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The Volumes - I love you

  • Published on Jul 4, 2008
  • on chex records from 1962

    Original post by TaysHarp
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  • Thomas Roever
    Thomas Roever 10 months ago

    Chex seems to be a small Chicago Label..

  • peter .farias
    peter .farias Year ago

    1962......Aaaaaahhh aaaaaahhh
    I i i love yo o o o o o ou
    I i i i i i need Yo o o o ou
    Your love is oh so heavenly
    My darling can't you see
    My heart ski-skips a crazy beat
    When you're with me
    Such warmth
    When your lips are touching mine
    They're sweeter
    Much sweeter than wine
    Iiiiii love yooooou
    I really do o o o o
    Your love means oh so much to me
    My darling can't you see
    My heart sounds just for you my dear
    Whenever, whenever you're near
    Sweet lover ooooo always will be mine
    Forever, all the time
    Doo doo...
    I i i love yo o o o you
    I i i i i i need Yo o o o ou
    Doo doo......1962

  • Vonwitzy's Channel
    Vonwitzy's Channel 4 years ago

    another Von Witzy's Jam

    ALAIN DEWAELE 4 years ago +1


  • John Updike
    John Updike 4 years ago +2

    What sucks is that these songs didn't get on the radio in most of the Midwest when they were popular in the East. It's great to re-discover this marvelous form of music -- just fun to hear after all these years. Doo wop forever!

  • Cynthia's Channel
    Cynthia's Channel 4 years ago +6

    ......Amazing 3 years has passed since I have been here.....Well Here I am back for one of the best Doo Wop songs from 1962........ Love it....What a perfect timing .....for this song......

    • Cynthia's Channel
      Cynthia's Channel 4 years ago

      Yesssss....One of the best songs for sure.....
      I am happy Peter......Yessss......
      Now you sing this one.....

    • peter .farias
      peter .farias 4 years ago +1

      yes me too great song indeed yes sing it yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah be happy thats right yep yep

  • sacha obregon
    sacha obregon 4 years ago +2

    The Volumes - I love you

  • Merriah Kahrs
    Merriah Kahrs 5 years ago


  • Merriah Kahrs
    Merriah Kahrs 5 years ago

    jk great tune ad times

  • Gerry McAvoy
    Gerry McAvoy 5 years ago

    This and Desiree by the Charts is one of the all time Doo Wop recordings... I was surprised it came from '62 and not '58...

    DUANE THE GREAT WRITER 5 years ago +1


  • lupe quinones
    lupe quinones 5 years ago +2

    My kids and my grabdkids know the youngest grandcgild is 1 and loves this son....we all get into my suv put these good songs on go cruising and blaring our music....we have people stop and ask us the names of the songs we play or just start dancing...good ol Kansas City

  • luis grant
    luis grant 5 years ago

    In '62 I was living in Hoboken, New Jersey buying records(45's) every time I get together .59 cents

  • Freddie Barrett
    Freddie Barrett 5 years ago

    I love this great oldy.Used to love to dance to it,but,I aint real sure I still could without a little shot of rythme&blues.Where has the time gone.

  • suckkisser6913
    suckkisser6913 5 years ago +1

    GREAT JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • doowopcharlie1
    doowopcharlie1 5 years ago +1

    have this and a couple others by the volumes thanks

  • Jessica Ortiz
    Jessica Ortiz 5 years ago +1

    Id go back to the 60"s in a second!! No questions asked!

  • mrsfifties
    mrsfifties 5 years ago +1

    thinkin this is rock an roll frm Detroit .....60,s

  • Freddie Barrett
    Freddie Barrett 5 years ago +2

    Have been to hell and back listening to this great song.Vietnamand lots of beer,along with this song helped a lot.

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 5 years ago

    This makes me instantly joyfull! So jumpin' happy. The perfect sing out Loud while jumping around the room, (yeah, I live alone, hey don't say that) It helps that I can still hit those soaring notes at my advanced...cough...age.

