SWEAT PROOF MAKEUP ROUTINE: Get Summer + Vacation Ready

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
  • No more oily skin here hunnyyyyy. Who’s ready for some sweat proof makeup tips?!
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  • Mel mystical
    Mel mystical 2 hours ago

    Whenever I apply concealer under my eyes i can still see my eye bags no matter what I try

  • Allyson B.
    Allyson B. 3 days ago

    This video gave me tips that really changed my makeup game thank youuuuu

  • Olivia E
    Olivia E 4 days ago

    this is just soooooo gorgeous!!

  • Lovelylynn Raelyn
    Lovelylynn Raelyn 13 days ago

    Gorgeous look! Love you with blonde 👌🏽💗✨

  • מור לוי
    מור לוי 25 days ago

    I love your videos girl❤👏
    Keep up with the good work
    Love you

  • Don’t Mess Up My Tempo

    Why’d I think she was Tana😶

  • dinor Y
    dinor Y Month ago

    Shade in foundation

  • SapphireFox13
    SapphireFox13 Month ago +3

    I've had oily skin for a while. I have NEVER been able to put on foundation and not have it separate. I have tries primers, baking, EVERYTHING. I tried that trick where you put the foundation on the outside first and it makes my foundation so pretty and natural. Thank you so much for this!!!! You have actually changed my life. Now I don't have to be insecure about separation and constantly retouch my makeup

  • Sunshine MacIntyre
    Sunshine MacIntyre Month ago

    Sunscreen. Trust me, cancer sucks. Use your platform to help younger people like yourself, SUNSCREEN! And you won't look like you're 80 by the time you're 30. :)

  • SavannahMurray x
    SavannahMurray x Month ago

    Which eyelashes ?! Xx

  • Silvia X3
    Silvia X3 Month ago

    Why u act like a n***a when ur not?!

  • Yesenia Chavarria
    Yesenia Chavarria Month ago

    Girl this was so helpful thank you btw you’re so beautiful ♥️♥️😩

  • E R
    E R Month ago

    Where's your necklace from?

  • Monah Lyah
    Monah Lyah Month ago

    Same voice as kellie sweet💜

  • brit brat
    brit brat Month ago

    omg she answered my ? about the sunglasses thing... it was like she was reading my mind lol

  • S.
    S. Month ago

    But shouldn’t you especially use cream products in the summer because they stay on better?

  • Emma Wilson
    Emma Wilson 2 months ago

    What shade was the foundation 💋

  • Sara K.
    Sara K. 2 months ago

    This video is not for me 😕

  • Paige Leonard
    Paige Leonard 2 months ago

    Wash your sponge with a bar hand soap under the water and it looks new again 😉

  • dimplezncurlz21
    dimplezncurlz21 2 months ago

    East coast shotout!!!! ✌💋💗 can't wait for more summer videos.

  • Edelyn Michelle
    Edelyn Michelle 3 months ago

    Am I the only one dying to see a tutorial on her eye make up. Love the whole look. Th eyeshadow gives me life.

  • Jenna Cruse
    Jenna Cruse 3 months ago

    does the foundation you use oxidize?

  • Dorothy Nguyen
    Dorothy Nguyen 3 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for the recommendations on drug store brands and Sephora grade makeup! I find a lot of beauty gurus use a lot of high end products that not everyone can afford! Awesome video and keep up the great work with your videos :)

  • Rolf Brett
    Rolf Brett 3 months ago

    Ur so pretty without any makeup what happened

  • Rachel Rodriguez
    Rachel Rodriguez 3 months ago

    This look is probably one of my all time faves! I love it 🥰 Thank you

  • Rachel Rodriguez
    Rachel Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Ok 1st off you look beyond stunning with blonde hair!!! I mean OMG!!! 😯 You don’t look like the same person lol. Your gorgeous of course but that blonde hair girl yyeesss!!!

  • J Q
    J Q 3 months ago

    Which shade foundation was it??

  • Llia J.
    Llia J. 4 months ago

    I'm a new watcher... Why don't you tan your face??!

  • Flirty Girl
    Flirty Girl 4 months ago

    Ahhhhh thank uh s0 mu6🔥😍

  • Ivette & Melissa
    Ivette & Melissa 4 months ago

    video starts at 2:29 :)

  • Virginia Gomez
    Virginia Gomez 5 months ago

    i’m dying to visit bora bora it’s my dream

  • Barbara Liz
    Barbara Liz 5 months ago

    This look is so incredible you're so gifted, & the way you break down everything. I been watching beauty gurus for 8+ years & no one has ever really made have to have these much products 😭

  • Mai Mai
    Mai Mai 5 months ago

    It's weird how asians want to be white while americans want to be tan. Lol let's exchange skin colors

  • Chiara Chiara
    Chiara Chiara 6 months ago

    Anyone knows the shade of the foundation she used?

