121 Years Young: Man born in 19th century oldest on Earth?

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  • David Santistevan
    David Santistevan 12 days ago

    i got the answer what they don't want you to know

  • muhanad mohamed
    muhanad mohamed 23 days ago +1

    Mansha allah . May allah grant him jannah

  • Jonas IDK
    Jonas IDK Month ago +1

    Not close to 121, he is Max early 90s. That back is from farming my great grandad walked like that at 80

  • Chris Reinhardt
    Chris Reinhardt Month ago

    Ooops !didn't mean to drop that case on your head and kill you old man

  • ExtraTHICC
    ExtraTHICC Month ago +1

    Allahu Commiebar

  • BasicallyBasicVlogs

    The oldest person who ever lived was 969 it’s in the Bible I forgot his name but he lived that long after the flood no one is allowed to live over 120 he’s lying read the Bible And by the way God is real just like we say 2017 A.D. ad means After Death which also means 2017 years after Jesus was on the cross e talk about god everyday but most of us don’t notice it personally I’m Christian So I believe That no one can live over 120 God himself even said It Read The Bible you will find out a lot about creation cause everybody thought you wrong last sentence We Did Not evolve from monkey if we did then why aren’t we any more God created Man And women in the garden If Eden

  • Brad Tolomeo
    Brad Tolomeo Month ago

    Milk is for kids, not adults. He followed all religious traditions, but also lied to the entire world? God knows best.

  • yags lags
    yags lags Month ago

    Fuck that are we all gon do this? Im fckin 145.

  • yags lags
    yags lags Month ago

    As old as the mountains ahahahhahahahahhahahhaa thats fckin funny

  • majid Ashif
    majid Ashif Month ago

    I saw a tree that is 3800 yrs old

  • jonathan ramroop
    jonathan ramroop Month ago

    I don't believe it

  • Joseph Morgan
    Joseph Morgan Month ago

    And I've been alive for over a thousand years. This record is not impressive, I'm 10 times his age yet still handsome

  • Aziz Culla
    Aziz Culla Month ago +1

    mashallah berek allah

  • little nick
    little nick Month ago


  • Jovanni Ramos
    Jovanni Ramos Month ago

    121 years young...

  • CC,s moms CUNT
    CC,s moms CUNT Month ago

    I'm 157 years old, this is fake NEWS!!!!

  • ArrA
    ArrA Month ago

    He looked like exactly 100 years old

  • David Mark
    David Mark Month ago

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  • jomar mendigoria
    jomar mendigoria 2 months ago

    In 150 years from now ill be the oldest person .

  • Torpedo Marsh
    Torpedo Marsh 2 months ago

    This man doesn’t even look 121; more like 70! What a healthy guy he was!

  • yasee chaudhry
    yasee chaudhry 2 months ago

    If you know your a 121 years old you know screw what the world thinks be proud of yourself and thank God for giving you such a long life the older you get the wiser you become more time = more worship more worship= Heaven

  • Haral
    Haral 2 months ago

    He drinks milk? Cow milk? Hmmm but milk isn't healthy

  • Komrade Ivan
    Komrade Ivan 2 months ago

    Only In Russia

  • Nicoletta  Ciccone
    Nicoletta Ciccone 2 months ago +1

    I am 150 years old. I am healthy. I exercise a lot. I eat good food and I pray to Jesus the Son of God everyday.😄

  • Chauncey Hulbert
    Chauncey Hulbert 2 months ago

    i bet i could kick his ass

  • ProDigy Gaming
    ProDigy Gaming 2 months ago +1

    Its crazy how he barely have wrinkles on is face

  • voltaspeeder17
    voltaspeeder17 2 months ago

    Most of people still don't understand the meaning and whole point of it. It's not about praying to God, Alah, Jahve or any kind of other god. It's about being true to yourself and your inner voice - whatever that might mean to you. The man lived the way he wanted in his own truth and lived strongly till the end. And that should be respected. May he rest in peace.

