The Great Ilhan Omar Debate | March 13, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Democrats are quick to pose with Ilhan Omar when it looks good on a magazine cover, but when it comes to standing with her on tough issues, they vamoosed.
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  • Jason Sterling
    Jason Sterling 8 days ago

    She supports female genital mutiliation is that anti cli t matic

  • Buttercup
    Buttercup 11 days ago

    Are there any Muslim group that lobby and payoff politicians? If she was so smart and brace then she can propose legislation to restrict lobbying. She's nobodies hero.

  • Buttercup
    Buttercup 11 days ago

    Has she done anything to end or restrict lobbying? Has she proposed any legislation? If you're in congress then tweeting is the least you can do. It's disappointing that she deleted her tweet but also has done nothing in congress to address the issue. She's a coward and lazy.

  • Renato Herrera
    Renato Herrera 12 days ago

    Nancy Pelosi Is not a Democrat she's more like a Watered down Republican that claims to be a Democrat

  • h2o The Basst vlogs
    h2o The Basst vlogs 14 days ago

    So when trump.says 2 things about woman he's sexist but if a Muslim attacks jews 2 times it's ok cause she's sorry

  • Sarah
    Sarah 14 days ago

    Let’s get real. They’re going after her because she has a scarf on her head.

  • cort hofler
    cort hofler 14 days ago

    if you have to explain HOW it maybe might almost be ANTISEMITIC than you're MAKING IT Гμ©¥!\@ UP for political

  • Muhammad Saleem
    Muhammad Saleem 15 days ago


  • Herb Tenderson
    Herb Tenderson 20 days ago

    I she wrong? No.

  • Michael Rosario
    Michael Rosario 20 days ago

    The word Anti-Semitic is played out just like the holocaust..
    Now you cannot use the word Concentration because the
    Je-Wish think they have a patent on this word..
    What other words are these wannabe wish they were Je-Wish
    gonna come up next with?
    Heck that applies to every human beings that were oppressed
    and done wrong to and the first to come to my mind are the
    Native Indigenous American Indians.
    These phony Wannabe Wish they can be the original genuine
    article Hebrew people of the Torah but they are not because
    they are to ANGLO/CAUCASIAN looking to be...
    I can not imagine for over 400 plus years in the Egyptian desert
    slaving as the Torah explains, under that HOT SUN, with no
    YET THEY ARE STILL WHITE FAIRED SKIN people's and they still
    look as you see them today.
    It's pretty hard for me to buy into that one.
    Better yet, Moses being a Caucasian like these fakes today
    and the African looking Egyptian's accepting Moses as being
    one of theirs..
    Who in their right critical and questionable mind would allow
    themselves to buy into that lie..
    There's a whole lot more examples I can use but these examples
    I just mentioned, should jump start your mind to think and question,
    if that is true or not.
    There's always a sucker born every minute.
    Start thinking and questioning the simplest things that are right
    smack in your face scriptural doctrines..
    These wish they were Je-Wish people act as though they suffered
    through the worst period in man's recorded history..

  • Sophie N
    Sophie N 22 days ago

    Rep. Omar is in the wrong here. Sorry not sorry.

  • faiyaz khan
    faiyaz khan 22 days ago

    May Allah protect you illhan

  • Ali Kaatar
    Ali Kaatar 23 days ago

    Oh shut up

  • Gauris
    Gauris 23 days ago

    Can't see what she said was anti-Semitic.... She's absolutely correct.

  • equinos111
    equinos111 24 days ago

    America is officially a colony of Israel

  • BeBop Blues
    BeBop Blues 28 days ago

    Any public official that demonstrates allegiance to religion (i.e. superstitous hocus pocus nonsense) should be considered irrational. This goes for "christions" jews, and any other believers of ancient nonsense. It's the 21st century...GROW UP!!!

  • Chahong Chahong7
    Chahong Chahong7 Month ago

    Go back to Somalia & make better country don't put ur hand on another country

  • vallory poole
    vallory poole Month ago

    You are the sickest non-lady in the world my GOD have mercy on your black soul..It's never too late..Clean up your act ..You are a disgrace to all women!!!

  • Chris White
    Chris White Month ago

    they refer to her as "people like (name) not even acknowledging she's an elected official reaction to her and her other young colleagues is simply fear because if they can be elected to Congress they can be elected Governor and Senator and yes President so you'll see these attacks continue!

  • ElleV Pavan
    ElleV Pavan Month ago

    part of young progressives hmm

  • Rich Cook
    Rich Cook Month ago

    “Omar wears a He-Jab”. LOL

  • David Mclaughlin
    David Mclaughlin Month ago

    You people do know what's going on in district 5 right ? ...

