Flew To India Last Minute! Street Food! Indian Food!! Curry!

  • Published on Jun 28, 2016
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    Indian street food and Indian Food is something I've always dreamed about trying! So I flew to Chennai, India on an impulse decision after applying for an e-visa which was issued after waiting 24 hours. I tasted a few different things, most of which were delicious!
    After arriving at the Chennai airport, I took a UBER and had a wonderful Indian breakfast. I had a vada curry and some Idly's, an Indian breakfast steamed fermented black lentil cake.
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    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious .
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
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  • Arif Ali
    Arif Ali Day ago

    Love u india from pak

  • Ishant Chopra
    Ishant Chopra 3 days ago

    There will be a dish for $2 but the Indian will make the people who came from overseas pay double money.

  • varun wakankar
    varun wakankar 10 days ago

    Madarchod tujhe sambhar nhi dikha idli k sath

  • j Fj
    j Fj 14 days ago

    That aunty is making sure he doesn't get any unnecessary chillies in there.

  • Pragyan BORAH
    Pragyan BORAH Month ago

    I like chickpea curry

  • Hameed Khan
    Hameed Khan Month ago

    Un hygienic

  • Hameed Khan
    Hameed Khan Month ago

    4 bar ganny ko machine mai dalaa juice nikalnay k liay.

  • James Bond
    James Bond Month ago

    India is the India from India

  • Nongothung W. Tungoe

    "cows on the street"...lmao
    Way to go India

  • Prakash R
    Prakash R Month ago


  • Tanjana Hossain
    Tanjana Hossain 2 months ago

    Who else noticed that he Didn't rate idli? He didn't like it for sure because he didn't say anything good about it

  • yousuf mohamed
    yousuf mohamed 2 months ago

    Welcome man yo Chennai it's very busy place

  • Masrekul shaikh
    Masrekul shaikh 2 months ago


  • Masrekul shaikh
    Masrekul shaikh 2 months ago

    Beautiful country beautiful people love from India

  • Abhishek v a
    Abhishek v a 2 months ago

    Show the camera man, once

  • khan abu
    khan abu 3 months ago


  • shin chan
    shin chan 3 months ago

    bro,how was our Tamil nadu

  • Govinda Singh
    Govinda Singh 3 months ago

    East or West India is the best

  • Being Tamilan
    Being Tamilan 3 months ago

    I pity on your intestine

  • All in worlD
    All in worlD 3 months ago

    Ur full month is finished in 8min video 😂😂

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis 3 months ago


    SHIVAM AGARWAL 4 months ago

    Love from INDIA

  • Sunny Sonal
    Sunny Sonal 4 months ago

    Have gone through your all videos loved the way you showcase them you should try some more places in INDIA like orissa,delhi,jamshedpur etc ... you will find some more intresting food items...!! Keep up the great work

  • intelligent person
    intelligent person 4 months ago

    India origin of hepatitis.

  • Жыргалбек Кулмурзаев


  • Kani's Arusuvai Kitchen

    your videos are excellent sir! Visit south Tamilnadu in India like Trichy, madhurai once instead just chennai, you will get more tastier food..

  • intelligent person
    intelligent person 4 months ago

    I got diarrhea by just watching filthy dotheads.

  • intelligent person
    intelligent person 4 months ago

    India is so dirty and filthy. How can these Indians live in this filth.

  • Chaitanya byreddi bruce lii


    AllREAL-#VIDA 5 months ago

    i like.great work. just wondering if you eat all that in a day?