  • Savage Trump
    Savage Trump 2 months ago

    Crazy how these people never live past 122.

  • Harian Dinu
    Harian Dinu 3 months ago +1

    Ok he is the oldest living Muslim being a121 yrs of age that proves one important fact allah he not the god of the Bible YHWH a.k.a hashem becouse the god of the Bible the Christian god and Jewish god said no man shall live past 120 yrs if he lived to be 121 that would prove our god wrong and it proves allah is in no way shape or form our god the god of Abram Isaac and Jacob or the god Jesus prayed to ...! ( now watch them change their words ohh he was 119 years old )

  • Sue Elias
    Sue Elias 3 months ago

    Lots of people in the Caucasus mountain area live well into their hundreds. No reason why some can't be this old! These are the people who did NOT go with Nimrod into Shinar (Babylon), but stayed with Shem and worshiped the real God..

  • Dorothy Mays-Pitts
    Dorothy Mays-Pitts 3 months ago

    Wow I'm in my 70s and I'm tired woW how is he carrying on it has to be the Lord. The Lord is good and merciful I wish him well. D. Pitts

  • Trucker Greg
    Trucker Greg 3 months ago

    Today I identify myself as a trans-agetite. I am 10,324 years of age and you had better not offend me! All you people are crule and you don't know me!

  • Scott King
    Scott King 3 months ago


  • el burro
    el burro 3 months ago

    i bet he gets a gang of ass

  • JesusChrist OverAll
    JesusChrist OverAll 3 months ago

    I don't know why but I do not believe this man was 121 years old! I know he's old but not that damn old, he look like he could be about 90. That's why they're saying "he's claiming" to be 121. The ONLY way I'll kind of believe him is if I see a certificate of his birth, but even then I'll only believe 50% of it!

    • Smelly Feet
      Smelly Feet 3 months ago

      why are you giving an arbitrary percentage? It's either all or none.

  • JesusChrist OverAll
    JesusChrist OverAll 3 months ago

    There is no "PARTICULAR SECRETS" that guides you to live a long life... It's all in when God is ready to take you (more than anything).. And a lot of ppl may think that if you eat right, get the proper amount of rest, excersize, drink water, don't stress, don't drink or smoke, pray constantly, etc.., that you'll live long. But that's not 100% the truth, I do believe it can be part of it. I say that bc I've seen many many old ppl, one in particular was a white guy who was 98 yrs old, that I met while at work a few years ago, he used to come to my place of business bc he was apart of the elderly workout that was provided for people 65 and over. I use to talk to him everytime he came out to take his smoke breaks, he told me he was 98 and had been smoking since he was 21 yrs old..over 70 yrs. He also said he does visit his doctor regularly and his lungs are still in good shape.. So in my opinion, it's not just the fact of how healthy of a life it is that you're living! it's when God is ready for you..

  • Pnut P
    Pnut P 3 months ago

    Hes not the oldest the other dude was 256

  • Ed Jones
    Ed Jones 4 months ago

    He CLAIMS to be 121.. I can claim to be Bill Gates, but that doesn't make it true... Read Genesis 6:3. The ages of man shall be 120 years. No man has EVER, outside of the bible, made it to 120. Only ONE documented woman did. She lived to 122. She was from France. This video is pure BULLSHIT.

  • Nicoletta  Ciccone
    Nicoletta Ciccone 4 months ago +1


    • Smelly Feet
      Smelly Feet 3 months ago

      and here, kids, is why you shouldn't take drugs.

  • Rolando Mota
    Rolando Mota 4 months ago

    I'm 95 years old 😏

  • Anime BLOX
    Anime BLOX 4 months ago

    No, Hes not the oldest a man in indosei is 130 years old.

  • Bavarian Mapper
    Bavarian Mapper 4 months ago

    Sadly, He is no longer the oldest. He has passed away in 2012

  • Kaw Rider
    Kaw Rider 4 months ago

    He was not over 120. That is a mistake or lie.

