This Low Budget Movie Is a Disaster

  • Published on May 8, 2019
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    Standing Ovation is a movie with big aspirations and even bigger flaws. From the plot to the writing and characters. It is bad. Very bad. Very low budget. Even the music. No Good. I react now.
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Comments • 21 559

  • Rayan Bari
    Rayan Bari 23 minutes ago

    You should do the room

  • Mar cry
    Mar cry Hour ago

    This movie is good how dare you show your opinion 😡

  • Gordank Freekman
    Gordank Freekman Hour ago +1

    One of the girls looks like a girl I go to high school with

  • Mary Grace
    Mary Grace Hour ago

    Bro bet I loved this movie tho

    ASMR LOVER Hour ago

    DUDE, THAT MOVIE WAS ONE OF MY CHILDHOOD FAVORITES. I just watched it last night and it brought back so many memories. Also I did realize how bad the acting is.

  • Maddie_ Choro
    Maddie_ Choro Hour ago

    Danny you should review a movie on the hallmark channel called “A killer under the bed.” I just watched it with my grandma and was very confused

  • Yee Yee YEET
    Yee Yee YEET 3 hours ago

    He also forgot to mention that Britney’s brother and one of the wiggys start dating

  • Yee Yee YEET
    Yee Yee YEET 3 hours ago

    As a kid I watched this movie and loved it but now I watched it and it sucked

  • Sophia Schnur
    Sophia Schnur 3 hours ago

    At 21:49 I literally thought he said and make out and ha da bit of a heart attack

  • brianna.
    brianna. 4 hours ago

    Omg I watched this when I was like 9 and looking back’s so trash lmao

  • Sophia Schnur
    Sophia Schnur 4 hours ago

    When I was little I literally loooovvveeeddd this movie I watched it all the time😬😬😬😂😂😂

  • Ayy_izYaBoii
    Ayy_izYaBoii 4 hours ago +1

    Also the little girl had one of those fake, foam, glittery microphones while singing

    How does that make sense

  • -Çøttęñ•ßkÿß-

    It was like 3am and the movie was on I hated it it’s so annoying

  • Cloudyyy
    Cloudyyy 5 hours ago

    Danny: I think they should have turned the microphone at that part-
    Villain: OOOOOOOOOOH

  • Jessi O
    Jessi O 6 hours ago

    10:37 yes, it is a light switch AND a dimmer. i have one that works like that

  • Alex Dayes
    Alex Dayes 6 hours ago

    *"So i don't know if the Maloikies are the(slight pause) of dead people she talks to.."*


  • Mariani Tena
    Mariani Tena 7 hours ago

    you know, i watched this movie when i was younger and completely forgot it existed, but the moment i saw the cover of the movie i remember how much this movie had vexed me due to my father also leaving just to be rich

  • Mia Alex
    Mia Alex 7 hours ago

    I watched that movie and it really sucked

  • Owlypups UwU
    Owlypups UwU 9 hours ago

    Witch: **Puts Maloiskies on you**
    Me: 😒 **Pulls out reverse card**
    Also Witch: 😅😅😅

  • Ibrahim Ballal
    Ibrahim Ballal 10 hours ago

    The moral: abandon your kids for money have them live with there grandpa that has a gambling addiction also make sure to bring presents for theme along with a party so they wont get mad and let a psycho path manage you and your 12 year olds dance group otherwise you will suck at it 10/10 🥰😂😂😂

  • Ciel Montes
    Ciel Montes 11 hours ago +1

    Im still dying about the fact that they had xbox 360 headsets

  • Celeste Williams
    Celeste Williams 13 hours ago

    *What is actually in area 51...*

  • XDTigerKing _
    XDTigerKing _ 13 hours ago

    Oh god my sister watched this movie so much when she was younger

  • Birdiecukuo Playz
    Birdiecukuo Playz 14 hours ago

    Moral of the story don’t underestimate 12 year olds

  • Emma Moon
    Emma Moon 15 hours ago

    I have one of those light switches in my house

  • King_Cole_09
    King_Cole_09 16 hours ago

    You should review the Dark Crystal

  • Nidhi Kesharwani
    Nidhi Kesharwani 16 hours ago

    Well then for a Hindu my stress levels are skyrocketing for sure..

  • Aleena Olguin
    Aleena Olguin 17 hours ago

    22:10 why did that singers “YAHH” sound like that vine of that kid that got hit in the head with a basketball and said “YAHHH”

  • chloe
    chloe 17 hours ago

    Disliked this movie as a 7 year old

  • Claire Hampton
    Claire Hampton 17 hours ago

    When I was little I watched this ever day and wanted to be like all of them 💀

  • I graduated from AU
    I graduated from AU 17 hours ago

    When I was I kid I liked it but now it’s just 😬...

