100 Years of Lips | Allure

  • Published on Jan 18, 2018
  • Take a look back at the last century of lips, from the defined cupid's bow of the 1920s and the beet-stained lips of the 1940s, to the white-pink mod lipstick of the 1960s and the glossy lips of the 2000s.

    Talent/Makeup Artists:
    Emily Amick www.emilyamick.com/
    Yuii Vision yuuivision.com
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    100 Years of Lips | Allure
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  • abby
    abby 9 hours ago +1

    2016: I want lips like Kylie

    2019: oh no

    she got her injections removed

  • 망고젤리구미베어

    첫분 눈썹 어디갔누......?

  • Shaan Muttathil
    Shaan Muttathil 17 hours ago

    Everything u guys hve shown is wrong. Lol... How badly did u guys do the home work

  • Random Stuff With Liz
    Random Stuff With Liz 19 hours ago

    She has no eyebrows

  • caroline
    caroline 2 days ago

    i love 1970’s lips

  • :Paulinich
    :Paulinich 2 days ago

    Love neon 80s

  • Kokoa Chan
    Kokoa Chan 3 days ago


  • Ava Plays
    Ava Plays 3 days ago

    her bangs pisses me

  • penguingirl abby
    penguingirl abby 5 days ago

    the girl in the beginning has no eyebrows
    see: 0:04

  • Stacey Castorena Martinez

    She looks so good without eyebrows! If I did that I would look like an alien! 😂😂😂😂

  • Just lailah
    Just lailah 5 days ago +1

    3:16 lol, “sk8er”, “bois” 😂😂

  • lilbit_queen lb123
    lilbit_queen lb123 5 days ago +3

    What’s with the First Lady and no eyebrows tho🤦🏾‍♀️😂

    • Arianna Roman
      Arianna Roman Day ago

      Hey instead of working on lipstick you should work on your eyebrows😝😝😂😂

  • Elliana Luca
    Elliana Luca 5 days ago

    Yuii's lips were pretty they were perfect🙂👌👌👌

  • Dimmy TV
    Dimmy TV 5 days ago

    1:27 she dosen’t have eyebrows

    • artsy violets
      artsy violets Day ago

      Dimmy TV yeah so.....? That’s not how you spell doesn’t

  • Evelyn Ribinson
    Evelyn Ribinson 6 days ago

    0: 18 where is her eyebrows

  • Ava Shimer
    Ava Shimer 6 days ago

    1920-2010 are we sure that’s exactly 100 years of lips? #2019

  • Kerona Griffith
    Kerona Griffith 6 days ago

    1970 black lipstick
    1980 neon lipstick
    1990 lip outlining
    2000 lipgloss
    2020 matte lipstick

  • Leah R
    Leah R 6 days ago

    90s: chapstick and lip rings

  • Silica Official
    Silica Official 6 days ago

    Where’d her eyebrows go?

  • little viv
    little viv 6 days ago +1

    When her eyebrows said “ “ i sh*t myself

  • Anastasia Yiannoutsos

    soon their going to be doing 2020 as wel

  • macarena valenzuela
    macarena valenzuela 7 days ago

    there is no such thing as white pink what?!

    COUCH POTATO 7 days ago +1


  • Lamar Amazing games
    Lamar Amazing games 7 days ago +3

    Omg girl brush yo teeth no hate tho😐4:20

  • Alice Maleksatian
    Alice Maleksatian 8 days ago

    Yall extra and stupid af

  • Khadija Jiber
    Khadija Jiber 8 days ago

    am i the only one who found it hilarious the the US just showed their hatred for Hitler by wearing *red lipstick*

  • Nevena Savic
    Nevena Savic 8 days ago

    The girl without eyebrows scared me at first than I saw her hair (her bangs) and I was like: "who did this to her?"

  • taleen lshhr
    taleen lshhr 8 days ago


  • Grumpy
    Grumpy 8 days ago

    This is total BS. Lipstick in the 1920s came in very limited shades of red, was matte, and could be made more glossy by applying vaseline over it. Until the 2010s textures were very limited and lip gloss has been around only since the 90s. From the 1970s-80s those fancy colors were worn only by celebrities. All I could remember from back then was that yucky omnipresent red that would smear everywhere and my aunts insisted on staining my cheeks with them, along with their horrible breath.