  • tim gough
    tim gough 6 years ago

    God bless you both

  • peter .farias
    peter .farias 6 years ago

    love it pete

  • Freddie Barrett
    Freddie Barrett 6 years ago

    16 and bullet proof.What a great time to be alive.

  • ducraker
    ducraker 6 years ago +1

    Reminds me of a great time. 16 yrs. old and lovin life. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vonwitzy
    Vonwitzy 6 years ago +1

    Witzy was here

  • tim gough
    tim gough 6 years ago +1

    grew up wiyh this song before the world turned to crap

  • fuggetabodit
    fuggetabodit 7 years ago

    I was 13 When it hit the charts. I love this song. We used to sing this on on the street corners accupella. Sorry about your dad.

  • Doug Morgan
    Doug Morgan 7 years ago +1

    Detroit group, isn't it? I haven't heard the song in years.

  • sisforshenanigans
    sisforshenanigans 7 years ago

    At a Wanderer party, when everything goes wrong...

  • BarrosSerrano
    BarrosSerrano 7 years ago +1

    First record I ever bought, at 12 years old... still sounds great!

  • manuel muñoz
    manuel muñoz 7 years ago +1

    magnifica me gusta gracias

  • oldlures
    oldlures 7 years ago

    I can remember blasting this in the 55 Cadi while a group of us were cruising and camping at Yosemite Park back in the day. We never thought to take pictures of our adventures so they live through this great music...Thanks for posting..

  • Cynthia's Channel
    Cynthia's Channel 7 years ago +1

    I LOVE YOU!!!
    I REALLY DO!!!
    forever ....all the time
    great song here

  • Lee Henderson
    Lee Henderson 7 years ago

    What a great song! The Volumes were great doo wop singers. This was the type of music you could sing and dance to. Thanks for the up load.

  • tony love
    tony love 8 years ago


  • eag141
    eag141 8 years ago

    Heavy sigh!!! Love this song

    AnGEL GARCIA 8 years ago

    i love this song cause it comes out on my favorite moive the wanderers

  • 46razzledazzle
    46razzledazzle 8 years ago

    My favorite Doo-Wop song of all times.

  • catlarry
    catlarry 8 years ago +2

    Another great tune came out of Detroit about the same time this one did, "Village of Love" by Nathaniel Mayer.

  • D Zilla
    D Zilla 9 years ago

    @smuffman40 Nolan Strong was another great Detroit singer from Central High School, my old neighborhood, La Salle and Tuxedo. "You Keep Doging Me Around" comes to mind and yes,Jackie Wilson was a worthy singer to continue the excellence and "Mind Over Matter" was great music. I too grew up in Detroit and didn't move until the summer of 1966.

  • smuffman40
    smuffman40 9 years ago

    smuffman40@klintos2....guess im biased here, as i grew up around detroit in this era...LOL ....also another great doo - wop one is "mind over matter " - nolan strong and the diablos on fortune records.....alot of mom & pop record producers in this era, especially around detroit. BM ( before motown ) ,,,nolan passed away over 30 yrs ago and is buried close to jackie wilson in westland, MI

  • D Zilla
    D Zilla 9 years ago

    @smuffman40 Detroit produced more home grown singing talent than any other place I can think of and the Volumes really created a timeless Doo Wop classic. Just a great song.

  • smuffman40
    smuffman40 9 years ago

    Great to finally have a nice sweet copy of this super song...anybody that doesnt know the volumes is really missing some great doo wop out of detroit...thanks !!

  • beefoneeto
    beefoneeto 10 years ago

    The Volumes were on the PBS show from 2007 filmed in Elizabeth,N.J..

  • Billy Boyd
    Billy Boyd 10 years ago

    Now that is a GREAT tune! Every time I hear it I also think of "I Really Love You", by the Stereos.

    Keep dropping those songs on You-Tube!