  • Melanie Morris
    Melanie Morris 18 hours ago

    This was my little sister’s favorite movie lmao

  • Roseee Tinoco
    Roseee Tinoco 18 hours ago


  • Jimothy The great
    Jimothy The great 18 hours ago

    I am subscribed and I have post notifications on I am truly Greg

  • Iniobong Idaraesit
    Iniobong Idaraesit 18 hours ago

    I remember stealing my mom's ipad just to watch this movie

  • Iniobong Idaraesit
    Iniobong Idaraesit 18 hours ago

    YOOOO i watched this in like, 5th grade and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I probably cried in the end ngl

  • Junkie
    Junkie 19 hours ago

    Ngl the Five ovations song at 19:51 legitimately bops

  • erinxo
    erinxo 19 hours ago

    I'm so embarrassed to say that the further in the video I get, the more I recognize and remember this movie

  • Eponine Diatta
    Eponine Diatta 20 hours ago

    I used to love this movie omg

  • Lauren Manley
    Lauren Manley 20 hours ago

    What do you mean this is like my favorite movie?

  • MagnetoDorito
    MagnetoDorito 20 hours ago

    That performance was like a mixture of Lady Gaga & Janelle Monae

  • David Scanland
    David Scanland 20 hours ago

    I watched this... i didn’t relies it was this bad ;-;

  • Nate Whitehurst
    Nate Whitehurst 20 hours ago

    "Maloikies" sounds like a childish name for AIDS

  • Drift king dりft キング

    She said do I look okay
    I said ahhhh!!!!

  • emma
    emma 21 hour ago

    wait this used to be my favorite movie LMAO oh my god i completely forgot abt it now im having flashbacks

  • kendra buckingham
    kendra buckingham 21 hour ago

    Why the fuck do they not have like a dance teacher? Or a music teacher? Or like any sort of adult thats organizing this? Why the is there manager a 12 year old?!?!??!

  • kendra buckingham
    kendra buckingham 21 hour ago

    As someone that actually does dance and is a teenager this is hilarious😂😂 like have the creators even met a dancer???

  • Langley Bodine
    Langley Bodine 21 hour ago

    I love your Tiktoks

  • CoolioDudio
    CoolioDudio 22 hours ago

    Its even worse, because this used it be one of my favorite movies...

    I WAS LIKE 5

  • CoolioDudio
    CoolioDudio 22 hours ago

    Its even worse, because this used it be one of my favorite movies...

    I WAS LIKE 5

  • Aidan Braddy
    Aidan Braddy 22 hours ago

    14:41 He probably killed himself but this is a kids movie so they can’t say that

  • Ashley Long
    Ashley Long 22 hours ago

    Danny: Please don’t make...

  • camila animations camilalapro

    it better then ratatoing

  • Janet Pitre
    Janet Pitre 23 hours ago

    It Effing says Talent contest

  • why me
    why me Day ago

    I watched this show when I was around 8 years old and ngl I loved it.

  • That_Cat 777
    That_Cat 777 Day ago

    Those are light switches because we have them in our house they are just extremely old

  • Isabella Bermudez
    Isabella Bermudez Day ago +1

    You should really watch the little mermaid on Netflix. It starts of kind of normal and then it gets really weird. The special effects are also very bad even though it's made in 2018.

  • Can i get 10 DISLIKES with no vids plz

    First video i watchewatch d

  • Cherry Wine
    Cherry Wine Day ago

    Is this dance moms?

  • Btsforlife Cute
    Btsforlife Cute Day ago

    I watched that movie and I actually liked it but it wasn’t my fav movie

  • Gacha Kaitlyn 케이틀린

    When I subscribed I got a notification that someone hearted my comment lmaoo

  • Dale Has Internet

    This reminds me of a Christmas movie that was on Netflix, and it was about a Jewish and Christian boy switching places and celebrating each others holiday, and it’s super weird and all over the place and all I can really remember is the end number where a bunch of kids meet up at a resort or something and sing a song that goes “cHrIsTmAs Is FoR eVeRyOnE” and it’s the weirdest movie ever

  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Artist Day ago

    i watched this as a kid...

  • Lawyer Morty
    Lawyer Morty Day ago

    I like fucking dogs

  • the jizzpigeon
    the jizzpigeon Day ago

    That last dance thing is terrifying

  • Taylor Star
    Taylor Star Day ago

    I thought this was a cool movie, I remember I have watched this movie around 3 time years back but now i notice how bad it is ..... thanks Danny ???

  • Bella Ioia
    Bella Ioia Day ago

    vro i grew up on this movie and used to love this shit lol

  • Chico The 3rd
    Chico The 3rd Day ago

    I am now in GREG 😀😃😄😁😆😁😄😃😀😃😄😁😆😁😄😃😀😃😄😁😆😁😄😃😀😃😄😁😆

  • Flabby patty
    Flabby patty Day ago

    Omg I owned this fucking movie

  • Samantha Colucci

    Oh my God, I remember when are I use to watch this movie when I was about little and last year I rewatched it with my friend and once I watched the first 10 minutes I realized that we were going to have a *fun* time