    • Ian Alan
      Ian Alan Month ago

      Sadly, many do not. She works for IRUSA who has been caught funneling money to Hamas and takes credit for the amount of Islamic refugees they have helped locate to America. District 5 being one of those areas. Go figure.

  • Uncle Darthy
    Uncle Darthy Month ago

    You are 100% correct, she has never done or said anything antisemitic ever, out of or inside of office. Thank you Samantha Bee and people on her comment thread for clarification.

  • MrZombiekiller23
    MrZombiekiller23 Month ago +3

    first piece of samantha Bee that I can truly respect, great work defending someone who truly needs it in this backwards era of double-think

  • sean miller
    sean miller Month ago

    Omar is a Jew Hater. Go home skinny.

    AGENT X SECURITY Month ago +1


  • Ellina Melnik
    Ellina Melnik Month ago

    Oh well. Gave it a try.

  • Bronzee ɘɘznoɿઘ

    I feel second hand embarrassment for Meghan McCain..

  • Dennis Fiorillo
    Dennis Fiorillo Month ago

    Omar is great we need 20 more like her in congress, in fact 200 more maybe.Would that make America great again Samantha B?

  • Dale D.
    Dale D. Month ago

    "Omar is willing to learn".....really, Samantha - Omar is unwilling to change/improve Qur'an 4:34 which says that you, Samantha, being a woman, a inferior to men, are to be controlled by men, and should be beaten by their husbands - Qur'an 4:34, look it up, then stop defending Omar.

  • Dale D.
    Dale D. Month ago

    Omar didn't commit 9/11, but she can't condemn Sharia Law (which is exactly what the 9/11 Jihadists were aiming for.)

    • Austin Harris
      Austin Harris Month ago

      Dale D. This like a christain condemning the 10 commandments, like a lot of written law codes sharia is diverse and its interpretations even more so, some are more liberal others conservative it is not monolithic.

  • Amee415
    Amee415 Month ago

    -- The Truth About Israel, Boycotts, and BDS
    -- Meet the Texas Speech Pathologist Who Lost School Job for Refusing to Sign Pro-Israel, Anti-BDS Oath
    -- Glenn Greenwald: Congress Is Trying to Make It a Federal Crime to Participate in Boycott of Israel
    -- Right-Wing Donor Adam Milstein Has Spent Millions of Dollars to Stifle the BDS Movement and Attack Critics of Israeli Policy
    -- Rashida Tlaib: The Senate’s Anti-BDS Bill Is an Unconstitutional Attack on Free Speech

  • AK 4o
    AK 4o Month ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Ken Texican
    Ken Texican Month ago

    I don't watch a lot of Full Frontal but for sure this was one of the most hilarious videos I have seen from Ms Bee!

  • Israel Estrada
    Israel Estrada Month ago

    Just like trump doesn’t have to apologize about nothing lol.

  • Azad Mohammed
    Azad Mohammed Month ago

    zoinist days are quickly coming to an end.. takes a 100lb black muslim woman to lead the fight.. shame on the muslim world for powerful men .. leave the job to a muslim women .. but inshaAllah Allah is with her.. and also she has the most beautiful smile .. our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said ever a smile is a charity.. love you rep. ilhan omar .from Trinidad.

  • Dusgud
    Dusgud Month ago

    No More War!

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    She has to apologize for!

  • Douglas Baer
    Douglas Baer Month ago

    Omar must be impeached and deported.

  • Peter Pantic
    Peter Pantic Month ago

    IIhan OMAR is very intelligent lady . She knows more about History, Geography and America then most Americans do. I am not the Muslim but I really would like to say Allah bless you you lady and your family.

  • Frank Roth
    Frank Roth Month ago +1

    Un American omar tlaib and their goofy side kick cortez need to be voted out in 2020 radical muslims are dangerous deceitful and duplicitous

  • king moj
    king moj Month ago


  • leq
    leq 2 months ago +4

    Rep. Ilhan Omar & Rep. Rashida Tlaib & Rep. AOC are still awesome !!!
    They're too strong.
    They're the UNTOUCHABLE congresswomen.

