Edge is... actually GOOD now!?

  • Published on May 21, 2019
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    Microsoft Edge is now Chromium-based, and the web hath frozen over. So, is the new Edge worth trying now, or is it all just a gimmick?
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Comments • 7 655

  • stsr11
    stsr11 4 hours ago

    Too late. I gave up developing for IE about 7 years ago. Will not start again now.

  • Michael Mike
    Michael Mike 7 hours ago

    Just get to the matter. Don’t try to be a comedian

  • Daniel Jensen
    Daniel Jensen 13 hours ago

    I wasn't even aware browser performance was really a thing (outside of using ALL THE RAM). I suppose when 5mbps is a "good" internet speed for my area the browser doesn't make much of a difference. Chrome is just what I'm used to.
    But I do use edge to read PDF's, just because I sorta like having them separate from my web tabs and I haven't felt the need to change it to a different default.

  • The Unboxing Experience

    Edge came a little too late

  • mark s
    mark s Day ago

    Should do one about vivaldi, looks decent so far

  • Sushant Kumar
    Sushant Kumar Day ago

    0:45 Definitely YES!! XD

  • Lythix
    Lythix 2 days ago

    There is 1 thing wrong with this. Microsoft Edge Chromium Based will take about 1 - 15% more CPU Use than your average Firefox or Chrome browser.

    • Shams Shimul
      Shams Shimul 4 hours ago

      I agree to disagree. I just installed edge chromium yesterday and it felt really snappy all the way from start-up.

  • The Paking Shit
    The Paking Shit 2 days ago

    Edge is actually goos but there are plug-ins missing to browse websites

  • Alex Jansson
    Alex Jansson 2 days ago

    I'm not sold yet on edge but at least they are trying. Also I primarily use chrome for TVclip. I've enjoyed the performance of Firefox on everything else except Google products.

  • Kescarte DeJudica
    Kescarte DeJudica 2 days ago +2

    But Safari isn't supported on Windows any longer?

  • Hewerton Barros
    Hewerton Barros 4 days ago

    btw I use Vivaldi

    • Hewerton Barros
      Hewerton Barros Day ago

      I dont know what youre talking about

    • Abhishek Roy
      Abhishek Roy 2 days ago

      Be careful . Remain vigilant . That is a very dangerous thing to use . Devil in an Angel's disguise -- Vivaldi is . Disabled my keyboards & messed up drivers -- twice , yes twice . Win 10 1803 .

  • Shinji Ikari
    Shinji Ikari 6 days ago +1

    8:22 WAT? FF got less than 10% share? I thought they're more ore less head to head with Chrome.

  • Matthew Goodfriend
    Matthew Goodfriend 6 days ago

    I prefer current Edge over Adware but if the new Edge is going to keep such a bad layout I'll just start using a rock for my internet. Why I stuck with IE, it looked like something you should actually be using when everything else I knew looked like a really cheap version of a knock-off.
    For as little as I do but as often as I do it I don't need performance to be the best, I need something that is user-friendly and organized.

  • GamerTygoNL
    GamerTygoNL 6 days ago

    I tried Firefox and it used 3GB ram on google

  • Justin Bennett
    Justin Bennett 7 days ago

    "Edge is actually good now!"

    I will believe it when I see it.

    Honestly if Edge wasn't so slow I wouldn't mind using it to read articles because of the handy tools it has.

  • Blue Skye
    Blue Skye 7 days ago

    Question: I wanted to know if you can still open and read epub files with Chromium? Like you could with Edge? Please answer!

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 7 days ago

    The Bing is the problem, it's ugly named and very bland

  • IndianTelephone
    IndianTelephone 8 days ago

    To be honest, the only reason I use Edge is for Netflix, because for some bullshit reason Netflix doesn't 1080p on chrome.

  • William Connelly
    William Connelly 8 days ago

    Who the fuck would download edge?

    • Matthew Goodfriend
      Matthew Goodfriend 6 days ago

      Somebody that wants an UI that is easier on the eyes with useful features in places you can find them... but since it comes with Win10 It's not like people have to go out of their way for it.

  • Jeremiah Leaman
    Jeremiah Leaman 9 days ago

    I will still stick to internet explorer (JOKE)

  • The King of Potatoes
    The King of Potatoes 9 days ago +3

    I wanna know how the new internet explorer waifu would look like after the update

  • Chris Lu
    Chris Lu 9 days ago

    Loving the new Edge because of how easy it is to transition from mobile to desktop and vice-versa. It has all the benefits of Chrome (extensions) with slightly different UI. The UI admittedly could use some fleshing out, but I've not found a single instance where I miss Chrome. I've tried and retried Firefox and could just never get into it.

  • A totally cute and innocent guy

    Edge on macOS... yea right, because after my desperation to escape Windows 10 (which will be unable to avoid in the long term with the Windows 7 death) iam just waiting for Microsoft Software (i bet with forced auto-update) to run on my machine again :^)
    No seriously i think its wasted resources for Microsoft. Looking at the low market share of macos compared to windows, almost every mac user must (for whatever reason) switch to Edge in order to make the investment worth it. Which is harder on macOS in the beginning, because Edge has not only to compete with the big opponent Chrome and the secondary opponents Firefox and Opera, but additionally with Safari (which is widely used on Apple devices). I just don't see how this effort will ever be worth it.

