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  • Published on Oct 18, 2017
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  • Spooky MGTOW
    Spooky MGTOW Year ago

    Russian for business!!!Am interested, especially construction as there are so many projects and future projects going on in Russia.

  • Ivan Rubáš
    Ivan Rubáš Year ago

    I like your lessons. Anyway, I would prefer that the lessons are taught more in Russian than in English. A2, B1 level learners are able to understand the language already, English is rather disturbing at these levels.Sometimes I find youtube English lessons for Russian native speakers more valuable because the teachers are explaining English grammar in Russian.

  • Thorick
    Thorick Year ago

    another vote for Pronounciation and set phrases, done at 2 or 3 speeds.. slow to practice good habits then fast and faster.. so that we can practice saying those things at normal and normal+speed while NOT sounding like an american :-)

  • bcobbold
    bcobbold Year ago

    Certainly all aspects of 'everyday' Russian are useful especially phrases. Business is very popular at the moment as hs 'politics' 😢
    Slang words and expressions will be handy, also how words are shortened or abbreviated by locals?

  • Radhey Shyam
    Radhey Shyam Year ago

    I love you so much

  • hernan cho
    hernan cho Year ago

    All those topics are very interesting but I believe business Russian it's a too high goal, as it's already hard enough for me to reach a decent level to speak correctly or even to understand a movie before going so far! Anyway I want to congratulate you because you have the best russian channel in youtube. As someone said, you make me feel to keep on going with thwe russian language as you are so warm and your lessons are so simple, clear and easy. You are the best. Keep on going! Cheers, from Argentina.

  • Chris Laster
    Chris Laster Year ago

    Все отличные идея!

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Огромное спасибо, Крис! :)

  • elias eliasi
    elias eliasi Year ago

    thank you for your help and your kindness))
    I think most important and also useful things that you may teach us its: #verbs_with_their_directions"! as more as you could! its 4 years that im studying in Russia, what I told it's a total of my various experiences.
    пожалуйста делай несколько видео и в каждом из них коротко объясни 20-30 глаголов (для каждого глагола: его значение, направление, и 3 примера "фразы" ) ( только обычные и простые глаголы которые их все знают как: читать , писать , знать и т.д не нужно! про них есть моного видео в разных каналах) я думаю то что предложил это лучший вариант! и лучше него нету!

  • El Rusófilo
    El Rusófilo Year ago

    Set expressions!

  • Super Rock School

    All four are great ideas. Perhaps also culture and etiquette, like giving a watch as a present is not good. Does popular culture translate well into Russian, EG, "Use the force", or, "why is the rum always gone?" Video game terminology and phrases. And on the same thought words are phrases that we might hear or read in movies or books like comedy, science-fiction, action, classic literature, romance and so on. I've heard Russian traffic is pretty bad. There's probably a great segment there! How to catch a good taxi. (and the subways have amazing art). Thanks for the awesome videos!

  • Dusko Grl
    Dusko Grl Year ago


  • Luqman Thwaimer
    Luqman Thwaimer Year ago

    "Russian slang". You can't learn a language without learning its slang.

  • the viking
    the viking Year ago

    Privet Nika,
    Это многое зависит от человека и целей. For example when I lived in Argentina and Chile learning Spanish, what I found is by focusing the most on the fundamentals of the language, naturally over time I could learn other aspects through immersion such as business spanish. My pick is pronunciation.

  • Сергей Волков

    I think slang is very interesting and important if we consider the amount of things we can read in internet, mostly of them in an informal way (social networks, blogs, videos,etc)

  • Pax1390
    Pax1390 Year ago

    Business Rusian would probably be good, but personally i would like something more towards beginners. Maybe some common said words or do some dialog.

  • Michael Good
    Michael Good Year ago

    I'm interested mostly in idioms and set expressions. Thanks for asking!

  • Dawson Winter
    Dawson Winter Year ago

    Would it be possible to have some simple skits in Russian? We can learn the language through watching how others interact in common daily routing setting. I learned my first foreign language through that. It can be very helpful. Thanks.

  • jenner gonzalez
    jenner gonzalez Year ago

    what about a playlist for verbs of motion or prepositions 🤔🤔🤔

  • Johnny Berg
    Johnny Berg Year ago

    Something more focused on beginners please!

  • Atomik Soup
    Atomik Soup Year ago

    Set expressions, please!

  • Anthony De La Pena

    Those ideas sound great :o I look forward to watch and learning more Russian with you and perhaps any guests that may appear in your videos, that could share their Russian language teaching skills :0 Thanks, keep up the videos, I am learning a lot of Russian.

  • mantequi11a
    mantequi11a Year ago

    I vote for business and slang. Good idea, thanks for asking us!

  • Euclydes T
    Euclydes T Year ago

    Дорогая Аника
    Ваши посты просто замечательно!
    Было бы очень хорошо, если бы вы могли также представить краткий материал, посвященный инженерным и научным полям на русском языке!
    С уважением

  • Michel Bauer
    Michel Bauer Year ago

    typical russian speeches, things people say daily.

  • Franca L
    Franca L Year ago +3

    Business and slang are both great topics! I really liked the format of the video about pets, where you take one topic and then go in depth, giving us vocabulary, verbs, and phrases that are related to it. I would love to see that with different topics like sports, arts, etc.