  • shadysheep
    shadysheep 4 months ago +1

    allahu akbar

  • Fuck You D. Spanos
    Fuck You D. Spanos 4 months ago

    I believe this guy. The style of life you live. The food you Eat, ect really determines your life span. Everything we eat now a day's isn't organic at all, shit what really does the Government feed us???.

    • Smelly Feet
      Smelly Feet 3 months ago

      excuse me, but why does the government have to do with food?

  • Leondre' Leonard
    Leondre' Leonard 5 months ago

    Proof that the only way to live an extremely long life is to get up off your ass while you're young, get in a nice rutt so later it'll be muscle memory to keep you alive, if today's kids live this long it's gonna be because of medical science alone cause we're slowly destroying our bodies everyday being slaved to a new device around the corner. Nobody's saying start farming with your bare hands but a little physical activity goes a long way especially when it's a routine, the body soon will defend itself against lighter diseases(not a doctor) which has to working here at this point in his life, he might have a couple of cures in his dna by now

  • Juul Schakenraad
    Juul Schakenraad 5 months ago

    i find it funny that they choose to show this man on the news, while there were 7 people killed and 30 injured by a car bomb as shown in the bottom thing

  • maxxxbensleyyy
    maxxxbensleyyy 5 months ago

    It would suck to be old most of your life though

  • Komrade Ivan
    Komrade Ivan 5 months ago

    God is with this Man 100% all the way

  • Elliot Woo
    Elliot Woo 5 months ago

    he looks younger than 121 years old.

  • Easy Bake Ovens!
    Easy Bake Ovens! 5 months ago

    Oh fuck, he's Muslim. I'm outta here

  • The gaming Exterminator

    People are pissed off and triggered cus this man is a Muslim . How retarded

  • jasmine lugo
    jasmine lugo 6 months ago

    All was going threw my head when i saw this video was " ARTHRITISSSSSSSSSS

  • Wolfie Wolf
    Wolfie Wolf 6 months ago

    Bullshit, when this was released there was a woman still who was born in the 18th century

    • Smelly Feet
      Smelly Feet 3 months ago

      Are you sure? the 18th century was 1701-1800.

  • just sunny
    just sunny 6 months ago

    His son looks around 50.

  • George Carpelan
    George Carpelan 6 months ago

    For all the retards here. He was never that age. He was a liar.

  • jo ao
    jo ao 6 months ago

    you Nevers see à old rich man with 121 y old

  • The Creator
    The Creator 6 months ago +1

    ill start drinking milk.. lol

  • Mrt
    Mrt 7 months ago

    man he old true fighter

  • shadysheep
    shadysheep 7 months ago +2

    theirs a man who is 146 in indonisia with a verified birth certificate so sorry maybe in your next life

  • John Allan
    John Allan 7 months ago

    I am the youngest person who has ever been born

  • Unbekannt 123
    Unbekannt 123 7 months ago +1

    Does he shit ash? Or fart dust?

  • Михаела Митова

    All the muslims here comment bs like "he lived so long because he prayed and he's muslim!" and don't see the obvious bs... this is why the world hates you, because you are simple minded and easily manipulated by some book written by a pedophile.

  • nGon-
    nGon- 8 months ago

    Wouldn't carbon dating be accurate enough to tell a 114 year old and a 120+ year old apart?

  • the king of anime
    the king of anime 8 months ago

    he is a muslim so proud

    PAPER TUNA 8 months ago

    he doesn't looks like over 120, he looks like 100 or over 90 years old

  • Mr Kibbels
    Mr Kibbels 8 months ago

    (sarcastically)I'm 21000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years old

  • Horst Power
    Horst Power 8 months ago

    If he was born in the 9 century he could only be as old as 117 at most

  • Oreoz
    Oreoz 8 months ago

    God guys realize this is in 2011 people now have realized there's older people who have lived

