Luke Combs - What You See Is What You Get (Audio)

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • Listen to the title-track of Luke Combs’ upcoming album, ‘What You See Is What You Get’, available now:

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Comments • 723

    MISTERJ0N3Z Day ago

    He just keeps getting better!

  • Kimberly Harness

    Mr luke combs you are the only man for me if that is what you want I am still sitting here all by myself

  • Kimberly Harness

    Mr luke combs I am being very serious if I am what you want then come and get me now please

  • Kimberly Harness

    Mr luke combs it is time to be the man I know you are and come get me

  • Kimberly Harness

    Mr luke combs it is time to be serious now if this is what you want do you understand me

  • Kimberly Harness

    Ok mr luke combs it is time to come and get the lady of your dreams and your son to be wife one day yesyesyes Yes

  • CrankinBass
    CrankinBass Day ago

    I’ll vibe to this but “ Must’ve Never Met You” is his best song imo. He hasn’t made a bad song.

  • dennis collins
    dennis collins 2 days ago

    Love Luke Combs voice absolutely amazing talent and songwriter

  • Todd Clark
    Todd Clark 2 days ago

    Tell him sorry for me buddy and we love that tune

  • John Eason
    John Eason 2 days ago

    Easy to like Luke and his music!

  • Jimmy Riggs Band
    Jimmy Riggs Band 3 days ago

    Cover this!🎸🎸🎤🎧

  • M Clark
    M Clark 3 days ago

    183 people hit the wrong button

  • Soso Valermont
    Soso Valermont 3 days ago

    rlly cool

  • Anita Godsey
    Anita Godsey 3 days ago

    Me ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Let's Doodle
    Let's Doodle 3 days ago

    I love your music so freaking much!!!!!!!!

  • Rob Clem
    Rob Clem 3 days ago

    I’d like to hear him do more songs like this (with fiddle and steel) that you can dance to.
    I went to see Jon Pardi last night and we sang and danced all night. It was awesome.
    Midland is like that too. Luke is a little too heavy on the slower power ballad type songs for me. He’s a great artist with a big voice..but, fuck art, we want to dance!😉

  • Lone Wolf95
    Lone Wolf95 4 days ago

    This is proper Country music, that lil nas wanna be can fuck off!!! 🤟🔥

  • Lone Wolf95
    Lone Wolf95 4 days ago

    This songs got a Life is a Highway vibe to it 💯💯

  • j lay jjgoosebumps
    j lay jjgoosebumps 4 days ago

    luke: be careful what you wish for
    me: i wish to meet luke combs lol

  • maggie pei
    maggie pei 4 days ago


  • Celestine Nkabalema
    Celestine Nkabalema 4 days ago

    I like Luke’s music...beautiful country sounds

  • Sasha Hill
    Sasha Hill 4 days ago

    there isn’t a song that this man does that isn’t good

  • Reinvento Norteño
    Reinvento Norteño 4 days ago

    I started liking Luke combs since Hurricane

  • Carla Daugherty
    Carla Daugherty 4 days ago

    Love this!

  • Owen K
    Owen K 4 days ago

    buddies gotta come to Toronto

  • Jojo F
    Jojo F 4 days ago

    this is a huge fucking mood ,please stick to songs like this Luke

  • Jared K
    Jared K 5 days ago

    That boy sangin now, gah damn

  • Pop's How To's
    Pop's How To's 5 days ago

    Every single song this guy makes is awesome!

  • Mm Ct
    Mm Ct 5 days ago

    Love this fucking jam

  • Kieren Lomas
    Kieren Lomas 5 days ago

    OMG his voice x
    Keep it up Luke xx😍❤🔥

  • Noah Churchill
    Noah Churchill 5 days ago

    Luke is bringing back and saving country music!😍

  • connor t
    connor t 5 days ago

    Another great song by Luke

  • Kyle Riepe
    Kyle Riepe 5 days ago +2

    The 94 people that disliked this are open books

  • Michael Bodell
    Michael Bodell 5 days ago +6

    This guys music is very refreshing sounds like 90s country

  • GladesGrown85
    GladesGrown85 5 days ago

    Just keeps getting better and better !

  • AlaskaFearfulTV
    AlaskaFearfulTV 5 days ago

    Luke you should come to beautiful Alaska we would I’ve a concert

  • Travis Davis
    Travis Davis 6 days ago

    Country is so fucking generic now a days

  • Law M
    Law M 6 days ago

    its his voice...awesome.....

  • Nolan Miller
    Nolan Miller 6 days ago

    Songs get better one after the other!!!

  • Aubrianna Seubert
    Aubrianna Seubert 6 days ago +1


  • aries esparaguera
    aries esparaguera 6 days ago

    Another song added to my stress-relieving music playlist 🎵🎧

  • okow tina
    okow tina 6 days ago

    you see is what you get

  • Jason Striation
    Jason Striation 6 days ago

    16-24 year old fist pumping crowd. Phoney country guy🥔

  • aola wili
    aola wili 6 days ago

    seems to be good

  • Tina Kidman
    Tina Kidman 6 days ago

    THIS SONG IS AMAZING WHAT THE HECK LUKE!!!!!! THESE VOCALS!!!!! Can't wait for the new album omggg

  • Mikayla White
    Mikayla White 6 days ago +1

    don't be so rude he is the man

  • alida flus
    alida flus 6 days ago

    Love this song already 🤠😍

  • The king 92
    The king 92 6 days ago

    On my 420 list

  • John Paul
    John Paul 6 days ago +2

    Luke combs does not make a bad song. He has come a LONG way since “ this ones for you” glad I get to be part of the generation of Luke combs

  • RockyTop23
    RockyTop23 6 days ago

    If he rereleased Use To You I believe it’d be a top 10 country song.

    • alida flus
      alida flus 6 days ago

      Hi Luke, im a huge fan and absolutely loving this song, especially the guitar riffs! Sending lots of love from Melbourne, Australia

  • Andrei Laurențiu
    Andrei Laurențiu 6 days ago

    My girl broke things off with me last Friday. She said I'm way too much trouble for her for the baggage I carry. But she kept saying "the jury's out." so I leaned on her. Come Wednesday night after shooting her down to all your heartbreak songs, I find this and it's like I'm staring in a mirror. So thank you for that. For reminding me I'm an easy read but I ain't no open book. I fucking love your work Luke.

  • Red Elixir
    Red Elixir 6 days ago

    See you November 15th! My early Birthday present!

  • Cheryl Richards
    Cheryl Richards 6 days ago

    Love your music can listen to you all day love all ur songs.

  • Northway Fishing
    Northway Fishing 6 days ago

    Incredible, couldnt make a bad song if he triesd

    • Seth Plummer
      Seth Plummer 5 days ago

      Northway Fishing the only way he would be able to make a bad song is by not making a song at all lol

  • Cody Fuson
    Cody Fuson 6 days ago


  • Deanna Craig
    Deanna Craig 6 days ago

    Awesome Song!

  • Brock Brady
    Brock Brady 6 days ago +1

    let’s see if this album will top jon pardi’s heartache medication album👀

  • Sarge Legend
    Sarge Legend 6 days ago

    Still waiting on this guy to write a hit

  • Langi Beats
    Langi Beats 6 days ago

    That pure old school style 💯 This one and Heartache Medication on repeat this week!

  • Ian Lyster
    Ian Lyster 7 days ago

    never clicked on a video so fast