because i have children now. i couldn't even begin to imagine what it must be like to know, before they were even conceived, that you only have a short amount time with them.

  • DaShadow18
    DaShadow18 2 years ago

    Wow was this movie something..... I'd give it a 10/10 even though I doubt country leaders would be that stupid and act in the way they did the movie was amazing.

  • Roshan Bhusal
    Roshan Bhusal 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who found this movie really boring ?

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 2 years ago

    Do you wanna make a baby?yeah yeah....

  • Simran Kalsi
    Simran Kalsi 2 years ago

    This movie was good! Loved the new concept!

  • Nur Amalia Ezleen
    Nur Amalia Ezleen 2 years ago

    I dont get it why yall said thia kovie is boring .It was a masterpiece!!! How they use the shape as communication .And how she has a connection to the aliens .I even cried .IT IS NOT BORING AT ALL .And the ending was my favourite .the cinematography!! YALL NOT FEELING IT

  • gaspanda
    gaspanda 2 years ago

    My overriding thought after watching this was: thanks for your "help" mr alien, now piss off.

  • kev 2106
    kev 2106 2 years ago

    Truly outstaning movie when you understand it 100%
    I had to watch it twice.. but when i finally understood it... wow !

  • john bayern
    john bayern 2 years ago

    Outworld creatures connecting people like Messenger or Viber...

  • Carol Caceres
    Carol Caceres 2 years ago

    Amy Adams meh

  • Rusty Ryan
    Rusty Ryan 2 years ago

    I don't understand US government. Why do they always go hostile and defensive? Why do they always dip their fingers into someone else's sauce?
    Great movie btw.

  • Intense Man
    Intense Man 2 years ago

    Great movie. What's with all these cancerous comments saying they don't like the movie, because they aren't smart enough to understand it

  • Yousif Adnan
    Yousif Adnan 2 years ago +1

    The argument was interesting, but the ending was very disappointing and boring to be honest!

  • FreezCa69
    FreezCa69 2 years ago

    Simple movie for simpleminded people, but i'm glad if someone feels special and smart after watching this

    • MegaBoeboe
      MegaBoeboe 2 years ago

      let us know when you win the nobel prize

  • Antonio Margallo
    Antonio Margallo 2 years ago +1

    At last, a smart movie about alien life ... none of that Hollywood brainless crap, you have to be somewhat intelligent to enjoy this one. Masterpiece suits it ...

  • MissMan666
    MissMan666 2 years ago

    the movie sucks, plain and simple

    • Arthur Oliveira Souza
      Arthur Oliveira Souza 2 years ago

      This is what gives watch crap like Transformers ,Twilight, and fast and furious, who can not have 5 minutes of dialogues that already find boring and have to take action every 2 minutes. This brainless American cinema is destroying great films like Blade Runner 2049. I just want to see what you think of classics like Godfather ,Gandhi and 2001: A space odissey and another classics without action,like Kubrick movies or Scorsese movies .
      it´s a shame that the two Blade Runners fails in box office. The people of today don´t recognize a true work of art, but buy tickets to watch Transformers, Twilight,50 shades of grey and fast and furious. This brainless American cinema is destroying great films like Blade Runner 2049.
      Most people nowadays look for action instead of plot.... Shame really. Enjoy your retarded Transformers and Fast and Furious movies that get 10% rotten tomatoes .