    HAZOX GAMING0525 8 months ago

    he's 121!!! he dosent look like he's in his 100's!!, my grandpa's like 80 or late 80's and looks older

  • Mohamed gouthu Abdul Kareem


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 8 months ago +1

    boi he looks like 89 1/2 years old

  • Amerix Knight
    Amerix Knight 8 months ago +1


  • Nevaeh Bradshaw
    Nevaeh Bradshaw 8 months ago

    1. GOD said he will not let any person live over 120 years.
    2. He looks like he is 98.
    This is very very fake

    • Strijder Vdb
      Strijder Vdb Month ago

      SesinKozki yeah like adam for 1000 years

    • SesinKozki
      SesinKozki 8 months ago

      Nevaeh Bradshaw
      1. Your Bible is corrupted.
      2. The old man is a Muslim, the reason he's still alive is because Allah gave him longer life.
      There are prophets who lived much longer than 120...

  • Asterisk A
    Asterisk A 8 months ago +1

    Allah bless him

  • Josh Stakey
    Josh Stakey 8 months ago

    If he want to be the oldest let him be just that he earned it this dude does more in half a day then kids do all week. Praying 5 times a day just for get out of bed and dressed he deserves a parade

  • samuel byron
    samuel byron 8 months ago

    F uh cf

  • jovita Marquina
    jovita Marquina 8 months ago

    wow god blee to this man have so much history realli is amazing

  • papaGhurka
    papaGhurka 8 months ago

    There needs to be solid proof of age. If Guinness does not recognize his age is legit, I'll go along with them.

  • Cuauhtemoc
    Cuauhtemoc 8 months ago

    i wish he made it into the guinness world records

  • CrossFire
    CrossFire 9 months ago

    he is not A 121years old

  • Snick32Gaming
    Snick32Gaming 9 months ago

    Is he still alive?

  • Joie Amper
    Joie Amper 9 months ago

    shit im 20 right now my goal is to live till 110 or 20 till 2100 century lol

  • Speirs Gameing with kev atwoods 23

    0:33 harry Potter lookin ass

  • Uganda Warrior
    Uganda Warrior 9 months ago

    He kinda looks 80.

  • LBH
    LBH 9 months ago

    he's blessed

  • simon khuu
    simon khuu 9 months ago

    he's grows his own food. That's one of his secrets.

  • Vicky Foster
    Vicky Foster 9 months ago

    Wow 😱that's amazing but I believe it he eat what he grows he don't eat ❤at the supermarket I can't wait for that day when I can eat something out of my own garden👏👏👏😘

  • foresterman drforesterman

    the bible lied

  • Ralph Edouard
    Ralph Edouard 9 months ago

    you can live forever if you think like a teen

  • Potato man
    Potato man 9 months ago

    pretty sure he's dead now

  • Joshua Carter
    Joshua Carter 9 months ago

    Wait. It said he was born 1890. That be 10+100+17. That equals 127. He must not have his facts straight

    • Smelly Feet
      Smelly Feet 3 months ago

      this video was made years ago. he died in 2012 at the apparent age of 122. 127-5 years ago = 122.

  • COD Boss
    COD Boss 10 months ago +1

    is it a curse or blessing to live over 100 years ?

  • Paolo Inigo
    Paolo Inigo 10 months ago

    His son only looks like 60 year old 2:10

  • Syn Cloud
    Syn Cloud 10 months ago

    0:40 shes a babe :')

  • alan smlth
    alan smlth 10 months ago

    Jesus Christ is The Way The Truth and The Life.

    • Smelly Feet
      Smelly Feet 3 months ago

      wait why are you saying that?

  • Mc Dragon
    Mc Dragon 10 months ago

    he died because of praying

  • Tullerion
    Tullerion 10 months ago

    Being Russian to live that long he mustn't have ever driven.. or been in a motor vehicle... or near a street...

  • mef12727
    mef12727 10 months ago

    I am 33 years old and never aged since I was 17

  • holistic79
    holistic79 10 months ago +1

    إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