  • Alicia Juárez Rueda

    Soy el comentario español que esperabas :v like para no autodesaparecer

  • Meow The Kit Kat
    Meow The Kit Kat 9 days ago

    "Punk inspired black lips"

  • Dessol Winx
    Dessol Winx 9 days ago

    2:11 that awkward zoom in ...
    But the girl could rock any look she wanted

  • sabor 1946
    sabor 1946 9 days ago

    2019 nothing

  • Debra Valadez
    Debra Valadez 9 days ago

    Why did the reds look so weird

  • Sooni- Yoon
    Sooni- Yoon 10 days ago

    Am I the only one who hate the curly-haired girl? ;-;

  • inezzinha
    inezzinha 10 days ago +1

    0:00 she doesn't have eyebrows?

  • theargentdiaries
    theargentdiaries 12 days ago

    If Hitler hated red why was his flag red

  • Jessica Carter
    Jessica Carter 12 days ago

    Am I the only one that looks disgusting in lipstick

  • Jessica Carter
    Jessica Carter 12 days ago

    Ok but the first girl was so pretty

  • I dazzle
    I dazzle 12 days ago


  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 14 days ago

    Where is the girls eyebrows?

  • lauren laidlaw
    lauren laidlaw 14 days ago

    2019 Miranda songs style

  • HOPESTAR Bass tester BG

    The first girl is ugly

  • sam
    sam 15 days ago +1

    sk8er girls and bois

  • Marben Briz
    Marben Briz 15 days ago

    The first one is not have eyebrows

  • Kawaii Narwhals
    Kawaii Narwhals 16 days ago


  • p e a c h c h i
    p e a c h c h i 16 days ago

    *3:42** w H a T e V r*

  • Kawaii Katie
    Kawaii Katie 18 days ago

    1950s had it gooood bruh

  • Bryleigh 2007!
    Bryleigh 2007! 18 days ago

    I just noticed that the Asian girl had no eyebrows

  • Minecraft Girl
    Minecraft Girl 18 days ago

    Why the girl with black hair don’t have eye brows

  • a
    a 18 days ago


  • Hexa Pop
    Hexa Pop 19 days ago

    Gosh the first girl :)))

  • Taehyung's Wifeu
    Taehyung's Wifeu 19 days ago +1

    2019 : *Liptint*

  • DramaKween 279
    DramaKween 279 19 days ago +1

    0:05 her telling a story:idk just my dad said that if u stole cookies from the cookie jar there was this monster the snatcher that will snatch hair of his choice off you're body to my surprise he stole my eyebrows and never returned them that taught me that I should listen.
    Also her:so it was actualy my dad shaving them off in my sleep every single time he saw them growing back I'm suing them BTW

  • Clara-Simone Roberge
    Clara-Simone Roberge 20 days ago +1

    2019 lip glosses 😂
    I’m waiting for Jeffree’s

  • Haya Noor
    Haya Noor 20 days ago


  • Clemen Pralineee
    Clemen Pralineee 20 days ago

    *eyebrow has left the chat*

    GABRIELA MENDEZ 21 day ago

    Todo el video me distrajo su faltante de cejas.

  • trina love
    trina love 21 day ago

    Dear Allure, This was a terrible example of lips overs the years... you all even got the 1920/1930s lip wrong... when I studied the era it was in the 1920s deep red lips were a trend to enhance their look because of black and white film it showed more. It was in the 1930s when colored film came about and that’s when women started slightly over lining their Cupid’s bow and when bright red lips (flapper era as you called it) came about 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • l i a
    l i a 21 day ago

    tbh i never thought that her nonexistent eyebrows would be such a big deal... she looks good without anyways.

  • XxLovely moonlightxX
    XxLovely moonlightxX 22 days ago +1

    Why does the one girl have no eyebrows???

  • Zaii San
    Zaii San 22 days ago

    Why the heck doesn't the girl have eyebrows!?

  • ·Laura Chan·
    ·Laura Chan· 22 days ago

    2019= Korean lips and mate lips!