  • ShibsTale
    ShibsTale 9 days ago

    But the biggest question is... will i switch to Edge

  • Roope Törmänen
    Roope Törmänen 9 days ago

    Firefox FTW

  • TheGamingPizza
    TheGamingPizza 10 days ago +2

    7:55 Minecraft ghast sounds lol

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 10 days ago

    Firefox on android sucks😐. I use it on my desktop tho

  • Will2Win
    Will2Win 10 days ago

    ive always used edge, as soon as it came out.... it does its job, its built in, and I don't see the point installing chrome or other browsers when I have a browser already there.... And now that edge is becoming chromium I see even more of no points changing... personal preference but they all do the same thing in the end

  • kaczan3
    kaczan3 10 days ago

    I use Goatse Weasel.

  • Dhanang Wibowo
    Dhanang Wibowo 10 days ago

    Can't avoid Google dominance when everytime Microsoft launches new OS, it makes your computer runs like Pentium II.

  • kaczan3
    kaczan3 10 days ago

    Chrome is like Apple - it's shit yet people keep using it and feel elitist.

  • Piotr Misiuna
    Piotr Misiuna 10 days ago

    Checkout Vivaldi... but i guess it is still a chrome

  • Mohammad Ans Ishtiaq
    Mohammad Ans Ishtiaq 10 days ago

    bullshit stores does not matter only few of there products are able to satisfy customer if edge have few extensions it does not mean they are weak its actually smart they have saved lots of hard drives

  • Minhaj Shovon
    Minhaj Shovon 11 days ago

    download manager of edge is BAD! it fails on the middle of download if you try downloading a large file.

  • AussieEevee
    AussieEevee 11 days ago

    Edge exists to download other browsers. Nothing more.

  • pranav kumar
    pranav kumar 11 days ago

    vivaldi is better though than firefox

  • Иван Гиль
    Иван Гиль 11 days ago

    Edge is ... actually Chrome now!?

  • 34486
    34486 11 days ago

    Who opened edge while watching this video?

  • John toetag
    John toetag 11 days ago

    Firefox v3.0 was the best of browser technology we have and will ever see. new browsers barely even handle adobe flash and gifs properly... tbh all of HTML5 and after suck ass, if your browser isn't HTML3 and 4 backwards compatible #uninstallthatshit

  • Heejun Lee
    Heejun Lee 12 days ago


  • Farhan Fuad
    Farhan Fuad 12 days ago

    I tried that edge dev built on chromium. Honestly the experience was not so good. I did not like it. Rater i use vanilla edge, i removed chrome. Because chrome uses a lot of memory and download speed is very slow. But the edge vanilla is different. The download speed is 2x higher than chrome.
    I think it took me a lot of time to realise the best browser.

  • sum moner
    sum moner 12 days ago

    I use Firefox as my daily. There is a reason that the Tor Browser uses it. So i use it for pretty much everything besides things like Netflix, Hulu etc. I use those in Chrome, because my Firefox install has a lot of privacy add ons that break those sites from working.

  • BluejacketWarrior
    BluejacketWarrior 12 days ago

    I use Chrome, Firefox and IE on the regular. I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU UP IE!!!!

  • Harvester Of Tone
    Harvester Of Tone 12 days ago

    I’ve been using Firefox for 15 years.

  • 宮本光る
    宮本光る 12 days ago +4

    Uhh... I trust Samsung's & Microsoft's options

  • Aga Khan
    Aga Khan 12 days ago

    "Nostalgic Masochists"

  • peppermint gamer
    peppermint gamer 12 days ago

    firefox was great until it wouldn't launch.

  • ChenTurtledove
    ChenTurtledove 12 days ago

    IE mode sound good
    still use IE all the time for old corporation sites

  • Erik Slovák
    Erik Slovák 12 days ago +2

    My opinion on this:
    Safari is the best browser ever... on macOS.
    Chrome is the best browser ever... on Windows.
    Firefox is ... "meh" browser... on Ubuntu. (It's default, soooo I'll take it)

    • A totally cute and innocent guy
      A totally cute and innocent guy 9 days ago

      Chrome is not the best browser on any device. At least if you care about your personal data. Sorry but its funny how so many people (rightfully) complain about the data collection of Windows 10 while completely ignoring the stuff chrome does. Even with Adblock and some tracking-blocker you will never be truly "anonymous" in Chrome.

  • Ian O'Neill
    Ian O'Neill 12 days ago


  • Luthira 75
    Luthira 75 12 days ago


  • akouek3
    akouek3 13 days ago

    Or "Safari" LOL

  • Vance Gilbert
    Vance Gilbert 13 days ago

    I hate Edge ever since Netscape was destroyed by Microsoft making it illegal to put anything at Internet Explorer on their operating system. Yuck.

  • Wesley Mercer
    Wesley Mercer 13 days ago +1

    You know, the only reason we were using Edge: to download Chrome. Ironically I don't use Chrome anymore. Chromium powered ad blocker of a web browser, Brave.

    • AL James
      AL James 12 days ago

      I use the stock Chromium as the other doesn't have HW Accel for Videos.

  • Lokeshwaran T
    Lokeshwaran T 13 days ago


  • Mr Peco
    Mr Peco 14 days ago

    i use Brave

  • IqbalRazi
    IqbalRazi 14 days ago

    4:10 Riley sounds like Peter Parker.

  • jippalippa
    jippalippa 14 days ago

    Switched to firefox after years of Chrome.
    Never made a better choice.

  • rrrohan2288
    rrrohan2288 14 days ago

    when he mentioned extensions i was thinking "i wonder if last pass will work" and then he answers me. wish i didnt waste my one linus question

  • Jason Jay
    Jason Jay 14 days ago

    Edge still slow and still not as good or as fast as chrome on my computer it is a low end computer i don't game on pc anymore so don't need high end comp idk if this is better on highend comps but average and low end computers edge still kinda sucks imo.