Rod Wave - Calabasas feat. E-40 (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
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Comments • 801

  • Rod Wave
    Rod Wave  5 months ago +1310


  • arock wilson
    arock wilson 6 hours ago

    Man this song go to top of my list. 40 did his thang & wave is solo underrated.

  • Boosted
    Boosted Day ago

    All the kids be like E-40 fucked up the song, but I was bumping his shit lowk.

  • Tosa Kalah
    Tosa Kalah Day ago

    bruh am i the only one who can never understand the phone conversation in songs

  • Proud Dope Head
    Proud Dope Head Day ago +1

    I love this song more and more every time I hear it

  • Lovely Dimes
    Lovely Dimes 2 days ago

    Why that car behind you look like a little toy rod lol I’m high omn

  • Harmoni Brandon
    Harmoni Brandon 3 days ago

    You can hear the hurt in his voice on all his songs that shit hits different 🗣‼️

  • Dontavias Hughes
    Dontavias Hughes 4 days ago

    He look like a damn elephant sitting inside an convertible PT-Cruiser

  • Jack Prendergast
    Jack Prendergast 5 days ago


  • Proud Dope Head
    Proud Dope Head 6 days ago +3

    This my theme song when I make it out the drought 💯

  • Lakisha Monroe
    Lakisha Monroe 6 days ago +1

    I can see and hear he put love into this song

  • Proud Dope Head
    Proud Dope Head 6 days ago +1

    This song underrated 😴

  • Nerisa Gordon
    Nerisa Gordon 6 days ago +1


  • WeebRellik
    WeebRellik 10 days ago +1

    man the talent that you have is insane brother

  • Jilly Ray-Ray
    Jilly Ray-Ray 11 days ago +1


  • Issana Carty
    Issana Carty 13 days ago +2

    Rod wave so fine🤒that's how he make me feel 🤣👆

  • Itsastallion _
    Itsastallion _ 14 days ago

    E-40 sent me😭😭

  • Hanru Bester
    Hanru Bester 14 days ago +1

    Love your voice

  • RileyE _
    RileyE _ 15 days ago

    LMFAO Stole No Cap And Rylo Wave lol Fire Tho

  • Carl Haskins
    Carl Haskins 18 days ago +1

    Og really gotta 40 water chain 😂😂😂

  • Frontera Cade
    Frontera Cade 18 days ago +1

    Gotta 4give Me this 💩 Bang ❗💚🏄🔥🔥🤞✊🏾

  • Rare Wishes
    Rare Wishes 18 days ago

    Two fat people. Love It

  • Frontera Cade
    Frontera Cade 19 days ago +1

    Excellent collab❗💚🏄#e40🔥

    MGE NO HAND OUT 22 days ago

    1m 🔥🔥🔥🅿

  • Rwai 2x
    Rwai 2x 22 days ago

    Dis shit gas ong

  • Layla N
    Layla N 23 days ago +2

    You sleep if you didn't vibe with E 40 verse!

  • Jerry Key
    Jerry Key 24 days ago +1

    This shit dope omm🎧🔥🔥

  • Ty ty Frmstarr
    Ty ty Frmstarr 25 days ago +2

    I wish I could spend a day with him it will be a dream come true💯

  • altandant
    altandant 26 days ago

    Love This!

  • Jeffrey Bove
    Jeffrey Bove 28 days ago


  • tythedancer_
    tythedancer_ 28 days ago +1


  • David Presume
    David Presume 29 days ago +1

    Yo my nigga snapped on this shit like it up cuz

  • Elite Imaging
    Elite Imaging Month ago

    Gave lil chaz a dub that thug shit don’t feel the same no more

  • DALTON 123
    DALTON 123 Month ago


  • XsuperiorUwu
    XsuperiorUwu Month ago +1

    E-40 Just read damn poem

  • Jordan Walton
    Jordan Walton Month ago

    When I graduated from college I wanna move to Calabasas

  • Antwan Wilson Jr
    Antwan Wilson Jr Month ago +1

    😂E40 a OG 💯❌🔟

  • Dale Donawa
    Dale Donawa Month ago


  • Victoria Perkins
    Victoria Perkins Month ago


  • kahlil reed
    kahlil reed Month ago

    I dont see y this hasn't hit a couple million yet

  • Ray MDB
    Ray MDB Month ago


  • Sara Ashly
    Sara Ashly Month ago

    E-40 fucced up the song . Dc

    QUEEN BEE Month ago

    This is my husband 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Alec Coleman
    Alec Coleman Month ago +2

    E-40 look like in charge of the grill at the cookout

  • Christina Murphy
    Christina Murphy 2 months ago +1

    This is my favorite song right now 👌🏾

    MGE NO HAND OUT 2 months ago

    My shit🔥

  • Florida boii
    Florida boii 2 months ago

    Is it just me or the other nigga fucked the whole song up😂💯

  • Austin Ogletree
    Austin Ogletree 2 months ago +1

    We on a new wave it’s Rod Wave 🔥🔥🔥👌🏽👌🏽😁

  • King Ty
    King Ty 2 months ago +1

    U got to be real to understand 40 lingo

    • Tavian Carmickle
      Tavian Carmickle 2 months ago

      King Ty nigga anybody can listen to the lyrics 😂 he just sounded corny as hell

  • Ligma Lzzz
    Ligma Lzzz 2 months ago +3

    Tell me rod wave and yella beezy wouldn’t make a good song

  • dennis
    dennis 2 months ago +1

    No one fucking with rod wave💯

  • Chuy 4599
    Chuy 4599 2 months ago

    This song without e40 would of been better

  • Alexis Burns
    Alexis Burns 2 months ago

    This my guy much ❤❤💯

  • Casey Cox
    Casey Cox 2 months ago


  • Taylor Spencer
    Taylor Spencer 2 months ago +1


  • Taylor Spencer
    Taylor Spencer 2 months ago +2


  • Eric Reff
    Eric Reff 2 months ago

    This that man he’s gonna blow up already is on the real

  • Yuko hitori-sama
    Yuko hitori-sama 2 months ago +1

    Gg you da best

  • Kaitlynn Trinemeyer
    Kaitlynn Trinemeyer 2 months ago

    RIP LIL BANGOUT ♠️❤ wish I aint feel this pain no more 💔

  • Déé Húñçhó
    Déé Húñçhó 2 months ago

    I feel this shit right here💯🤘💯