    PRIVATE EYE 6 months ago

    Check to see if your make up is safe to wear. Wear it then clean your face. Then take an avocado soft one. Put the mush on your face. If it stings or burn the chemicals have embed themselves in the skin of your face and guess what. You have damaged skin and it's in your blood hurting your body. Believe me... Check up on your make up harmful effects.

  • Flora Hime
    Flora Hime 7 months ago

    Her face has a different colour then her body... without makeup.... I prefer her without makeup... the foundation colour doesn't fit her skin colour. Just my personal opinion.... she is gorgeous.

  • Mick Haych
    Mick Haych 7 months ago

    You look weird with out make up lol

  • Daniela Rodriguez
    Daniela Rodriguez 8 months ago

    This color looks soo good on you girl😍

  • Kaleigh Walker
    Kaleigh Walker 8 months ago

    Love this look

  • itz Carla
    itz Carla 8 months ago


  • Jessica Welch
    Jessica Welch 9 months ago

    I want to go to Greece and Rome 😘 love you videos!

  • Jasmin Huntsman
    Jasmin Huntsman 9 months ago

    Even whe i blend put my concealer and set it sfill creases

  • bebe6
    bebe6 10 months ago

    What lashes are you wearing?

  • Sisi Bradford
    Sisi Bradford 10 months ago

    To clean your beauty blender and get rid of the stains, try using the bar of soap method. You basically just rub a Beaty blender on a bar of soap under running water and it cleans it completely! All stains are gone!

  • kumizora
    kumizora 10 months ago

    sis fix the ashy eyebrows :((

    • Maddie Schroeder
      Maddie Schroeder 10 months ago

      kumizora lol her eyebrows need to be ashy since she has ashy blonde hair..

  • Amber
    Amber 11 months ago

    Do you have an email to contact your management?

  • Lexie Rodriguez
    Lexie Rodriguez 11 months ago

    What lashes 😩😩😩

  • Anamaria Pelaez
    Anamaria Pelaez 11 months ago

    Where’s this wig from thoughhhh

  • Katy McFarland
    Katy McFarland 11 months ago

    Can you please share what the name of the Maybelline Foundation shade is that you used in this tutorial please? 🙏🏻💕😊

  • Logan Marsh
    Logan Marsh 11 months ago

    What shade is the foundation in?

  • Jessica Dupree
    Jessica Dupree Year ago

    Amanda you are so beautiful! I just found your channel and your tips are so helpful. Thank you!

  • Alicia Bryant
    Alicia Bryant Year ago

    What toner or hair products do you use for your light blonde hair?

  • miri feldstein
    miri feldstein Year ago

    just wondering from her necklace, is she Jewish?

  • ashley and aesthetics

    What lashes are you wearing?!?

  • Sirenia Wata
    Sirenia Wata Year ago

    You remind me of a mermaid

  • Samantha Pandolph

    I been using the l.a.pro girl concealer and setting it with powder but can't get it to stop looking cakey. Ive tried the Maybelline loose powder for setting

  • Briana Dugan
    Briana Dugan Year ago

    makeup is really nice, but dawg...you talk 2 much...

  • TeenfoFeena
    TeenfoFeena Year ago

    Omg thank you for this! I’ve been looking for an in depth natural look tutorial for Summer!! 😩🙏 Ahh love u girl i’m gonna try this for my vacation this Summer 😘

  • Ofek Levy
    Ofek Levy Year ago

    why is your necklace is a word in Hebrew ? I mean, that is my lang

  • Amber Guman
    Amber Guman Year ago

    Love your video's! Thank you for inspiring me

  • Lizzy Beauty
    Lizzy Beauty Year ago

    hey about the beauty sponge after you washed use cinema secret, and you going to see all the dirty came out....

  • J West
    J West Year ago

    why is your face 20 shades lighter than your fae naturally

  • BvbyGirl Jas’
    BvbyGirl Jas’ Year ago

    Who else has a TVclip channel 🤪❤️

  • Kristina Griffin
    Kristina Griffin Year ago

    I absolutely LOVE this hair color on you, you look incredible! I LOVE IT

  • Gina Rae Marquez
    Gina Rae Marquez Year ago


  • Aria World
    Aria World Year ago

    Great tips for the summer! My make up always feels like it comes off when it’s hot out!

  • AudreyFrankie Robyn

    What self tanner? I’m looking for a good one.

  • Ev TheBlooper
    Ev TheBlooper Year ago

    put it anywhere you get oily *smashes face into bowl of setting powder*

  • Ramona Silvia
    Ramona Silvia Year ago

    Good Lord Amanda

  • Samantha Elizabeth

    Use dettol to clean your beauty blender

  • Leslie Hawthorne
    Leslie Hawthorne Year ago

    this really helped me out !! thank you girl 😘

  • StankyMouthz
    StankyMouthz Year ago

    Gurrrrrl what self tanner do you use !?!?! ❤️❤️❤️

  • livii
    livii Year ago

    You look like Tana Mongeau but a way better version. ❤️

  • Anna Vonachen
    Anna Vonachen Year ago


  • siri
    siri Year ago

    what did you use on your eyes?? 😍