  • Mewin Fernandes
    Mewin Fernandes 5 months ago

    2.3 million subs 2.3 million views

  • Lalruatsanga Ruatsanga
    Lalruatsanga Ruatsanga 5 months ago

    Oh... How much the foodstuff did the food ranger take ? So crazy as insatiable and unlimited 😂
    But i like it 👍💐

  • Invincible 3002
    Invincible 3002 5 months ago

    I love my India

  • Akki Akki.
    Akki Akki. 5 months ago +1

    welcome India

  • Shaifa Gampong
    Shaifa Gampong 5 months ago

    Indian food so dirty

  • Gnane Reddy
    Gnane Reddy 5 months ago


  • Angel Herbert
    Angel Herbert 5 months ago

    This man must of been born with an iron stomach because places look shady as

  • jagdish matre
    jagdish matre 5 months ago

    This guy is very good

  • k-pop fan singer
    k-pop fan singer 5 months ago

    All he ordered was cheap food indicating that he's doesn't have that much money and also that all he's eating is just cheap and not so good food. The really good and big bad boys are expenses

  • k-pop fan singer
    k-pop fan singer 5 months ago

    No offense to anyone but

  • Shanthi Duraiswamy
    Shanthi Duraiswamy 6 months ago

    Lucky man in Chennai.My home place.Happy eating

  • Ratan Roy
    Ratan Roy 6 months ago +1

    i love my india

  • mehwish ashfaq
    mehwish ashfaq 6 months ago

    Love from Pakistan wants to visit India once in my life

  • Neethu Amal
    Neethu Amal 6 months ago

    U just come gods on country.. Keralaa. Amesing food u r eatng so pls kindly wlcome our keralaaa

    ANITHA VIPIN 6 months ago

    Want to taste famous rammaseri ildli come to palakkad kerala

  • Raag The Music
    Raag The Music 6 months ago

    Hey brother. If there is a chance pls do visit West Godavari Andhra Pradesh when you are in India next time.

    LOST GUIDE 7 months ago

    Happy to know that you are enjoying Indian food.
    I am your new subscriber and just loved the content you have made.
    All the best and we are expecting more and more great videos to keep our mouth watering 😋😋

  • Kusuma Ponna
    Kusuma Ponna 7 months ago

    Proud to be an INDIAN....🙏🙏🙏
    Thank u for share all my fav street food to the world....♥️♥️♥️

  • chandra boss Mohle
    chandra boss Mohle 7 months ago

    you go to indias chhatisgar

  • Dropati Sahu
    Dropati Sahu 7 months ago

    I proud to be an indian

  • 尤1
    尤1 7 months ago

    Omg why cover in newspaper

    RIJU DAS 7 months ago


  • Petrichor Sweven
    Petrichor Sweven 7 months ago

    Thanks a lot!

  • sid holick songs
    sid holick songs 7 months ago

    Bro please go on New Delhi.....there was very crispy & spycie Indian street food

  • George Steven K
    George Steven K 7 months ago

    excellent video...I really need to have that steamed peanut mixture the next time i travel to Chennai..

  • Taskin Khan
    Taskin Khan 7 months ago

    he did not speak a single hindi word In Chennai..why???

  • Chetan N
    Chetan N 8 months ago


  • modi· Narendra.
    modi· Narendra. 8 months ago


  • fransisco mario
    fransisco mario 8 months ago

    You look so enjoy with the food in india..those look unhealthy..they take the food use their dirty hand

  • Lyka Elcamel
    Lyka Elcamel 8 months ago +1

    One of my bucketlist. INDIA.. see you soon 😍😍

  • dalnetsisya
    dalnetsisya 8 months ago +1

    Vasanth and Co :)

  • wasim zafar
    wasim zafar 8 months ago

    One thing I like about your videos that you show all foods price.
    I am north Indian never visited Chennai but I am a big fan of South Indian food.
    You shows price it's gives me some idea that which food is under my budget

  • net4 YOU
    net4 YOU 8 months ago


  • Pratik Choudhary
    Pratik Choudhary 8 months ago

    Best traveller plz once come to jalgaon Maharashtra India

  • tejash patel
    tejash patel 8 months ago

    You know plastic gloves don’t cost much this days

  • Pankaj Shukla
    Pankaj Shukla 8 months ago

    I'm so overwhelmed by your humbleness !

  • ritu kaur
    ritu kaur 8 months ago

    😘😘😘😘 I love my India

  • Sarmin islam art
    Sarmin islam art 8 months ago

    Love from Bangladesh ❤❤❤❤🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Manoj k
    Manoj k 8 months ago

    James Trevor i'm your big fan. Do visit India again and explore some more destinations of India.