  • Germany
    Germany 22 days ago

    Sk8er girls and bois

  • That anime girl
    That anime girl 22 days ago

    And then there’s me with no makeup

  • E M M E R S X D
    E M M E R S X D 22 days ago

    Forget her lips where tf are her eyebrows?!😂

  • きゅーかんばー
    きゅーかんばー 22 days ago


  • gia huy đỗ hoàng
    gia huy đỗ hoàng 23 days ago

    Phụ nữ mà không có chân mày ??....?.?????????

  • Funky Monkey
    Funky Monkey 24 days ago

    The black lipstick suits her hair and no eyebrow look

  • Kira Gasha
    Kira Gasha 24 days ago

    The "Asian" girl is beautiful!!
    Aaa reminds me of Edward Avila,and the Key from the Shinne

  • Eamonn Mahon
    Eamonn Mahon 24 days ago

    Jeffry star left the chat

  • Aroa J.a
    Aroa J.a 24 days ago +6

    I understood that reference to the song 'Sk8er Boi' by Avril Lavigne with "Sk8er girls and bois went grunge with lip rings"

  • Nicole C.
    Nicole C. 25 days ago +1

    The woman with the curly hair was cringing me out👉

  • d e s.
    d e s. 25 days ago

    who snatched her eyebrows

  • Hello im An introvert
    Hello im An introvert 26 days ago +1

    *eyebrows have left the chat*

  • Art world๏_๏
    Art world๏_๏ 26 days ago

    Froseted lips should be brought back

  • Eshan Shah
    Eshan Shah 26 days ago

    1 girl ka to eye browse bi nahi ta

  • Haley Manansala
    Haley Manansala 26 days ago +1


  • Ash Potato
    Ash Potato 26 days ago

    2018: nude lipsticks

  • Mya Roberson
    Mya Roberson 26 days ago

    What happened to the ansian girl eyebrows

  • Yami Gonzalez
    Yami Gonzalez 27 days ago

    Face class

  • Crazy Kamya
    Crazy Kamya 27 days ago

    Stop saying 100 years that's 80 years dummy

  • milk of silk
    milk of silk 27 days ago +5

    Can we all stop saying NO EYEBROWS LMAO shes beautiful pls stop

  • Andrzej Iwanicki
    Andrzej Iwanicki 27 days ago +1

    Those bangs are putting me off. Just...no.

  • Its Loki
    Its Loki 27 days ago

    Only Skrillex fans can understand.

  • Kefla DBS
    Kefla DBS 27 days ago

    Every person that tried lipstick looked amazing

  • savanna brown
    savanna brown 28 days ago +1

    Any style lipstick those girls pull it off

  • J D
    J D 28 days ago

    This entire video was aggravating as hell.

  • feelingsx
    feelingsx 28 days ago

    Is it me or the 2000’s lipstick looks like One of the lipsticks Arianna Grandre wore

  • Layal Lala
    Layal Lala 28 days ago

    They don't even have big lips

  • Dark Secret
    Dark Secret 28 days ago

    1950s is always good

  • Bhanu .s
    Bhanu .s 28 days ago

    0:03 wow no eyebrows! 🙄

  • Milan Purdy
    Milan Purdy 28 days ago

    2:31 *thinks about cheetos*

  • Ananasek Girl
    Ananasek Girl 28 days ago

    1:36 where she's eyebrows?

  • cloudykpopp TM
    cloudykpopp TM 29 days ago +1

    the woman with no eyebrows is still so gorgeous

  • Charløtte Playsz
    Charløtte Playsz 29 days ago +4

    1:28 So,Your lips and eyebrows are gone. xD

  • twin-tube
    twin-tube Month ago +1

    Is anyone gonna tell her that her eyebrows are missing?

  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung Month ago +3

    2:16 she suddenly looked like namjoon, i'm sorry HSHAHAHA

  • A SAD GIRL gamer
    A SAD GIRL gamer Month ago

    0:15 why she have no eyebrow wtfuck

  • Sneha pandit
    Sneha pandit Month ago

    *Hm No one Gonna talk about that Girl's eyebrows tho???*