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  • Published on Jan 23, 2017
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Comments • 36

  • Patrick Wasiluk
    Patrick Wasiluk Month ago

    Man you have good ideas but this kind of story give us all a bad name

  • bczar Rockbeast
    bczar Rockbeast 2 months ago

    Maybe they work with the same energy you do and your understanding of what masonry is may be skewed admittedly there are terrible ppl involved with masonry but at its core it's true teaching is beautiful and openly available for all who seek it Masons and non Masons alike

  • Protective Measures
    Protective Measures 2 months ago

    They we're there. You just couldn't see them. They all carry the 44 seals of Solomon. The sixth pentacle of the Sun Seal makes them invisible. Shalom

  • Summer Lamkin
    Summer Lamkin 4 months ago +1

    Thanks .stay safe 🌠

  • Summer Lamkin
    Summer Lamkin 4 months ago +1

    Telsa was right secrets of universe think in frequency . 👍🌠

  • Melanie Clarke
    Melanie Clarke 4 months ago

    Hey do you have to hide the organite so it’s not find , where do you put it?

  • Space Man Sam
    Space Man Sam 4 months ago +3

    Hey brother i stumbled upon Orgonite in my star seed lessons of life.. i am currently gifting crystal wire wraps to friends and people along my travels but thanks to you i will be creating tons of Organite. Just need to get supplys and i will be gifting all around Denver and Colorado also New Mexico when i go down. Just wanted to say thank you for your courage and knowledge we will have a more positive collective everyday better in everyway. There is a serious battle i have just enlisted but StarSeedSoul is stronger than the negative ether if we could chat let me know.

    • Marlita Williams
      Marlita Williams 2 months ago

      Hey! I'm looking to learn from someone that's willing to take a Skype call from me. Would you be willing to chat at all?

  • opppa duck
    opppa duck 4 months ago +1

    what's that pink stuff? Himalayan salt? wkwkwk

  • Monica Sp
    Monica Sp 5 months ago +1

    5 freemasons negators thumbed down. :)

  • Carmelo Santini
    Carmelo Santini 6 months ago

    Nice video, but I'm curious what makes you think that you didn't see them because they were simply in a meeting? If there were a ton of cars it was probably the public officer induction ceremony that happens every year or just some special meeting. I'm sure the lodge is actually upstairs or downstairs, not in the same spot... there are no windows in them.

  • Terra Rose
    Terra Rose 7 months ago +4

    I hope your ok.. I see you don't have any recent videos God Bless You

    • Monica Sp
      Monica Sp 5 months ago +2

      ..under one of his videos I believe. He always said they were after him.

    • Monica Sp
      Monica Sp 5 months ago +3

      Someone said they put him in jail a while back. I read it under a video comment. They retrying to get people to write letters to him for support.

  • john whelan
    john whelan Year ago

    Mabe they where in the cellar, doing crazy stuff, I think your a good kid,but be careful, bad folk out there, Greetings from Ireland

  • Liz Rhoars
    Liz Rhoars Year ago +5

    They weren't in the lodge because they were in the basement sacrificing children to Lucifer...

    • Rek da Knight
      Rek da Knight Month ago

      Iv been in one for a function and it was a kitchen/eating room with old carpet dont think there was ever a sacrifice down there


      Liz Rhoars Yup

    • shekelcuntsdestroyer
      shekelcuntsdestroyer 8 months ago

      While you were in your bedroom practicing adultery with a bunch of guys.

  • The Quantum Sheriff
    The Quantum Sheriff Year ago +4

    Whoa... (0_0)
    It could also translate into there being a portal and/or gateway to an underground area - the lodge itself just being a "front" for the regular folks to see... Great metaphor too - them needing to retreat to their underground hide-hole because the front itself is beginning to become energetically incompatible for their purposes...
    Keep strong brother - thank you for the inspirado! Blessings!

    • Marlita Williams
      Marlita Williams 2 months ago

      Do you know where he can be contacted? Is he still around??

  • Bob Doets
    Bob Doets Year ago +3

    hey, i wanna check out your website, but it's says that the website i'm trying to enter can't be found. the domain hasn't been clamed

  • Mr. Universe
    Mr. Universe Year ago +3

    so the questions is how did you find the vortex area? who told you or what info did you look up to find it?

  • Tonya Shelley
    Tonya Shelley Year ago +1

    I've come across something a few weeks ago when researching crystal grid lines .. there's a portal there.

  • Guy Flamingo
    Guy Flamingo Year ago +2

    I think my dad is a Freemason, what do I do???

    • damn sonboi
      damn sonboi 11 months ago

      not all freemasons are bad, but most.

    • James Harken
      James Harken Year ago +3

      Guy Flamingo stay far away from him

  • Muaz 47
    Muaz 47 Year ago

    And is there anyway we can stay in touch bro? I'm wanting to find similar like minds and it would be dope to link up

  • Muaz 47
    Muaz 47 Year ago

    How do I find the major energy area near me?

  • mmakshak
    mmakshak Year ago +5

    Maybe "they" look for high energy people who are driving, and try to suck off that energy. It's just a thought, as I have a lot of people try to interact(in some way) with me when I'm driving. I ask myself, is that what I do when I drive, and the answer is no, I understand that some are kids who've gotten away with pushing people around, so that is some of it. I also, when the vibes affect me the most, know that it's demons(from the demon possession of the other driver. Many alcoholics are demon-possessed, but, I guess, they don't know it.). I think I've chosen good, as I get nothing but bad things from these drivers. If this is what happens to you, you are a person who is good, so that's the direction you should go in.

  • victoria & Johnny rodriguez

    how do you know trump is a mason? i see him doing hand signs, but was questioning weather he ws playing them

    • 305_Orgone
      305_Orgone Year ago

      I know three free masons around where I live and from work. I had fun teasing one of them about the society. One of the things I did was emulate their hand shake. I didn't know much about them other than that.

    • victoria & Johnny rodriguez
      victoria & Johnny rodriguez Year ago

      pentaxpro yes i read that also.

    • 305_Orgone
      305_Orgone Year ago

      victoria rodriguez I wouldn't doubt it but I read somewhere almost all the founding fathers of the U.S. we're also Free Masons.

  • Poppa Magi 1 Views November 26 2015

    Wow dude. Great video, that is beyond.