  • super nova
    super nova 8 months ago

    You should really come here to North East India ;)

  • Isha Priyankita Nath
    Isha Priyankita Nath 8 months ago

    Chennai ,Madras this food are really famous I eaten them in madras

  • Ved prakash pandey
    Ved prakash pandey 8 months ago

    Thank you people with positive comments........what's more unhygienic then reading unhealthy comments.....

  • Durgesh Gupta
    Durgesh Gupta 8 months ago

    some ppl thinks this guy is mad. when he talks alone in front of camera.

  • Gokul Kris
    Gokul Kris 8 months ago

    Nice video man

  • Chabbi Shabeeda
    Chabbi Shabeeda 8 months ago

    U r dammm cool bro😍😘
    I ❤ To watching
    U r videos.....may Allah bless you....
    Love form mangalore 👧💕👍

  • Michael Raj
    Michael Raj 8 months ago

    I am from Chennai in india

    THE JOKER 9 months ago

    he eats too much but still he is slim...????

  • Jagannadh Jl
    Jagannadh Jl 9 months ago

    nice videos loved it Trevor

  • Shelley Pillay
    Shelley Pillay 9 months ago

    Great food & show

  • Lisseth C
    Lisseth C 9 months ago

    guys at the tea shop jacked you look like all three played you .

  • Sivasai Ramamurthy
    Sivasai Ramamurthy 9 months ago

    Do you guys find india cheap???

  • Sivasai Ramamurthy
    Sivasai Ramamurthy 9 months ago

    Love from India

  • t
    t 9 months ago

    Ant Chutney are the best in India.

  • Ugramm Veeram
    Ugramm Veeram 9 months ago

    Good job bro...
    All the best ...

    LOKENDER SINGH 9 months ago +2

    Nice Do Chatisgarhi Tribel Food Chastisgarh Central India.

  • Wassup_22
    Wassup_22 9 months ago

    That looks tasty

  • Gidion jeba
    Gidion jeba 9 months ago

    @Trevor James why you are not trying south india cities like Madurai,Thirunelveli etc..and some more places? Just visit !!!mezmerizing Street foods is waiting for u😍 Also please try sea foods in chennai 😋

  • Shiva Priya
    Shiva Priya 9 months ago

    All over India you can get amazing chai! But in Chennai you’ve to try the filter coffee ! Chennai is known for its amazing coffee

  • neelam yadav
    neelam yadav 9 months ago

    I think you are a animal lover ...where ever u go, u notice cows 🙂 dats so sweet of you.love from India 😎 happy stay in our beautiful india 😃

  • Muhib Shawon
    Muhib Shawon 9 months ago

    Come to Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Dinesh gangasani
    Dinesh gangasani 9 months ago

    U visit all over india except Andhra Pradesh. Their food items parama parama parama waste.

  • Roshan P
    Roshan P 9 months ago

    That cute lady is happier...typical of v Indians.

  • mit axhdushxq
    mit axhdushxq 9 months ago

    Tour to gujarat also i m sure you will love the gujarati food (india)

  • jainy mano
    jainy mano 9 months ago


  • Amiya Sahoo
    Amiya Sahoo 9 months ago

    Please come orissa,India..a great place to eat...please come next time..

  • Nani Opo
    Nani Opo 9 months ago

    Im from northeast india and tamil nadu is the best state to visit, people are very humble and kind

  • jo jo
    jo jo 9 months ago

    palpayasam vechu kolambiyil vilambunnu !disgusting to see food still served in news paper

  • kanmani pannerselvam
    kanmani pannerselvam 9 months ago

    There r many good places in chennai pls do visit again.. get proper guide next time

  • Prodipta chakraborty
    Prodipta chakraborty 9 months ago


  • Parveen Hussain
    Parveen Hussain 9 months ago

    I love your travels and videos. Pretty courageous of you to try all the street food.