  • Ksiri 2019
    Ksiri 2019 2 months ago

    She's good at finding ways to catch spotlight... speaks so much of Islamaphobia in the west but hardly ever speaks against brutal islamic cultures and political systems who violate women's/minority/press/ human rights in a daily basis... legally! She never speaks against of radical-islam terrorizing the world ! I guess she's made it to America... congrats ... so now you don't have to worry about being tortured/jailed, Honor killings, genital mutilation, etc... Now you have all the rights and freedoms because you're in a civilized western nation, so well done Biting the hand that feeds you ... knowing a Woman-activist who speaks against gov, religion, etc would hardly exist in an islamic society! Thanks for ignoring the reality and ignoring millions of other women who suffer across the globe... Please know that you don't represent them !

  • Emily Con
    Emily Con 2 months ago

    Jewish friend having Megan Kane lol 😆

  • Rassan Ferhadi
    Rassan Ferhadi 2 months ago

    Galak supas daa

  • chenzo mutumbo
    chenzo mutumbo 2 months ago

    She is also against money in politics across the board, this is her staying consistent and true to her principles even thru the smears ... you have my support Rep. Omar

  • chenzo mutumbo
    chenzo mutumbo 2 months ago

    There is a difference between being antisemitic and being antiapartheid ... why will nobody address her point that money influences politics, why is there an exemption for the Israel lobby..... also the right wing lakud govt in Israel does NOT equal all Jews

  • Thee Kim
    Thee Kim 2 months ago

  • dick castle
    dick castle 2 months ago

    Omar wears a Hee-jab

  • jeon
    jeon 2 months ago +1


  • Gods Klanof
    Gods Klanof 2 months ago

    Ilhan Omar is a deceiver, she is praying that USA will be as Saudi Arabia with quran as constitution. Ask her, she can confirm it, if she is speaking the truth.

  • Gods Klanof
    Gods Klanof 2 months ago

    Ilhan Omar is a deceiver!!

  • Heidi Hogshire
    Heidi Hogshire 2 months ago +1

    Saying "all about the Benjamins" about the Israel lobby is not "messed up", Samantha. It's not anti semitic. It's correct.

  • Chunderbutt
    Chunderbutt 2 months ago +1

    Some people did something

  • Randall Goguen
    Randall Goguen 2 months ago +1

    Pledge Allegiance? At least 13/100 Senators, at least 27/435 House Reps, and many of The President's cabinet have dual US/Israeli citizenship with Israel. Now ask yourself how many Dual Citizens serve in Israel's Government .... the answer is "zero". The Israelis consider dual citizens to be a security risk. I wonder why they would think that?

  • Randall Goguen
    Randall Goguen 2 months ago +1

    She has nothing to apologize about Sam.

  • Randall Goguen
    Randall Goguen 2 months ago +1

    This is what happens when your country's foreign policy is the second coming and your history book is an evangelical bible.

  • John Abbas
    John Abbas 2 months ago +1

    What u think about isreal don't u know they attack everyday phalsteain and entire world is silent why why ? Is not teriorst state huh

  • eVeNSteVeN G to the arrad
    eVeNSteVeN G to the arrad 2 months ago +1

    You're dum this isn't a Bee its a F

  • eVeNSteVeN G to the arrad
    eVeNSteVeN G to the arrad 2 months ago +1

    She made comments discrediting 911 as it wasn't anything big, and if she is in the norm then why has she apologized knowing she was in the wrong but you're arguing that she's in the right

  • Jerry Lynch
    Jerry Lynch 2 months ago +1

    I am most certainly anti semitic when I say that Israel is a terrorist state we should cut ties with. I am anti ISRAEL, NOT anti-Jew.

  • Mr. Hyooz
    Mr. Hyooz 2 months ago

    Musilim nationalism is a danger to itself and others !

  • Max
    Max 2 months ago

    She should go back to her country

  • Nurse Jho-RPG
    Nurse Jho-RPG 2 months ago +1

    So someone elected who exactly knows and lived a difficult situation talks about it then get flak from people who easily get uncomfortable abut it coz they have a myopic view about said issue

  • 777killad
    777killad 2 months ago +1

    Israel hides behind anti semitism as they commit war crimes

    • 777killad
      777killad 2 months ago +1

      P.s. Meghan McCain is an idiot

  • lolita williams
    lolita williams 2 months ago +1

    Ilhan Omar Thankyou for having the courage to stand up for what is right.we will #standilhanomar

  • Gabi
    Gabi 2 months ago

    9,11 "somepeople did something"

  • Marty Wheeler
    Marty Wheeler 2 months ago

    God Bless Israel! Shàlom🕎✡️

  • Marty Wheeler
    Marty Wheeler 2 months ago

    Sign the petition Freedomworks! Remove her from Congress! Two and out! Wake up Minnesota Farmer's and firefighters! Take her passport before she flees the USA with classified information! Shàlom🕎✡️