  • Marcos Garcês
    Marcos Garcês Year ago

    Hi.....I am Marcos from Brazil , remember ? ...anyway....I have some ideia , Can we talk for few minuts by camera ?, I think that easy ways is whatapp , cause I do not use skype , if u wanna hea my ideia , please adds me : my whatapp and cellphone number is :0055 62 99909-2615.

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Marcos Garcês hello, thank you, could you please send them to my email, please? nika.russian.tutor@gmail.com :)

  • Harley Correia
    Harley Correia Year ago +1

    business, ето хорошо, спасибо!

  • Ruchi chan
    Ruchi chan Year ago +2

    set phrases!!!!) i study by myself so i became pretty good at finding answers, but set phrases have to be explained by natives, at least for me this things are hard to find on the web or understand by context, things like "сыграет мне на руку, мне как до луны, как два пальца, чего бы мне это ни стоило", btw.. i looooove your channel!!! a lot of this lessons are pure gold a loooot!)) one of my favorites is the one with the "short forms" the whole time i was like: "owww thats why i heard that!!"

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago

    Hello Nika how are you? The videos that you were uploading so far and the way u made them was amazing..no need to change at all..but if u would like to change it then slang and pronunication will be perfect. It would be great if you make videos about daily routine life as well, for example kitchen vocabulary like to cut, to chop , to mix to add this and that ..thank u very much

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Michael sure, nika.russian.tutor@gmail.com :)
      Thank you!

    • Michael
      Michael Year ago

      I really like to tell u a lot of things that would be interested for the learners ..but I want to send them to your email maybe..how can we get connected? I prepared a list of topics but I want to send it to u directly..

  • Run Lift Throw
    Run Lift Throw Year ago +1

    I've found myself working in a metalsmith art studio and there are... Russians! I would like to know the aspects of the Russian language as it pertains to metal working, blacksmithing, and tools.

    • Run Lift Throw
      Run Lift Throw Year ago

      RU-LAND CLUB - спасибо, я понимаю

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      Run Lift Throw wow, it is really not an usual situation))) I will think what we can tell about this topic))) thanks for the comment!

  • Mateusz Wróblewski

    Slang, will be the best :D Like I am now in SPb, and it will be very useful.

  • Franko Villamil.
    Franko Villamil. Year ago +1

    In my opinion This is the best channel that exists on TVclip, A year ago I am learning the Russian language and I have some difficulty with pronunciation, it would be fun and entertaining A series of videos with tongue twisters to promote pronunciation. 😊😊😊😆😆😉😂

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Year ago +1

    Sounds good

  • Trump News Network
    Trump News Network Year ago +3

    Russian food would have been nice, but Business Russian is my vote , I also think reading Russian street signs would be fun

  • cnas fuck
    cnas fuck Year ago +1

    awesome ideas!

  • Tarek Lardjoum
    Tarek Lardjoum Year ago

    I liked what you are going to do, I insist on making videos on pronunciation also the idioms. i love u

  • David Mares
    David Mares Year ago +2

    it would be great if you could make videos about self development in russian, where you explained the 5 main ideas from a non-fiction book or a movie.
    that way we could learn the words and expressions that people use to "explain" or "talk about" topics or ideas.
    greetings Nika

  • Pep Charusanti
    Pep Charusanti Year ago +3

    I vote for business Russian. If possible, please include subtitles in Russian (not English). I sometimes still cannot hear all the sounds and words when native Russian speakers talk, so it's helpful to see the actual words on the screen. That allows me to match the sounds to the words.

    • Pep Charusanti
      Pep Charusanti Year ago

      Btw, yours is a great channel. Easily one of the best on TVclip for learning Russian.

  • луай исса
    луай исса Year ago +1

    Хорошие идеи мне надо также пословицы и поговорки если можно.надеюсь что я правильно написал это предложение 😅

  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto Year ago

    Whatever topic is fine, but only in russian, with subtitles (english and russian). Thanks!

  • Russian with Anastasia

    Business Russian is actually quite hot nowadays! 🔥🔥🔥 And there is not so much material on this topic. ❤ Looking forward to those videos, honey!

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      Thank you, my dear! Hopefully it will worth your attention :)

  • Federico Ferro
    Federico Ferro Year ago +1

    Пожалуйста! Slang... сленг, жаргон. I'm studying since one month in a russian university, and understand better teachers than my fellow students.

  • gezma12
    gezma12 Year ago +1

    Good ideas. I would love a video where you chose a few objects (nouns) in each of the genders and neutral, and then put the same objects/nouns into different situations that show all the different declensions following the cases. All of the examples online keep changing the nouns and it doesn't help learn the cases correctly. If a teacher were to choose the same nouns and use only those in each case example, it would really help learners remember the cases. For example, this is a cat, I have 3 cats, I like to go to the shops with my cat, I gave my sister a cat etc... and do the same with a masculine and neutral noun.

  • Stephen Robey
    Stephen Robey Year ago +6

    Pronounciation and set phrases, please Nika.

  • blackrain303
    blackrain303 Year ago +1

    Pronunciation and slang sound good...